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  1. I just saw the new Movie Contagion: Really eye opening to me on a lot of levels. The movie is about a Global outbreak of a Virus that spread across the world in less than 30 days and how it affects everyday people. Please bear with me I am not a movie critic. The movie does not Just show how the CDC and WHO try to fight the outbreak but is shows how those who do not catch the Virus have to live while the world shuts down. As preppers we are better able to see what would happen if this type of thing came to pass. Wide spread terror, Food stores running out of food. ect ect. It does not give as realistic view of what would happen as I had hopped such as if you only have the normal amount of food in your house when this happens and the food distribution system fails for 6 months or longer the Govt would never be able to feed us all as they try to portray in the Movie. If you see Contagion tell us what you think about the movie and what you think would really happen
  2. Are there other State based websites?? I found this one for Texas http://www.texasprepares.org/ Post others if you know of them
  3. TexPrep

    Ron Paul

    I don't like his stance on Immigration and the border. As he is a Libertarian I do not like his stance on Drugs or fighting terrorism. As I stated in my first post, IF he is voted in as our nominee I will vote for him as Obama is the worst President we have ever had, BUT I do not think Ron Paul is electable. I have heard thousands of Ron Paul Support state that IF Ron Paul is not the Nominee then they want him to run as third party candidate or would not even vote in the election. Both of those positions are a vote for Obama. I admire Ron Paul supporters for their full support of their "Man", but those who who would not vote if he is not running must really love Obama to hand him the Election that way.
  4. TexPrep

    Ron Paul

    I like Ron Paul but I am not a supporter..... IF he is the nominee I WILL support him and vote for him. No matter who wins the Nomination I will support them and vote for them over Obama. There is a dead cat on the road in front of my house, who, by the time the election rolls around will be in pretty poor shape..... I would vote for him/her/it over Obama... Will he stink? yep but it will be an honest stench, not like the crap coming out of Obama's mouth.
  5. TexPrep

    My Paracord Adventures

    I mis read the title lol I thought it was my Paranoid adventure
  6. TexPrep

    They took my guns and my money

    Always buy your firearms from a person, not from a firearms dealer. Go to Gun shows and buy your guns from NON dealers.... no paper work, no checks. (of course follow the laws in your state... I am not telling you to break the law... just buy within the law but outside the ATF) Contact the NRA, give them your story and all information. You would be surprised what kind of pressure they can put on the ATF. Contact your congressmen and your Senators. A phone call with a follow up email and a Physical letter to their offices can get some action out of them. Last (maybe first, contact your Fox news affiliate or other TV news station.)
  7. TexPrep

    WROL/SHTF Does Not Equal WAR

    WROL can equal "war" if by war you mean having to take others life to keep you and yours safe. Full auto weapons might have there uses but in times were you have to resupply yourself it should never be used except in very few situations..... I would say that shooting a couple mags at full auto at a group of thugs "might" usge them to find easier prey.
  8. TexPrep

    The Walking Dead

    First: I love the show but wow is it full of holes on what to do in just about any situation. Ok I am glad that Shane is starting to show his true colors for All to see, he has went off the deep end. After shooting Otis so that he could get a way he has shown himself to be untrustworthy and unstable. BUT Rick has not shown any leadership skills, come on, helping capture Walkers knowing that there is no cure and the walkers are just walking, biting eating virus?? stupid move It was not really a shock when Sophia came out of the barn but it was a very moving moment when those who were shooting the Doctors relatives and neighbors (who had turned into walkers) because. after all they were only walkers.... came face to face with shooting someone they knew and loved..... Rick showed some leadership by being the one to put her out of her misery but to me a little too late.
  9. TexPrep

    .308 Battle Rifle

    I do NOT consider myself to be an "expert" on all guns...I like guns but I am not a Gun Nut (I have many family members and friends who are and they are great resources for information when I need it) I personalty like my AR10 IF I wanted to use it as a MBR, but as it has been pointed out, it is pretty heavy and in a fight I cancarry my AR15 with tons of ammo compared to what I could carry with the AR10 (if the same weight). I can reach out and touch someone just fine with the AR15. If they are not wearing BPV or other Armor then If I hit them they will be out of the fight. This would be TEOTWAWKI so a gun shot wound from a 223 or a 308 mid chest would be a kill shot for most. As it was pointed out by warrior7r the AR system can be converted by switching Uppers. Since I have two AR10's they will be for BOL home defense where I don't have to carry the ammo for miles while I fight. The AR15's are my patrol MBR as it is lighter and so is the ammo. Having said that: Buy what you think is best for YOU, learn to clean it, repair it and have replacement parts and most of all.... learn how to use it, how fix jams and mis-fires and practice with it regularly. Waiting until TEOTWAWKI to happen is not the time to start practicing.
  10. TexPrep

    Taurus Judge/Circuit Judge & Long/Short gun combos

    I think the Circuit Judge made by BrazTech|Rossi might be a better fit as a survivor gun. It has a 18.5 inch rifled barrel which means you could use it as a shot gun for game and as a rifle for game or defense. Here are a couple of youtube videos on the gun
  11. As a new Prepper I want to be as prepared as I can for each event and I would like as much time to prepare as I can. An article about which TEOTWAWKI triggering event is most likely to happen in the next year, next 3 years, 5 years ect. would be great information. Example might be: In the next year what event (s) are most likely to cause TEOTWAWKI? Financial Collapse cause by Europe?, Natural non man made event such as Solar Flares causing world wide power-grid outage? Man made Power outage caused by terrorist? EMP? Nuclear War? Of course anything can happen but it would be interesting to see some articles on the subject.
  12. TexPrep

    Occupy Movement

    Confused? maybe, uninformed for sure. The people on the Left can't seem to understand math or worse, they use liberal Math. Only using Liberal Math can you say that the top 10% are not paying enough when they are in fact paying 60% to 70% of the tax bill.
  13. TexPrep

    Occupy Movement

    @TCC6310 : My friend I do have to point out a few things about OWS that most people figured out a long time ago. First and foremost the OWS "movement" is not a Movement, it is a sham. The TEA Party is a movement. The OWS is not "Sweeping the nation" hell they can't even seem to sweep their camps. The OWS are the same tiny group of Radical Liberals-Socialists-Communists-Nazis that have been around for the last 50 years.The Unions along with ACORN started the "Protest" to try to drum up support for Obama and his Henchmen in the next election cycle. Now that it is back firing on them, even the mayors and city councils of those cities are getting fed up with the so called "protesters". Example: in the cities where there are OWS "Protesters" the numbers run from less than 100 to a couple of thousand. A real movement like the TEA Party has 40 million members. You also said that "The scary part about all this to me, is that the news has been criticizing these people for whatere theyre doing. Feels like somebodys being paid of by the government, using our tax dollars! " Where do I start?? First, with the exception of Fox News EVERY major news outlet has been on the OWS side.The lame stream media has gone so far as not reporting major happening in the camps such as rapes, murders, fights, drug use, the stench ect ect ect. Until Fox News or other real news organizations have reported on them and the Lame Stream Media could not hold out any longer. Imagine if the TEA Party started a protest in NYC?? Camped out for weeks in a private Park and terrorized local business... oh wait the TEA party believes in law and order and most of all they know what the heck they are protesting about. In EVERY TEA party protest or Rally that has been held, the TEAParty kept the peace, kept order, kept the place as clean or cleaner than when they started. The OWS?? The city of New York has to have he OWS move there Tents once a week to steam clean the streets and side walks as the OWS supporters and protesters are so dam nasty. "Doesnt seem fair that these people cant have a peaceful protest anymore" Peaceful???? What is peaceful about multiple rapes? Fights, murders? Even worse the OWS did not want anyone to talk to the police about the crimes being committed in the camps. Can you imagine your Sister, Mother, Niece, Wife or Girl Friend being raped and the OWS screaming at them for reporting the rape? What part of any of this seems peaceful? OakLand California, the OWS attacked a port, did tons of damage, destroyed business, looted business and then attacked the police with rocks, glass bottles and paint. Wow you must live in a really tough neighborhood if this sound peaceful. "These Fatcats and Government Corrupters are ruining everything this country was built on and stands for. Its just not right." Well you won't get any fight from me about this.... the problem with the OWS is that they are not protesting the People that got us in this mess, namely the Liberals and RINOS in Washington DC who have driven out country toit's knees. Yes the protesters have a right to protest, I don't agree with what they are protesting about or who they are protesting against but I agree they have the right to protest. Where it becomes an issue is when they camp out for weeks, destroy local business and the local Govt does Nothing about it. Again Imagine a group from the right wanted to do the same thing, the police would have been on the street the first day to break it up.
  14. TexPrep

    Primary firearm: Assault Rifle or shotgun?

    Depends on a lot of things but here is my view: Since you are putting this in your bug out bag and a BOB,to me, is only to get you from a a bad place to your bug out location. The general consensus is that a BOB is for 72 hours (give or take 24 hours) so the Firearm is for protection not hunting. In that case (you only get to have one) a shotgun is the cheaper cost of the gun and is excellent protection against handguns (most bad guys in the city use handguns). FYI you said you don't like shotguns as you have to pump each shell and load them one at a time.... you could get a sagia 12 which is a 12gauge shotgun based on the AK platform, semi Auto with Magazines that hold 10 rounds and up. Of course you are right that the shot shell are heavy, I carry a 40cal pistol every day and plan to carry my AR10 if I have to bug out. But you did not mention that combination.
  15. OPS just thought about this.... I am not associated with the site... just happened to have the user name TexPrep
  16. TexPrep

    Celebration Time!!!

    I have been out of work for over a year now. Lost my job because of downsizing too. I am over 50 so finding a job is not as easy for me as before. In the past I have never been without a job for longer than two weeks tops. Now with over 30 years experience I find myself having to look at jobs that pay 1/4 of my last position.I am not too proud to take those jobs, I just don't know how I am going to pay my bills. One lucky thing for me is that I have no Credit Card Debt, no car payment or house payment and no other loans. Oh FYI, unless the company asks you, DO NOT tell them how much you made in your last position. They won't hire you for a $10 an hour position when you made $30 per hour in your last position..... I can see their point I suppose. Why hire me when they know I might be able to find a higher paying job later and leave
  17. TexPrep

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    If the SHTF event is short term, say three weeks then you may be ok without doing any mods to your house or property. If, on the other hand it is a long term event such as two or more months then you will be in a world of hurt if large amount of refugees come by your house or can see your house from a major road. Once it become apparent to a large segment of the population that the lights are not coming back on anytime soon and thefood and water runs out people who can, will move to find food and water. Think of 40 or 50 (or more) people coming to your house each day, will you be able to fend them all off? Even the act of running them off will draw more people... it is a no win situation. That is why, if your main house is within 100 miles of large population center, you should think about having a bug out location out the the path of the so called "golden Horde". If people can't find you they can steal/hurt/kill you.
  18. TexPrep

    Gun Safe Purchase Questions

    I have had two Liberty Gun Safes in my life and I can tell you that a thief just breaking into your house, not prepared before hand is not taking the safe and not breaking into the safe. I lived in apartments and (without permission lol) I bolted them to the slab and no one is just walking into the house and picking it up. Cost: Well I am very lucky as I won both of my safes at the same gun show (same group runs guns shows 4 times a year in Dallas Texas) 6 years apart... I sold my first safe when I moved and won a new one a year after I got to my new place . The safe would have cost $800-$900 if I bought it. Fire rating? I know it had one but I did not really care for obvious reasons. http://www.dallasarms.com/ If you are in the Dallas Area in November you should attend the show Gun & Knife Show Info Upcoming Show November 26-27, 2011 Location: Market Hall - 2100 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm More Info: For Gun Show Information and Reservations Call 972-369-6062 Admission 1 Day Pass: $10.00 2 Day Pass: $15.00 Children 12 & Under: Free
  19. I watched it with the ideal of seeing how the problems of a Global Outbreak would be handled. I liked the movie as those types of movies have always interested me.