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  1. SurvivalCache

    new spam bot

    Hopefully that has all been fixed now. Send me a message if this is still happening. Thanks.
  2. SurvivalCache

    Having trouble joining the forums!?

    Email us at and put in the subject line "Signup Help." Let us know your username so we can find your account and activate it. Honestly do it early before you get frustrated and we can help expedite things. Update 6/14/13: I have a waiting queue of 24,000 + new signups waiting for approval to start posting. 98% of them are spambots. Some of them are easy to weed out, alot of them are not. Unfortunately I can't always tell who's who and sometimes end up approving spambots and disapproving real people who want to join the community. Myself and the rest of the community want to get as many real people to join this community as we can. Send an email to and let us know that you are a real person and want to join our conversations. I'll be happy to approve you ASAP. Thanks,
  3. If you get a chance, check out some of the SurvivalCache/Forge Survival Supply Team in "Apocalypse 101" this week on the National Geographic Channel. The first episode will be this showing Tuesday March 12th at 10 pm ET right after Doomsday Preppers. You can get a closer look at the faces on this side of the keyboard. Link below: Thanks!
  4. SurvivalCache


    Ha! I almost deleted that test post. Glad I didn't... :-)
  5. SurvivalCache

    Survival Cache Forums on your "smartphone"

    With the new software upgrade we are running optimized on smartphones/mobile platforms now too. You can set the page on your phone to be an icon and when you click it's like an SC forums app!
  6. SurvivalCache

    Problem with link for New Posts...

    I'll try and figure out what's going on. Everything should be gtg now. Have you double checked your settings since the upgrade? You can see what threads you are subscribed to, if they are still there,select them and then click on the drop down menu below and upgrade subscription type.. You may have to resubscribe to the thread(s) and select what type of notifications you want to receive... If you're still subscribed to them and everything here is set correctly, maybe check your spam settings on your email account and make sure they are not going there... Give an update when you get a chance and maybe we can figure it out...
  7. SurvivalCache

    Problem with link for New Posts...

    Upgraded to the new Software so hopefully all the functionality is fixed.. let us know if anyone is still having problems. Thanks for bearing with us!
  8. SurvivalCache

    legitimate announcement (stupid spam)

    Be careful putting the word (SPAM) in your header... I have been on a seek and destroy and almost had a negligent discharge on your username when I was getting ban happy on the SPAMMERS.... :eek:
  9. SurvivalCache

    Welcome to the announcements and suggestions forum!

    We are working on upgrading the forums and figuring out a better way to deal with spammers. It may be a few weeks before things the forums start looking like they used to because the skin (appearance) coding is not ready for the new software. Thanks for bearing with us in the meantime..
  10. hey please pm me. i have advertising question(s)

  11. SurvivalCache

    Forge Survival Supply Accolades or Issues: Post Here

    I'll follow up on this and get back to you. Thank you and I apologize for your less than stellar experience.
  12. SurvivalCache

    Forge Survival Supply Accolades or Issues: Post Here

    We apologize for any experiences with Forge Survival Supply that are less than satisfactory. We strive to do our best to fulfill every order as quickly and completely as possible. warrior7r, if you have an order # to go along with your complaint I can follow up with the rest of the team at FSS. Thanks.
  13. SurvivalCache

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    Thanks to the contestants and voters for contributing to this contest! For the top 3, look for an email from us in the next few weeks with information on collecting your prizes. The Survival Cache Team
  14. SurvivalCache

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    This post indicates the end of the entries for the final portion of the EDC Contest 2012. You are free to post on this thread, this post is just here to eliminate confusion for folks just looking to peruse the entries in making their decision on which one to vote for. Thanks! The SurvivalCache Team
  15. Your username has been corrected. Let me know if you have any other problems, thanks.