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    Military Thread

    Field Artillery, M109, second squadron second armored cavalry,Howitzer Battery section chief, special weapons/ammo Bamberg Germany, Ft. Sill, Member of Border Legion, communist border in Germany. TOUJOURS PRET..................ALWAYS READY
  2. 2HOW

    A question about .22 rifles

    10/22 is notoriously inaccurate out of the box. For the money of these .223 look alike .22 rifles , just buy an AR. Marlin 795 is accurate and mag fed. Why do you want an intimidating looking rifle ? Would you want a pit bull with no teeth? If its an ammo cost issue get an AR with a .22 conversion kit. Or better, get a 545x39 AK -74 rifle . Low cost rifle and low cost ammo.
  3. 2HOW

    Threat to America

    IMO peak oil is the biggest. If people cant afford to get to work the whole infrastructure will stall causing panic. Other than that probably an EMP either natural or man made.
  4. 2HOW

    So what is the barter value?

    Supply and demand , or "one mans junk is another mans treasure",,,,,,,situation will dictate value.
  5. 2HOW

    hand gun questions

    I would not recommend a semi for a first hand gun. Get a good 4 inch revolver in .357. make the semi your second hand gun.
  6. Buck and Ball is a pretty healthy load for a 12 in HD cases, #8 for inside under 20 feet, the 410 I cant give a good opinion on , I would choose slugs or 00 .....YMMV,,,,,,,,,for hunting, those loads are pretty self explanatory.
  7. 2HOW

    Post Pics of your EDC

    .40 Mil Pro, G-10 Meyerco by "Blackie Collins" 60 lumen light with crusher ends
  8. 2HOW

    how old are you?

    I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.........
  9. 2HOW

    First handgun...

    Other than a .22, which is a good choice. I would recommend a .357 revolver that you can shoot low power .38s out of that are mild in recoil. You can progress up to the hotter .357 rounds later.
  10. 2HOW

    best for the $$

    I have to agree about the .22, much underrated, and SNAKE I have seen that video in the desert of the bolt .22 making hits at long ranges and penetration was impressive, even in a partially frozen turkey.
  11. 2HOW


    Just hold up on that car wash, lots of mis information out on the web. Lots of oath keepers also. No doubt things look bad, but there are lots more of us than them. There is a storm comin no doubt. The cream will rise to the top.
  12. 2HOW

    They took my guns and my money

    what a load of crap, good luck sonoran6.
  13. 2HOW

    Glock Talk

    My only experience with Glock is a G-22 I had for about 17 years. I found the grip too wide and was hard to shoot one handed. Never had a burp with it. Im not a 9mm guy either but I would go to that in a Glock. They are the most reliable pistols Glock makes. It would not be my carry gun, but a good backup.
  14. 2HOW

    Zippo or no Zippo?

    Get a pack of Bic lighters, they have never failed me.
  15. 2HOW

    Foot care

    another thing to remember is that waterproof boots do not breath, so you need to have plenty of socks and let them air out whenever possible. I would opt for a second pair of boots. FWIW
  16. 2HOW

    .308 Battle Rifle

    Some good points snake, humping heavy gear and ammo is no fun, let alone a heavy rifle. I like the way you plan for the worst case scenario, and you are right to. There are some small light .223 rifles out there that may work in your scenario, Kel-tek comes to mind. nice post, lots to consider.
  17. 2HOW

    this may suprise you.

    Similar to the cop who said he was the only one in the classroom who is qualified to carry a handgun, then put a round thru his leg, LMAO The "only " crowd is a joke.
  18. 2HOW

    Weapon(s) of choice?

    AK-47, 12Ga Saiga, 1911 pattern pistol, Khukri for a large blade, Ka-bar as a small blade.
  19. 2HOW


    A good idea is to join your local C.E.R.T. ( community emergency response team). I know of some good militia organizations that do community work and volunteer where needed. The cloud does hang over most tho.
  20. 2HOW


    Bersa has a good product
  21. 2HOW

    the best survival book

    +1, a little prayer never hurt.
  22. 2HOW

    the best survival book

    I have the "survival handbook" by Peter Darman from the military book club. Covers Green Berets, seals , commandos etc Lots of pictures and how tos. The best one I ever saw.
  23. 2HOW

    What emergency scenario are you prepping for?!?

    I will stay in place if at all possible, I'm rural.
  24. 2HOW

    best for the $$

    +1 on the hi point carbine