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    I got a slingshot for christmas, kinda cheesy, I know! But I have gotten the chance to go plinking (target practice) with it and it is a beast! Only about $20 also! And ammo is unlimited! Very fun to play with, very useful. I would suggest you all get one!
  2. TCC6310

    Military Thread

    I know that there are alot of former military personnel on here, so maybe we should open a thread specifically for military, past and present. Just a thought
  3. TCC6310

    Colorado Prepping.

    Hello everyone! I live in colorado, and I was wondering if anybody else had any sort of an idea of what preps I could use in my area. I think the basics of course will be cold weather gear and food, basic things for anybodies preps. If anybody has any better ideas for how to further prepare myself, I'm all ears!
  4. So Excoastie, was so kind and sent me a knife he made for free. Let me say, this is an amazing blade! The blade is so perfectly made there are no imperfections at all! It's super shard, and comes to a real nice point. It looks great, and feels even better in my hand. Just an absolutely beautiful knife! If I had the funds, I would BUY several of these for family and friends and a few more just for myself! Great job coastie!!!
  5. Now that's a statistic. I knew there was alot more dead here, but not that many in one city!
  6. TCC6310

    The Plan.

    So, this is just the basic plan for me and mine. We plan on bugging in with the supplies we have, given most circumstances, but ofcourse there will be some that we have to G.O.O.D. right away. Were going to try to sit tight here for at least 30 days, or whatever supplies permit. After that grace period, everybody who is going to get out has already left, hopefully leaving the streets mostly empty. Thats when the scavenging part would come in great use. Hit the streets, stores and what not, and grab up whatever we can. We would then make our way to our safe locations we have designated. Does this sound like a good plan to y'all? It makes total sense to us, but I'd love to hear others ideas!
  7. TCC6310

    Do you like tea?

    I know I sure do! I always have a gallon of 'Arizona Tea' in my fridge. "But TCC, why do you buy that instead of the cheaper brand that tastes the same?" Good question prepper, but it's very simple. The container. The great value brand (wally world), comes in the basic milk jug sort of container, which is great and all, but not as good as the Arizona brand. It comes in very slim, and very thick containers, which can later be used to store water in. Because of the thickness and shape, you can store alot more alot easier with these. So, sure I may spend a little more, but it gets put to good use afterwards! Just a thought, and honestly a pretty good idea!
  8. TCC6310

    Gearin' Up!

    So I've been talking with some people, let's just call them freedom fights, and they said that with the UN ATT going on and the DHS buying mass amounts of ammo recently, many of the freedom fighter groups are getting geared up for something big. REAL big. It might not happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if the SHTF be gearin' up everybody.
  9. TCC6310

    Hello from Colorado,

    Hello Clarance! Also from CO. Glad to have ya here
  10. TCC6310

    Gearin' Up!

    It's also from Red Dawn, so is what coastie said. Lol
  11. TCC6310

    Getting out of NYC!

    Inflatable raft with electric pump? It wouldn't take up to much space
  12. TCC6310

    Denver Shooting

    I live about a half hour from where the shooting took place....scary stuff having this happen so close to home. Even scarier is what the punishment on the general public is going to be. The local news said, "We don't get frisked at movie theaters, we don't going through metal detectors, we don't take our shows off..." Well not yet we don't! I mean how fast did the TSA start raping people after 9/11? This could be the same thing..scary stuff. Not to mention, with the UN ATT being negotiated this could be Obama's ploy to sign it and take away our gun rights! Who knows whats going's just some scary stuff..
  13. Thanks wally! Things have somewhat picked up for me lately, not as much as I would like but I can't complain, at least I'm livin'!
  14. I just put my EDC together! The other day i went on a shopping spree and completely filled my emergency pantry for a reasonable price. I've also been looking into possible BOL's
  15. Plain and simple, I'm broke. I want to prep and add to the things i have but times are far to hard and I can't find a job to save my life. And unfortunatly, nobody is willing to give away freebies. Its awful trying to be prepared, and not being able to do it. Just had to vent. Thanks
  16. TCC6310

    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    It could never hurt to report it to the police, I'm not the hugest fan of LEO's but sometimes they actually do their job and this might be one of those times.
  17. TCC6310


    Reg, I'm sorry to here about all this! Seems like they're using our vets as guinea pigs nowadays. It's really unfortunate! I hope everything works your way brother, keep strong, and always trust in the Lord! God bless reg!
  18. TCC6310


    Femvet is right, if that first vehicle gets taken out by anything what so ever, your whole convoy is shut down until you can either repair, move, or get around it. I prefer a 2 car method, in your case, 3 groups, 2 cars in each. Thats what my family is going to do, although we are more spread out so it would work better.
  19. TCC6310

    The Next War

    I have information on an operation that may mean war. I have sources inside the USN who when they were going through Corpsman School, they were told of Operation...Bulldog I think it was, that they were told they would need to use all of their training for. And in case you all didn't already know, The Navy is pumping out Corpsman(medics) like theres no tomorrow. They havent had this many since WWII, just something to think about.
  20. TCC6310

    Uh Oh! Here we go...

    Very true Capt, but hey I bet a few people got the message. If not...well then imnsho, they deserve it.
  21. TCC6310


    I live just 50 miles from the Waldo Canyon Fire that decimated Colorado Springs, it sure was some scary stuff that was happening here!
  22. TCC6310

    Makeshift weaponry thread?

    Just the other night, I had gone for a long walk with nothing but my phone and a bottle of water, totally forgot my gun and knifes. Luckily, I know just how to fashion a knife out of a water bottle. Twist it, smash one side down to a point, you can sharpen it with your teeth, or a little fire, your choice. It is very crude, but it works, darn near cut myself with it when some shady lookin kids ran up behind me (they were just racing haha)
  23. TCC6310

    The reason prepping discourages me.

    Hey everyone, I am so sorry to not be present in this thread for some time! I have been so busy with the Navy and school and just a bunch of crap! Lifes been a b!@#$...I so appreciate your support everyone! It means so much I damn near cried. Knowing that there's people like y'all out there just shows that the Lord is everywhere! Thanks again! I plan on spending alot more time on the forum after reading all this, thank you all!
  24. TCC6310

    Oh great

    Its all about keeping us blind. For instance the DoD, was once the DoW. But in order to get the sheeple on their side they renamed it to sound like they were the good guys, and everybody bought it. F@#$ed up.