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  1. tomatokilla

    Survival gear for kids

    In "A Soldier's Load..." they pretty much decide 1/3 of a person's weight is ideal for the whole "shoot, move and communicate" thing, I know the majority of us aren't AD military and it doesn't really apply, but if you're trying to get out of dodge in a hurry, you may not be able to carry too much more than if I weigh 180ish,,,,1/3 of that is,,,,,,,geesh
  2. tomatokilla

    water filters.

    I've been looking into them too Rick,,,,,there are a butt load of choices,,,,that Katadyn Pocket filter seems to have really good reviews, millions of gallons of water, and you can clean the ceramic doo-dad thingy to increase its lifespan........
  3. tomatokilla

    My GHB

    I still haven't been turned onto the Maxpedition stuff, especially the "european man bag" style stuff since you can just go with regular backpack right???? I mean they look cool but I don't understand the utility I suppose....
  4. tomatokilla

    End of times

    It was Armageddon week on H2 this past week....I caught some of it. I couldn't watch the one about the 7 most likely ways the world will end because it was mostly Al Gore talking about Greenland melting and causing the oceans to rise 10' in the next few years....bleecccccchhhhhh
  5. tomatokilla

    2011 Bug Out Bag (BOB) Competition

    Can you really drive around Southern California with guns and ammo in the trunk of your car?