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  1. Jurugarian

    Boiling Water in the Bush.

    personally i use a hexi-stove and then i put in puri tabs. can't be too careful.
  2. Jurugarian

    Article Ideas

    delta7 i like the idea of the zombie survival article. i'll try and start a thread about the zombie apocalypse and how it applies to the wilderness soon!
  3. Jurugarian


    when it comes to group survival, be it a planned survival training camp, some sort of accident, war, or the most famous the zombie apocalypse, moral is one of the most important things to have in your group. in my personal experience, moral kept my team going on our survival training camp (in the wilderness!), if your team has moral then your team will be more successful in activities and start to get more involved. as a leader, or a 'follower' (for lack of a better word) you have to be able to read the signs and body language of your team to tell if moral is low. I am a perfect example of how to tell if moral is low, i am naturally a very loud and happy person, i make jokes to keep others moral up, i do funny things just to keep my team/s happy. but if i become quiet, withdrawn, still, no smile, ETC (like very recently... life sucks). anyone who knows me well would automatically know something is wrong. this can be caused by bullying within the group, lack of purpose, being new, ETC. there are simple ways to keep up moral in the group. if you have something like a bag of those lollie/candy/whatever you call it in your country snakes have a competition to see who can tie it into a knot with their tongue, make jokes, play fight. whatever is necessary to keep up moral. when moral is up, then your group is happy, willing and ABLE to do what has to be done. what are some fun/cool/whatever ways you can think of to keep up moral? OR what are some examples you might want help with? as usual any questions feel free to post, message, or Email me (jurugarian@hotmail.com) and i'll be happy to answer
  4. Jurugarian

    how to be found by rescuers

    that is true the military courses i took had VERY detailed sections on traps and how to catch food. in a survival situation it's always best to STAY PUT, because if they have your last known location you won't be to far from it (no more than 150-300M) so they can find you much sooner. even on a simple planned camp like the ones I do with the AAFC, the most basic rule is 'if you get lost, sit down and start yelling, or start a signal fire and keep it going' if your lost for more than an hour make a shelter and fire. here is always stuff to eat around you. so yes, stay put
  5. Jurugarian

    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    most MRE's are about 3-5inch thick, and there mostly vacuum sealed to save space. those that aren't have food that is in small amounts but make you feel full for longer
  6. Jurugarian

    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    when camouflaging in any environment you have to follow the big 5. SHAPE: your body is going to be pretty obvious to people that are looking for you because of the obvious shape of it, two hands, two feet, one head ETC. you have to disrupt the shape of your body. use branches, twigs, a yowie/ghilli suit if you have one. anything to disrupt your natural shape. SHINE: pretty simple one to understand. if something on you is shiny eg. watch, dog tags ETC, TAKE IT OFF. don't try and hide it by moving it to be covered because it will come out at the WORST possible moment and you will be spotted. also your face, it reflects light. so use things like cam paint, dirt, mud, ETC to hide your face and any exposed skin. (don't forget the eyelids! you blink your spotted!) SILHOUETTE: this aspect applies more at night, but is still VERY IMPORTANT! if your standing during the night make weird shapes out of your body so it doesn't look like a body. SOUND: if you move your going to make noise. pretty simple. so when you move make sure you minimize the sound you make. MOVEMENT: when moving out in the field, it's pretty obvious that your not part of the natural landscape. when you move keep low to the ground and if you can see them THEY CAN SEE YOU! NEXT POST: how to apply Cam cream, and use nature to your advantage. questions? queries? feel free to post, message or Email me (jurugarian@hotmail.com)
  7. Jurugarian

    how to be found by rescuers

    thanks Capt Bart! and Delta7 is correct, as long as you don't start a forest fire, and you GET NOTICED your doing the right thing!
  8. Jurugarian

    how to be found by rescuers

    nice one. i suggest hanging it up high for a better line of sight
  9. hey guys sorry i haven't posted in a while but i have a good reason which is kinda exciting for me. i recently got a job! yay me! i build verandas, pergolas, and other garden building jobs and things like that. nailguns are fun. just saying. anyway onto the ACTUAL subject and no more bragging from me. this thread is for people with questions on how to be found if they are stuck out in the wilderness. there are many different ways to be found. one is signal fires. place 3 in a triangle formation around your camp, pretty simple to remember another is noise. if you can hear people shouting 'little johnny where are you?' and you don't have signal fires set up, SCREAM, no really scream REALLY loud. blow something up if you can. that will get their attention. as long as you are noticed your doing the right thing. what do you you guys do?
  10. Jurugarian

    stuff to take on short term field outings (1-2 days)

    well if your interested in doing survival but don't have the time, i can Email you the manual that the Australian Defence Force uses (Edited of course) and you can read through that. i can also get the powerpoints (unedited) for you to go through (better than the manual). let me know in a PM or Email (check 1st post). and you can do it when you have the chance. that goes for anyone else reading the thread
  11. Jurugarian


    as in the different types of radios and how to use them, and making up codes for them? coz i do that sort of stuff with the cadets as well as the stuff in my other threads
  12. Jurugarian

    stuff to take on short term field outings (1-2 days)

    nice setup. i go to a place called greytown (36°49'S, 144°56'E) and it would take at least 5-6 hrs to walk across it. don't forget to check the weather conditions for the area as well as fire laws in place for the area. i prefer the tent because it can be built on ground as well as used for cover on shelters built up high. (it's basically a tarp but stronger). also if u want suggestions for training activities or info on how to navigate with a compass feel free to Email or post
  13. hey guys, this thread is all about what to take on a short term outing ie. looking for supplies after the SHTF. any questions or comments feel free to reply, private message me, or Email me (jurugarian@hotmail.com). ok guys when the SHTF you all went to your bug out/in locations, now your running low on food and water. what do you take with you when you go looking for supplies? well that's for you to decide. this is going to be based on a camping scenario, and everything discussed can be used in other scenarios. keep in mind when i go camping it is mainly with either military or AAFC personnel, and i do wear a uniform, try and keep up. first, how you carry your items. i personally use an auscam 30lt field pack and that is more than sufficient for my needs on short term outings, and i also have my h-harness, webbing belt and comforter, with 2 minimi pouches, 2 canteen pouches and a bum pack. i take the webbing with me when i'm out with my section and leave my pack at camp, the webbing is never more than 5m from me at any given time. items in the pack: 1 change of DPCU clothes, sleeping bag rated to -5°, ground sheet, x1 24hr MRE. items in my webbing: x2 1.5lt canteens*, one waterproof japara*, 200ft of para-cord, 3in knife(folding)*, mess kit*, canteen cup*, hexi stove*, waterproof matches, x2 cam cream containers, survival kit (saw blade, fishing gear, aspirin/panadol, and a few other bits) x2 24hr MRE's*, puritabs*, compass*, maps*, x2 UHF handheld radios, antibacterial no water hand sanitizer*, KFC handwipes* (great for cleaning your dishes, or cleaning your body in a survival situation), 1 'L' torch, x2 extra batteries, x10 tent pegs, and a hutchie* (small two-man tent), as well as hutchie chord yea my webbing isn't that big but if you pack it right you can get A LOT in it. *=must take i guess it can depend on the situation, but that stuff could keep me going for weeks in the bush so what do you guys take with you on short term outings?
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  15. Jurugarian

    intro to the thread

    hey guys, I'm one of the new moderators and my specilisation is going to be bushcraft (obviously). now before I start posting I have to get one thing straight. I am australian so I refer to this subject as FIELDcraft, but just because i call it something different dosn't mean I don't know my stuff. I live in melbourne victoria, I am 16 years old and I a current serving member of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), ranked Cadet Corporal, I have completed and been tested on Fieldcraft recruit, basic, proficency courses at australian ARMY standard, as well as completed a Proficency survival course and I am currently doing the Advanced course. any specific subjects you want to learn about let me know