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    Gen X'er, Grew Up in the Boyscouts being Drilled "Be Prepared" all the time in Anchorage, Alaska and quit when the Merit Badges started getting political, more toward community service, than the outdoors. Been to Airplane mechanic school, graduated in another course of Electricity. Firm Believer in "what are we going to do without Electricity"
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    Currently Near Chattanooga, TN
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    Reloading, Target Shooting, Gold Panning, Camping, Hiking, Alternative Electricity Sources.
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    Owner/Operator of Crazy Rebels Gun Shop
  1. Crazy Rebel

    Dehydrator - A Dry Subject?

    just bought an Excalibur brand, 3900 model, refurbished, spose to do 15 sq ft of space in 15 inch pans, 9 high. they have their own website and warranty it for 10 years, and carry replacement parts. got it for the warranty and plan on dehydrating everything from strawberries to ingredients for beef stew like moutain house.
  2. Crazy Rebel

    Death By Scented Candle

    appearance would be the first to go. looking rich and respectable. i've heard cigarettes could be smelled over a mile away in a dry desert. driving through the resturant area, you could always smell the steaks and burgers being made.
  3. Crazy Rebel

    Home Invasions

    i'd rather not say. in this neighborhood, you can tell who belongs, who don't, and nobody has said anything about how i take care of it. "some respect the badge, everyone respects the gun"
  4. "I've heard" Number 4 BUCKshot is good for home defenese, in not going through all your walls, then a neighbors wall and their kids. if your deer hunting a rifled slug is spose to be good out to 100 yards... of course you could always load your own and fill it with rock salt. it'll pierce cardboard at 4 yards but at 20 yards it'll give a good dusting. youtube video was pretty kool about it.
  5. Crazy Rebel

    shelf life for foods

    do the same warfare the media does... show one side of the story to get your wife to come around. "going crazy with this kinda stuff arn't you?" - wife "if you think i'm nutz, check this guy out...." - me - *shows a list of websites other's are doing* "we wouldn't last 2 days on our own..." bunker plans, bunker sales are through the roof. look up, "bunker space" on google. "well hey, if you don't wanna prepare at home, i guess we could always rent space, so at least we'd have something to go to...." print a brochure out or 2 and leave'm where she'd find'm. she'll have to read it, before deciding to throw away or not. 50 grand for luxury bunkers? whose got 50 g's laying around? High end Doctors and lawyers, the super well educated, and those types of people are worried about it? honey, please give me some credit here.... and these people are jus looking to RENT space... gotta watch the video for full effect.
  6. Crazy Rebel

    Boy Scout Troop.What was yours????and Where??

    Troop 129, Anchorage, Alaska. One weekend a month, a week in the summer, out real camping, with no electricity, seemed never enough. didn't matter if it was raining, mosquito laden, or snowing. if it wasn't negative 30, camping with a short hike, was still on.
  7. Crazy Rebel

    When the rush is on

    round everyone up and get organized. if you wanna stay, your required to get your own shovel, hoe, axe, saw, and hammer. bottomline is either everyone works together or we all die together of starvation and exposure. find a water source and make a city well. next get, sanitation going, everyone craps over there, or get the runs and die of dysentery. if they all wanna live there, everyone has to be a hunter or gatherer, and everyone has the same meal. every basic civilization started with water works, farming, and then a forge of some sort, someone has to repair shovel heads. with more people, some form of government will have to be organized, after that, the biggest killer will be the elements, if farming, home building, wood gathering, food gathering, sucked that summer, you'll find out before spring. the best eco farming i saw yet, was that one in wisconsin, growing water chestnuts and talapia, year round. if the community could agree, build and get this going, defend it, expand it, form a government around it, there'd be no end in sight of how big it'd get. otherwise, it'll jus be another cold, starving day of no hope, dying alone. sure, you could build it by yourself, but how long will that secret be kept? how long til someone, with some people, ransacks your place, wanting to know, how you alone survive day by day, in the same spot. one molotiv in the wrong spot and everyone loses.
  8. Crazy Rebel


    the difference i noticed with the brenneke's was their solid lead through and through. any other slug i've come across were hollow inside.
  9. Crazy Rebel

    Home Invasions

    i live on at the end of a closed looped neighborhood. i hear about home invasions all the time how they're getting worse. a year ago it was copper theft of houses that were on sale. now it seems to be any other home that appears rich. theres a reason why i leave my grass long and leaves still unraked from past autumn, and the house in need of paint. jus 2 weeks ago a friend of a friend, 15 minutes from me was invaded, "they ran out the back and dissappeared into the woods." we're coming and going from the house so often, i often worry, is this day i get shot with my own gun coming home? for a week i'll freak out, load up every gun i've got and hide them here and there, then worry if someone else will find'm, so i unload everything and put'em back in the safe for a couple weeks til i hear something again. i worry some punk kid will break in and accidently shoot their partner, if i leave'm out and loaded now. stupid how i'm held responsible, for people who hurt themselves on my property. i'd love to carry at all times, but i know my wife would have a fit over it, plus my job doesn't allow "weapons of any kind" on the premises, where could i hide it and not be discovered during a pop up search. i'd really like my firearm to be apart of my GHB, but theres no where for it. often i'll see a car that i've never have before driving around. usually on the 3rd or 4th time its going around i'll go out on the front porch with my cell phone pretending to take a picture of'em, but i do take mental notes of what make, model and license plate number of the vehicle and write'm down, then i never see'm again. its always some beat up hoopty with 3 or 4 people in it.
  10. Crazy Rebel

    Dealing with the dead

    shallow grave and bury'm. i've heard the reason why usually a 6ft hole is dug, is the bears can't smell'm anymore and don't dig'm back up. i'd think it'd take too much fuel to burn a body, than bury, not to mention the bellowing smoke SIGNAL you'd make, and have something smell like a BBQ pit for weeks
  11. Crazy Rebel

    in a bug out situation.......

    thats an odd question with certain rules. for the soul purpose of collecting food? i'd think if your on the run, you won't have time to hunt for food with a rifle. track, stalk, shoot, dress, make fire, eat, and continue running, (gotta run, since you dropped the rifle and took 6 shots, missing dinner and now everyone knows where your at. I've noticed around here, typically the firearm that can't be beat is the 10/22 ruger. with some ingenuity, 20lb fishing line could do the same purpose as a .22 bullet. BUT, you couldn't set multiple snares with a single .22 rifle, or set up an early warning trip wire system/daisy chain, with a dead fall. 300 yards of fishing line could setup a dozen different traps and are reusable if you tie the knots right. if your running, you could set up multiple snares for the small area your spending the night in, collect firewood and make a temporary shelter for the night and by the time the fire is going, after rubbing 2 sticks together, have a place off the ground, and keep the mildew off, something, somewhere should have been caught, a rabbit, a bird, skunk, racoon, possum, ...something. in the matter of why your running, it may be easier to pass certain "soberiety" check points and serious questions with a fishing pole and BOBag, than a rifle, in a caliber, where nothing is in season, but fully loaded, ready to rock in roll in a carrying cases sitting between your partner's legs in the cab of the truck. personally, i'd take a firearm, since it doubles as personal protection, when not hunting. but that wouldn't be allowed. my 2 cents
  12. Crazy Rebel

    water filters.

    thanks RC, i am jus repeating manfu's. claims. after some intense looking, its a katadyn survivor 06 with a manual pump, using reverse osmosis technology. If you know how to make a moonshine still, you can make drinkable water from seawater and table sea salt as a byproduct too!! =0)
  13. Crazy Rebel

    Single stage or Progressive?

    i jus got a lee progressive 4 turret press, the model under the pro 1000, where you can take the progressing bar out and use it as a single stage press, the advantage being, getting multiple disc's for different caliber's. just pop a caliber specific disc with all your settings and your ready to reload, then once i feel comfortable single staging, put the bar in and go progressive. from what i've read Lee has the pro 1000 aimed at pistols, for 1 caliber, for long periods of time, vs. going from pistol to rifle, to caliber to caliber with miminal adjustments in an afternoon. already have learned theres a size difference in primers for .45 acp, would've been a wake up call putting in a large .45 primer into a small .45 primer pocket with 1/4 lb of powder in the hopper, jus near it. i can see why people install safty shields between them and the reloader and why never to keep extra powder not in immediate use, very far away.
  14. Crazy Rebel

    water filters.

    for 151 bucks US, plus shipping that "lifesaver 4000" sounds pretty good. ( i added 2 pack of extra filters and 4 pack of extra carbon filters into the price, 12,000 liters or 3170 gallons of pure drinkable water) otherwise its just 112 plus shipping. one of katadyn's products for like 800 dollars is spose to filter out seawater, pro survivor somethin'ruther...
  15. Crazy Rebel

    Registered Prepper

    the remarks on that lds page say its not true, but the rumors about katrina 05, are jus that, rumors. i can't find a single story, other than the one i read a month after it happened, all in all, the true part, over 1,000 guns were confiscated from various owners including "one instance captured on film involved 58 year old New Orleans resident Patricia Konie. Konie stayed behind, in her well provisioned home, and had an old revolver for protection. A group of police entered the house, and when she refused to surrender her revolver, she was tackled and it was removed by force. Konie's shoulder was fractured, and she was taken into police custody for failing to surrender her firearm." - wikipedia ; but the rumor was, a prepper's food cache was confiscated and redistributed.