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  1. wardog513

    What's next?????

    and no a democracy is not what we need nor were we ever intended to be one
  2. wardog513

    What's next?????

    dumb question it needs to be replaced with what the founding fathers originally intended.. a constitutional republic with a federal government that has it hands tied behind it back by the citizens to keep it in check
  3. wardog513

    haha love this idea

    damn that is awesome starting at $3900 hmmmmmm
  4. wardog513

    Shelter in place?

    this is why people should be allowed to be legally armed in the workplace. last time I checked hiding in your cubicle and or stapler vs AR does not work so well
  5. wardog513

    spool tool

    I...MUST......HAVE http://www.spooltool.us/#!store/c1f6s that is very damn cool
  6. wardog513

    haha love this idea

    now if i can find plans on how to build one instead http://tacticalwalls.com/shop/1450-bundle/
  7. wardog513

    Helicoptor hovering for an hour - odd

    this..the feds are the biggest incompetents in the world
  8. wardog513

    speaking of lever guns

    same with me Capt. whenever my buds get together to shoot they always ask to shoot that hand cannon, that and my AKs..something about shooting AKs
  9. for ousting those 2 traitors to the constitution and letting the government know that it is still "we the people" to john Morse and Angela giron...dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!...now GTFO
  10. wardog513

    these shirts are great

    http://www.endoapparel.com/ shut up and take my money
  11. wardog513

    speaking of lever guns

    no I'm just a fan of big bore stuff. it was something i wanted just because. Trust me I know it is overpowered for anything lurking in the woods out here. unless somebody figures out how to replicate dino DNA then it is just a want and not a need . i also have a remy 700 in 300winmag and my marlin 45-70g lever gun all overpowered for the animals out here, except maybe some of the larger wild hogs which i have not encountered yet unlike you texans
  12. wardog513

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    ok it is the .450 marlin but the .450 marlin is nothing more than a hot 45/70G
  13. wardog513

    Somebodies watching me...

    if I'm on one of their lists at this point ill take that as a compliment and point of pride and the fact that i am doing something right according to the founding principles of our nation
  14. wardog513

    Biden made me angry today

    the bigger question would be when does biden not make any of us angry?
  15. wardog513

    speaking of lever guns

    Capt, Bart you will like this pricey but damn it would be cool to have one to compliment my 4" 500 magnum pistol http://www.bighornarmory.com/catalog/big-horn-armory-products/model-89-carbine-2/