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  1. Info on some of the large/more disruptive NATO protest May 1-13: People’s Summit, Occupy Chicago Space, 500 W Cermak; May 14: Day of Action for Education, 3:00 p.m., Dyett High School, 555 East 51; May 15: End Immigration Detention Candlelight Vigil, 11:00 a.m., Congress Center, 525 W. Van Buren; May 16: Rally to Demand Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions, 10:00 a.m., Jackson and La Salle; May 17: Environmental bike rally, 2:00 p.m., Jackson and La Salle; May 18: National Nurses United rally to protest G8 and the global 1%, 11 a.m., Sheraton, 301 E. North Water; May 18-19: Counter-summit for peace and economic justice, 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., People’s Church, 941 W. Lawrence; May 19: NATO popular assembly, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Jane Addams Hull House Museum, 800 S. Halsted; May 20: Iraq Veterans Against the War & Chicago Against NATO and the G-8 march, 10:30 a.m. (march sets off 2 p.m.) Petrillo Music Shell-235 S. Columbus; and May 21: Shut down Boeing, Boeing headquarters, 100 N. Riverside Plaza. Good luck and stay safe.
  2. mr.smashy


    "AR Assault Rifle" AR stand for Armalite Rifle
  3. mr.smashy

    Weapon Simplicity?

    I was hoping for an M14 too, but that whole "once a machine gun, always a machine gun" BS really screwed us. I got a letter back from the CMP to stop asking for an M14. Anyhow, there are a few more crates not shown, strategically located, but when you can you got to buy it cheap and stack it deep. But yes, go for the CMP, some of the best deals going.
  4. mr.smashy


    They are pretty tough. Look up SGT Todd Bowers. Mike Uher: I'll think about it and get back to you, I might be picking up another Glock 23 next month so my funds could be tied up and I need my wife to be on board as well. I'll get at you via PM if thing look good.
  5. mr.smashy


    I've used several models of ACOG, find them to be one of the best optics available for their intended role. I own a TA01NSN and it's outstanding, but my favorites are the TA31F or TA31RCO (both are very similar). I will probably sell my ACOG to get a TA31F.
  6. mr.smashy

    Ruger Mini 14

    I shot a Ranch Mini-14 in 5.56 and was not impressed in accuracy or the sights. It did not inspire confidence in me and felt fragile. Just my offhand observation after shooting 200 rounds.
  7. mr.smashy

    Weapon Simplicity?

    Crates by mr.smashy, on Flickr I am not overly worried about M1 ammo costs. I am a CMP member and I get .30-'06 at a good rate, I reload for .30-'06, and I shoot my M1 every summer at least 200 rounds in a match setting. Before I bought an AR-15, I used my M1 as my match rifle so I was shooting over 1,000 rounds a year in a match setting. I have zero issues with weapon familiarity. I have a good stock of parts. I also own a M1903, shoot her a lot too. But I am less acquainted with a 10/22 than an M1, to be honest. My first 22 was a bolt action with a 5 round magazine, still have it, and my second .22 was a single shot bolt action olympic match rifle, which I also still have. I've shot a 10/22 maybe a handful of times.
  8. mr.smashy

    Glock Talk

    Gen 2 GLOCK 23 by mr.smashy, on Flickr Here is a Gen 2 Glock 23 that I don't really take many photos of. It's a workhorse pistol for me and the only modification to it is a set of tritium night sights. GLOCK Model G22 by mr.smashy, on Flickr Here is a Gen 3 Glock 22 with a set of HEINIE sights and it's hard to tell but it has a stainless steel cut rifled barrel for shooting reloads. This is probably the definitive .40 S&W pistol. GLOCK Model G35 by mr.smashy, on Flickr Here is what my G35 used to look like before I painted the tan stripes on it. I started shooting more steel so I've slowed down my loads and I've acquired a stainless steel guide rod for use with a lighter recoil spring, but I may go back to the stock recoil spring assembly if it doesn't perform with 100% reliability.
  9. mr.smashy

    What's in Your Pockets?

    EDC 11-1-11 by mr.smashy, on Flickr A more recent EDC photo. Not much has changed. Not shown is my "carry" piece (IL resident).
  10. mr.smashy

    Glock Talk

    Yes, the polygonal rifling fouls with lead reloads pretty bad, and I shoot a lot of lead bullets, or moly coated lead bullets. Either way I get the fouling, so a cut rifled barrel is recommended. Also, the chamber is easier on my brass. Accuracy is improved, mostly because lockup is tighter, but it's really not a huge improvement.
  11. mr.smashy

    Glock Talk

    It's just a barrel swap, same mags. I thought about doing it, but I didn't want to reload for another caliber and I didn't really have any application .357 SIG. If I had some concern about barrier penetration I'd do it, but .40 S&W in 180 gr meets all my other needs.
  12. mr.smashy

    Glock Talk

    "The Glock pistol seems to be doing what is necessary. It is not a weapon for the master, but it seems to work well and, of course, reliability is a major consideration with a defensive weapon. So we see more Glocks all the time in school and in competition." LtCol Jeff Cooper I have been shooting Glocks for, I'm not sure really, something like 12 years. All my Glocks are in .40 S&W and I shoot reloads with them, some have the barrels replaced with stainless steel cut rifled barrels so I can shoot lead bullets because I am a high volume shooter and I am cheap. I also will change the sights, because I find the stock sights poor. Otherwise I will keep a gun stock. I find the triggers smooth out in about 500 rounds, but because the Glock has one connecting bar, the trigger pull can feel uneven or sloppy. This is why you see a lot of new Glock shooter putting hits low and to the left, poor trigger control. I have a Glock 35 that I use as a home defense and match pistol, and it's still mostly stock. The Glock 35 comes with an extended magazine release and slide release lever, which I removed and changed to stock G22 parts and sold. I have changed out the magazine release for a Tango Down part, which is excellent. Otherwise, I kept the pistol stock for reliability. This video might explain better my philosophy about Glocks and this Glock 35 in general.
  13. mr.smashy

    Zippo or no Zippo?

    Butane Zippo Insert by mr.smashy, on Flickr I use a refillable butane insert in my zippo lighter, because I smoke cigars and zippo fuel is all wrong for lighting a cigar. It works great, is handy for other things like chasing threads and sealing paracord, etc. I kept the zippo guts in case I need to use it, but I buy butane by the 12 pack and each bottle refills the zippo insert about 8 times.
  14. mr.smashy

    .308 Battle Rifle

    I don't really see this going anywhere.
  15. mr.smashy

    went gun shopping.

    My brother, father and I gave my mother a 70's Colt Combat Commander for her birthday and Christmas gift this year. She wears a fanny pack around the house and now keeps a Colt in a holster on her hip and her books on tape and whatnot in her fanny pack. My brother and I are both .40 caliber Glock men and my father is a S&W .357 Magnum kind of guy, but my mother loves the heft and punch of a Colt .45, and really likes the Combat Commander because of the size and weight. She hated every Glock we put in her hand and liked the CZ 75B but was not impressed with the caliber. I have a co-worker who bought a Kimber Desert Warrior and it ended rusting and going in for repairs quite often. I've been turned off by his experience but there are a lot of happy Kimber users out there.