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  1. it is ironic that everyone ive talked to has an idea what they need to have in stock for long term survival, and some people dont have a clue here id like to put together a list of absolutely must have items you store in your cache, before all else. food water and bob gear... power generator large garbage cans, plastic 50 gallon with lid for food storage 5 of them ten gallons of clorox bleach... sixteen drops to purify a gallon of water,,, air mask for contaminant air smoke and chemical .. coffee filters for filtration of water activated charcoal for water filtering, fishing line 16 lb test and up..several spools..spiderwire tough stuff... archery equipment.. bows and arrows , field tips and razor broadheads, blunt tips and cedar shafts backup rechargeable batteries fuel for machines, spare spark plugs and repair manuals, lubricant oils boyscout field book for reference pre 1970s version.. specific books. , you know which ones you rely on to survive folding field shovels.. i have a couple of these to dig trench latrines for sanitation so there is just a few listed add your own must haves
  2. bob leeper

    Mosin Nagant

    mine has a more modern microgroove bore and its inpristeen condition..ive fired 200 plus rounds through it with no noticeable wear with proper cleaning with hoppes . it helps to shoot straight lead or jacketed rounds. i do have both lead jacketed steel and brass. quite a killer of a rifle.. not bad for a gun made in 1942 in the ussr...
  3. bob leeper

    old idea, modern use

    today i got ahold on some special barrel material.. steam carrying pipe thats good up to 5000 pounds per suare inch, from a friend who does pipe werk for a major us company in the area. i was told the steel pipe was tempered and testedup to 7 grand in pressure and these three pieces were scrap from a job.. i drilled and tapped one end and put an uncle mikes hot shot nipple in and tightened her down making a smooth bore barrel for a 20 caliber pistol..i just stick a cap on it and push a hand poured slug down the muzzle and its a quick go to gun in case i need it..they had cap guns like this back in the 1800s for use by riverboat gamblers as protection, before the advent of the derringer' kind of like a small version of a liberator pistol in ww II . it puts a nice hole in an old ny city telephone book i use for target practice.. now all i need is a frame to weld it to and a hammer to kick it off with,, guess ill be busy this weekend ...
  4. bob leeper

    Mosin Nagant

    ha ah ah ha , i got mine twenty years ago at a roses going out of business sale.. the stock broken, the manager said he couldnt sell it at the listed price of 70 us dollars so i gave him 15 bucks and he wrote it up.. i got home, super glued the underside of the cheek plate, replaced the metal butt plate and clamped it 48 hours it was as good as new... too bad it didnt come with a scope..oh well, i goot my moneys worth the first deer i dropped with it from 300 yards out through dense bush and undergrowth on sight setting 4 using a yellow tip round that tore that deer up..oops. no one told me the yellow tips could blow holes in armored vehicles ...lololol
  5. bob leeper

    Reading Material In BOB?

    id choose the boy scout book 1969 version. and the bible and plenty of ink and pens so i can write my journal, kindle fire and recharger pack and varios books i collect , heck you can burn them for heat if you need to stay yes to that question...
  6. bob leeper

    gigging for food

    i was reminded this morning of an incident that happened thirty years ago when i was fishing with my younger brother and my fishing rod disintegrated and i was left without means to catch any fish,,then i spotted a piece of broken glass and an idea formed.. my brother, well he said i was crazy to even try it, but i took that sliver of glass and a sapling and cut a spear and in moments I had a three pound bass on my fishing spear. and got five more fish before he'd caught his first fish... "You're still crazy" he said admiring my stringer of bass shad and bream.. sometimes old timey things work the best, especially when you lack the more modern resources to get the job finished.. i added a frog gig/fishing spear to my fishing gear and have never been disappointed by them or my ability to put food in the pan .. i guess its also in my genes, being one eighth native american (sac fox) , even though you could never tell it by looking at me,, guess its what you make of it...
  7. bob leeper

    Whats cooking

    i love to put turkey legs in my smoker for 5-6 hours until the skin is nearly blackened. next i add corn cut from 3 ears , 4 cans of habachullas, red beans, a cup of rice, hot pepperoncino, madrasa curry and salt and pepper for a slow cook in the cooker crock and in 6 hrs i got a feast on my hands
  8. id say the most difficult obstacle to prepping ive seen and experienced is those who try to get over on others.. i wish they'd stop and really think about what they are doing and saying.. so you know a little about prepping, yet you come off looking like a know it all... its okay to know things, really, but listen to yourself.. a wise man sees, a boastful man brags and an idiot ..well you get my drift. quit being a pain in someones backside and become a blessing to them.. give help as needed and beware of those who are easily fooled.. use discernment in dealing with others and sometimes its wiser to keep quiet and know when its time to speak up... end of sermon... also ive had trouble finding some items. a welders hammer and a stave knife..i had them at one time but they disappeared when a crackhead broke into the shop looking for tools to pawn ..we have to manage somehow...
  9. bob leeper

    favorite woodstove brand/design

    for the money you spend, an original franklin stove is bu far the best. its a metal box that sits on four legs has a door two top holes and aa dampener and burns slowly and warms up quickly.. i had one at one time when i lived in virginia, butit was gone when i went back to get it after i moved out (within hours) .. a virginian model has two blowes that will hook into your duct system and keep a small house or trailer comfy . its whati use now.. but its bad for creosote buildup so each season you have to hit it with a scraper and wire brush to clear it out ..second vent in the front of the stove makes for warm nights in february...and changing out the firebrick can be costly, but its heat...good luck, stay warm, keep your powder dry, and god bless
  10. bob leeper

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    i bought several boxes of 12 g shells that were mismarked at 5 bucks apiece at wally wrld ..imagine turkey rounds for five bucks a box,,usually they run 18 bucks a box if you can find them...number 4 shot, fives ..and a box of 2...for good measure..then i went back to automotive nd scrounged 44 lbs of wheel weights (Lead for pouring 50 cal bullets for my muzzle loader.. and tody im gonna lay low and do some leather crafting and metal work in the shop....cook on the grill some barbachickachew in or turkey legs and thighs..
  11. bob leeper

    happy birthday america

    happy birthday america, land of the free and home of the brave, our rights are our rights , right? with hillbilly and trump running for grand poobah and bernie sanders, the one that sounds like the aardvark in the ant and the aardvark cartoons on saturday mornings television for kids, im sorely reminded of whats at stake during the next few months. a election to chose the course of this already troubled nation..okay , so maybe to some it doesnt seem to be so troubled, and it s only the paranoid people that are troubled, , us religious folks who stand by our bibles, gun in hand ,hey we got nothing to fear but fear itself,right?. well im my humble opinoin the country has already gone to the devil in a handcart. and those of us that want to continue with our way of lives (our god given rights and abilities, and even our disabilities ) we need to take a pause for the cause and maybe come november we remind the country that our liberties and justice didnt come cheaply, and that the democrats are nothing but a bunch of scheming gun grabbers and socialists in sheeps clothing. and lest we forget, democracy is three wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch..and in this new america, things are so screwed up its every man for himself, every woman for themself, and Oprah is in the background with all the other fatcats deciding who gets what or not..see who calls the can bet shes got a few nasty tricks up her sleeve...and the hell with being so politically correct all of a sudden .. rebel like our forefathers, take it to the streets, call them out and take them down..its our right and our duty to throw off such "government" and provide new guards for our future security... i read that somewhere ... oh yeah that document the DECLARATION . they havent totally scrapped it yet.. not yet.. only the bill of rights and part of the constitution that guarantees our freedoms and responsibilities. and again happy birthday america , may your shores be free , except where they charge for parking ...
  12. ive updated adding news recipes.. smoked turkey legs quarters beans and rice and freeze drying the mix..also can add sweet potatoe cubes or yams cubed for more fiber and pepperoncino for umph
  13. i love this idea. i used raised beds cold frames and hay bales to grow my veggies in .. wonderful
  14. bob leeper

    How to Build an Underground Bunker

    i prefer the dig a hole fill it with sandbags cover with rebar and pour concrete over the top and fill it in with dirt and let it dry. then remove the sandbags and you have the perfect underground shelter, storm cellar , bomb shelter, mausoleum . takes five days to do using a backhoe and 2000 sandbags and stovepipe
  15. bob leeper

    sling hardware for rifles

    thanks snake and snoddy.. uncle mikes? hmmm. now why didnt i thuunk of that... must be getting old again.. lol ...too much time in the heat again i guess...