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  1. murjd17

    greetings from the mitten state

    Welcome from a fellow mitten dweller!
  2. murjd17

    Substitute for cholesterol Meds?

    Looks like this thread is a little old but the niacin might be worth another try. How much were you taking with each dose? Something I've seen that can help reduce the side effects of the niacin is to start at a lower dose (say 500mg) and take it in conjunction with an NSAID (like motrin). Then you can gradually increase the dose of the niacin. Medscape (ie webMD) recommends no more than 2000mg per day on the niacin (to avoid overstressing your liver - especially important when you've been taking statins). Big thumbs up on the omega3 fish oils! That stuff is fantastic for you in so many ways besides just the cholesterol. Has the fish taste erping decreased if you've been faithfully taking it?
  3. murjd17

    STRESS. Its a killer.

    I've found a couple of hours out shooting with friends to be incredibly relaxing. Something about slowing down and focusing on breathing, trigger control, etc. reallyreleases the stress. I usually take the long guns out if I want to relax. The handgun is great for just blowing off some steam,
  4. Nice to see another Michigan man on here though I don't envy being on your side of the state if SHTF. I've enjoyed reading your posts. Keep em coming

  5. murjd17

    Bugging In: The Compromise

    Cowgirl, As a soon-to-be-RN I'm in exactly the same spot as you. One thing to remember is what you've been taught about disaster response for your facility (at least I hope so). Say a tornado hits the hospital you're working at. Rule #1 is to ensure that you are safe and physically able to help others. You don't do anyone good trying to help when you're a casualty. Family and your own health / safety are priority one. Once that is ensured you can let the medical professional come out (so long as it doesn't compromise you and your family). ----------------- Something that others have said on this thread is that there is no truely defensible position. Personally, if things are bad enough that I'm worried I might have to try and fight off a mob (or hope they skip over my house), I should have already been out of there. I have a family to protect and provide for so avoidance / evasion is the first priority. No supplies / posessions are worth dying over. Supplies are temporary anyways - they're only meant to get us through a transition period if its a long-term situation. Of course I'm ready to fight if things develop too quickly for me to get my family out, but I for one am not going to risk a shoot-out over stuff. Maybe my mall-ninja neighbor will but all that's going to do is get people killed and his house burned down. Even at my BOL, if I have to get out (say I see a gang of 50 headed my way) I'll do that if it means I can keep my family alive. I shouldn't have everything in one spot anyways. If I lose one cache, I still have more elsewhere if I've done my job right.
  6. murjd17

    a newbie question

    That all depends on your setup, terrain, weather, etc. The best way to find out is to do a practice run.
  7. Right on! I would prefer my preps are only needed for the occasional power outage. I doubt that's all I'll need them for but one can hope.
  8. murjd17

    Basic load

    Do you have room to add some extra fuel storrage in your vehicle? Depending on what you're driving, it may not get you much further. I know that every mile I drive instead of walking (especially in that terrain) is a mile worth it.
  9. murjd17

    Firearms for a group

    I would be tempted to suggest a ruger mini14 or a Kel-tec su16 as the main weapon for most. I think I might go with the Kel-tec because of the light weight (easier to carry while working) and its ability to use AR mags. The VEPR's someone mentioned earlier are pretty awesome too.
  10. murjd17

    Basic load

    If I bug out on foot its going to be my BOB (somewhere between 45-50 LBS - still trying to finalize ) along with my 9x18 Makarov handgun (with 200rds) and a broken down .22LR semi-auto in the BOB pack with 1000rd. If things are bad enough that I can convince my wife to carry a weapon, my plan is to give her the .22 rifle and I'll add a broken down Mosin Nagant with 10 preloaded stripper clips (50 rds of 7.62x54r) to my pack. My ideal would be to add another .22 rifle to the equation (so my wife and I can both carry one in a bug out on foot scenario), but a college student's budget doesn't allow that right now. In our neck of the woods, a semi-auto .22LR has more than enough range to be a lethal deterrant to anyone who has ill-intent, and is light enough to carry easily with sufficient ammo. The Mosin Nagant is coming along for hunting purposes and long range BOL defence (and I hope to God I don't need it for the second purpose).
  11. A rule I've always tried to follow is to buy the same gear as the people who depend on it for everyday use. An example: A few years ago I was on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. On our last day there, the Dominicans took us to the market for some souvenier shopping. Most of the people in our group bought the cool "trinket-quality" machetes for $20-$30. I asked the Dominicans to show me where to get the same kind as they used. It ain't pretty, but its the best $10 I ever spent and it will last longer than I will.
  12. Is the proof of purchase something that varies by state? I'm a few months out from taking the CPL course here in MI, but I'd never heard that before. When I did some initial research, one of the things I remember reading was that it was legal for a CPL licensed citizen to conceal carry a legally registered handgun - even if that handgun was regestered to someone else. Obviously they're going to check with that other person to make sure you're carrying their gun legally. UPDATE: Found what I was referring to after checking around the MSP CPL FAQ's. Its the very last one on the page:,4643,7-123-1591_3503_4654-10953--,00.html
  13. Marlin Model 60 Ruger PR40c Winchester Super X 12 ga with 18" barrel Mosin Nagant M91/30 VEPR in either 5.45x39 or 7.62x54r
  14. murjd17

    Gas, Gas, GAS!!!

    Can any of you guys that have been exposed to it clarify something for me? I've read in some places that you have to inhale it in order for it to be really irritating (ie you'd be ok with a mask that covers your nose and mouth) and in other places that it can be just as bad if your eyes aren't protected. Is it both or only inhalation?
  15. murjd17

    dooms day prepers tonight

    I was cringing while I watched that one... REALLY?!?! If you're going to use the PPE getup, at least learn how to use it. I was yelling at the TV (silly now) while they were taking all that stuff off because of the way they did it. They may as well have not even been wearing it. Sorry, I work in healthcare and anyone using PPE like that would be in serious trouble and probably very sick.