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    Affordable Calibers & Reloading

    John if you are not dead set against the Glock, I shoot 9mms through my .40 S&W’s to save a lot for practice. All you need is the proper drop-in barrel from Lone wolf or another maker and the proper magazine for the caliber you will shoot. This also works for shooting 10mm or .40 S&W through .45 ACP Glocks. Both the 9mm and .40 S&W offer savings over the host pistol, not so much the 10mm’s but with reloads there is savings all around with any of the drop in calibers.
  2. Higherview

    Hello From Montana

    Semper Fi - Montana is the grat land, big sky, big counrty, great people.
  3. Higherview

    List your top 5 guns you'd want for SHTF and why you picked them

    Ar-15 / 5.56/ .223 upper 20+ barrel - hi-power scope graduated marks for distance & .22 conversion; 6.8 upper 16.5 barrel low power scope graduated marks for distance. Mossberg 500 shotgun / 20 inch barrel screw in choke tubes also extended adjustable choke tube for hunting. Black powder barrel for Mossberg 500 also for hunting. Remington 700 switch barrel - .308, .243 and .22-250 barrels. Glock 23 / factory .40 S&W barrel & mags / 9mm conversion barrel & mags / .22 conversion slide & mags. S&W Governor - shoots .45 Long Colt, .45 ACP & .410 shot shells. All chosen for usefulness and flexability.
  4. Higherview

    Glock Talk

    I have a .454 Cassull for hunting. For bear protection (not only hunting) I carry .45 Colt using Buffalo Bore ammo because you can repeat fire quickly (get more FP than a .44 Mag) - something you can not do with full bore .454. Whith a chargeing bear (or attacking wolf / lion) you want recoil under control for repeated fire capability .45 Colt in a .454 or Long Colt Revolver is good. So are the 10mm GLocks, which are good for hunting - but not as far out as the Casull.
  5. Higherview

    Glock Talk

    I have had & friends have had a couple and they have been fine. Even the tridium night sights were fine, and the price was good. Like any used gun, you should check out the individual gun before purchase or buy from a reputable seller.
  6. Higherview

    Registered Prepper

    Actually I believe California and NY have recently passed “anti hoarding laws” which make it illegal to stockpile more than 7 days worth of food. Of course they can care less how much you have on now, but when they want it ...
  7. Higherview

    Four Tools for Survival

    If I were limited to four tools for survival I would take a knife of some sort, with at least a 3 inch blade. Since I am so limited on tools I will take a Leatherman - either a Charge or Wave, because it also has a saw and a second knife blade, plus other uses. Second I would take a tool to make fire easily, a Bic lighter will be sufficient, but a wind proof lighter would be fine also. Next I would take a folding saw with at least a ten inch blade. this is more efficient than a small hatchet for gathering fuel, building shelter & processing large game. A water container with internal filter, with metal cup if that is not considered a separate item. If this is not considered a tool? than I would take a firearm, a long gun if one was in reach but a hand gun is always loaded and on my person.