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    Hello, In almost all the discussions I read about everyone is already at the “Retreat” or has a “BOL” to go to. The idea is to be as far away from everyone as possible. In almost every fiction book (and non-fiction) I read the upper hand is given to small communities. We bought a business in a small town that was on it’s last legs & revived it. In the time we have had our business I have become active with our chamber and in local politics. Through this I have met and become friends with a number of the citizens here and surrounding area. Every other week I play cards with the dentist. The town doctor lives less than a half a mile from me. In most fiction novels the small community bands together, and the diversity of skills prevails. In real life, I believe the retreat idea works only for fortified ranches with a complement of ranch hands to help manage the day to day self sufficiency. Zimbabwe ranchers did this to fend off 10 to 1 or greater odds having the compound in the middle of the ranch like a fort. Not many BOL’s are built this way, and at the ranch the owner is the boss. The small town idea sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know a lot about the former Yugoslavian states, but their seemed a lot of neighbor killing neighbor. Here the community is homogeneous when it comes to political & religious philosophies. Bottom line, I like this kind of BOL because there are a number of people that can be specialized in a number of areas. Let me know what you think… Morocan