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    Attack in Boston

    Two possibly more bombs detonated at Boston marathon, 12 dead, several injured, two more bombs found and being dismantled, the city is packed with people for the marathon and other events
  2. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Nothing found in that area, swat clearing out. This punk's gettin help.
  3. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Watertown is locked down, there have been two requests for the bomb squad in different areas in the last 30 min, mostly for suspicious packages. They are focusing on two streets at the moment and sounds like they are searching every house and building, from my scanner, not the news.
  4. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    ooook, I read the first couple lines on pages 4, expected humor distraction, the rest I glanced, I saw : republican/democrat, manson, too many cooks, and something about nails, you sir, missed my point, but that's ok, maybe I should have just said "Too Soon". I love that people have the right to say whatever they want, whenever they want, but I do expect most people to have the common sense to know when it's just not time for politics or being "right". I think I saw something that suggested that we voted incorrectly and that's why things like this happen....maybe I was in shock. I apologize for my language and I don't mean to be overly aggressive if I single someone out, but sometimes maybe it's better to keep the political opinions in the appropriate thread. As far as media being inaccurate on a somewhat constant basis, yes, it frustrates us all. What I was posting after the marathon was not based on news, I or I should say we were getting information from various sources most from emergency response in the immediate area. I don't judge people based on internet forum posts and like I said, I did not read all that Snake, so all that etc. just doesn't seem needed. It's cool. Things happen, people say things, and people react and say other things. Free speech is a cruel mistress.
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    Attack in Boston

    some of you sound like broken records, people died and a lot are still in the hospital. But by all means take time out of your day to describe how fucked up the system is and how it could have been worse and what the fuck does OJ have to do with anything?? Run for office already if you old bastards have all the answers, otherwise vote once and shut the fuck up. I get it, you know everything,and your always right, and it's all connected, now please, take off the tin foil hat and get some fresh air. Three people are dead.
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    Attack in Boston

    I think there may have been more fatalities than they are reporting at this time, but it does look like you are right. They are saying the bombs were put into metal trash cans. An 8 year old little boy.... effing cowards.
  7. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Snake, black I believe is just used by emt's, possibly just locally, I didn't ask for details, was just told three hospitals were code black, basically not open, for safety reasons, devices found. A person close to me is an EMT. Luckily the two other bombs didnt go, the injuries from this are horrific. I believe that local, fbi, homeland sec, etc are serving a warrant in revere right now, maybe we will get more info soon.
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    Attack in Boston

    Subway Resumjng normal routes, all injured removed from scene , 90 + , tufts new England and Beth Israel - code black, reports of swat at brigham and woman's
  9. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Some dorchester areas are being evacuated , really wish I had my scanner with me, I hope this does not get any worse.
  10. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Bomb found at tufts new England , cell phone service in Boston has been shut down
  11. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    Saudi Arabian suspect in custody
  12. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Attack in Boston

    JFK unrelated fired, explosions are mapped out on ny times twitter
  13. IHopeThatitsZombies

    SOG Fasthawk.

    I have had the fasthawk in my hand ready to buy several times, black friday I could and probably should have got it for $25 but got an estwing camp axe instead. Still think I might give it a try if the price goes down again. Thanks for the tips all.
  14. IHopeThatitsZombies

    first homemade knife!

    Excellent! I hope to start my first soon. Your pics are motivational.
  15. IHopeThatitsZombies

    its getting closer..........

    What's most interesting, to me, is that Maya did not predict the end of the world, hacks bend and twist things to fit their ideas. Today is the end of a calendar, one of many calendars that the Maya would probably still be making if they kept rockin. Hopefully all the people that got into prepping because of things like the Maya "predictions", antarctic nazi ufo base, pole shift,etc. will keep their preps. Bad weather or economic problems can't always be predicted but they can and do happen anywhere. But just in case maybe we should sacrifice a poor person or two to mighty kulkukan.
  16. IHopeThatitsZombies

    prayers out To Connecticut

    "how did 2+ gunmen gain entry to the school in the first place? Even in the redneck rural poDunk town im from, the highschool now has metal detectors and ID card access... but on second thought... my highschool had a shooting incident too way back when..." - Navy Vet I thought the same thing, I saw high school go from an obvious security nightmare to just after I graduated a camera in every hallway and a couple cops in the building during school hours. I was not there for the cameras but the cops made my usual routine a bit difficult by senior year. Tinder, yup. I just can't believe this. How does anyone do that
  17. IHopeThatitsZombies

    prayers out To Connecticut

    horrible, colorado and now this. I wonder what the "meaningful action" Obama mentioned is all about.....
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    If we were not supposed to eat animals, why do they taste so good? Answer that PETA. Over the weekend I had one of my favorites, Burger, MR, bacon, cheese, fried egg, fried onions, lettuce. You take any part of that out of the equation and there's trouble.
  19. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Carhartt nylon rain gear.

    Planned on buying raingear this weekend or next, thanks for the tip. Carhartt is the best, never been disappointed.
  20. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Cleaning up

    There's a bunch of spam in Russian I think. You would think they would make sure it gets translated. Anyone speak Russian? I can ask Pavle to translate tomorrow if anyone's curious.
  21. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Trailor for Lincoln

    Ok so might not be a particular help for your prep but I just caught a trailer for "Lincoln" starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, and Tommy lee Jones. I'm really excited to put off seeing this movie in theaters until it's not playing and then rent it on cable or something, that's what I do. Local theaters are crap! Looks fun.
  22. So he was re-elected, no election halting crisis resulting in martial law.......anyways, I was just curious to know if anyone could describe how our current president has made their life worse in any way other than you waste tons of energy strongly disagreeing. People say they hate him...seems kind of strange to not support who wins the election on some level, they were elected through the process people claim to support but ok, but you hate him? really? worst president ever? how much do you think these puppets really accomplish anyway? IDK I don't vote because I refuse to vote for a lesser evil or vote against someone, that just seems silly to me, but I guess I'll eat my words when the united states of islam rises out of the ashes of our once civilized country. Any thoughts?
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    Kinda thought this place would be in flames...

    wait wait wait, so there's duck and steak? I'm starving, leftover pulled pork it is!
  24. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Unarmed? Watched Jason Statham and Jackie Chan movies-- for fun

    Look for Ehsan Shafiq on youtube, pretty amazing kung fu used in competition.
  25. IHopeThatitsZombies

    Bob gone!

    I had one of those swisstech key things, I really like the screw driver on that thing. Pretty sure someone snatched it off my keys tonight at work, revenge!