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    UBBC Guide

    Here is a guide to UBBC. For those that don't know, UBBC is the code that vBulletin uses to give visual effects and perform set functions. Here they are: NOTE:All shown UBBC codes have an extra space after the final closing bracket ] in order to use these tags correctly do not include the extra space. Text Effects Bold - type [b ][/b ]around the text. Therefore, [b ]Hello[/b ] becomes Hello Underlined - type [u ][/u ] around the text. Therefore, [u ]Hello[/u ] becomes Hello Italics - type [i ][/i ] around the text. Therefore, [i ]Hello[/i ] becomes Hello Center - to center text, type [center ][/center ] around the text. Therefore, [center ]Hello[/center ] becomes Hello Colour / Color - to add color, simply type [/color ] around the text. Therefore, [color=red ]Hello[/color ] becomes [color=red]Hello, or Hello[/color ] becomes [color=blue]Hello - Please note, use the American spelling "color", not the British spelling of "colour". Images Images are easy. Simply type around the URL to your image. So for example, [img ][/img ] becomes Note: to center an image, simply use the center tags around the tags. You can mix and match alot of these combinations together. Linking Images This is a little more complex, as it takes us into the next level of UBBC coding. To link an image, you could type like this: [/url ]. This would then be translated like this: Links To make a direct link, you can do one of two things. First, simply paste the link, for example OR To make is simply appear as "Google", you can type this: Google[/url ] which will then appear like this: Google E-Mail Links you can also add an e-mail direct link. In order to do this, place the tags around either side of the address. For example: becomes OR You can also use Name[/email ], and this becomes []Name. NOTE: This is not a valid email address, it has simply been used as an example. Text Size You can also change the size of your text using UBBC - its a great thing innit! In order to do this, you must add [/size ] around the text you wish to resize. So, for example: Hello[/size ] becomes [size=1]Hello. Subscript and Superscripts In order to use the Subscript or Superscript, you can add the [noubbc] or [/noubbc] commands respectively. Ergo: [sub ]Hello[/sub ] becomes Hello and [sup ]Hello[/sup ] becomes Hello. Quoting As we all know, we can simply hit the "Quote" button on the message we want to quote. But say you want to quote an external site, or quote something someone has said without giving the direct link to the comment (not recommended), simply add the YouTube Videos UBBC also allows you to post Youtube videos in your posts. The UBBC in the posting area should look like this: [video ] [/video ] Look at this URL for an example. If anyone can think of other UBBC codes and tricks, please let me know by replying to this thread and I'll update this guide accordingly. All codes displayed above can be selected using the drop-down menu when creating a new thread, or replying without using the quick-reply box.
  2. Here is an awesome website I found which allows you to use google maps to select a location, zoom as much as you want and generate a Topo map which you can then print out and use in your Bug Out System or for just everyday hiking etc. Just navigate to where you would like a map of then click "MyTopo" on the upper right of the google maps frame. Then click on either Landscape or Portrait under the google map frame and your browser will up a new tab with your custom topo map for you to print out. I have numerous maps in my BOB of my families houses, work, home, and bug out location. I am going to be working on making a more complete map collection and laminate them, 3 hole punch, and put them into a 3 ring binder to keep in my vehicles and at home.
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    Soda Can Tab Fish Hook

    Hey guys this is something I stumbled upon awhile ago and thought it would be a useful idea for everyone. Soda can tab fish hooks Just remember improvising is major part of survival.
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    2011 Bug Out Bag (BOB) Competition

    Would a video of the contents of my pack and explanation be appropriate for my entry.
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    Online Army Manuals in .PDFs

    Personally I have all of these saved on iBooks on my iPhone Army Survival Manual Army Ranger Handbook Booby Trap Manual
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    Displaced Yankee in Upstate South Carolina

    Welcome to Survival Cache Rock! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. BlackHawk

    pine resins

    Another thing that will burn even when wet is birch bark just peel it off into thin strips and just wipe it onto your pants to get rid of any excess water
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    Self Reliance Expo

    I wish I lived closer so I could go but its a trek from CT.
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    Hello From Upper East Tennessee

    Welcome to the Site I hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. BlackHawk


    Cool This is an area of my preparedness I'm lacking on so it will be cool to learn something new.
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    FNG from N.GA

    Welcome to SurvivalCache!!! Enjoy the forums
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    hi fellow travellers, im bob,

    Hello Bob, welcome to SurvivalCache I hope you enjoy your stay
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    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    Considered it, but not sure where to start. Not sure if I really want too. My grandfather use to all the time but since he no longer hunts he does not anymore. I suppose I could ask him if I had any serious questions.
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    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    You can find MREs everywhere online. You can also usually get them at any military surplus store. Personally being part of the Fire Department we always have 3 pallets of cases on hand since it's the emergency shelter for the town so I am able to grab a case or two when I start to get low. I keep 3 full cases at my house and have 3 MREs in each BOB.
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    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    I stick with MREs you get more per package so you save space and you don't have to boil water to mix in with your freeze dried food like Mountain House.
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    UBBC Guide

    No problem. Glad to help!!
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    Online Army Manuals in .PDFs

    No problem. The Army Survival Manual is definently my favorite.
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    Hey ya'll

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn as much as possible
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    Article Ideas

    I would like to see an article about home security and defense tips and products like security film for your widows, hurricane proof garage doors, alarm systems, dvr systems, security doors, etc...
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    Four Tools for Survival

    * a folding pocket knife Gerber Magnum LST * a multi-tool Leatherman SuperTool 200 * a fixed blade knife Gerber LMF II * a muscle powered method to process wood Sabercut Saw
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    Pick and Choose

    If I'm only 7 miles away from home I would take my pistol and head home straight away and avoid high population density areas. Once home I would have access to all of my gear and would hopefully meet up with all of my family if they are not all there they would make the same choice and I would wait for them. We would then all have our packs at the ready. Secure our home and property and gather all of our supplies and preperations.
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    Celebration Time!!!

    Congratulations on you new job!!! When I was looking for a new job I applied over 40 different places before I heard back from anyone so I know this means alot to employed especially in this day and age.
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    Greetings from a Survival "Nerd"

    Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Introduction Thread

    Hey guys, I'm Kyle from South Eastern Connecticut. *I am an avid hunter, fisher, camper, and hiker. I am an Eagle Scout who taught Wilderness Survival, Camping, Orienteering , Pioneering, Geocaching, and Outdoor Cooking at the largest Boy Scout camp in the North East for 4 years. I work as an Emergency Medical Technician *now and also volunteer as a Firefighter/EMT/HazMat Operational in my local fire departments. 17 Survival Questions 1. Please describe your Every Day Carry?* Gerber Magnum LST Leatherman SuperTool 200 Ruger LCP Paracord Bracelet Streamlight PolyTac Bic Lighter Black Sharpie Zebra Pen Wallet Keys with gloves and CPR Mask 2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol? Glock 17 3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol? Ruger LCP 4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine? AR-15 5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine? AR-15 6. Favorite Shotgun? Mossberg 500 12 ga. 7. The amount of food you have at your house?* 3 Months 8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag? Gerber LMF II Blast Match MREs Emergency Water Pouches Medical Kit EDC Hennesy Hammock 9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one? Personal Land Campsite on Mountain* 10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle? Yamaha Kodiak 400* mud/snow tires* 3000lb winch 11. Describe your Bug Out Bag? Black MOLLE 3 day assault pack 12. Favorite home defense pistol? Glock 17 13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?* AR-15 14. Favorite Survival Book? Into the Wild 15. Favorite Survival Type Movie? Woods/Wilderness Survival Epidemic Infection* 16. Survival Knife? Gerber LMF II 17. Survival Tools in Your Kit? To many to list but I will post a video soon