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  1. MjeanM

    Gear for your Pet

    NVM I found what I need. I put this in the wrong place anyway, sorry.
  2. MjeanM

    Gear for your Pet

    So I know, for the most part, everyone on here is set for their personal BOBs at least on a basic lvl, but I was wondering what everyone has set aside for their dog(or other pets). I was looking at the earthquake kits for my dog just for bare minimum needs, but im not sure its necessary.
  3. MjeanM

    To Nomad or not to Nomad

    Hmm. I never thought about bugging in. I've always lived in highly populated areas and never felt they wouldn't be good places to stay put. Suppose I should think about it though. Well this certainly has made me rethink my disaster plan. Thank you everyone for all the input.
  4. MjeanM

    To Nomad or not to Nomad

    I'm just worried my husband has unrealistic expectations for our family(of four me,him, our two kids both under three). I also am a big fan of the bug out location. Security, and stability would do wonders for helping our kids adjust to any situation. I don't mind tents and camping, but I really don't think I could handle it in the long term.
  5. So I didn't really no where to put this question buuut, Me and my husband can't seem to agree on what would be realist during a bug out situation. He say pick up and move every two days. I say a stationary location could be better for long haul survival(especially if you've scouted out said location ahead of time). So I guess I'm wanting to know some outside opinions of the subject. And what youll be doing.
  6. MjeanM


    Get a SOC bug out bag literally in the name. Comes in soild colors so you don't stand out in a urban environment. They have black if your really concerned about it. It's a great 72 hour bag. And it has removable back braces. I love my bag. I did get it at a bx but honestly it looks like a large backpack. I think you can find them on amazon as well.
  7. MjeanM

    What got you into survival/prepping?

    What got me into survival and prepping.... I guess my kids were the big factor. Honestly I didn't give a SHFT(haha pun intended) to any of it till we moved to Europe. I have two kids under three and as the dollar fell, and greeces unrest started affect the markets money got tight. Then there was the threat of the gov shut down(one of them) earlier this year. They were talking about the bx and commissary shutting down. Now my house has at least a month of rice, beans and canned soups in it at all times. From the prepping came the 'survivalist' stuff. Honestly you can't have one without the other
  8. i like my elbow light[military issue] i know its probably not as spiffy as a maglight or as light weight as a surefire but its durable and nostalgic. and im alittle crazy about my new buck folding knife[straight blade] my husband got it for me as a coming home gift, it soooooo spiffy :]
  9. MjeanM

    Pick a job, any job...

    oh yeah the captin is right. that type of ailment could just add further injury. if you had something like flate foot or mild asthma id say just dont mention it, with that i wouldnt risk it for your healths sake. have you thought about city work? as long as you can pass a piss test and theyr ehiring that is a great job[any city job] maybe or park ranger if theres a local national park around. what do you want to do, is the better question. think about something that your not going to have a problem doing.
  10. MjeanM

    Pick a job, any job...

    captbart-if you can pass meps the worst that happens when they find out is they medically discharge you. never have they prosecuted for join with a pre existing condition that wasnt caught at meps. and as i said if its not serious its not a problem. your not going to preform less if you have flat foot but its still a disqualifying 'disability' defaulthuman- i dont want want this to come off wrong but are you jewish[have jewish heritage]? cuz my brother in law has something that sounds sooo similar thats stress induced. they said it was a jewish disease. it didnt show up till his basic and he was discharged medically before he even made it to his school. [combat medic]
  11. MjeanM

    Pick and Choose

    thank you captin;) so metal casing can remedy this? i only ask cuz i have a kindle for my BOB.
  12. MjeanM

    Article Ideas

    the value of how awesome a water proof SAS manual would be[if they already make one let me know]
  13. MjeanM

    Pick and Choose

    btw i was wondering if there is an EMP attack does this only effect already made electronics? mean could you wire up electronics such as flash lights and radios if you had a knowledge of such things?
  14. MjeanM

    Pick and Choose

    ok i would take a shot gun[usually ppl will leave you alone if they see you packing] and id head to my bug out location[because i would have already had a constituency plan with my family and they would be there waiting for me]
  15. MjeanM

    Pick a job, any job...

    have you thought about air force? not just shoot the gun meat sheild, but like the AF SEAR. you get paid to be a survivalist. of course you have to pass theyre class and you will be sent to do very dangerous missions but the military is always hiring. and they will pay for school....well maybe recent budget cuts have put a question on that. just throwing it out there for you. and as long as your medical problem isnt sever just dont mention it. they rarely check. and if you can get through mets and basic your home free.