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  1. BamaMan

    WANTED : a .410 semi auto .

    Same reason a .380 cost more than a 9mm
  2. BamaMan

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    I bought a Smith & Wesson from Academy sports. $699-$999. Local gun shop has same gun with all MagPul accessories for $1,100. I have used S&W, Bushmaster, & Colt. The Colt was brand new and did not want to cycle Wolf ammo. The others did fine. I have also seen some good deals on used guns as the market seems to be a little saturated now that the "craze" has leveled off a bit on gun purchases. I would buy a used one if you plan to customize the gun or buy a new one if you are going to leave it as is.
  3. BamaMan

    Handguns: Revolvers or Semi-automatics

    I would add some statistics on making you choice on a pistol vs revolver. A Glock with 17 is just a likely to jam as a 1911 with 7. 17 in a Glock is worth the risk. 7 in a 1911 is not and just get a revolver with 6.
  4. BamaMan

    Finally Seeing Some Sanity

    Guns are now back on the shelf here but never really went up on prices too much since most folks already owned at least three. Only the Glock, Sig, and other 15 plus capacity guns were out of stock. All the 1911's and revolvers you could want. There is not enough ammo production to ever keep up with demand like last year. It will continue to happen when events create political rumblings about gun control.
  5. BamaMan

    Ceracoat Questions

    Thanks Snake. Good advice. Given the cost of having the proper equipment I am planning on having my deer rifle, AR, and possible a compact Sig 9mm ceracoated by a professional b/c I would need some real equipment to do it myself. I have looked up and researched DuraCoat and how you can apply with air compressor. Might try that on some synthetic shotguns that are not as valuable or have near the number of parts to work around. 10-22 would be another good one for Duracoat.
  6. BamaMan

    Ceracoat Questions

    I am thinking about having a ceracoat put on my AR. I have done some research and it seems when done properly that it is one of the most long lasting and rust preventative ways to treat a rifle. I plan on having the metal only done to save money (stock, grip, fore grip all easily interchangeable to match tan or dark earth color pattern). This is step two now that I have 99% of the firearms I will ever really need and I look to use ceracoat, dipped patters, or duracoat on most of them to insure that they do not rust and that I can use them around my farm, keep in vehicle etc.... and not worry constantly about rust. Any thoughts before I take the plunge and spend some money. About 200 bucks to ceracoat the metal only. Thanks, BamaMan.
  7. BamaMan

    looking for ammunition

    ^^^ Should say 100 retailers per state. Sorry.
  8. BamaMan

    looking for ammunition

    Posted this earlier but hope it puts the shortage in general terms. If US made 50,000,000 rounds a week. If every state got 1,000,000 a week. If you only had 100 retailers. That equals 20 500 round bricks per retailer. We certainly have more than 100 retailers per state and they all want more than 20 bricks. I agree with the government messing things up argument but we are not producing enough ammo to even meet the consumer demand much less the government orders.
  9. BamaMan

    hunting guns

    New hunters would be well served with a Thompson Pro Hunter. It comes with a .50 cal muzzle loader but you can buy a barrel for anything from .223 to .300 mag. Use this gun as an all purpose and to get several barrels and find you caliber. Then go spend some change on a bolt action.
  10. BamaMan

    hunting guns

    but for hunting, dead is dead.
  11. BamaMan

    A Brick of 22lr ammo. What does it cost these days.

    Read a good stat on 22 ammo: Assume the make 50 million rounds a week. Every state gets 1 million rounds per week. That's 2,000 500 round boxes per state. 100 retailers per State at 20 boxes per retailer. Are there more than 100 retailers in your state selling more than 20 boxes? Yes. Are we producing 50 million rounds a week. No.
  12. BamaMan

    As I sit and ponder I can only wonder

    I agree with your thoughts but man that is painful to read.
  13. BamaMan

    New Property

    we turned some bad fields into larger ones and added some new fields too. nothing huge. about 100 acres total land. maybe 10 acres in fields. if you can build them "anywhere" on your property and dont minds losing some hardwoods - find an area where the timber value will pick up the cost of stump removal and smoothing out the food plot. or you can leave pine stumps in the ground and about three years later they are gone. just remember where they are and do not hit with bush hog. for trails we used the same crew and sent them around the property, some old fire lanes and other trails. just used the skidder or front end loader to clear a trail. its not a straight line trail but works fine for us.
  14. BamaMan

    Crisis in Europe

    True, Germany got the bulk of the blame b/c of Holocaust. Japan maybe did worse acts but we a-bombed'em and people felt sorry and rebuilt it for them. This is also why Japan sells so many goods in the US and not Asia. In Asia they still remember.....Try and find a Honda in South Korea or any of the islands south that they conquered in their campaign. Its why Hyundai is so big over there and Japan had to go to US with their goods to find a buyer.
  15. BamaMan

    Crisis in Europe

    Thats because they lost. Western Europe won (via USA) and let the bill go on interest only.....