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    DIY Gun Solvent/CLP - Eds Red

    Check out this link... http://home.comcast.net/~dsmjd/tux/dsmjd/tech/eds_red.htm and this one... http://www.frfrogspad.com/homemade.htm
  2. droptrd

    DIY Gun Solvent/CLP - Eds Red

    I know Eds Red has been around for ages but I recently got around to mixing up a batch. Ive been rethinking and researching my gun lubes/solvents after having Remoil fail on me in 20F weather with one of my Glocks and one of my 500's:eek: WTF!?! As a DIY/survival kinda guy I figued Id give readily available lubes a try. I ended up with Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30 and high temp wheel bearing grease. Been great so far. I brought the same glock and 500 out in 5F weather with mostly wheel bearing grease and had zero failures. I also tryed mixing up a batch of Eds Red. The recipe is - equal parts of aliphatic mineral spirits, K1 kerosene, dexron ATF and acetone. I leave out the acetone as its in there to remove plastic wad fouling. So a 3 part Eds Red. I used a shot glass and an empty glass pasta sauce jar to mix it up. Then filled a needle oiler with it. This was all stuff I had laying around my garage. I now have close to a lifetime supply of lube and solvent. I have a full pasta sauce jar of Eds Red, a quart on 5/30 and a lb of WBG. I had all this stuff laying around so my additional cost was zero. The ER worked much better and faster than Rem oil. I soaked my crusty AR bolt in it for 5 minutes and it cleaned up perfectly with about 5 seconds with a brass brush and no dental pick or scraper. It apears to leave a protective film much like CLP. Stripped all baked on powder residue. Doesnt seem to be messing with polymers and rubbers. This is good stuff. Another way to multi-purpose items in your garage
  3. I just picked up one of these at a gun show a couple weeks ago. $22. 6.5" spring steel bayonette blade. I havent measured yet but its at least .25" thick. I did some carving and batoning with it. worked great - after i put an edge on it (it was butter knife dull) Held an edge well. The polymer handle has a hollow center for storage or using the knife as a spear. Its not full tang obviously but it seems pretty tough. This is an excellent low budget high value option for an outdoors survival shtf knife. @ $22 I want more for my BOBs. Im wondering why this knife isnt more popular among survival prep peeps? IMO its a great knife for the money. And it matches my Glock pistols:p http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/2-GLKB17278
  4. droptrd

    The One Gun

    Ill repeat what others have said. 12 ga pump. Extremely versatile. Can hunt a variaty of game wih it. Provides an excellent home security option. Much better than a 22. Shotguns can be fitted with optics and whatever tactical swag you fancy. There is a variaty of "non-lethal" ammo. And IMO a 12ga pump is easier to clean than a 22. At least my 500's are. My 22's are a boarderline pain in the butt to clean. I hate dealing with those tiny 22 barrels. How long would it be til you buy your 2nd gun in your collection? Make you 2nd gun a 22 rifle.
  5. droptrd


    I stock up on what ever is priced right. Most of my stock is handloads but I have surplus, federal, umc, tula and wolf in storage too.
  6. Love shooting my ARs - 223/556. Fun fun fun. ARs are awesome. I also love shooting my 40 SW pistols - its my favorite pistol caliber for sure. I got hooked on 40 fast. Years ago when I got my 1st 40 - beretta 96 - I found I was a much better shooter with 40 than 45 or 9. Especially with the 96. Still the most accuate and easiest shooting pistol I own. No Im build a small 40SW arsenal with my all-around favorite pistol being my Glock 23. I like my 9s and 45s too but I just shoot the 40 better - i dunno why. And I also love shooting my 22LRs as much as the next guy.
  7. droptrd

    Advice on entry level hunting rifle.

    Is the Savage 111 the Axis model? If it is ive shot it in the 30-06. All three rifles are simular in design and quality. The Ruger is pretty much a rip off of the marlin. I personally would go Marlin out the 3but.... All 3 of these rifles are very light weight. The recoil with the 30-06 cartridge is pretty big in these rifles. Follow up shots are crazy hard with these guys. Maybe a smaller cartridge would be optimal or if youre set on the 30-06 maybe find a beefier, heavier rifle? Just a thought
  8. droptrd

    Help finding an AR

    Look at Rock River Arms. They have rediculous sales going on right now. Not sure what they have in 308 but its worth a check. I have 2 ARs in 556. One DPMS and one Rock River. The fit and finish and features of the rock river are far superior to the DPMS. The DPMS was cheaper but it was plain jane and rhe RRA came loaded with features. That said, Ive had one jam with the DPMS. Zero with the RRA. The DPMS gets 1.25" groups on a good day and the RRA gets Sub-MOA every day of the week. Oh, my DPMS is a Carbine length and my RRA is a mid.
  9. droptrd

    Review..Rock Island .45 acp..

    Congrats! Ive heard many good things about them
  10. droptrd

    1st post advice

    Just take one thing at a time. Looks like youve got hunting and defense covered so maybe look into water. Water storage and purification. After you get a start on that move on to another catagory. Maybe food or medical. As for a list of items - Some kind of carbon or ceramic water filtration system(something that filters 99.99% of blah blah), some way to store the water you filter, maybe some water purification tabs and another water to treat water(maybe bleach?) and of corse, bottled water from the store
  11. droptrd

    Survival and Fitness

    Diet and exersise. Portion control is the main thing. This and common sense is all you need for a diet. Small low calorie snacks between meals are good for keeping your metabolism running. Also stop drinking alcohol for a few weeks. Your body will burn alcohol first before it burns protien, carbs and fat. The biggest tip to getting into shape is - sticking with your regiment.
  12. droptrd

    primer pocket swagers - dillon

    Like most people, I hate removing primer pocket crimp on military brass. Its very time consuming. Ive tried many different tools designed to remove it. RCBS swage dies, reamers, drill bits and chamfer tools. They all kinda suck to use. Reamers and chamfer tools work but using hand tools on thousands of brass takes forever and can be tiring. Drill bits and countersinks also work but can easily remove too much material and mess up your brass. The RCBS Swage die is very inconsitant and the brass likes to get stuck on the swager alot. Primer pocket swaging is unavoidable with military brass. Until recently I did not enjoy reloading 223/556 for this reason. Last week I picked up the Dillon Super Swage 600. This thing is easy to use, fast, and super consistant. Though it is 3-5xs more expensive than anything else out there, it is well worth the money. A few minutes after I removed it from the box i was rocking out 223 brass. Ive already swaged over a thousand peices of brass and fully reloaded a few hundred. The dillon rolls the top of the crimp away and its the same round after round. The primers go in very smoothly and have yet to crush one. So far I dont see a need for a uniformer. This thing Rocks! I now enjoy loading 223. So much so that I bought another powder measure to keep set up for 223/556 (I now have 4 - one for 223, two for my 2 fav 40S&W loads and one for everything else.). Ill probably pick up another trimmer to keep set up for 223. If you load 223, dont mess around. Get The Dillon!
  13. droptrd

    What venders do you use?

    I pretty much use CTD and Cabellas most of the time
  14. droptrd

    What I learned at the range:

    Agreed. And follow up shot are really difficult. But youre right. IMO the benefit to 3.5s is to launch steel shot. That, and to show people how tuff you are:D
  15. droptrd

    What I learned at the range:

    the recoil from 3 and 3.5 inch 12ga shells is so huge its comical. all you can do is laugh. been hunting with 3" for years. I recently got a shotgun that could chamber 3.5s. WOW! lol. I love a good 1911 too. How can you not? I however, shoot my 40s better than anything else. And my newly aquired Glock 23 shoots the lights out. I like it better than my 19. Strange:cool: