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  1. wwallace

    Sleeping Bags

    I'm looking for a good backpacking sleeping bag that is rated to 0 degrees. I live in the Rocky Mountains and the weather here can change in a hurry. Anyone out there know of any good bags that don't cost a several days wages?
  2. wwallace

    Good Reads for your survival toolkit

    Other good books for getting started are: Encyclopedia of Country Living - Carla Emry Cookin with Home storage - Peggy Layton and Vicki Tate The Boy Scout handbook - I recommend the editions from the 1960-1970's Five Arces and Independance - Maurice G. Kains - This is an old book but a lot of the information is still current today.
  3. wwallace

    Body Armor?

    Standard Military body armor will stop 7.62x39 at 50 yards. Still hurts like hell though.
  4. wwallace

    Good Reads for your survival toolkit

    This past year I've read several good survival fiction and non-fiction books. One Second After by William Forstschen was a real eye opener. It really gets you thinking about just how dependent we are on electricity for our survival and just how bad it might get if the lights go out for more than just a week. Katrina was a good example of just how bad things might get when order break down because people can't communicate. TV, radio, cell phones, we have become so dependent on getting our news and information instantly when that stops, peoples imaginations take over. I read a book a few years back called "The Wizard's First Rule" I forget the author, but the premiss was that the Wizard's First Rule was that people will believe something for two reasons: 1. It's what they want to hear. 2. They are afraid it might be true. In a survival situation people's rationale mind tend to shut down and when it does these two rules very much apply. So when there is no news from the outside because electricity is out, well you get the picture.
  5. When I told my wife that we were going to get an internet phone, the first thing she said was no, because when the power goes out the phone won't work. We don't have a backup generator yet. Well, I had already thought of that and for a little over $40 I picked up a small UPS (Un-interruptible power supply). About six months later we have a power outage that last several hours. Because of the UPS we were able to contact the power company and let them know the power was out and get an estimate of when it would be restored. Our neighbors were shocked when they saw me on the porch talking on the phone. Most folks don't realize that when you have a wide area power outage most times, landline phones and cell phones won't work, unless the repeater tower in your area is on some kind of backup power. You don't need to have an internet phone to use this method either. Just get a UPS connected to a computer and your modem or satellite, then use Skype, or Magic Jack. Most phone companies and internet service providers have backup power, but if you can't get a signal to them their backup power is useless to you, so the UPS is a must have for emergency commmunications and it's an inexpensive way to stay connected when the power fails.
  6. wwallace


    Altoid tins make great container for small items. I have built a mini first-aid/fishing survival kit with one that contains small bandages a few packets of anti-bacteria ointment packet of Mortin, 10' for fishing line, 3 hooks and a few small pinch weights and a mini-bic lighter. I seal it with wax around the seam and hinges and then cover that with electrical tape. Makes it water tight as the tape protects the wax seal. If you don't pack to much in it, it will even float.
  7. wwallace

    Extreme Couponing for Prepping

    Store are catching on to the extreme couponing and are starting to limit the use of coupons. But you can still save a lot of money if you watch for specials and limit how much you buy.
  8. wwallace

    gold , silver , precious metals. etc.

    While gold and silver will be valuable for trade, in a post economic collaspe America you might find other items of more value. Some of the things I stock up on for barter are: Whiskey - Even the cheap stuff will trade highly and in a pinch you can use it as a disinfectant. Knowing how to make drinkable liquior will be another valuable talent. Cigarettes - Ever seen a hardcore smoker, they will dig through other people's trash just to find a butt worth smoking. Ammo - Having enough ammo or the ability to make your own will be a huge asset in a world turned upside down and when people have to hunt or scavage for their food having extra ammo will give you the ability to trade for high end goods, like medicine, water purification chemicals, or food.