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    What would you pay me to make?

    What could someone make in there spare time thats somewhat easy to make, and sell for a decent cashflow? Like $100/week maybe? Just thinking of at-home jobs (like how Amish people get there money).
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    First day of community college

    I haven't been on here in a while, but yeah I just started my first day of community college today. Book prices took up more of the conversation then necessary today but it is definitely costly. My books were $272 to RENT them. If I damage them it will jump to about $500. Where, on, I can buy one of the books for $120 new that cost $100 to rent and $200 to buy at my college. If I had the money I would buy the book, then sell it back, and maybe lose $20 instead of paying $100 to rent it, but I don't have the money right now. I received financial aid so I got a voucher saying that they will take the book rental costs out of my loan, once I get it, in 2 months. It is what it is, but if the books were still worth the same as when this semester started, instead of spending $272, I could have spent maybe $50 on renting these books. It wasn't worth the opportunity cost for my first semester, I would rather pay that much just to make sure the first semester goes right.
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    A Rifle or Shotgun for $200?

    I saved up $200 for a gun, where I live you can't own a handgun at 18 but you can own a Rifle/shotgun. So.... where/how do you think I could get a gun for $200? I'm sure it would have to be used but.... I heard Mosin Nagants go for around $140 used today. I could go to Wal-mart and get a new shotgun for $200 or so but I mean, its Wal-mart, I don't like wal-mart. If I need a permit or something I'll come up with the $50 somehow, but that's not what I'm worried about. And rifles are beasty, but so aren't shotguns, ammo cost needs is a problem as well, what should I get? I dunno, what do you say? $200 (Preferably less) for my first rifle/shotgun?
  4. Hey guys, I haven't been on in quite some time, but I've got a job now and have things going for me, I actually have a continuous source of income (even at only minimum wage) to better my preps. I live with my girlfriend and her 3 kids, and we're in the mountains, for a whole 30 mile radius theres a bowling alley and thats about it for entertainment, so I'm trying to do what I think is fun, and take her on a date in the woods. I want to train her (and myself) to understand more about surviving in the woods, building fires, making traps to catch animals, fishing, avoiding bugs, building shelters, and all that good stuff. My only problem is I don't know where to start, I have minimum B.O.B / Wilderness survival materials. And she has little skills in this matter, so what would you recommend I do for a first date in the woods. Her kids are in daycare for 7 hours a day. I would want it to be a few hours, and some basics, then after that make more dates for longer periods of time to do and learn more. I was thinking making a Ti-pi and a fire, and possibly fishing... Shes the type of girl that will follow me wherever I go and whatever I do, but at the same time gets pissed if she doesn't get it. Thanks
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    Video Games & Survival

    Video Games & Survival, two very different subjects entirely. BUT, they do relate a little bit. I'll do my best to incorporate mindless videogaming with preparing to survive anything and everything. Videogames, like anything, are works of mans ideas put into actions. Videogames are a work of art. While surviving is a combination of decision making, budgeting, hard work, and mental challenges. Well actually I work hard in videogames, while making decisions, facing mental challenges, and budgeting all the numbers on my screen. In Videogames I enjoy, there are usually numbers, whether it be experience levels, health bars, special ability levels, leveling characters up, spending points on different upgrades, distance, measurements, and sometimes very complex problem solving skills are required to be very good at videogames. I noticed in many videogames I played that went online allowed me to interact with other players, sometimes the options are only to kill the other player while some videogames allow you to talk, fight, trade, and other things. While playing World of Warcraft I surveyed around and found out that 90% of people who had been playing the same time as me had nowhere near the amount of gold I had or level I had. Well that means I'm naturally good at gaming right? No, it means that i'm really good at problem solving, decision making, budgeting, and other features that are always in these games. Even though you are bound to the rules made by the gamemakers, its still very fun to figure out how to play the game right and completely kick-ass on it because your great at repeating the patterns of the game, and solving knew ones as they come along. This may now sound confusing so I'll do some examples. Fallout 3, a very famous Videogame, you run around in an apocalyptic wasteland following a storyline but interacting with so many things. Its all basically an interactive movie with consequences and causes & effects. Some things I got from playing this game for hours and hours, besides a lot of entertainment: I learned you'll always need 2 people in a gunfight. There are considerable pros and cons to having a dog. Post-teotwawki towns may have landmines (and basements full of food). There probably will be cannibals and you probably won't be able to tell when you first meet them. People will always have livestock and farms. Currency may change. With no government, factions, and slavery are likely, as well as increased illegal services. They may be simple examples but to someone who doesn't already know the subject of survival, some games teach them a lot. I would recommend playing Fallout 3, New Vegas, or 4 (when it comes out) if and when you have free time. Also there are a lot of mind-sharpening challenges in games which is why I play them, its entertaining. Some games do completely suck though, definitely. Some schools use videogames to teach kids, and I can say I've learned a lot from videogames, but definitely could have read more books as a kid. I think everyone should do both.
  6. I think this deserves a new start up thread, Learn it: Buy it/Learn More: More INFO: This is ultimate for survival, and you may have seen it already, basically its a mini ecosystem where it is mostly recycling and reusing for maximum food. Involves usually fish eating bugs, there poop fertilizing the water that grows the plants which you eat, you can either feed the fish yourself, feed them whatever plant your growing, or feed them bugs, which you can grow or are natural. Some people include birds into the mix. I am planning on starting up my own one somewhere even with limited space and money, I bet I could set it up for under $20, not including seeds and fish/animals. I'll update you on this. The "kits" online cost a lot. What are your thoughts? (Here's another website for information)
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    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    Usable farmland, basically flat. $6k-ish an acre at 1 acre only. Northern NH.
  8. Why you should grow a farm/garden: 1. Why not? 2. Organic, freshly picked fruit is so very much healthier for you then anything in a grocery store. 3. Its profitable/you will save money 4. You can stockpile food at a cheaper price 5. Do it now and if TEOTWAWKI happens you'll be prepared 6. If something bad does happen with the world, you'll have one less thing to worry about (I mean who doesn't need food?) -------- Here is a link to how plants can help you get your Daily Value of nutrients/vitamins/minerals from plants: -------- I find this site very useful as it shows you what you will need to grow to stay happy and healthy. Here is a list of some other plants and uses you might need from them: ~~Dandelions - Edible ~~Burdock plants - Predator deterrent/Home Defense, velcro maybe? ~~Cactuses/Crabgrass/Other spikey plants - Predator deterrent/Home Defense ~~Large Bushes/Trees - Hide your stuff/house, make yourself less noticeable. ~~Food Trees - Food + Everything for Large Bushes/Trees ~~Milk Thistle Plants - Edible, Poison mushroom antidote (well it helps), medicinal purposes ~~Ginseng - Doesn't take up much space, Medicinal Purposes ~~Corn - Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Fuel?, Beer production ~~Grapes - Whine ~~Garlic - Medicinal Purposes, Spice, Keeps vampires away? ~~Very hot peppers - Pepper spray/deterrent possibly, makes crappy food taste good ~~Pine trees - Sap/Syrup, wood, Or as said in another thread, fire starter, ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ I know there can be more too the list but that's a quick summary, feel free to add. Deciduous trees can be put in front of windows, so when its winter sunlight can come in and warm up the house, when its summer, they block the sun too keep it cool. Fruit trees are a good investment because you don't need to constantly watch them/water them (although it helps) and they provide fruit every year, same with nut trees. By the way I cannot stress how much fruits/vegetables are important for survival of the world. Monasto and the Genetically Modified plants of the world are not the answer. If its a step up from SHTF, those plants are dead and all food in grocery marts are dead too, and if there not we would need to kill them anyways because they can contaminate the world. Organic plants are so much better for these and more reasons: -Organic plants don't deplete key minerals from the soil when grown right, which allows for a better next years harvest. Big corporation farmers just add 3-5 main minerals too the soil when the plant really needs 50-100 at least. -They are better for you, simple right, not a big deal maybe? Well in truth they provide an extremely higher amount of nutrients and minerals, have many things in them that scientists are still discovering (most of which that the same plants in the grocery store DON'T have). -They promote a healthy environment and ecosystem. -They taste better -You don't have too buy pesticides (although certain insects are natural pesticides if you need em [ladybugs]) -Many more reasons too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUYING CROPS and TREES are a GOOD IDEA. Simple math: Plants cheap [$20 trees] ($10 bushes) + time investment = Constant steady supply of fruit for generations. Its good for the world and better then buying gold. 1 oz gold = 100 Apple trees. BUY HEIRLOOM. Not GMO. Example site: or eBay. Okay, now onto livestock ~~Livestock~~ Recent sciences (this may be a big shock) show that eating meat really isn't natural but is only okay to do every once in a while, livestock are still very important to have if things go bad. Chickens: Cheap, can fit them in small areas, you get eggs, + feathers, + meat. Minimal food consumption and the easiest of all homegrown food in my opinion. Cows: Slightly larger, costly, but if done right and you have proper protection, profitable. People will buy cow meat for sure and they produce milk, they provide a big harvest, they eat grass and produce fertilizer. Although require quite a bit of work for upkeep. Pigs: Eat almost anything, produce a big harvest, easier to maintain then a cow but more then a chicken. Must cook thoroughly as they may have worms. Fish: While naturally grown fish are usually healthier, growing fish in an artificial environment can be quite beneficial. Take a look at this link, from National Geographic, the man produces a food system which is quite amazing, it also provides some great ideas into general prepping: Pets: Horses: While I don't recommend eating them, they are an alternative vehicle and can travel over different terrain, they also can be a back-up food source and bartering tools. They require an open range to roam and are quite the upkeep. Dogs: Getting the right one can be very beneficial, home defense, personal protection, can be used for hunting, plus something to love. A must for the solitary survivor, refer to the SurvivalCache sites article for more information, just my personal choice, a German Shephard: Cats: Basically all cats do is provide as a household lovable pet, not recommended but then again there is always the question "Why not?" and if your pretty stable then sure. Hamsters/Frogs/Snakes and others: Basically the same as a cat, you probably don't need them, but there fun too have. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for reading, I strongly encourage you grow a farm and own some form of animal, please leave feedback and feel free to add to the lists as I am brainstorming what more too add right now. What will you grow? I will probably grow (when I get the land) many varieties of food, definitely trees, and probably somewhere all forms of the miscellaneous list. What will I own? Chickens and possibly pigs, some sort of system that the link features where it recycles almost everything to increase food production. I wouldn't mind a home made pond . Definitely a dog, probably a scary Saint Bernard, Pitbull, and for sure a German Shepard or two. I will definitely try to cross breed them in a way to produce an efficient dog breed. Some Russian guy bred dogs down 7 generations and made a dog with the strongest scent receptors in the world, and uses them at airport security (he gets paid BIG for it). Definitely a good idea too me. What will you do?
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    $50 for prepping

    I make some spare money via eBay although that isn't going perfect right now, I have made $50 and bought some things I needed. I bought multiple pocket knives, mostly spring assisted but 1 is a sturdy handle one. I bought dogtags, a zippo, a fishing net, a military paracord bracelet, seeds, and a few things here and there. But I actually have $50 and need to buy some things for prepping, what would you recommend? I need to make a Bug out Bag soon, but if I buy the bag I wont have much too add. But I was considering getting an ALICE bag, but people said there very uncomfortable. And I would have to get it used... BUT, what should I spend my $50 on? And I might be getting $30 in a week so what should I spend that on? What I was considering was: A good knife, A backpack, Pepper spray (only $10 on sale right now) Non GMO, homegrown seeds (I have some). Investing in long-term items that may go up. Investing back in my small business which is buying and re-selling things (it works out fairly well) A grow light too grow my seeds inside because its too cold outside. Old coins from 1940 or less (which I have been collecting forever) A 16gb flash drive. Or what should I get? I'm not sure, at the moment I'm not interesting in stockpiling food, but would rather get things to make food myself or something. One thing I've really wanted (but cost $200) is a rappelling rope, I know how to make a rope-bridge and how to tie rappelling knots and how to rappel. I'm just so puzzled, I've never had money before like this every in my whole life so its a new thing too me. What should I spend it on? Thanks
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    First reported Zombie Attack......

    The zombie apocalypse is on its way, its happening just as I thought, a dumbed down drugged nation becoming zombies, other factors may "Set-off" this zombie like rage. I will update if more attacks persist. Please post any zombie attack reports....
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    How it helps

    Blacksmithing is more of a long-term skill needed in a survival situation. Mostly for TEOTWAWKI not SHTF. Depending on what your making you might need a lot of materials. but in general, your going to need -A mold for what your making -Metal -Safety supplies (Gloves, Mask, possibly a fire extinguisher, a welding apron) -A hammer and anvil ~~~~~~~~~~ There's probably a list of other things you'll come up with when blacksmithing, but this is just a general reference. Now here's some examples of when you aren't going to use blacksmithing, -Not when there is a tornado.... -Probably not when the Chinese invade.... -More then likely not during a flood.... ~~~~~ Here is some examples of when you should do blacksmithing, -During an economic meltdown -During everyday life to save money and make yourself more self-sufficient -When (if) Armageddon happens and you need bullets to kill all the zombies -When the effects of global warming become extreme and natural disasters go wild! ~~~ Now if the Chinese invade and your out of bullets, I'm sure the list can be modified, but you get my point. Now, here is a general list of what you should be blacksmithing. Stockpiling things may include items such as: Hammers, blades, pans, pots, cups, silverware, ammo, general house stuff, auto/mechanics, Now here's a list of "when's" and what you should make during those when's Normal Everyday Life -Anything that's cheaper to make by blacksmithing, -Stockpiling things, and getting your blacksmithing skills up. Complete economic meltdown (Great depression)- -Anything people really need and will trade for. -Stockpile (especially bullets). -Scrap precious metals into trade-able pieces/bars. Complete disaster, government can no longer enforce laws and isn't expected to return with in the next 10 years: -AMMO -Precious metal scrapping -All of the things you should have been stockpiling -Get good at "Winging it" when you make things because you might need a lot of miscellaneous things. ~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to add to the list ~~~~~~~~~ Some things that you might consider when blacksmithing- ~Using a furnace may attract people, unwanted or helpful, just be careful ~Its time consuming and has a higher risk of hurting yourself ~You would probably be the only one around doing it, which can be an advantage ~You can scrap precious metals, which in the event of the dollar collapse, might be very handy. ~Its something you can't "just do", you need practice. ---------------- Overall I would say its certainly not an immediate necessary skill, other survival needs generally come before blacksmithing. But in the event of TEOTWAWKI, blacksmithing may be very important. The main things I would be interesting in with blacksmithing are scrapping metals and making ammo. Ammo costs a lot and you will always need it, and scrapping metals is very handy because most people just throw metal away. You can turn junk into bullets, ain't that somethin? Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts. Also, apparently blacksmithing isnt a word, but I dont know how else to word it. So hopefully this made sense to you.
  12. Here's something I've been wondering about. Lets say, when it comes down to it, you do have all your weapons and ammunition, string, and rat traps, nets and zip ties. What if you have all that but you just simply can't find anything at all to kill it with? Yeah you have all the materials to kill, but not the materials to hunt. It's probably going to be harder then you think, even with all your materials, if there is nothing there for you to kill. Or maybe its just not near you...... So you are of course going to need equipment that brings you to the animal, or the animal to you. So lets figure out whats worth carrying, Bait Some animals love certain smells, tastes, or pheromones. If you know which animals like which baits, your odds of surviving are better. Meat is a basic type of bait, the default probably. But more in-depth then that that are some other baits- Cheese, Peanut Butter, Milk, Honey, and many other common foods. Urine and Sweat scents can serve as bait (or make you bait yourself). What is your plan for bait? Do you have a super-compact container with 400 unique baits? Or are you using a jar of peanut butter and whatevers lying around? Its easier to catch a rat with peanut butter then a worm, and its easier to catch a fish with a worm then peanut butter. ~~~~ Animal Calls Does anyone use animal calls? There are many factors to deciding whether to have these or not. Are they worth carrying, and will they be worth carrying if you don't have the right one for the area. What if its not the right season? What if it attracts people when you use it? Maybe there super expensive, maybe there hard to get. But then again, it could be free food..... ~~~~ To help your hunt you could buy, Tree stands Spray that blocks your odor (if your bugging out with your family, this should help) Binoculars/Night Vision (Helps spot animals, and other uses) Be sure to think about other hunting/baiting supplies too, the goal is to get yourself close to the animal, or the animal close to you (or your traps). ---------------- Carrying it back, If you have a vehicle then your probably fine, unless your out of fuel or the terrain is too rough, then you need to be ready. How much can you carry? You should know this when you and your buddy are cutting up a 500 pound animal to carry back on your back. Meat needs to remain clean for the carry back as well, if food is 10 miles away from you and your walking that whole distance its not only going to suck, but you'll have to keep it sanitized the whole way back. (How will you store the food for later eating without electricity?) - - - - - - - - Cooking it This is the part most of you seem to have down to a science, the cooking part Everytime I picture myself living in the foods, there's always a roasting fire and some meat hanging on a spit above it, most of you are probably thinking the same. For cooking you have two basic options, Start a fire (Simple, easy when you have materials) Bring your fuel-powered stove/grill. My choice would be the fire because I don't have a stove or fuel, but also because its easier to make, and easier to get wood rather then unique fuel. If your cooking a 50 pound meal in one night then your going to need the wood or gas to do it. Fire actually takes a lot of wood to keep burning all night. ----------- Another thing to ponder a thought about is spices, at home I use many spices to add variety when I make my meals. Not sure if anyone else is considering it, but if I had time, I would grab my entire spice cabinet and pack it in a bag. Here are the basic spices/flavorings I use and I recommend you bring (no particular order). 1. Salt 2. Black Pepper 3. Garlic Powder (like salt but healthier) 4. Onion Powder 5. Adobo (Goya Adobo is my single favorite seasoning, the only uncommon ingredient is Turmeric [which is great for you]) 6. Parsley (Might just be my preference, but Parsley is great with other spices). 7. Celery Seed(or Salt) (its great on Tuna, and I find it adds a unique taste to certain things) 8. Cinnamon 9. Nutmeg 10. Paprika 11. A1 Steak Sauce (Probably too big for the Bug out Bag, but absolutely delicious) What spices do you use when you cook? I usually dont try out recipes with meat, its all just whatever I add and how much. My uncle taught me a recipe once to clear our your sinuses when your sick, and make you feel a hell of alot better. Its any kind of hot soup mixed with a whole bunch of spices. It worked. ---------------- Anyways, the main point of this was to discuss the process of hunting, and too see if any of you preppers use professional hunting equipment. Because surviving and hunting are different things, although similar. Your thoughts?
  13. What would you take with you, whats a big priority? What should you eat the whole time? Mostly foresty area, bears, moose. Not super cold out, not sleeping there, just a long hike. No more then 5 miles into the woods probably. Also theres lots of plants and trees and wildlife, what can I do out there? My house is boring.
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    A Medic Bag to Survive 365 Days?

    What would you need to survive a Year in average conditions with shelter and outside work daily? Don't get complicated, if you need a certain $1000 prescription then that doesn't count. I just want to make a simple compact medic bag with a lot of supplies, maybe make a list? Thanks (Bandaids, meds, gauss etc..)
  15. TheDefaultHuman

    First reported Zombie Attack......

    WOAH, link I posted is now "Page not found", this is really messed up, it worked 5 minutes ago, heres another article. Might work on this link? If not, CBSMiami home page, They might be deleting this article, they might not, hope you read it.
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    Anyone excited about The Walking Dead: Season 3?

    Still havent watched number 2......
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    $50 for prepping

    Got Ginseng, Peppers, Potatoes, Sweetcorn, and more right now.
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    $50 for prepping

    Haven't been on in a while but quick update, I have acquired more money whilst being lazy with no job, gonna have one real soon, for now I'm buying the best investment I can. Seeds, they pay off 10 fold if you can do it right, 20 seeds = $1-$3. The end result is 20 plants (+/- 5) that all produce food you can eat. Food is what makes you healthy and maintain life. The only problem, selling it, how do you do that without opening a business or paying massive fees, etc...
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    Lets get to the REAL question.

    How to get fuel without money..... Grow it? Algae, livestock, anything else? Those Mcdonalds grease bins? How bout horse crap or water or any of those other things? Or solar power? Work with me guys, lets figure this one out. Go for efficiency, oil is just simple, it will crash and alternatives are easier anyways if you can dish out the cash, but I just want to hear your thoughts....?
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    Lets get to the REAL question.

    Great information, straight to the point, thanks.
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    Taking a 12 hour Hike, what to bring?

    I was mostly just guesstimating. Its forest, and 1/3 of my time would be screwing around. Maybe I'd start out with 4-5 hours or less sure, sounds good, but still I've gone 4 hours exercise without water, its not pretty but its manageable. I don't see why everyone needs GPS's and fancy gizmo's. I would fancy trying my luck with a fat bag of trail mix, a half gallon of water, and an energy drink for food. I would bring pocket knife and blade knife, maybe a machete, theres lots of trees. But honestly as a kid, I would explore the woods like crazy, but its just scary the farther you go out. Same with the ocean. My main concern is big animals and stuff, I am pretty cautious when it comes to not dieing by a stick falling on me, or falling myself or any everyday risk I take walking down the sidewalk, the woods isn't that different. Yes I would definitely need a map and compass, I know that for sure. Maybe I should get a dog? They make a good companion when all your friends are feeling too lazy. I'm sure I could build myself a backpack for $1000 or less to survive in the woods forever (assuming the authorities wouldn't screw with me), because as an animal/organism of earth you have the genetics to survive off the land without money/help. So a walk in the woods shouldn't be that hard right? Don't worry, I'm not gonna be like those few people that claim to be a crazy natureman, then go into the woods and die from starvation or hypothermia.
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    Taking a 12 hour Hike, what to bring?

    Good information
  23. TheDefaultHuman

    Occupy Wallstreet, Youth Standing Up

    News Video: Watch this: All the people in the "Occupy" movement should be recognized. They regularly get arrested, beaten, tasered, flashbanged, etc... treated like a mob trying to kill people, these peaceful protesters are doing there 100% best to change the world. This movement is 6 months old, and only gaining power, despite massive police arrests and brutality. Back in the day MLK Jr. told black people to be proud if they were arrested in protest, because they were fighting for there people. Mark my words, THIS is the start of the revolution. Occupying populated areas with signs in protest is daring, but its what black people, women, and other activist groups have done in the past. The difference this time is these people are speaking for you and me, whether you like it or not, when foreign countries see NY they will always see the protesters and there signs, they are always there. While most people have a formally stated opinion and plan to represent it, these protesters are simply asking, why the hell doesn't anyone care anymore? And are some of the only people really doing anything about it. If your a person who wants a loving world and a better political system then this is your cause, these are your people, there actions should be noticed. They are totaling close to 7000 arrests, and those are the counted ones. Some of them receiving felonies for exercising there 1st amendment right, by putting up signs. The way it is, is if your in the area when the arrests are happening, they will try to get you, whether you be a reporter, a protester, and innocent person, an old lady, and even Members of Congress and George Clooney have been arrested. Please show support and feel free to discuss Website, Interesting Article, Arrests,
  24. TheDefaultHuman

    Age old but critical decision

    Snowballs, no doubt, coconut, sugar, and cake.
  25. Its way better with a real pond, but I'm going to do this.