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    Medical Moderators MD/ARNP

    Hi all, We're Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, and we will be serving, along with Joe Knight, as co-moderators of this section of the forum. Dr. Bones is a recently retired M.D. and has been a fellow of both the American College of Ob/Gyn and the American College of Surgeons for many years. Dr. Bones has extensive experience in patient care, abdominal and pelvic surgery, and obstetrics. His main focus is providing medical strategies for collapse situations, where modern medical facilities are no longer available. Dr. Bones is interested in identifying the person who will be the medic in your survival community, and making that person a stronger medical asset than he or she is now. Dr. Bones is a regular contributor to Survivalist Magazine, and has contributed a medical chapter to the 13th edition of James Talmadge Stevens' Family Preparedness Handbook. His other interests include history, especially medieval, civil war, and WWII. Nurse Amy is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and a certified nurse-midwife. She has worked in various hospitals and private practices. Nurse Amy is well-studied in herbal and natural medicine and is in the process of becoming a Family Herbalist. She has an extensive medicinal garden. Her focus is providing alternative medical strategies for collapse situations. Nurse Amy is a regular contributor to Survivalist Magazine. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are both certified Master Gardeners for the state of Florida and are interested in aquaculture, having success raising large spawns of tilapia in ponds. They both have ham radio licensure. Together, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy host the Doom and Bloom Show, a weekly preparedness podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, airing live 9pm Eastern time every Thursday. They have over 100 articles on preparedness, medicine, and gardening on their blog at www.doomandbloom.net. We're honored to be here, and hope to help everyone keep it together, if things fall apart. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy;)
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    Medical Skills

    Hi all, How many of you have worked to develop medical skills such as suturing, setting fractures, treating medical illness? Who has stepped up to take responsibility for their group's health in a collapse? It's not just beans and bullets, get those band-aids together! Give us an idea of what medical issues you want us to address on this forum. We're all about education and want you to achieve your medical knowledge goals! Dr. Bones
  3. Hey Preppers, After a year and more than 400 pages written, I've put out my book on survival medical strategies called "The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook. This book is meant to make you a medical asset to your loved ones in any disaster situation. When help is NOT on the way, having this book in your survival library will allow you to treat more than 90% of medical issues that you will face. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn about: LIKELY MEDICAL ISSUES YOU WILL FACE MEDICAL SKILLS YOU WILL WANT TO LEARN MEDICAL SUPPLIES NATURAL REMEDIES: A PRIMER ESSENTIAL OILS THE PHYSICAL EXAM PATIENT TRANSPORT LICE, TICKS, AND WORMS DENTAL ISSUES RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS FOOD AND WATER-BORNE ILLNESS DIARRHEAL DISEASE FOOD POISONING APPENDICITIS URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS HEPATITIS PELVIC AND VAGINAL INFECTIONS CELLULITIS ABSCESSES MOSQUITO BORNE ILLNESS ATHLETE’S FOOT HYPERTHERMIA (HEAT STROKE) HYPOTHERMIA ALTITUDE SICKNESS WILDFIRES AND SMOKE INHALATION STORM SAFETY RADIATION SICKNESS INJURIES TO SOFT TISSUES MINOR WOUNDS MAJOR AND HEMORRHAGIC WOUNDS BLISTERS, SPLINTERS, AND FISHHOOKS BURN INJURIES ANIMAL BITES SNAKE BITES INSECT STINGS ALLERGIC REACTIONS DERMATITIS (SKIN RASHES) HEAD INJURIES SPRAINS AND STRAINS DISLOCATIONS FRACTURES THYROID DISEASE DIABETES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE HEART DISEASE AND CHEST PAIN ULCER AND ACID REFLUX DISEASE SEIZURE DISORDERS JOINT DISEASE KIDNEY AND GALL BLADDER STONES HEADACHES EYE CARE NOSEBLEEDS EARACHE HEMORRHOIDS BIRTH CONTROL, PREGNANCY, AND DELIVERY ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ANTIBIOTICS AND THEIR USE To order, go to our publisher's link at www.createspace.com/3697264 The Doom and Bloom™ Survival Medicine Handbook will also tell you how to obtain needed medications for your medical supplies, and what natural substances in your environment could take the place of modern pharmaceuticals in the event they’re no longer being produced. We tell you the truth about expiration dates, and buck the conventional medical wisdom when we have to. This book also conducts a practical suturing lab; it will tell you what wounds should be sutured and what wounds shouldn’t, and shows you a step-by-step process to close lacerations with step by step images. You can even follow along on YouTube with our video: How to Suture with Dr. Bones. We’re all about education, so we’ve made this book affordable. Forget about all the bells and whistles, and get all the important information you need in a reference book at a third of the price of “Armageddon Medicine” or other high-priced similar volumes! Check it out at www.createspace.com/3697264 or on our blog at www.doomandbloom.net Thanks to all our friends in the preparedness community for their support over the past 2 years... Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy
  4. Most otherwise medically prepared people fail to take into account the possibility of dental issues in a long term survival situation. Here's an article on how to extract a tooth with limited equipment: http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/10/how-to-extract-a-tooth.html Dr. Bones
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    Tetanus in Times of Trouble

    Here's an article about a disease everyone's heard about, but few know the details... http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/10/tetanus-in-times-of-trouble.html Dr. Bones
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    Almost finished HERE!!!!

    Dr. Bones and I have made 167 posts to this forum. We have spent more time here than on ANY other website on the internet. And yet Survival Cache has completely ignored any of our articles, videos, our website and book. What would you do if you were us? We have sent them free books to review, articles to post and commited time and efforts to help their website be a place for well researched and thoughtful answers. Their home page is completely absent of any of our information. We have written them a few times with articles that are popular in the preparedness community, but they have not posted any of them. If YOU can help us with this, thanks. Almost done with this enormous effort, Nurse Amy
  7. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Almost finished HERE!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. This was the ONE forum we were spending our time keeping up with. We feel a great responsibility when we offer our help. It is frustrating offering medical articles that never appear and emailing the owners who never respond. I don't know what happened to this forum, maybe just neglect from the owners too busy trying to sell things. We spend most of our time writing, which you can see on our site and in the book (we have over 250 FREE articles online for your education). If you need to make a medical kit feel free to print out our content lists and DIY, we really don't care if you buy ours, just get some medical supplies please. Nurse Amy www.doomandbloom.net
  8. Hi all, Our latest article, this time on thyroid problems... http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/09/thyroid-disease-in-survival-situations.html Dr. Bones
  9. In case you haven't seen this on our site, a must-read for anyone storing medical supplies... http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/10/new-evidence-on-expiration-dates-2.html Dr. Bones...
  10. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Tetanus in Times of Trouble

    It really is amazing to me how many people dismiss tetanus shots. It is a horrible disease! Nurse Amy
  11. The Archives of Internal Medicine, a respected medical journal, has published new evidence regarding the truth about expiration dates. Here it is: http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/10/new-evidence-on-expiration-dates-2.html This is a must read... Dr. Bones
  12. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Tetanus in Times of Trouble

    Are you saying that you have never had a tetanus booster in over 10 years? If so, you have been very lucky. I hope you remain this lucky!! Nurse Amy
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    Go to our shop and look through the list of contents of our various medical kits to see what we think is important: http://store.doomandbloom.net/ This is not an advertisement. We don't care if you buy any of our bags, just make sure you have a lot of the items we include in them. Dr. Bones
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    At least it happened before TSHTF

    Diverticulitis is a potentially surgical condition. Even without seeds, small bits of hard stool may block these small pouches in the lining of the large intestine and cause trouble. Stool softeners may be helpful in preventing attacks. Most older folks have some element of diverticulosis (non-inflamed diverticula) and should watch out for this. Dr. Bones
  15. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Water for health!!!

    Any successful survival plan has taken into account the need for ready access to clean drinkable water. We don't pay enough attention to keeping ourselves hydrated, and that will cause trouble if things go South. Dr. Bones
  16. DrBonesNurseAmy

    At least it happened before TSHTF

    Also, anything that gives you hard stool may be trouble for people with diverticulitis. Some recommend storing stool softeners. Dr. Bones
  17. DrBonesNurseAmy

    131 uses for Vinegar

    Nurse Amy tells me her mom used to drench a t shirt in vinegar and put it on her when she got a bad sunburn. Vinegar is an awesome storage item. Dr. Bones
  18. Hey Preppers, Join us Thursday 9/22 at 9pm Eastern on the Doom and Bloom Show, when we'll have Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School live as our guest. We'll talk about wilderness training and the importance of outdoor skills in your journey to preparedness! We'll also talk about the 5 C's of Survivability and the equipment you must have to succeed if everything else fails. See you there! Dr. Bones
  19. Hey preppers, I'm often asked what pharmaceuticals should be stored for dealing with infection. Here's my latest article on the subject: http://doctorbonesandamyshow.blogspot.com/2012/02/must-have-antibiotics-antifungals-and.html This is a companion to my OTC drug list, and don't forget about natural products with medicinal benefits. I list a number of antibiotics and you don't have to have every one on the list. What would you add? Dr. Bones
  20. Here's our article on appendicitis: http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/09/appendicitis-in-survival-situations.html Dr. Bones
  21. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Diabetes after SHTF

    Diets high in protein, with many small meals throughout the day, and with low calorie intake would be a temporary solution to stay out of ketoacidosis if you are type 1. Type 2 diabetics may actually see an improvement in their condition, as they will have limited carbohydrate choices and will have to become more active just in the daily activities of survival. Dr. Bones
  22. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Must Have Antibiotics, Antifungals, and Antiviral drugs

    Colloidal Silver has its share of enthusiasts and detractors. Silver was used as an antibiotic topically before the development of pharmaceutical antibiotics, and is effective externally to prevent wound infections. Internally, silver particles show promise, but my concern about silver ions is that they are charged, and charged particles want a partner. In our bodies, NA CL (Sodium Chloride or salt) readily gives up a CL to make Silver Chloride, which is chemically inert and, therefore, should have no medicinal effect? Dr. Bones
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    Yosemite extends hantavirus warning; death toll rises

    The question is whether the people who contracted hantavirus were bitten by the infected mice or came in contact with feces or what??? Dr. Bones
  24. DrBonesNurseAmy

    Wash Those Feet

    The military has their act together when it comes to knowing the importance of healthy feet...here's our recent article on when your "dogs" are howling... http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/08/put-your-best-foot-forward.html Dr. Bones
  25. DrBonesNurseAmy

    is homeopathy BS ?????

    The issue with flu vaccines is that they are made with last season's virus, so they are only effective if this year's virus is similar to the previous one. Dr. Bones