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    Survival gear for kids

    Thanks for the ideas. Lots of good info.
  2. tidermike14

    Survival gear for kids

    Reading through some of the threads, and seeing some of the ads on here go me to thinking. Does anyone have ideas on equipping your kids or know of sites that you can get gear for them. Small kids will not be able to carry a large BOB or other items like adults. I would like to here some ideas.
  3. tidermike14

    Emergency Broadcast System

    I think they are aware that something big is about to happen. Economic collapse? Riots? or attack? Something is about to happen and they want to be able to herd all the blind cattle. Something wicked this way comes!!!
  4. tidermike14

    Reading "Lights Out"

  5. tidermike14

    Farming, Plants, Livestock, and Pets

    I like your list, and I'm not a cat person but they could be useful in controlling the rodent population around your property. We all know that mice and rats love to eat your grain and corn.
  6. tidermike14

    EMP - what is effected and when

    Testing is possible without a nuke, There is a group that has built a machine that gives off a pulse and they test it with cars and such. I forget where and what show I saw it on, I found it very interesting.
  7. tidermike14

    Reading "Lights Out"

    I forget who, but someone on this site recommended this book and I have to say, it is a great book. I cannot put it down. Not only is it a great story, but it gives you an idea(s) of what it might be like in a SHTF situation and some pointers on prepping and what might be most important. I feel that an EMP or some other major natural disaster is more realistic when thinking of SHTF. I just wanted to say thanks to whoever it was and if you haven't read it, pick it up. It is a great read.