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    Borned and raised in the mountains of upper east tennessee, graduated high school in may 1977, joined the army in may 1977, retired from the army in Nov 2001, my whole career in the army was as a combat arms soldier, started out as a M60 tank drive, before chosing another MOS I was a tank commander on a M1A1 Abrams, after changing job's in the army, I went to Scout School and graduated top in my class out of 98 other boot's. At the end of my career I was a Senior Scout for a Cavalry Troop. (Not bad for a ole country boy). After retiring from the army I went to work for a private security company thats provides security for federal building and federal employee's and still doing it today.
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    Greeneville Tennessee
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    My Family, CJ5 Jeeps, Camping,
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    Retired Miliary/Armed Security

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  1. you only live about two hours from me