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    Born and raised in NJ. Now semi-retired with 25 yrs. in radio communications field. Moved to SC after 9/11; guess that was my first "bug-out"! Been involved in shooting and reloading since mid-70's. More recently involved with survival and self-sufficiency. Presently own a farm and looking forward to "working the land".
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    South Carolina
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    shooting, reloading, amateur radio
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  1. Smokecheck

    Hello from Texas!

    txfbc, Welcome friend! Glad to have you join us. Please stay awhile and enjoy.
  2. Smokecheck

    Hello from SC

    Hello TheSwampFox, Welcome aboard! I'm from SC Upcountry, neighbor.
  3. Smokecheck


    Kevin, Welcome! Glad you've joined us here. We all have "specialties" and appreciate your willingness to share yours with the forum. Thanks!
  4. Smokecheck

    Hello to everyone

    Homegrown, Welcome! Glad to have you aboard. (And thanks for your service!)
  5. Smokecheck

    Survival Medicine Handbook-NEW!

    My copy just arrived in the mail today! I'm paging through it now and there is just a ton of information included. I knew this would be a good book to get, but it's even better than I imagined. It's a "must have", folks. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have done a great job!
  6. Smokecheck

    self defense ammo question.

    Awake, Nice kokopelli!
  7. Smokecheck

    The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook

    Just ordered my copy! I would encourage everyone to consider purchasing one. Believe me, there is nothing worse than having a loved one needing medical attention and none is available. Had this happen to me twice in the past two months. We, as preppers, can always use our imagination to address most survival needs. When it comes to medical emergencies, we'd better know what we're doing.
  8. Smokecheck

    Who home schools?

    Mike, My wife and I just started homeschooling this year for our 7th grader. Wish we had done it sooner! We're using the "Switched-On Schoolhouse" curriculum from Alpha-Omega Publications. It's Christian-based and very popular in this area. We are doing some of the subjects with their computer software and some with the hardcover books. My daughter seems to prefer the books. She's a motivated girl and it's no problem getting her to do her studies. Right now, my wife and daughter are traveling in our motor home visiting some of the southwest areas that she is studying in history. I'm jealous! I've gotta stay here and take care of the animals. If we can be of any help, let me know.
  9. Catfish, Check out this book, "Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart". There is an Excel spreadsheet available with it that you fill in as you read the book. When you complete it, it will give you an idea where you stand. Location, population density, proximity to highways, etc. are all included.
  10. Awake, How about posting some pics of your shotgun with the light and sight? We'd love to see it.
  11. Smokecheck

    Raw recruit - survival101

    Survival101, Glad to have you two joining us! The scope of these forums has grown exponentially in the past couple of months. I'm sure there will be plenty of info useful to you. And please contribute your ideas and thoughts as well. Welcome!
  12. Smokecheck

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    15K in NW South Carolina outside of Greenville area
  13. Smokecheck

    what do you think seriously?

    Gotta say "selected".
  14. I know what you mean about "too" specific. Whatever you think is best is fine.


  15. Smokecheck

    Boy Scout Troop.What was yours????and Where??

    Troop 34, Spotswood, NJ