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    Hello from So. Cal.

    welcome to the boards from a fellow so-cal native. looking forward to hearing from you.
  2. backcountrybill

    Something that got my wife thinking

    this raises an interesting question for me. my wife recognizes the need but does not participate. we share finances but so long as we stay within the budget she doesnt hassle me about what i purchase. that being the case, I rarely if ever tell her what i have purchased related to my preps and she never asks. i realize that this has its downsides but curious if you guys/gals share with your non participating significant other what you purchase.
  3. backcountrybill

    Dealing with Other People

    couple things. one, i must join snake and rick in the "i say things that other people are thinking but would never say" Category. got me in trouble more times than i can count. well not trouble cuz i dont much care. but its gotten me into peoples unfavorable side many times. Next....Snake. your commentary is often off the wall and entertaining however, i take serious issue with some of your posts. you sir do no use nearly enough periods. there are commas everywhere but no freakin periods. it makes your posts difficult to read at times. if the world ended tomorrow you will have to answer for this and i fear you will not have an adequate response. heres a few extra for you to borrow in your next post........................................................
  4. backcountrybill

    dog or no dog?

    Dog. I have trained dogs for many years so mine are all fully trained protection dogs, whose abilities are far greater than police dogs. plus they are loyal, love you more than themselves and dont hold grudges. the mental aspects of having them during a time of crisis is second to none. plus, if you were to throw your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car and go for a joy ride, i promise that your dog is going to be far happier to see you when you let them out than your wife will. moral of the story....leave your wife and take the dog!!!!! good thing my wife doesnt read this site.
  5. backcountrybill

    very cool swedish fire torch.

    ive noticed that. early bird catches the worm. it probably helps that you are at least a couple hours ahead of us hippies in commifornia. i saw another one where a guy took a larger log, made the cuts with a chainsaw but only went about 3/4 of the way down so it all held together and then dumped some gas in there. that got me thinking that if you could make the cuts big enough, and still only go 3/4 down, you could stuff tinder in there and voila, same effect. problem is that in that way you're not in a real world environment. thats more motorhome camping type stuff.
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    Mykel Hawke

    Ive read it and havent found another quite like it. i choose to keep this on my bookshelf and compliment it with other stuff.
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    Lights out by David Crawford

    ive read it twice and its probably the best fiction survival book that i have read. i highly recommend it. it seems to take a good hard look at would could happen in the event of total grid meltdown and stays exciting through the whole thing. highly recommend this book.
  8. backcountrybill

    very cool swedish fire torch.

    Damn Rick. you beat me to it. I tried this out this weekend and it worked great. did some coffee and later on cooked a small steak with another one. i stole the grate out of my little bbq and put it on top for the steak, but whatever. it worked good.
  9. backcountrybill

    Dealing with Other People

    i keep my preps quiet to the point that even my family is unaware of what truly im prepared for. might be everything and might be nothing. they know to find me if needed and they know where ill be. the best way to answer this question, is to say, if and when an event occurs, you will have to make a choice, and that choice will depend on how prepared you are at that time, your resources for replenishing anything you "donate to charity" and if you feel that person is not a threat to you. i agree with Rick and Rod. to me its simple. do what you can which will not hurt you or those that you have prepared for. if you've done all you are able, then you dont have to question yourself later.
  10. backcountrybill

    Hello from the Bay Area in California!

    EQ list, Food...since money is an issue, skip the freeze dried and stock up on what you normally eat, by a little extra each time and rotate through it. i think many seasoned preppers do this quite a bit. one of the most well respected guys on this forum (capt Bart) mentioned he does this with canned chili. also you want something like protein bars that you can keep in your pack or grab for a quick getaway. in a big quake you could be forced out of your house with no access to your stored items and this will come in handy. Water, water can be had for cheap. just get some containers and start filling from the sink. drop in a little bleach for disinfecting and voila, water storage Flashlight - any will do, just have one and lots of spare batteries. knife - you saw what the others posted. i carry a benchmade assisted open folding knife but it was about $100 bucks and not my first knife. first aid kit - very important. injuries can and will happen. i think you said you were working on this. rope ladder - if you live on an upper floor then this will come in handy for quake, fire, break in etc. the idea being that you want to have to exits from any room in your home. Money -- having a stored amount of money, say a hundred bucks in mixed bills, can save you in the event that you cant get to your cash in your home and the atms/banks are down. just dont spend it. Firearms - any local gunshop will be able to direct you to a training course many of which are cheap or free. i recommend going in, asking lots of questions and taking a class. its not hard to get a gun in CA it just takes 2 weeks, a background check, a simple test of common logic and the often frustrating waiting period. find a gun that is reliable and easy to use. i tought my wife with a .38 revolver. they are both simple and reliable and are easy to handle. you can add on to this as you see fit. but these are the basics. start small and grow. good luck
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    how not to act.......

    along the, how not to act lines, we have a bunch of these border patrol checkpoints throughout ca and in az and texas as well. i have to run through them quite frequently and have only been pulled into secondary once but was let go in about 2 minutes. this guy in the following video has 3 cameras set up in his car and intentionally causing problems and then gets angry when he gets pulled into secondary and hassled. to me just roll down your damn window and say your a citizen and go along your way. dont waste time and resources acting like an azz hat.
  12. backcountrybill

    So what would you do?????

    damn awake. you sir are on your way to greatness. i especially like your sex offenders rules and your border fence. i have always said their needs to be two fences but have joked that there be lions and cheetahs and any other man eater in there. separated by a moat full of gators but you i dig the target practice option.
  13. backcountrybill

    Hello from the Bay Area in California!

    welcome to the boards. it would be my guess that not a single person will laugh. (actually your name made me smile but only because they are drastically contrasting and a very interesting selection) everyone starts with nothing, but not a great many people acquire the interest, knowledge and foresight of this type and for that you are a step ahead of the game, ESPECIALLY in your neck of the woods. the hardest thing about your "journey" will be prioritizing things. it will take a long time to acquire a decent comfort level but dont let it overwhelm you. and like many things in life, you likely will never feel done. as a fellow californian, i have unique knowledge of preparing for quakes and that being your primary concern i can assist you greatly. start with basics. food / water. since your in college, you likely have not yet developed a taste for the finer foods in life. when i was in college i was on the top ramen diet. top ramen and some tapatio sauce or tabasco or whatever you like can feed you for a week easily. ill try to assemble a nice little quake list for you and post in a little bit. but you have taken the biggest and hardest step in the process. moving forward and starting. again welcome.
  14. backcountrybill

    So what would you do?????

    Juices USA sounds good too. between him and rick we've got the white house covered. maybe we can fill the other branches with survival cache members. Hey Rick, to play devils advocate a bit. you said originally that its adam and eve not adam and steve. then you said you would have representation for all people including criminals. does that include Adam and Steve?? and why should criminals get representation? they didnt allow for representation of their victims when they committed crimes. i think while they serve their debt to society, they need to sit there and stfu. if they wanted a say then they could have followed the law of the land. after their debt is served, then maybe but not during. what do you think?
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    How to get the wife on board with prepping?

    like all you guys, my wife is not into prepping. i have explained the need to her and while she agrees, she has no interest or motivation to do it. whats different is that she doesnt think im nuts for doing it. so while she thinks its a good idea, she leaves it to me. i have the same problem with some of my family. so the way i am doing things is preparing as much as i can for all those who i care about. i have been developing instructions for them if/when tshtf. in different scenarios there are different plans. i cant provide food for all of them for any significant length but as a family we will make it work. in a serious scenario, the parents will no longer be in that advisor role. they are going to have to deal with listening to me for a change.
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    i have a g-shock also, but i am a business owner and spend much of my days in a monkey suit. a gshock while practical, was not very complimentary to a suit and tie. for christmas my beautiful bride got me a Sunto Core II. its on the expensive side (you can find them for $350ish, but it looks nice, can be dressed up or down and has a ton of usable features. i tested it out in the bush this weekend and was very impressed with not only its function but also its durability. the downside is that because of all the stuff it does it has a short battery life which can be changed by the owner. i keep several spare batteries on hand like i do for all my other gear and it adds very little in wieght to the pack.
  17. backcountrybill

    So what would you do?????

    Damn. go camping for the weekend and i miss a lot of stuff. Rick, im with you on pretty much everything you said. i've always thought that caning would be good here. you mentioned that this day and age is all about "me". along those lines i think there should be a class from preschool to college on respect. there seems to be far to little of it in the world today. seems that the youth are missing respect for all of the following: themselves, their parents, adults in general, the constitution, the rule of law, the military, their bosses, the idea that to earn you must work and that because you have a degree doesnt mean you should make 100k straight out of college, the elderly, law enforcement officers, the clergy and church, god given rights....etc etc etc.... the list goes on and on. start teaching respect, along with religion and things will change drastically. i also think that some sort of job education would make sense. people dont learn work ethic by going to pottery class. they need real practical skills and work ethic instilled from an early age. I hear a lot of parents say that their kids dont do chores and that their only job is to get good grades. FFFFFFF that. go mow the lawn son. then take out the trash, then do the dishes and then do your homework. once all of that is done, then you can go outside and play. heres a shovel, go dig some holes like i did when i was your age. you aint going to fry your brain in front of the boob tube or the xbox.
  18. backcountrybill

    Sons Of Guns new AR

    Ive been watching since episode one and i find that much of their work is very elementary and seems imprecise. that AR is a pretty nice weapon and it seems to me that it is the best piece theyve made to date. interesting point of reference, BATF recently did one of their normal audits on red jacket and 10 guns were missing. they pulled their FFL and to continue operating, they had to utilize the FFL of Vince (their lead gunsmith). It is my understanding that Vince has since left the company (as was shown in the episode last night) and now they are using someone elses FFL. not sure at the rate theyre going how long they will be around.
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    Surplus Vehicle Sites?

    try he has all kinds of military surplus stuff from big trucks to the smaller vehicles, tires, etc etc. good place to start.
  20. backcountrybill

    Masa Off Grid

    Morning all. while perusing the internet the other day I stumbled across this very interesting video blog project. basically this guy who was a freelance writer fully immersed in city life decided to abandon his former life and take on a year of off grid living on an island in Canada. while not a typical off grid scenario, he undertakes the building of a cabin and fully immerses himself in a more self sustaining manner. while not a typical survival scenario as he has much help, its an interesting look at one mans attempt and getting back to basics. it took me a while to get through all the videos but its definitely interesting and i wanted to share with you all. i recommend starting with the beginning and watching, as time permis, in chronological order. aside from the very surface survival/living type stuff, you might notice as i did, that there is an interesting psychological transformation from start to present. it raises many questions which i suppose after some of you have seen this may start some other threads enjoy
  21. backcountrybill

    Masa Off Grid

    yeah. once i finished all the vlogs i started reading his notes which can be found on the radx website. the link is all over his youtube page.
  22. backcountrybill

    Masa Off Grid

    very humble. and very open. he goes deep into his frustrations and challenges and gives you a real good look into his life there. i wasnt sure if anyone was gonna invest the time into watching but where better to share something like this than here??
  23. backcountrybill

    Masa Off Grid

    Rick, go to his page and click on the videos link. there should be three pages of videos. if you go to page three it lists them all in order
  24. backcountrybill

    Home Invasions

    great post Awake. at my house, first line of deterrent is my trained personal protection dogs (1 german shepherd and 1 belgian malanois) you walk in my house and they are going to greet you in a not so welcoming way. i say deterrent because i view then not as protectors, but rather as deterrents/ time buyers. next is concealed carry. i conceal at all times in my house unless asleep. a gun is no good if its not accessible in hand. i conceal rather than open carry because we constantly have visitors and neighbors coming over and i prefer not to advertise or scare them. most are very delicate. (we live in cominfornia). additionally, if tshtf, i dont want them to think, lets go to bills house, he will protect us. i spend an ample amount of time in my garage working on projects and since i live in a tract, my garage door is generally open. unless i am cutting, or welding, or having a beer or two, i have one of my dogs and gun with me. I actually reconfigured my garage recently because my work benches kept my back to the street which i felt put me at a distinct disadvantage. i moved them and my equipment so that i was facing the street and could see people walking up my driveway. by doing so, it also gives me a decent amount of cover if needed. I also reconfigured my outdoor lighting because the bright work lights inside, and the lack of light outside, made it difficult to see anything when im inside the garage with the door open. now i have ambient lighting all the time and sensitive motion activated which also hook to a switch. the downside of those lights is the neighbors cats. get lit up regularly. i only wish it would keep them out of my yard. theyre the biggest home invaders i contend with at the moment. unfortunately my dogs have been trained to leave them alone for their safety. cat runs in the street, dog follows and car is coming would not be so good. my uncle has guns strategically placed which for him he likes. but he lives alone with his dog, and noone ever goes over there. i dont particularly care for that method with my circumstances but for him it works. what he does have that i like but has drawbacks is his generator is hardwired into his fuse panel. recently we had some serious windstorms which knocked out power for 6 days, and he was the only one who had lights. the downside was that i thought this made him a bit of a target. but he said he carried the whole time that he had lights on when everyone else didnt.
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    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    HAHAHA. 1 Acre?? yeah right. you'd be hard pressed to come up with an acre around here and if you did your talking quarter mil at least. my 1500 square foot house and 5000 square foot lot was 500k. i hate where i live. but i love my wife and she loves where we live so im stuck. i just go camping a lot.