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    Borned and raised in the mountains of upper east tennessee, graduated high school in may 1977, joined the army in may 1977, retired from the army in Nov 2001, my whole career in the army was as a combat arms soldier, started out as a M60 tank drive, before chosing another MOS I was a tank commander on a M1A1 Abrams, after changing job's in the army, I went to Scout School and graduated top in my class out of 98 other boot's. At the end of my career I was a Senior Scout for a Cavalry Troop. (Not bad for a ole country boy). After retiring from the army I went to work for a private security company thats provides security for federal building and federal employee's and still doing it today.
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    Greeneville Tennessee
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    My Family, CJ5 Jeeps, Camping,
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    Retired Miliary/Armed Security
  1. Ruger92

    Cheap Sem-Automatic Sniper Rifle?

    The Moslin Nagant 7.62x39R
  2. Ruger92

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    True for sure
  3. Ruger92

    The hopeful bov/new home

    dang just keep looking, they are much cheaper this time of year than they are in the spring and summer time. Thats was a very nice unti, I have a 2004 26ft 5th wheel and we enjoy it very much through out the year.
  4. Ruger92

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    IN- For sure hope I win this time, got a brand new jeep for it to ride around in...........
  5. Ruger92


    I would go with the gore-tex madderhorns i have worn them for years, got hooked on them in the army, a great pair of boots and last for ever a litte price $200.00 a pair but well worth it
  6. Ruger92

    'Bout time I introduced myself....

    Always happy to see a new post, stick around alot of good knowledge on this site a realy good bunch of guy's and gal's
  7. Hey Kevin, we wil be having the same thing for dinner on New Years Day it happens every year and mom used to cook it all before she got sick, now my wife has taken over this old time tradition
  8. Ruger92

    My next firearm

    Well here is what I'm looking at and pretty sure I'm going to get it in the near future RAAC MKA-1919 12 gauge shotgun 12 Gauage Semi Auto 19.7 Chrome Lined Barrel 2 5 Round Mags and 3 Different Chokes $619.00 Cheaper Than Dirt Has them Item Number : GUN-1919
  9. Ruger92

    Roll Call

    Good to go here, just waiting on the other now
  10. Ruger92

    American Prepper's Network

    Yep thanks to the media, just more mud in our faces and that really brothers me. But I guess they have to justify their jobs at our exspense.
  11. Ruger92


    Very well said Partsman and I agree totally with your closing post. Love and respect left the school systems when they said no more padding (it was boreline child abuse), and when they said no more praying in schools (there went the love) and when they said no more Pledge Of Alligance To The American Flag (there went the respect) I know for a fact that there hardly any respect in this world today and just think whtas it going to be like when our grand kids is our age. You know if these freaks of nature whats to go out and cause all this death why dont they go hit up all these drug houses and drug dealers and rid the earth of that scum.
  12. Ruger92

    prayers out To Connecticut

    Now the news is saying that the mother's sister-in-law told them that the mother was a member of a doomsday prepper site and that she was preparing for a end of the world, that she had a vast collection of guns and stored foor and she had also turned her 1.5 million dollar house into a fortress. Now go figure that. I sure hope that BIGGGGGGG BUBBA finds him when he gets to hell. I to am a very pround grandfather of a healthy 4 year grandson and it scares me now to even send him to day school, I would almost quite my job as a armed security officer and then offer my grandsons school my services for free.
  13. Ruger92

    jeep porn.

    LOL you are to funny rick.....I have been around just not posting as much for the last few months, but I have been keeping an eye on all of you, just to see what's been going on. If you get a jeep, or lets say you get a CJ5 I have a lot of parts I will send you at no cost, I have made a decision to get out of the restoring bussiness, just seem these old bones hurt more everyday after climbing in and over those old master pices of art lol.......and beside the wife and I bought a new 2013 wangler just a few weeks ago. don't think it will need very many parts lol.....going to turn my jeep man cave into a reloading and prep stocking man cave. So just keep me in mind about those with you later my friend.
  14. Ruger92

    jeep porn.

    Hey Rick nice site, I have owned a number of different jeeps I have had a 1977 CJ5 304 3speed manual tranny restored it, then sold it, 1979 CJ5 304 CJ5 3 speed tranny restored it, then sold it, I have had a 1995 Wangler Willy's edition now that was nice jeep, od green from the factory, camo interior and a really good blow you out the door factory sound system, sold it also. Now I have a 2013 4door special edition wangler and love it to death, taking it to the mountains sunday to check on my alt BOL really looking forward to that trip. I also own a 2011 dodge ram quad cab big horn edition, but I would rather drive the jeep any day, if you ever decide to by a new or used jeep and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
  15. Ruger92

    Ex military speaks about his past evils.

    hey snake I just call it like I see it