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  1. CCSir

    Survival Watch

    Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic. Never needs winding, never needs a battery, always sets itself to the WWVW time signal at night, and can be purchased between $50-$150 dollars depending on how fancy you want it to be. Great watches, very tough/durable and I wouldn't trade either of mine for anything.
  2. CCSir

    Survival Cache Forums on your "smartphone"

    I like it! It's actually easier to on my iPhone to be able to read the forums. Thanks.
  3. CCSir

    Post Election Stampede?

    I've got a couple friends that have called since the election asking my opinions on what they should be getting. I guess I should be happy that they are at least thinking about it a little, but to me it is almost "to little, too late". I'm not saying that I'm not looking or buying, but I'm in a comfortable enough position to be able to pass on items if I don't think the price is right. They are talking about buying items that 4 years ago would cost $400-$500 and are now at the $600-$800 mark.
  4. I'm thankful for my wife and family. Thankful for the ability to survive in turbulent times through the grace of God and............ THANKFUL THAT THIS FORUM IS UP AND RUNNING STILL!
  5. CCSir

    Yeahhhh the forum lives!!!!

    I guess I should be used to it. That's usually how it works ya know?
  6. CCSir

    Yeahhhh the forum lives!!!!

    I too am glad to see the forum back up and running.......correctly. It seemed as though just when I was coming back to the forum was when it started going to crap.
  7. CCSir

    Post Election Stampede?

    I was in my LGS the other day and couldn't believe the mass of humanity that was in there. I talked to a buddy of mine that works there and he told me that they had over 250 NICS checks for that day. Most of them had more than one gun and at least a hundred rounds of ammo with them ta boot. So let me get this straight, around 500 firearms in a 10 hour day (50 every hour they were open, or almost one every minute) and at least 100 rounds for each person as well. (250,000 rounds total for the day) I'd say the race is on.
  8. CCSir

    ok so im gonna ask anyways...........

    I'm not voting for Romney because I think he is going to be the savior for the US. I'm voting AGAINST Obama because I don't know if it's possible that there is ever a worse president in the history of the US.
  9. It's more likely that if I need it to recharge my electronics I have a bigger problem going on.
  10. CCSir

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Sorry I missed my chance. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. Congrats to all who won.
  11. CCSir

    New guy from Cleveland Ohio

    Welcome from just south of you!
  12. CCSir

    recommendation for dog carry bags

    My dog uses the Outward Hound Backpack which has held up very well. My dog is around 76 lbs so him carrying it isn't much of an issue and doesn't have a problem wearing it for day hikes or for when we take him on road trips etc. His longest hike so far has been 7 miles. Some dogs aren't accustomed to wearing one when they first get them put on. I would suggest putting it on them and letting them wear it around without anything in it for a while before you start to add any kind of weight to it. As far as the bag itself, it has held up nicely now for about three summers (going on four). His bag is packed with collapsible food and water bowls, extra leash/collar/ID tags, three days worth of food/treats, and his favorite brush. We also keep a copy of all his medical/shot records, a flashlight, and poo bags in there (not for bug out but for everything else). I keep a couple canteens of water on my BOB just for him when hiking as well.
  13. CCSir

    Guns 'n Psycology

    If that makes you think everything is OK....
  14. Without a doubt! I wouldn't leave either of my pets behind.
  15. CCSir

    Guns 'n Psycology