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    I'm a younger prepper looking to start up a family some day with a farm and a huge stockpile of supplies to save myself if SHTF. if it doesn't I'll still have everything I need. I believe strongly with peaceful co-existence between human beings, under set circumstances.
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    Prepping, Hunting/Trap making, Survival, Soccer, Video games, Learning
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    Student/ Undecided
  1. TheDefaultHuman

    First day of community college

    I haven't been on here in a while, but yeah I just started my first day of community college today. Book prices took up more of the conversation then necessary today but it is definitely costly. My books were $272 to RENT them. If I damage them it will jump to about $500. Where, on, I can buy one of the books for $120 new that cost $100 to rent and $200 to buy at my college. If I had the money I would buy the book, then sell it back, and maybe lose $20 instead of paying $100 to rent it, but I don't have the money right now. I received financial aid so I got a voucher saying that they will take the book rental costs out of my loan, once I get it, in 2 months. It is what it is, but if the books were still worth the same as when this semester started, instead of spending $272, I could have spent maybe $50 on renting these books. It wasn't worth the opportunity cost for my first semester, I would rather pay that much just to make sure the first semester goes right.
  2. Hey guys, I haven't been on in quite some time, but I've got a job now and have things going for me, I actually have a continuous source of income (even at only minimum wage) to better my preps. I live with my girlfriend and her 3 kids, and we're in the mountains, for a whole 30 mile radius theres a bowling alley and thats about it for entertainment, so I'm trying to do what I think is fun, and take her on a date in the woods. I want to train her (and myself) to understand more about surviving in the woods, building fires, making traps to catch animals, fishing, avoiding bugs, building shelters, and all that good stuff. My only problem is I don't know where to start, I have minimum B.O.B / Wilderness survival materials. And she has little skills in this matter, so what would you recommend I do for a first date in the woods. Her kids are in daycare for 7 hours a day. I would want it to be a few hours, and some basics, then after that make more dates for longer periods of time to do and learn more. I was thinking making a Ti-pi and a fire, and possibly fishing... Shes the type of girl that will follow me wherever I go and whatever I do, but at the same time gets pissed if she doesn't get it. Thanks
  3. TheDefaultHuman

    First reported Zombie Attack......

    WOAH, link I posted is now "Page not found", this is really messed up, it worked 5 minutes ago, heres another article. Might work on this link? If not, CBSMiami home page, They might be deleting this article, they might not, hope you read it.
  4. TheDefaultHuman

    First reported Zombie Attack......

    The zombie apocalypse is on its way, its happening just as I thought, a dumbed down drugged nation becoming zombies, other factors may "Set-off" this zombie like rage. I will update if more attacks persist. Please post any zombie attack reports....
  5. TheDefaultHuman

    Anyone excited about The Walking Dead: Season 3?

    Still havent watched number 2......
  6. TheDefaultHuman

    $50 for prepping

    Got Ginseng, Peppers, Potatoes, Sweetcorn, and more right now.
  7. TheDefaultHuman

    $50 for prepping

    Haven't been on in a while but quick update, I have acquired more money whilst being lazy with no job, gonna have one real soon, for now I'm buying the best investment I can. Seeds, they pay off 10 fold if you can do it right, 20 seeds = $1-$3. The end result is 20 plants (+/- 5) that all produce food you can eat. Food is what makes you healthy and maintain life. The only problem, selling it, how do you do that without opening a business or paying massive fees, etc...
  8. TheDefaultHuman

    Lets get to the REAL question.

    Great information, straight to the point, thanks.
  9. TheDefaultHuman

    Lets get to the REAL question.

    How to get fuel without money..... Grow it? Algae, livestock, anything else? Those Mcdonalds grease bins? How bout horse crap or water or any of those other things? Or solar power? Work with me guys, lets figure this one out. Go for efficiency, oil is just simple, it will crash and alternatives are easier anyways if you can dish out the cash, but I just want to hear your thoughts....?
  10. TheDefaultHuman

    Taking a 12 hour Hike, what to bring?

    I was mostly just guesstimating. Its forest, and 1/3 of my time would be screwing around. Maybe I'd start out with 4-5 hours or less sure, sounds good, but still I've gone 4 hours exercise without water, its not pretty but its manageable. I don't see why everyone needs GPS's and fancy gizmo's. I would fancy trying my luck with a fat bag of trail mix, a half gallon of water, and an energy drink for food. I would bring pocket knife and blade knife, maybe a machete, theres lots of trees. But honestly as a kid, I would explore the woods like crazy, but its just scary the farther you go out. Same with the ocean. My main concern is big animals and stuff, I am pretty cautious when it comes to not dieing by a stick falling on me, or falling myself or any everyday risk I take walking down the sidewalk, the woods isn't that different. Yes I would definitely need a map and compass, I know that for sure. Maybe I should get a dog? They make a good companion when all your friends are feeling too lazy. I'm sure I could build myself a backpack for $1000 or less to survive in the woods forever (assuming the authorities wouldn't screw with me), because as an animal/organism of earth you have the genetics to survive off the land without money/help. So a walk in the woods shouldn't be that hard right? Don't worry, I'm not gonna be like those few people that claim to be a crazy natureman, then go into the woods and die from starvation or hypothermia.
  11. TheDefaultHuman

    Taking a 12 hour Hike, what to bring?

    Good information
  12. What would you take with you, whats a big priority? What should you eat the whole time? Mostly foresty area, bears, moose. Not super cold out, not sleeping there, just a long hike. No more then 5 miles into the woods probably. Also theres lots of plants and trees and wildlife, what can I do out there? My house is boring.
  13. TheDefaultHuman

    Age old but critical decision

    Snowballs, no doubt, coconut, sugar, and cake.
  14. Its way better with a real pond, but I'm going to do this.
  15. TheDefaultHuman

    What would you pay me to make?

    Camo painting and walking sticks, not bad ideas actually. What type of wood should I use? I might be able to get some free from the woods (dead wood). For Camo I need paints, and I need glosses to coat the stick, what would I use for that?