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  1. I own an LFT01. Y'all know I've got some nice toys, but 400 is a lot to drop. I was fortunate enough to get it in a trade.
  2. The hipster comment was a joke, just FYI. I don't want to get attacked for that.
  3. No, silly. Never pay full price You make an even trade for it with a Surefire flashlight that you also made a trade for at some time in the past with previously traded goods. Bartering- it's the latest trend in procuring sharp pointy thingys. ~ Josh (Tactical Hipster)
  4. Quick specs run down: Made from a 14" mill bastard file, linen micarta handle scales, blade is 1 1/4" wide and 3/16" thick. Blade is 6 1/2 inches. Shaving sharp and ready to rumble. The back throws some mean sparks off of a ferro rod.
  5. Here are a couple more: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1667[/ATTACH] My modern day Nessmuck trio [ATTACH=CONFIG]1668[/ATTACH]
  6. Hey, Y'all. I got a new sharp and pointy in today and I thought I would share some pics. 2008 Anza Ranger- I love it! It is hand made in the US of A out of an old bastard mill file. It is pretty sweet. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1662[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1663[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1664[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1665[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1666[/ATTACH] Do any of you have any experience with this bad boy? I'd love to get some feedback. I will update with some action shots soon.
  7. You wouldn't know it from the crappy pic, but I reshaped and revamped the existing handle, cleaned up and sharpened the blade and gave it a special coating of bees wax and puppy tears. You sort through that and decide what to believe for yourself.
  8. Hey, Y'all! Here is my latest hatchet mod. Forgive the lousy pics, I just ran out back and snapped a couple on the chopping block. IT IS DARK! lol. I'll get some better stuff up on the morrow. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1660[/ATTACH] USA! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1661[/ATTACH]
  9. I have a couple of Cold Steel Trail Hawks that I am wanting handles for. I have others, but they don't get the same type of abuse.
  10. Finally got my hands on a copy. Great stuff! I highly recommend y'all pick up a copy, it's a great resource to have in the library.
  11. Hey, excoastie. Do you do 'hawk handles too? I don't want to pay 20 bucks a pop for replacement handles for my Trail Hawks. Do you think you could compete with that rate? I appreciate it brother. Have a good one. ~ Josh
  12. Catfish, I personally am kind of on the fence. I admit to being slightly biased against stainless steels period and biased toward proven high carbon and tool grade steels. Really what it comes down to is heat treat. It seems that heat treat is critical with S30V, and the window for error is really small, and the characteristics of the S30V. Most high end production knives built out of S30V have a fantastic heat treat, but I have personally experienced problems with big fixed blades having a very brittle edge and cracking or chipping when put under stress. This is probably due to the heat treating process- most commercial heat treat forges will only accept 4-6 inches of steel. Bigger than that and they have to ship them to a third party heat treat specialist, which isn't always very good. So..... I've just talked around in a circle. I say it's great for pocket knives, but not so much your big branch chopper. ~ Josh
  13. Up at the top of the thread there should be a tool bar. Select the "Thread Tools" button, then select "Subscribe to Thread." Select your subscription options ie. Instant email notification, etc.
  14. Can't wait :-)