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    US Army and OIF Vet, prior SAR. I look at the skills used by the Colonial Longhunters, Mountainmen and Native Americans to adapt to modern materials; they were truly self reliant.
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    Hunting, Camping, SCUBA, fishing, hiking, nature, history, living history
  1. Regulator5

    new spam bot

    Thanks wally....
  2. Regulator5

    SPAMMERS, what should we do with them?

    If y'all report them, it shows up in our email accounts and we can find them much faster. It's hard scanning each thread to find the place where they posted their garbage. Thanks y'all for the help.
  3. Regulator5

    Good suplement plan

    Web search Swanson Vitamins and (based in Michigan if I remember right) look at their site. They are one of the better priced places and offer alot of info for free. For a multivitamin, I do recommend a wholefood vitamin, so each vitamin has the trace minerals and other vitamins needed for the best absorption and use. Also, get a book on vitamins and minerals, as this give you the combinations needed and ones to avoid taking with others, as they "cancel" each other out. From all studies I've seen and been a part of, avoid anything made by centrum. Alot of the big box stores carry vitamins but the filler they use is not all that healthy. If planning on bulking up and doing alot of high impact exercise, I'd suggest glucosomine and chondroitin (spelling) to help your joints remain healthy. Vitamin D is one that is recommended to help with cabin fever and a host of other things. Research ALOT, then buy.
  4. Bob, can you explain your post a little more? Are you meaning the state practices that item or that is a tool to use by the public? Thanks.
  5. Regulator5

    Mudbass produces tad-pole!!!!

    Great Pic Mudbass. Congrats and enjoy. They are a blast, but I do cherish those weekdays when the youngest is at
  6. Regulator5

    Look...someone else gets it too...

    I thought the Amnesty program was to buy "troops" for obama and the national socialists of the 4th reich. Who do you think the illegals are going to support, the Constitution or the ones granting them a free pass? The military (for the most part) and alot of LEOs in this nation have already told the national socialists they will NOT enforce a federal ban or even that they will completely stand against it with force if they try and usurp the Constituion. They are looking at these illegals as a fighting force of several million strong. They used fast and Furious to arm them and now they will ask them to fight on their side and/or commit more acts of aggression against Americans to further their agenda. The amnesty betrayal may only be looking to cash in on future votes, but with the timing coinciding with current events and past illegal acts, I feel they may have a more sadistic ulterior motive.
  7. Regulator5

    Mudbass produces tad-pole!!!!

    Congrats Rayz. Pass along my Congrats to the proud Papa and Mrs bass.
  8. Regulator5

    Look...someone else gets it too...

    Excellent post VB.....
  9. Regulator5

    Backpack for the kids...

    Agree with Wally on the water filter and add some purification pills. Maybe a signal mirror for longer distance signaling. You may even think about adding a pencil flare to the older kid's packs but you must decide on their maturity for those items. Really great start. Is this a pack to get them home or is this the set up if you must vacate your area?
  10. Regulator5

    Bumper Sticker

    That one should almost be banned tho..... about caused an accident from the I now know why they say the truth hurts.
  11. Regulator5

    Home Security

    I thought so JCMS..... I want to try with the step daughter and her friends. I just don't want to have to mop up
  12. Regulator5

    Home Security

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1830[/ATTACH] This might work as a joke or fun for a party.
  13. Regulator5

    Bumper Sticker

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1829[/ATTACH] ...but thought y'all would like it
  14. Regulator5

    Bumper Sticker

    Seen one with obama's pic on it and the caption was: "Does this ass make my truck look big?"