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  2. marcus

    Utility Tool

    Hi there in italy Get your self a machete they are cheap $20.00 to $30.00 but they are not all built the same so do some research. They are not classified as a weapon they are classified as a industrial tool. check out
  3. marcus

    Four Tools for Survival

    This is what i would go with all multi use items. 1. 18" ontario machete for firewood, and shelter building. 2. esee Izula for smaller work and skin'n. 3. s.o.g. multi tool. 4. I would trade the folding knife in for a E-tool dont need three blades.
  4. marcus

    Pick and Choose

    I would take the $500.00 in small bills go one mile to my relatives house, they all have guns & ammo and other supples. Then i would go to the store which was 1 mile away, we will say that its next door to my relatives house. There i can get more supples with the $500.00, need to get all the supples that you can cuz tomorrow the sheepole will clean it out , and since its still dark as hell i will stay the night at the relatives house until morning then borrow there bike and head to the bug out location where all of my gear is, and then to the house to get [RUSTY] my dog. YEA THATS WHAT I WOULD DO.