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  1. Tomorrow is the recall election for Wisconsin. This is the most polarzing time that I have ever witnessed in an election. This recall has neighbor vs. neighbor, brother vs. sister, husband vs, wife. It's supercharged, its vindictive and it's down right nasty. The liberals don't even agree on the facts. The governers recallers liken him to Adolf Hitler (literally- not making this up). They beleive taking the "rights" away from the teachers Union's is an act "Civil War." Not kidding- their words, not mine. I can't believe I'm seeing this in my lifetime. One of the things the left is opposed to is Concealed Carry. The challanger vows to reverse CCW if he is elected. Unbeleiveable. Not going to happen- we'll be moving. I've been in a hightend state of alert. I've been threatned several times now- physically. My yard sign has been knocked down, my mailbox vandiized. Crime is up in my sleepy litte town. Armed robbery, NEVER happens here. We've had four of them in the past week. I carry a 9mm on me at all times. Of course, my employer won't allow it at work. Even so, I've now also loaded my AR and vest with full mags and have them in the truck. Not taking any chances. There are thugs out there, that is for sure. Pray for Wisconsin and watch closely.
  2. EmorySr

    Caught Unarmed

    I always keep my Ontario Marine fighting knife in my truck. It's my "truck knife" if you will. I hold a First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught it for four years after I received my 1st Dan. Also I was a Drill Sergeant in the Army and taught hand-to-hand combat there too. With that, I would say I am probably pretty capable at thwarting an attack- however, that's as far as I would ever take it. Thwart it- and run to your weapon or the police. Martial arts are great in the ring to watch and "tap out" when you are down. But in real life, like this situation -or hand to hand combat- your best tactic is to get away and get to that weapon. Yell, scream, kick, hit, run-shoot. Just two weeks ago, I was threatened by a moron at work. Never saw it coming- he was mad because I "rolled my eyes" at an off-handed inappropriate comment he made in the work environment. This guy is big into UFC and boxing and of course will list you his credentials at will- just ask. When this threat occurred, my adrenalin shot through the roof. My complex motor skills went away and tunnel vision came. As the scenario was playing out, I thought to myself "Hello Adrenalin- haven’t heard from you in a while. Glad you came back to remind me of the things I've forgotten." I diffused the situation, the guy left. But how it benefited me afterward was interesting. 1st- from my many sparring matches, almost ALWAYS- the guy flaunting his abilities get's his butt kicked. Flaunting one's abilities is a low-belt trait (white, yellow, green). Upper belts (Black, 1st, 2nd and beyond) have learned the humility needed to possess that level of skill. Flat out- accomplished martial artists NEVER flaunt their abilities (except maybe for TV). Why risk giving away your biggest advantage? I.e. surprise! 2nd-With this situation, as a martial artist- I'm going to tell you that by avoiding the fight- you already overcame the threat. Your head will keep you alive in this situation, because excessive Egoism is the end to so many good men. Keeping your ego in check, moving on to a safe place and then also keeping your family safe is HUGE and far more a measure of a man than any street brawl could be. You did the right thing, but more importantly you have now had the opportunity to tune your defenses; to find the holes in your plan. And by that- that makes you the SURPRISE and survivalist- they will never anticipate. Semper Paratus.
  3. EmorySr

    Bug-out ammo question

    I own a MOLLE tactical vest for me, both boys and my wife (four vests) ready to go. On it, we carry eight 30 Round AR mags, four 9mm or 45 mags and then a bandoler of 25 12 Ga rounds (along with First Aid kit, MOLLE Camel Pack, 3 L's of water and a inverted Ka-Bar w/ Kydex sheeth). I carry the AR with a single point sling, 45 in it's holster and MossBerg 500 in a MOLLE scabbard- All guns are loaded. All of this I am easily able to carry by foot- no problem. These vests are loaded and ready to rock- I keep mine in the truck for a "get home" setup. My get home bag fits no problem too. Yes, no 10/22 but if I'm walking this is as much as I can realistically carry and (I think) it's about 400 rounds. Not bad. . . and able to strap it on and zip it up in less than two minutes.
  4. EmorySr

    Gas, Gas, GAS!!!

    In Basic, I was the first one in line to go into the chamber, along with four other guys. They made me pull off my mask and tell him my name, rank and SSN. He tells me to go out, so I walk out. On my way out I hear the DI say to the next guy "Name, rank, and Emory Sr's SSN." LOL. I laughed while I puked.
  5. EmorySr

    Over Thinking...........

    I had an accident this past summer in the middle of nowhere that made me start thinking about this stuff. I went into shock and it was just me and my two kids. Good stuff to prepare for and also think up front about risks you probably shouldnt take. Also, teach your kids first-aid.
  6. EmorySr

    Gas, Gas, GAS!!!

    I have a wife and two kids too. That's the general consensus with many people on this blog. I have expereince with it, but they dont. Nevertheless, 95% of the general populas would not know the diffeence between holding your breath vs. stop breathing. Cops keep using it, so I'm also guessing it must still be effective. I suspect there are masks out there that could be had for not that much bank.
  7. EmorySr

    Gas, Gas, GAS!!!

    So- there I was, minding my own business one day, contemplating with my wife how SHTF would go down. There are so many scenarios, but the one that really keeps coming to mind was refreshed by the passage the indefinite detainee bill this week. With that, it is not hard to imagine the LEO getting pretty nervous of those of who are well armed, and with the help of a gun controlling POTUS, a unwarranted attacked could foreseeable become a reality. How would LEO enter? Would they request your guns? Would they force themselves in? What tools would they use? Well- darkness, obviously, would be one of their tactics but that is pretty easily countered with a well place flare. Then I got to thinking- when I was in the Army, the way the OPFOR and the OC's at the National Training Center would make it go down is by using CS gas. It's not hard to take the next step and think that LEO's have this same tool in their toolbox to enter into a potential deadly firefight. CS Gas, for those of you who DIDNT go through the gas chamber in the Military, is not deadly but it will make you wish you were for about 10-15minutes. That's all the time rogue LEO's or for that matter, anyone with a CS grenade and a empty stomach would need. So, I ask you- how would YOU deal with a CS attack? I haven't prepared for one, but now I'm thinking I should.
  8. EmorySr

    LBE/Tact Vest First Aid kit content

    Sorry for the delay in response. I would put the distance and time back to the main kit as about 20 minutes. This doesnt sound like a lot, but interestingly I had an incident this past summer where I was about that far away, and i smashed my hand in some machinary. I had to walk back to the first aid kit, and then teach my son how to treat for shock, as I was going into shock. Not a good situation and the reason I bought a pouch to carry a small stash of first aid supplies on me at all times.
  9. Deta7, I was in your situatiation because all I had ever shot before was from the Military and that was a M1911A1 and a Beretta M92. When it was time to buy one, I checked them all out but in particular the Glocks because everybody loves them. An old Army buddy of mine (former Tanker buddy) suggested to try the Springfield XD's and XDm's. Man, am I glad I tried it because they were similar to what I was used. (the grip safety in particular). Anyway, now I have several of them and I fired THOUSANDS of rounds without any issues. I've fired every type of ammo you can imagine (both .45 and 9mm) and not one issue. The XDm's have better feel in my opinion and also are safer because of the grip safety. Darn accurate as well. With that, it looks like you live in IL, so make sure you check out the gun laws for IL as they differ a lot from all other states.
  10. EmorySr

    I'm never ready, but I will do it anyway.

    Delta7, you can say whatever you want. That's what makes this country great. Good thoughts about about the Army. If so, ROTC is a good way to go (if you are already in College). No matter what you decide, if you go in you will never regret it nor never forget it. Sr.
  11. EmorySr

    Wis-Con-Sin. 'Nuff said

    My name is EmorySr and I am a former Army Tank Commander. I was also a Drill Sergeant for a short period of time, having gone through the school but "on the trail" only for training. After the Army, i went to college and now work as a Mechanical Engineer. I have two boys and I am married to an Attorney. I have not won an argument in 10 years. I have always been very survival minded, as that is how the Cold War Army trained us. I.e. WHEN the SHTF (not IF), be ready for XYZ. For some reason, this mentality has never left me. If you follow Wisconsin news, you will no doubt see that Wisconsin walks on the razors edge of turning into the first socialist state. Rule of law has become meaningless in this state, as all laws are challanged in court, mass protested or simply ignored. How does EmorySr answer 17 Survival Questions? 1. Please describe your Every Day Carry? EDC is XD .45, with 2 mags in 511 Tactical Covert kakis. SOG Trident, SOG Twitch, Leatherman multi tool, Citzen Eco Drive and 550 cord braclet. 2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol? XDm 9mm 5 inch 3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol? XDm 3.8 Subcompact, 9mm 4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine? Bushmaster AR15A4, kept in my vehicle at all times. 5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine? Springfield M1A Scout, Ruger Gunsight Scout 6. Favorite Shotgun? Mossberg 500 12 ga. 7. The amount of food you have at your house? One year of food enough to feed the family, two large German Shepards, and Grandma. 8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag? Wet weather Gear, Survival knife, MRE's. Compass, Map, matches, Shelter covers. 9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one? Thick wooded area, on top of a hill. 10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle? 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel. 11. Describe your Bug Out Bag? Tactical Vest, butt pack, hydration bladder, 72 Hour ALICE pack loaded with all those same things I had when I was starring down the Russkai's. 12. Favorite home defense pistol? XD .45 13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun? Mossberg 500 12 ga 14. Favorite Survival Book? Boston's Gun Bible. US Army Soldier Manual, US Army First Aid Manual. 15. Favorite Survival Type Movie? The Postman. 16. Survival Knife? Ontario Marine Fighting knife. 17. Survival Tools in Your Kit? GPS, compass, wet weather gear (the best thing to keep you warm in winter, wear it always to avoid exposure), Hand sanitizer, IBprofun, anti-histimyn. Almost all injuries/illness can be treated/prevented with these three things.
  12. EmorySr

    I'm never ready, but I will do it anyway.

    Ditto. Thankyou for your service. Same with you, Delta.
  13. EmorySr

    Body Armor?

    I would agree, body armor will turn the odds to your favor. I wore body armor in the military and hated every minute of it. We wore it every day, rain, heat, snow, every type of season. For hot weather, as long as you drink enough water you will be fine with wearing body armor. But, the key is you must PRACTICE! Don't wait until SHTF and expect to be able to hump that much weight without a significant amount of training. Also, interestingly enough, when bullets started flying over my head, I FORGOT I was wearing it. Yep- couldn’t feel a thing, didn’t think about it one second and the heat issue totally exited my military mind. With that, I have to comment about several comments regarding the north Hollywood shootout. It has similar characteristics as the Miami massacre. That is, the cops came to a shootout unprepared to take down a well prepared villain. The cops came with their 9mm handguns, while the villain was wearing body armor and shooting a AR. So, what is the problem? Easy. . Cops depend on their AUTHORITY to stop the bad guys. Case in point with Miami. The cops knew who their enemy was, what he had in terms of weapons and also that the one guy was a Combat experienced former Army Ranger that had now gone bad. I.e.- that Army Ranger had all the training but had thrown away his internal stop mechanism to stop for authority. Cops depend on the authority given to them, for the BG to stop. But, if the BG does care AT ALL about the law or authority, it is useless. LAWS AND AUTHORITY ARE ONLY USEFUL AGAINST THOSE PEOPLE WHO WILL OBEY THEM. Case in point, have you ever seen someone run a stop sign? Well, what really prevents them from running it every time? If no cops are around to enforce, the local authorities are depending on the HONOR SYSTEM that you will obey. This is why I feel there is a major difference between military and police. Us ex military expect the BG to shoot back. The police, doesn’t because 99% of the time people will honor their authority. This is a long winded way of saying, don't depend on the bad guy to stop just because you show a 9mm/.40/.45 or BADGE at them. The authority you show may be meaningless to them. Go to the gunfight ready with your AR15A4, or M1A. Your pistol is simply a backup between magazines or to find another battle rifle.
  14. EmorySr

    Favorite piece of kit, and why.

    Mike-That's a pretty cool knife. If I didnt already own so many of them, I might be tempted to buy one for myself. Personally as far as kit goes, I had a scare this past summer when I had an accident while patrolling out land and I smashed my hand. As I was going into shock, I was explaining to my oldest son how to treat for shock. Since then, first aid as well as communciation capability has been top of my mind and finding suitable kits to pack with us for this situation. An accident can happen so fast, and having the gear and knowlege of what to do is essential. I never, EVER expected something like this to happen to me, but after it did- it was quite an eye-opener.
  15. Hello All, I was wondering what folks typically carry for first aid, when on patrol? What I'm getting at is when I was in the Army we always had a few things that we carried on our person at all times that were essential items. These items are just enough to get you back to the main first-aid kit. For our scenerio- we own a large parcel of land that we regularly patrol on foot. We have tactical vests to carry our gear, aside from the backpack. On these vests, I bought pouches to carry a first aid kit and they are the same pouches that I beleive today's Army uses. So, any idea as to what to wear on you? Also, any experience from the modern military (2000 to present) would be welcome. Kind regards, Sr.