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  1. Well, I ship out the day after Memorial Day and I don't think I'm gonna be online again before then. I just wanted to say goodbye, I'll see you all in 10 weeks (give or take a few days) and I look forward to catching up on the forums.
  2. Delta7

    Nice backup knife for pack

    Getting back to the original topic, this is my backup knife that I have in my Get Home Bag so I can get to my BOB with my LMF II in it. It's a great little knife, and serves all the purposes I have in a GHB knife. And no, epic knife fights is not one of the purposes. I have been considering substituting a KA-BAR army partially serrated knife into the kit, but I like the smaller size of the Air Force Survival Knife.
  3. Both Google Alerts and Google Public Alerts have the potential to be extremely useful in day to day life, providing that you know how to use them. I think it would be nice to have an article on how to use them. Especially Google Alerts, since you can customize what alerts you receive,so I think it would be nice to have a list of suggested alerts (key words like flood, riot, martial law, TEOTWAWKI, etc).
  4. Delta7

    Star Trek Phaser Replica " WOW "

    Id rather just make a Phaser housing for a .22LR. A cop sees THAT in a holster, probably won't even bother you cause they think you're a trekkie.
  5. Delta7

    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On Funny article on why famous zombie movie weapons are actually bad ideas.
  6. Delta7

    10 Survival tips that will get you killed Here's another article along similar lines of thought.
  7. Thanks for all the support and well-wishes guys! It really does mean a lot to me. I was also wondering if anybody had any input on being an Honor Graduate at BCT? My recruiter likes to brag that he has the highest percentage of Honor Graduate recruits and I wanted to know more about what it takes to be an Honor Graduate. I've heard that there are 3 ways to get it: High test scores, high PT score, Expert Rifle Qualification. Is this accurate or are there other things that are considered also?
  8. I've been running and doing Push ups for a while now. I'm actually in RSP (recruit sustainment program) because I am on a Split-Op program so I can finish college. For the past 4 month's I've had 1 weekend a month of RSP which is basically Basic Training Prep. I know how to salute, march, basic D&C, Pugil Sticks, Rank, Army Values, Soldier Creed, Army Song, Basic Water Survial, Room clearing (I'm sure I'm leaving things out) and next month we have Combatives. Every RSP Drill starts with the 2-2-2 APFT (even though the Army just decided to change to a new APFT) and I've passed every one, and have been improving. I do BCT this summer, come back for the Fall and Spring Semester, graduate college then ship to AIT at Ft. Eustis next summer. And in case anyone out there is wondering, I'm a 15T on track to being an Aviation Warrant Officer.
  9. Delta7

    Article Idea: Crossbows

    However, looks can be deceiving. If you want a reliable crossbow, I'd say check out local hunting shops and get some brand names in mind, then check out eBay or something like that for a deal on them.
  10. I'll be in Ft. Leonard Wood MO for the U.S. Army. I know it'll be hot and humid, and I hear the worst thing about that place is that there isn't any grass, it's all dirt. Has anyone done BCT there?
  11. Delta7


    I have an ENO hammock, with the bug net attachment and I love it. I camped with it a few times last summer/fall and I plan on taking it out again soon. For the underside, I took a cheap $.98 Wally World space blanket, cut it to my size and layered one side with bright orange duct tape (for structural strength and can double as signal device). I also have a 30* sleeping bag I use in the hammock, and can use my thermal blanket for insulation. And then I also have a tarp I throw over the top in case of rain. I wouldn't mind saving up for a nice hammock from these guys as their hammock are everything all in one, but those price tags are a bit high for me. Maybe when I get back from Basic Training.....
  12. Delta7

    Self Defense Training

    Kali is great, the other one I'd recommend would be a Krav Magra school. They're pretty hardcore and all around. However, the style or name to what you study doesn't mean crap if the instructors teaching it aren't any good. There are tons of commercial schools out there that don't get much deeper than pay $100, get a belt, learn a kata. I had the honor and privilege of having a fantastic Karate Club in college with fantastic instructors. Don't go to a school for the name on the uniform, go for the quality of what they teach. Another thing to keep in mind is that no one style is completely better than another. That's one of the things they kept telling us at Karate Club. We focused on Shorin-Ryu, but also had Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Krav Magra and any other guest instructors we could get. Every style has a different outlook on situations, and it can't hurt for you to have multiple options and find what works for you. I hope that helps you a bit!
  13. Delta7

    Canteen/Cup/Stove...and fuel?

    Yeah, stick with Esbit, another problem that WetFire has, is that after 6-8 months or so it just loses it's ability to burn. I had to throw out 10 cubes cause they just weren't burning anymore. Esbit, dryer lint, sawdust, cotton balls, cotton balls in petroleum, pine tree sap...there are quite a few good tinders/fuels that you can use.
  14. Delta7

    SOG Seal Pup

    They sell them at Walmart for like $47, that's where I got mine.
  15. Delta7

    First AR

    One thing I liked about my M4 is that the carry handle and iron sights can be removed so a scope or ACOG can be put there instead. Fits any situation (except for a bayonet because of the shorter barrel).