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  1. EX121

    Dual Band Radios

    Just as a reminder if you put these in a BOB, remember to pull them out and turn them on. They have an internal capacitor/battery that will run down eventually. It needs to be recharged periodically.
  2. EX121

    Tent recomendations

    The double Rainbow & Scarp 2 look very nice.
  3. EX121

    Survival a slightly different view

    Good points, one comment is way carry all that heavy stuff like pry bars? If you are not going to use them right away. If you need them to GOOD then cool, but ditch them until then. you probably already plan to do this but just in case.
  4. EX121

    Tent recomendations

    I would recommend that you go to REI on-line and use their tent tutorial/selection pages. Then it would be to buy the best you can afford. Also think about getting to small bivy type tents, this would allow you to spread the weight equally. And if you are separated you each would have a shelter. I think the biggest advantage is the protection from insects.
  5. EX121

    BoB trial results

    Thanks for the review. It's always better to get out and do than to wait and find out when the chips are down. do you know where and how the water got into the tent? If it was a seam? That may be fixed by some sealer. If it was a factor of the wind blowing the rain through the material that could be fixed by using one of the spray on water proofers.
  6. EX121

    22 handgun & 22 rifle

    I have the Ruger SR 22 and love it. It shoots very well, is light weight & fun to shoot. I only wish that there was a larger capacity magazine for it. I also have a 10-22 and think it is the only one to have.
  7. EX121

    favorite woodstove brand/design

    They are spendy but the wife just bought a Hearthstone stove. They have soapstone that helps them radiate the heat longer and use less wood. Lopi is another good brand.
  8. My comment is if you bug-out where are you going? Have you been there before? If so do you know the route & alternatives. I use a gps a lot and find that I mostly use it for places in the woods that I want to return to. for examples, Elk wallows, scrapes & rubs and where I parked the rig. Are you wanting the Oregon to help you in a bug-out to do what? I haven't used the Oregon but have a garmin with a map and sometimes find that the map is too cluttered to really use well, a paper map is more functional. It sounds like you already have a filter are you planning on carrying both? What happens if you become separated from you gear? Perhaps purification tablets in a PSK on your belt or in various pockets? Just my 2 cents worth?
  9. EX121

    Reading a map and using a Compass

    Is part of your question what scale of map? If so it depends of how much land area and in what detail you need to cover. If you are going to travel a large distance then you may just need a small scale like 1:100,000. What I have is a small scale and then a large scale 1:24,000 for the immediated vicinity of my cabin.
  10. EX121

    Another "going gray" thread

    Another way is to develop hobbies that you can use to explain the 'outdoor' gear, such as backpacking & hunting.
  11. EX121

    Louis Lamour - What has he taught us?

    A couple of other tips, when travelling cross country, stop before you 'skyline' yourself & look over the area you are approaching. Never 'hog' or camp at a water source in dry country it keeps the animals away but more importantly it's where other people will come. Get what you need & move on. Also pay attention to the actions of animals around you, for example; ask yourself why that bird just flew up from where it was sitting, is it alarmed or acting natural.
  12. EX121

    teen needs some help.

    All good advice, here is my 2 cents worth, make a plan. What is the most likely diaster to occur where you live? Stastically it's a house fire, severe storm, or flood. You say you have a bug out bag, that's great but, where are you going to go? Make a plan. Is there a American Red Cross chapter near you, they have great information on local diasters & great training classes on many subjects. Being prepared is being informed. Make specific plans & then practice them.
  13. EX121

    Suturing: an ounce of prevention

    A couple of questions first. What is your current level of training? EMT or higher? In most places in the US you can't do sutures, unless you are a medical professional. And mostly its DRs. in the ER. Under austere conditions it may be better to leave the wound open unless you are absolutely certain that it is very clean. Also you wouldn't want to close any wounds from animal bites as they would need to be cleaned daily. It is probably better to learn how to make butterfly closures.
  14. I also enjoy the big zip. to mea the water tastes better out of platapus products. I have friends who swear that the tubes are easier to clean than the camelback products.