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    I am a former soldier, sailor, police officer, and tattoo artist. I currently design web sites, logos, business cards, and work as a graphic artist and caricaturist.
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    Upstate South Carolina
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    SHTF, Improv, reading, writing, dogs, MMA/UFC, volleyball, weaponry
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  1. Rock

    They took my guns and my money

    Makes me wonder who I was serving as a sailor, soldier, and police officer. It doesn't look like it was any of us!
  2. Rock

    hello from ga

    Welcome, Bill. The Survival Cache Newsletter is awesome if you haven't signed up yet I recommend doing so.
  3. Rock

    .308 Battle Rifle

    You might check out the Mosin Nagant. They are VERY affordable, accurate, and reliable.
  4. Rock

    What's in Your Pockets?

    I think if someone has shot you and hurt you bad enough to think you are dead, they might be a tad tougher to get free from. Thanks for the link though. I hadn't seen it for a while.
  5. Rock

    what about sks rifles for defense and hunting

    If you like the SKS, they're affordable, they do the job, and the parts are interchangeable, I'd hang on to them. Practice with them all and try as many different ammunition types as you can on each rifle, not just one. Keep the MP15 handy for yourself and train family and friends on the SKS.
  6. TDH, Decent list. One thing I would contest is chickens. Chicken are NOISY. They yell FOOD! FOOD! STUFF YOU DON'T HAVE! FOOD! Until (if) things settle after the SHTF, you want to be as invisible as possible. Many preppers recommend rabbits instead of chickens. Sure, their eggs look and taste funny, but...
  7. Rock

    Suggestions please

    If that is your preference, beware. Several companies that made their knives in the USA or Japan for years are now having models made in China. This includes Spyderco, CRKT, and some Cold Steel knives too. I am sure there are many others doing the same.
  8. Rock

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Remember it may be more than one bad guy, especially post-SHTF. Zip cuffs are cheap, life is not.
  9. Rock

    Pick and Choose

    I don't believe in magic. I have at least one knife on me at all times unless I am in bed or in the shower. And I have a hunting knife between the mattress and boxspring and one on top of the bathroom mirror. Unless a building has a metal detector at the door, I have a knife every place I go. That's part of being prepared. I'd go with 1. You can get more and keep more with a pistol than money when there is no authority (government/police) around and I am not the only one who knows that! and 2. C) Home is where I would check first. Despite the best laid plans, if communications are down I want to get my family or ensure they got out and then leave a note. In which direction I am seven miles from home would be a factor in my choices for many places I have lived. Depending on the overall extremeness of the situation, I can't say I wouldn't take a bicycle or car at all, but I'm not likely to take one by force unless it was a true life-or-death medical emergency and reason and charity failed. Whether or not I would help if I saw someone get shot is a vague question. A response is not likely without more information. Some folks need killin'.
  10. I think most of us are here not just to gain and share knowledge, but because we are social creatures. Our tendency with people we like is to share freely, its Human Nature. Unfortunately, not all folks are the sharing types. Even with good people, if it comes down to my kid starving or yours, mine wins. Always, at whatever cost. Then there are just some greedy, lazy evil bastards who think survival of the fittest means brute strength. (It actually goes to the most adaptable in the long run, most of the time). Regardless, there is more than a little wisdom to the military's "Need To Know" doctrine. In it, information is compartmentalized and heavily guarded, broken down to "Do you have a legitimate need to know regarding particular information in order to accomplish your mission"? If not, the information is not shared with you. That way if you are a spy, Saboteur, or captured, you are less of a risk than if you know everything. If you are fortunate enough to have a retreat, weapons stockpile, food reserves, a water supply, fuel, medical supplies, barter goods, etc, even if you don't face a TEOTWAWKI disaster, the more people who know about it and its specifics, the higher the risk you have of having to defend or lose it. Mainstream Sheeple people think we are paranoid or just plain nuts to prepare for something that may never happen.They will be changing their tune if it does and the more who know even that you were a prepper, "gun nut", or had a survival(ist) mindset, the more will come knocking on or knocking down your door! Keep it to yourselves! Teach your kids to keep it to themselves, practice being the vague gray man. Don't wear NRA hats, Glock T-shirts, and camo BDUs everywhere you go! Peel those decals off your 4X4 too.
  11. Rock

    Soda Can Tab Fish Hook

    Or fold the "eye" over.
  12. Rock

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Handcuff keys: 1) If you have a CCW, or just a firearm in your home or vehicle, you should keep at least one set of handcuffs handy. Many a police officer or soldier has been killed by someone they thought was dead. If you can't legally and safely immediately vacate the area after shooting someone, say a home invasion defensive shooting, handcuff them, watch them vigilantly, or tie them up. 2) Not all cops are good guys and it isn't just the good guys who have handcuffs. Be prepared. Taping a handcuff key to the inside of your belt (in the back) isn't a bad idea either. You can buy handcuff keys that are almost universal for two or three dollars on-line or at most police supply or Army/Navy supply stores.
  13. Rock

    Energy drinks, dietary supplements, etc

    I have a few of energy drinks in my BOB. They are the little bottles like the 5 Hour Energy ones, but I buy them for a buck at Dollar General and like the effects. I keep some in my car in case I get drowsy driving or my day ends up being longer than I expected. I never crash or get jittery from their brand.
  14. Rock

    Suggestions please

    Josh, I'm not an expert, but I know where to go when I have questions and have enjoyed the industry and its people for most of my life. I'll be around.
  15. I'm going to have to be brutally honest here. I think is quite possibly the best Emergency Preparation/Survival web site I have found. Awesome articles and links. Straightforward and simple without being dumbed down. Pretty comprehensive too. I strongly recommend it on the forum I run, Its a great placve to send non-preppers to get the point across without overwhelming them. I am truly impressed and grateful for its presence.