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  1. BlackHawk

    2011 Bug Out Bag (BOB) Competition

    Would a video of the contents of my pack and explanation be appropriate for my entry.
  2. BlackHawk

    Displaced Yankee in Upstate South Carolina

    Welcome to Survival Cache Rock! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. BlackHawk

    pine resins

    Another thing that will burn even when wet is birch bark just peel it off into thin strips and just wipe it onto your pants to get rid of any excess water
  4. BlackHawk

    Self Reliance Expo

    I wish I lived closer so I could go but its a trek from CT.
  5. BlackHawk

    Hello From Upper East Tennessee

    Welcome to the Site I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. BlackHawk


    Cool This is an area of my preparedness I'm lacking on so it will be cool to learn something new.
  7. BlackHawk

    FNG from N.GA

    Welcome to SurvivalCache!!! Enjoy the forums
  8. BlackHawk

    hi fellow travellers, im bob,

    Hello Bob, welcome to SurvivalCache I hope you enjoy your stay
  9. BlackHawk

    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    Considered it, but not sure where to start. Not sure if I really want too. My grandfather use to all the time but since he no longer hunts he does not anymore. I suppose I could ask him if I had any serious questions.
  10. Here is an awesome website I found which allows you to use google maps to select a location, zoom as much as you want and generate a Topo map which you can then print out and use in your Bug Out System or for just everyday hiking etc. Just navigate to where you would like a map of then click "MyTopo" on the upper right of the google maps frame. Then click on either Landscape or Portrait under the google map frame and your browser will up a new tab with your custom topo map for you to print out. I have numerous maps in my BOB of my families houses, work, home, and bug out location. I am going to be working on making a more complete map collection and laminate them, 3 hole punch, and put them into a 3 ring binder to keep in my vehicles and at home.
  11. BlackHawk

    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    You can find MREs everywhere online. You can also usually get them at any military surplus store. Personally being part of the Fire Department we always have 3 pallets of cases on hand since it's the emergency shelter for the town so I am able to grab a case or two when I start to get low. I keep 3 full cases at my house and have 3 MREs in each BOB.
  12. BlackHawk

    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    I stick with MREs you get more per package so you save space and you don't have to boil water to mix in with your freeze dried food like Mountain House.
  13. BlackHawk

    UBBC Guide

    No problem. Glad to help!!
  14. BlackHawk

    Online Army Manuals in .PDFs

    No problem. The Army Survival Manual is definently my favorite.
  15. BlackHawk

    Hey ya'll

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn as much as possible