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    I'm a grad student in civil engineering. I'm an avid fisherman and a cyclist. I'm just getting starting in prepping.
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    Fishing, record collecting, bicycling, hiking, photography, engineering
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    Research Assistant/Graduate Student Civil Engineering
  1. rickaccused

    How to get the wife on board with prepping?

    Man my lady is the same, she humors me enough but doesn't like the thought of SHTF situations. I've been able to convince her about having extra food around the house and extra water but I do it under the guise of small scale regional problems (storms, power outages, etc). I can't get her to think about the bigger picture if something massive happens. My plans are to take a rainy saturday and sit down with her and talk about what she should keep in her car (i've already started to get some stuff for her car without her knowledge), and in the house and ready to go if she has to leave. I don't really know how to get her into the spirit of it without something awful having to happen either though. In the mean time, I've got two of everything should it come down to it so she'll just have to carry the bag and learn from me.
  2. rickaccused


    Survival skills, useful math, basic conditional algebra (if, then, else), survival skills, engineering basics.
  3. rickaccused


    I usually go with a cooking fire since around here they are what is legal.
  4. rickaccused


    haha, don't worry I'll have hot dogs cooking!
  5. rickaccused

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    It's not that she doesn't want me having it around, just that she herself isn't into it. The problem is mainly being able to spread my resources between two places that are 75 miles apart. I want to get her more involved in the process so she won't be screwed if I can't get home in order to kick things into survival mode. I already have and this is great advice for pretty much everyone. The better food tastes the more enjoyable your survival experience will be!
  6. rickaccused


    The next time I have a fire I'll do a picture set up of a few different styles and show how to build them, start them, and keep them going. If that's something that might be enjoyed?
  7. rickaccused

    Survival Movies

    I just started watching The Road. Not necessarily a survival movie, but still good. However, this was probably not a terribly smart play at midnight. haha
  8. rickaccused

    What If It Never Happens?

    Every person who asks why I do this gets this as a response. Like when my friends ask why i have a two week supply of drinking water on hand. I'd rather be prepared than thirsty.
  9. rickaccused

    REAL Survival vs REEL survival

    Capt. I'm glad someone else is as infuriated at some of the stuff he pulls as I am. He takes risks that he shouldn't and that no one should in the situation he is in. He has a propensity of jump off high things or to climb walls that would be impossible to climb to a novice in order to get somewhere. Plus the few episodes were he follows caves into the mountains to find a path through? I turned the tv off and walked away when I saw that one.
  10. rickaccused

    Tanning Hides

    This some useful information if you need to prepare pelts. Could be useful if you need to tan furs for use in the wild. The brains might be hard to come by in a wilderness setting though
  11. rickaccused

    Cash as a Prep

    Cash is a good thing to have laying around in small denominations in case of regional emergencies. Money talks when the system is still intact. So you may need to buy something when there is no power. But as has been said, for TEOTWAWKI, cash probably will be worth more as a firestarter.
  12. rickaccused

    what can u find in under 20min?

    Good thinking, I usually pick up stuff I find on the ground while I'm fishing as well but never thought of it like this.
  13. rickaccused

    What's in your vehicle?

    So often over looked! I'm trying to set up similar with it split up in a few different spots.
  14. rickaccused

    What's in your vehicle?

    Currently my car has the following 3 gallons of water 4 ways to start fire 2 changes of clothes 1 extra coat 1 set of rain gear (the same suits the alaskan crab guys use) 1 poncho assorted hand tools 10 feet of 10 gauge wire roll of duct tape roll of electrical tape 1 freshwater fishing rod (with tackle) 1 saltwater fishing rod (with tackle) 1 camp saw 1 felling axe 1 fleece blanket 10 feet of aluminum foil 2 black trash bags 5 big ziplock bags 5 small ziplock bags 50 feet of nylon rope 25 feet of paracord 1 pair of boots 1 shovel 1 ice scraper 1 snow brush 3 flashlights (one full sized mag, one mini mag, one pocket light) 15 granola bars 1 2 gallon gas can (empty/unused yet) 1 roll of paper towels 1 hiking first aid kit 1 notebook typically my GHB is in there as well since it is my backpack Amazing the amount of stuff you can fit in a subaru impreza haha
  15. rickaccused

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    This is always on my mind. I have a couple of places I call home since I'm at school half the week and at my condo on the weekends. The apt at school offers very little in the way of protection. While it's on the second floor, I have a sliding glass door out onto a balcony with a ladder to the ground. The windows and front door aren't an issue though. At least I am more or less out in the middle of nowhere and the chance of roving gangs of people is relatively slim. On the other hand, my condo at home with my fiance is better fortified (a front locking door to get into the building and a dual locked door to the condo itself). However, it is also in a more populated area. Getting into the unit itself would prove difficult as we are on the third floor. However the problem comes down to over all preparedness. She really doesn't like to do the prepping herself and we are on extremely limited funds. I do what I can but over all we aren't close to where I'd want to be for preparedness. My plans include blackout curtains to prevent what little light candles produce and a 2x6 to jam the front door if needed. So more or less it comes down to just hoping no one notices we're there in the case of shit hits the fan. Getting out of dodge is likely to be safest option if the situation goes bad.