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    Tactical is a word I do not like....it's like " organic" it is very often just a reason to charge more and results in a product that isn't the best it could be. For instance the "tactical" hawk, the title results in a high cost and features that often interfere with it usefulness in a Hawks number one function, cutting wood. The word also implies "military" "combat" and other things that the preaparedness crowd likes to avoid being labeled with. There are a number of very useful and even "cool" items that are "tactical" but often the better option is a more tradional item. Think about it.... If trying to get yourself or your family out of town do you think looking like a SOF operator will help you blend in the crowd or get you shoot first, arrested, or robbed. The first tactical item needed is the training, knowledge, and skills and with these anything becomes "tactical".
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    I would even wager a guess while they may lose some nutritional value past expiration, they are likely safe to eat past that date and would give some calories to stave off hunger, though they make lack in terms of power packed vitamins and minerals.
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    Hi. Just another thing to consider is what type of precious metal to hold. Bullion can't be broken down/divided or carried easily. So coins are better. DH and I cashed in a whole life insurance policy I had that a grandpa started for me as a baby. We went online to APMEX and bought "junk" silver. Basically we have old quarters from days passed (before worthless money), that are all silver. They were once all in circulation. Some are dirtier than others. Some date back to the turn of the century. You can get nickels or dimes too. The face value of the coins now has no bearing. It's the weight. So you buy by weight. That's the extent of our physical precious metals. I do hold "paper" gold (ETFs) in a retirement portfolio. I'm leaving that alone due to taxation right now to withdraw. Meh. Not the best. As for cash, we have about $2k in smaller bills. Cash is good in the short term for when card readers are off (no debit or credit). The rest of our value is in "stuff" and supplies.
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    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/05/daniel-zimmerman/hi-point-inland-manufacturing-latest-brands-to-say-no-to-dicks-sporting-goods/ I like a company that is willing to stand up....in this modern landscape, at all.... These companies, while actually not risking anything other than becoming targets for the libtards (which would only up their sales), are taking a stand to "punish(?)" Dicks and hopefully others (Walmart?...please!) for turning their backs on their customers and the very ground on which they have profited for so long. While I wish this was more something I could expect and less something to be applauded, I will take this as hopefully a movement to be more upright and less PC though out the industry.
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    Wally, I went with Smith and Wesson, got myself a Body Guard polymer framed revolver, with integral CTs on it. Of course, I ditched the munchkin grips and put some decent Hogues on it, made for that revolver, gives more grip length, and reduces the twisting recoil with +P loads. Snake, I’m curmudgeonly enough now, to want to scrag, most people I meet whose innate stupidity makes them scraggable. However, it is presently illegal in all 50 states to scrag for sheer stupidity alone. So, I choose to not entangle myself in the vagaries of criminal jurisprudence at this point in my life. (But, you can appreciate, I certainly thought a great deal about scragging when situations called for it)
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    So, next week, we are going to see family and grandkids about 1600 miles from here. My wife has her Walther EDC, and I will have my G-26 with G19 mags and grip adapters, a .357 revolver, and a small 9 mm subcompact 9mm pistol for rest stop toilet breaks. Also, long gun will be my lever action .30-30 for critter control, be they two legged or peglegged, I’m not planning on doing any hunting at all, just like the ability to for farther with more. Ive been seriously thinking, always dangerous, that I “need” a nice bolt action 7.62x39 caliber rifle. So, I’ve looked, researched and shot a few. While I love the CZ version, I am more drawn to the Ruger American model, simply because if needed, I can use Mini-30mags in it. CZ is only a five rounder, and mags are pricey. I like the 7.62x39 round itself, and have found most loads I use to be extremely accurate in bolt actions. They also give me excellent groups out to 300 meters, which suits my road trip needs and concerns just fine. I can shoot a lot of rounds with little or no residual shoulder issues as well. Unfortunately, I’ve little faith in our politicians from any party, that they can tone down or eliminate their divisive rhetoric and intentional hate speech. I see the need to be prepared for “emergent contingencies”, while traveling. We’ve got a 90 day bucket of food, plenty of water, that goes with us, just in case. Yeah, it’s a heavy load, but, I don’t mind traveling “heavy”, because, I love my wife and kids, grandkids, and we don’t want to be anymore of a burden on them either, if I can limit or reduce needless suffering, why not? Son and daughter in law are getting very well prepared as well in most areas, and when possible, we’ve assisted with protection preps that we can use as well, when we are in residence. I Have a feeling that civil unrest ala Zimbabwe is not too far in the future for our Republic. I sincerely hope and pray not, but, we will prepare for it, and hope love for mankind will prevail in the hearts of most. Just some thoughts on this Good Friday’s Eve. May this Easter season be a blessed one for all.
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    May your travel be safe, & much blessings TPSnodgrass. I too like the 7.62x39 pill, & a big CZ fan indeed.
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    You cannot tell idiots anything we are preaching to each other no anti gun left wing alt left people would come or stay here they are not able to have a conversation on any topic unless it is their viewpoint and ends in their way and are willing to have the police implement it by use of deadly force and will giggle gleefully as they bust in your door abuse your rights and murder you under cover of law. In the last few hundred years EVERY DICTATOR HAS CONFISCATED WEAPONS SPEARS SWORDS AND GUNS then rounded up all the decentors and MURDERED THEM. They call right wingers Nazis well thats a load if we were they would be against the wall shot full of holes held in prison without due process attacked on the streets like the jews in Nazi Germany OH LOOK the Alt left does it to people who are against them now they are talking about using deadly force on unarmed protesters legally assembled. I as well as the whole country watched as the police allowed left wing protesters to burn down private property threaten peaceful citizens blockade hiways and where are the arrests ? where are the public trials ? where is the justice ? where is the transparency ? There is a concerted effort to silence free speech by private companies that own all the social media where are the protests ? where is the outrage ? where re all the old timers that have the time money and supposedly the backbone to hold a sit in on these companies dump their stock and do all the horrid things that the left does to get their way because there are ten times the number of us than them ! Apparently America is too lazy stupid or pathetic to have an opinion take a stand or swamp their representatives phone lines demanding action. Thinking this is America and "it can't happen here is stupid and they know they want to kill us off they hate us God and hey are the Nazis they want to change or eliminate the constitution end religious freedoms and install their version of life on all of us Canada is a prime example Troudo it the apex poster child for the New World order Illuminati agenda 21 and anyone that the first thoughts are conspiracy theory are more than brainless as all of hese facts reports and plans are on the U.N. website and the E.U. to destroy the family homogenize all the police and military under one leader one world government all others would be local oversight. look up mercury in inoculations WHY ? sudden up tick of downs syndrome we give billions to Africa and they are dying like flies. when was the last time you heard of a cure for any disease ? why do they want to lower the age of consent to 13 allow Sharia law as it lowers the age of sex to 9 years old for penetration and the use of their body for gratification to 2 up to 9. Ann Barnhardt has videos on all of this on youtube including the removal of the clitoris by a RAZOR BLADE sewing the labia together !!!! and the alt left NOW and other womans organizations are all for it.... Watch all of her videos she's got a head on her shoulders
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    Have gone through 7 flashlights so far that stoped working simply they were either droped in the snow, or rain got to them when I’m working outdoors doing something etc. They range from $5-60 each. Doing the math, I’ve spent likely close to $200 for all of them more or less. So I’ve been looking around for a water proof flashlight for about 2 years now that can handle the elements that Mother Nature gives us.. Yes it’s pricey, but theirs no manufactured flashlight that comes remotely close to it at present time. When it come to a waterproof flashlight, I’ll bite the bullet if I decide to purchase one, hey I can use the recite as a business right off. Certainly a win win in my thoughts. Did purchase a Nebo Larry Boss flashlight for my work about a week ago at a good deal for $53 taxes in from police ordnance in Canada. EBay & Amazon are selling them at about $70-80 with shipping. Time will tell if this one will hold out, as time pass by.
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    Concur. Dude needs to buy a chronograph and learn how to reload. Getting a .44 Magnum to 1000-1100fps with a 240-300 grain bullet should be a piece of cake. I doubt that even in the US, many manufacturers jump up and make supressor-ready ammo for the .44 Magnum; its normal use is out of a revolver, and well, suppressing a revolver is like suppressing Rosie O'Donnell's mouth - pretty much impossible to do.
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    I would not rather get shot (again) or ever get shot at (again) period. While some people may tote a .500 S&W, the reality is that the majority of the thug demographic, doesn't even have access to a handgun in that caliber. Most homicides in this country are in caliber .22LR, .380 ACP, or 9mm. (See FBI-DOJ Uniform Crime Report-annual) This should not be interpreted as these are "the" ne plus ultra fight stoppers. It simply means that at the time the trigger was pulled, at some point in time, the "victim" died from the administration of the bullet/s. While no caliber can be an instant fight stopper, the first rule of any gunfight, is HAVE a loaded gun. The second rule, equally important in my personal book of truth, is to not get into a gunfight in the first place. I carry legally because I've seen evil and know that it continues to flourish and exist everywhere in spite of my best efforts to avoid it like a politician. If all you have is a .380, it's better than a stern look, or a pencil.
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    Hamas founder dies after 'accidentally' shooting himself If this guy could do it anyone could January 9th, Fawzy Barhoum, spokesman for the Gaza-based Islamist terror group, said that Imad al-Alami, one of the movement’s most senior officials, was critically wounded when his personal firearm accidentally discharged. I am just so upset --- that it did not happen to more of them....
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    A BOB (bug out bag) or GHB (get home bag) is a cornerstone of preparedness, because when an emergency occurs there is little warning. I am not or claim to be a medically trained person doctor or Indian chief, I advise a first aid to a EMT level group of classes and to inform yourself online, remembering your legally responsible in some cases and should send a cold chill only a doctor or Nurse practitioner (specific) can give/ administer/ / prescribe medications EMERGENCY means a world of incalculable extremes that even the best equipped fire and emergency agencies must use other means to extract a injured person, remember that. Recent mudslides,earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or how about an accident on the road ? in an instant your a on scene first responder or need to sustain life of your own family members even yourself until a emergency response can be on site. The misnomer that the world is going to end is not just a recent event, BUT the world for some ends everyday and sometimes because they or a on site responder did not have the basic first aid knowledge or first aid kit enhanced with some very basic cheap items. Water is number 1, A stainless steel bottle/s of at least one quart, remembering never give water to unconscious or injured just dampen lips pat face it they are hot. an easy way to cool is to take towel wet and whip in a swinging motion in the air will cool a great deal. Stem bleeding #2 Stem is not stop and sometimes all you can do is slow it to a trickle, never remove a dressing add over retain pressure with a wide strap like a luggage strap with a cinch for smaller areas gauze, athletic tape and box of kotex a few Ace bandages in addition to a basic first aid kit and a Swiss army knife not a Chinese knockoff because this last a lifetime Warmth or shade of a blanket is 3 always have a real blanket like a fleece throw and a couple of space / emergency blankets remember not to move a person although they may look fine internal or unseen injuries may cripple or kill in dire emergencies / fire etc. you may have no choice splinting / immobilizing Paint stir sticks are about as cheap and easy to carry and use as anything I could imagine other than simple newspaper or magazine.try not to move the injured limb, splint or secure to the body in place, 550 paracord is useful as well. Other purposes of our "bag" is also personal comfort and that includes food drink to suit the climate you can buy MRE heaters you can also have cold packs that when the pouch within the bag is broken it turns almost to ice key areas to cool someone from a raging fever or heatstroke is to lower the bodies temp as fast as you can placing a cold pack under the armpits neck at the carotid area and even the crotch. wetting the body with alcohol is quick but water and fanning is good in summer shade is needed o keep from reheating. Weather appropriate clothing in winter your swimming trunks ain't going to make it. a full Tyvek suit from Homedepot is cheap wind and waterproof tiny when folded and disposable get it in a larger size to cover all of you with your winter clothing consider snow shoes or ice cleats/ crampons as falling or slipping is going to wear you out time and distance has killed more people from not being able to get to safety. snow chains ? if you need them only once they are well worth it. If you live where there are mountains hills and gullies a rope like Kernmantle 9MM or 10MM climbing rope 3 or 4 "real" weight bearing caribiners look for used on EBAY as this is pricey new and you may never need it but it makes a good tow rope in fact a few tow straps connected with Caribiners could work. even if you can't another person on site might be able to use the equipment and if that is all we can do is be to help we have done more than 10 people goggling although calling 911 is the very first thing to do. My BOB or GHB may have other items specific to my experience needs or training / knowledge as should yours not all of this need to be expensive, rummage through garage sales thrift and resale shops a back pack and all the items won't cost that much. THE END OF THE WORLD, Ask anyone that has survived any catastrophic weather or natural disaster event fire or bridge collapse ? bridge failures 2000 to present Bridges connect water isolated or impassable areas to livable drivable land imagine a winter like this and or a heatwave and your stuck in traffic for a plain accident I have been for many hours do you have enough fuel to run your precious AC or heat do you have a gas can so if there is a station you can go get some ? do you have cash in case the ATM's don't work ? do you have spare key hidden in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle in a crisis as can happen when your preoccupied ? only stupid people think they will never die or get injured or sick of for that matter get in a jam. People with their feet on the ground and w/ common sense choose to mitigate and be prepared mentally and with the basic items. Why a BOB or GHB because it is being physically responsible for yourself family and unfortunate souls in mortal danger who may be too stupid to have thought for anyone else including themselves
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    I have watched most if not all his videos and I've never heard the sound of his voice, after some of the others out there this alone is priceless...
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    For me personally, I do believe in God’s Divine Plan of Happiness, for us, all of us, (even Hillary if she chooses), to gain our mortal bodies, and one day, return to His presence. However, just as we as allegedly practicing Christians, should, BY EXAMPLE, (note:this includes all who profess to be Judeo-Christian, including politicians, intellectuals, etc.) be kind to each other. This does not mean I am going to turn my behind into a local thug’s bicycle rack, turning the other cheek, means forgiveness. However, with that forgiveness, justice must still be meted out . If you are a thug, and abusing any innocent or vulnerable person, in my presence, expect your mortality on this world to be immediately hastened. Turning whomever into non-consensual victims, is NOT “tolerance, equality, or love”. While I do try to practice what I preach, it is difficult. The difference, is, I do keep on trying to do good to my fellow beings. Just as we shouldn’t censor ideas, or thoughts that are in disagreement with ours, don’t demand that I “look the other way”, just because in some thug’s culture, or religious ideology, he can abuse, rape, sodomize or murder to his hearts content. In this Republic’s culture and religious ideology, that kind of “behavior”, rightly is prohibited by both God and mankind. Don’t like it? Then practice Sharia Law, or your political selfishness someplace else. I refuse to submit to your expectation of “tolerance and/or re-education.”
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    Fish do pee in water, as do I every single time I’m in the ocean or any body of fresh water....including swimming pools. So do all of you, ya just don’t have the testicular fortitude to admit it!!!
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    I'm new to keeping bees...we just got our hive in September. We bought 2 at that time but one was infected with wax moth larva so we returned it. Other than that they have been very little problem and a lot of fun to learn about. I will say they are not cheap. We got a good deal on the hive its self but after buying all the gear to go with it we spent around $500. Now that we have all the gear and can split our hive the cost is me t to nothing...and with local honey costing $9 a pint we should have paid for its self by next year. I had use of a backhoe today so I prepped a new area for our garden. First I sprinkled our 2nd year compost pile over the area (50ft ×50ft). Then I covered that with 4 inches of sand I had stock piled. Lastly I saturated the hole area in 300 gallons of rabbit "poo tea" from our rabbit pellet catchment system. For the next few months ill dump 20 or 30 wheelbarrow full of rabbit pellets on top of that and till it in. With that area our garden has grown to nearly 1/4 acre...not bad for having to haul in every bit of quality dirt ..our natural soil is terrible.
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    Haven't been online much, but I've been busy cranking out ammo - almost all my 9mm cases are loaded, and I got a great deal on a bunch of Xtreme Bullets plated 200-grn SWC .45 ACP bullets, so I'm doing some load developement to see what my Sig P220s like. .222 and .223 is next... Found a ton of still-in-the-package pink R19 insulation at the dump (!) so I've been insulating crawl spaces and other less well insulated areas in my 100-year-old house. WAAAAY too much fun. Oh yeah, deer season is on! Trying to plug bambi so I can try out my dehydrator and canner that I got over the summer...
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    Today was raking and burning leaves cleaning the garden beds for winter garden and general yard cleanup. Yesterday I pulled 60 bullets from unknown origin ammo looked good so I will reload them with a known powder and charge I know is safe. one day I intend to tackle my desk well I have 2 both get a bit cluttered but that is for a rainy day.
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    well another 300 shells trimmed chamfered mil crimp removed polished 200 tomorrow toss them in and take the others out of the tumbler, so I can star priming. I wanted to try a Lee perfect powder measure and a friend sent me one, so now I can try this out. I have the auto disk from Lee but it does not dispense large volumes unless you stack the disks and sometimes you have to double so I will relegate this to powder through the expander die for pistol only. I also have a Ideal model 55 but it does cut extruded powder grains so I want to try the The perfect powder measure I can clamp to my table and be able to move it to wherever it is comfortable. I also love the fact that a twist of the hopper shuts off the powder and you can remove it. I may make a step for y digital scale one I got from Ballistic products fits in a pocket and works like a champ for much less than other powder scales I think it cost about 30 bucks.
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    Besides, I’m thrilled at the collapse of the nuclear testing mountain, and hope WE definitely had something to do with it. Happy Halloween to the FatLittleNork!
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    Hi, not new but have been away for years. I have a new life now, and am looking at prepping now for my new lifestyle. This time around, i will be joined by Mrs. Brick and the Brick Family Animals. Glad to be here again!
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    I recently bought 10 5 gallon buckets of freeze dried meals and 20 #10 cans of various kinds at an estate sale. They were produced in 2012 and had been kept in a 72 degree environment. I figure I've got 10 more years before they spoil. The 2012 end of days stuff has been turning up a bit lately.....I see those $20 Wind up flashlights at every yard sale for $1....I bet I've got 20 so for. Lol
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    I would like to add to my post the following comment, While I have been the lead investigator on more than a few well known politically sensitive cases, none were as big and as catastrophic as the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Group Cluster. personally, I am strongly of the opinion, given the strange behavior of security officer Campos, taking a powder from his Union’s office last night, set of televised interviews, that Campos is also criminally involved in this matter, some how. I have long held suspicions about how he “happened”to be on the 32d floor when the shooting started, and managed a m8nor leg wound. There are NO “coincidences”in life. They are scientifically implausible explanations, when arm-chair experts speculate, like I’m doing now. Yeah, I do think he’s involved in this up to his eyeballs, which would explain Mandalay Bay’s coming out with a totally different timeline... they (MB) are also pretty sure their employee is/was involved or at least co-opted by Paddock. This would put them squarely in the personal injury cross-hairs of Plaintiffs Counsel, and billions in losses.
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    Having been the lead investigator in a few “politically delicate”; investigations, in my past LE career, I can personally attest to the goat-rope every one of them was internally. I’ve found that since people are human, sometimes, they do make mistakes. However, the absolute cluster the revised timeline has been, seems to me, to indicate a “controlled narrative” going on behind the scenes, more along the lines of a CYA, than anything else. Yes, Vegas casinos do have surveillance in every single hallway that are superb. Those are for defense fr9m spurious litigation suits, more than anything else, so, the property can prove they were NOT liable more than anything else. I’m just speculating, that the timeline differences between the hotel’s account of their corporate behavior “a legal defense terminology”, and the actual response time from the LVMPD’s PR perspective to indeed be “different”. I will also wager a house payment, that, there was a total cluster in response management oversight, tha5 contributed greatly to the , let’s call it “confusion”, about when uniformed LVMPD officers arrived on scene, and confr9nted the shooter. I’ve seen pers9nally situations between patrol wanting to go in and neutralize an active shooter, and the SWAT/EST people arguing about who has “command”, of the situation. I would like to believe that LVMPD did not have that k8nd of a urinating contest in the middle of this country’s worst active shooter situation, but Ill bet two house payments, that IS what happened, as well as Mandalay Bay property ownership trying to cover their assets, before “allowing” the coppers to get inside the 32nd floor hallway. Those two things alone, could have caused the 70 minute plus delay in making the entry into the shooters rooom/s. I am not at all happy, wit( the Fox News (today) reporting of the FBI “wiping”all phones and other electronic devices, left at the shooting victims scene. Such actions fuel the conspiracy theorists insatiable appetites for bovine excrement sandwiches. Yes, the Hotel and Las Vega# Metro are both covering their assets for ENTIRELY different purposes. Will we ever know what really happened in the Total Goat Rope? I highly doubt it. Was there only one shooter? Yes, I do believe that. Was he ISIS, nope. Was he a Leftist/Socialist/Marxist political leaner? I would bet three house payments he was. Is the Sheriff of Clark County a Democrat trying to minimize political fallout to the tourist industry as well as his own political future? Of course he is. Is the FBI playing square with LVMPD? Hell no, they’ve never played square with any agency they ‘ve ever been involved with, it’s their corporate culture. Apologies for the long diatribe and expressed opinion.
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    Sorry, I know because of my run on sentences punctuation in not helped by my frustration with my keyboard. I go through them regularly. I have tried all the name brands and they die just the same. One problem is I have some nerve damage in my right hand last 2 fingers a bit twitchy and my left hand is more like a club I can beat things with it and not feel it too much. that is why I figure I do not get in my "S" I don't really feel it so I am not tapping the key hard enough when I check my post I notice I have to insert them. I compensate by striking the keys hard enough to hear them so I know they should be "down" . Then are e-mails and calls and other things going on checking up etc. I have 2 computers w/ 3 monitors going when I am in, and I have projects I build / tinker with if I get a hot idea I either write it down or act on it and as of now I am filling Christmas presents to friends and sadly that list is getting shorter every year. During my computer time cut paste & print to keep up my notebook some of which I post portions here, therefore my mind gets distracted and once I start typing punctuation is an obstruction to my thought processes
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    I got a little good news yesterday. Our 5 year long nightmare with the irs is over. They audited us for 2010&2011. They said we owed $16000. After all these years an independent arbitrator found they owed us $277. Yippee. I know I know ....that means they only had to pay $59 per year to torcher us , make us miss sleep and stress us endlessly....but we didn't cave to the f+@#ers.
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    i've heard of people saying the 22 is not worth anything but i disagree a well placed shot can do much damage. i've heard of people getting booted from forums for defending the 22...
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    Snake, I believe that the absolute APATHY, of the electorate is the single biggest reason why we have out of control thugs and law enforcement. I spent 27 years in law enforcement, and saw a steady devolution , if yountill, from being a "WE, work for the public,...", to an US vs. them culture. I am far too personally familiar with the officer who tried to arrest the nurse situation, and the disgusting hospital police and security officers stood and did nothing to come to her aid. ,fortunately,her attorney is going to make sure the nurse in question get a very large check from the hospital and from the city in that case. while the SCOTUS has ruled decades ago, that law enforcement cannot be held liable for your losses, severe trauma injuries and/or death at the hands of predators, I believe that we, the taxpayers need to hold our employees accountable for their actions, and they ARE OUR EMPLOYEES. Their sole revenue source is a confiscatory based revenue generation from our property and sales taxes in all fifty states, so, we do pay them, however, indirectly. So, it is our responsibility and moral agency, to speak out when we see the bad and inefficient, as well as speak out to recognize and visible support the good. Blaming it on our frustration to drain the swamp we ourselves allowed to fester and petrify is ridiculous. We the people, created that damn swamp, by allowing ourselves to "trust" thenpoliticians. HUGE mistake on our part, the world's oldest professionals are far more trustworthy in my experience. (No actual professional contact other than having to arrest a few). The political elite as they call themselves are a societal cancer and nothing else. That cancer has almost destroyed this Republic. Im not going to see it die from that kind of rot from within, if I can do anything at all about it, no matter how small or insignificant my elected cancers think I am. I am not going easy...screw 'em!
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    I am a bit troubled by the "law" as all the actors involved seem to try confuse the issue between a law abiding citizen and a CREEP THUG or CRIMINAL in fact they have the ability to make everyone a criminal people have been arrested for having their medication on them without the bottle and a hundred other things I just watched a youtube video where a policeman asked / demanded for a blood sample where he had no right and the hospital policy also did not allow for the nurse to gather a sample and he arrested her all the while other officers just watched as well as hospital police and anyone witnessing would know he was out of line yet no one tried to stop him another time a state patrol stopped a man speeding and held him as his wife died.......... and a hundred other misguided incidents one that especially that I recall was the killing of a man & wife because of a mistake in the address on a warrant man tried to stop what he thought was a break in and he was shot because he had a gun that excuse could not be used for the naked shot dead wife though. Problem is because the entity that oversees the police backs them because of lawsuits not always because they are right and many times they are and get stuck because of political pressure social justice warriors and loons. If the only people that have a right to defend themselves are CHL holders the criminals are laughing their azzes off because that is a fraction of the considerable population and that does not include aliens or people that have recently moves from another state or travelers makes the criminal just look for easier victims or profile them for every distinct crime that is made difficult they shift gears and look for alternative crimes that pay with less exposure to lethal force like kidnapping blackmail extortion prostitution child pornography and other tactics that I will not get into but believe me when I say that the police are the largest impediment to stopping crime and most seem to resent 'amateurs" as they see it and even when the victim is in the right try their best to implicate them as well the D.A.'s political leanings also play into this if they are progressives / left leaning politically you can bet they will press every charge they can come up with that is why people need to have to buy concealed carry insurance in my state you can get it if you have a CHL or not -- think about that .is it better to be carried by 6 or tried by 12 with a good lawyer at your elbow. I do not like to lump all officers in the same bunch BUT when your not sure who can you trust ? and anything you say can be used against you regardless if your right or wrong and you still needed to defend yourself in some cases if you step off your property your liable if you chase even if to recover stolen property or if you or your family was injured or dead from the encounter consider that now make it a public space or you have to go pick your child from school go into a bank hospital or federal building ???????? your rights are sh*t the constitution is wall paper and you just lost all your rights forever ! this is why the criminal is not a vanishing breed because all the powers that be either cannot tell the difference are apathetic or do not want crime to decline or are part of it.
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    Thinking about the flooding mess Texas is having, a worthy prep one should consider is a canoe or a inflatable boat, like a Zodiac. I was fortunate enough to get a used Zodic from a friend last summer for free. Im supprised there's no incident about alligators or shark attacks , since the flooding in the inner city's of Texas.
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    This is even worse than this video can possibly cover. just where I live I went around and found I need to donate to the local church that is housing almost 100 people and what really annoyed me is that they came basically with the clothes on their back --- really they had nothing to bring not a can of soup a box of crackers ??? OH they brough their dogs w/ no food I saw no one with a back pack NO ONE. Since this is a "natural" disaster I will help but when the flag goes up everyone is on their own but if anyone has ogled my posts I tell that we have way to many stupid, ignorrant and lazy people in this world ! Just how can people sit on their azz and not bother to go out and look for themselves find high ground to take your vehicles to but the real mind boggling issue no back pack even if it is up to your arm pits you can bag the contents everything we post here about BOB's is exactly why people need to BE READY with medications first aid kits food water filtration dry clothes and proper clothing so once they get somewhere they are not at the mercy of what may be unbearable like in Katrina at the dome. one water filtering bottle will sustain a family for the duration of even this storm. there is no clean water except in pressurized systems but even those may be suspect. as of now most hospitals are NOT OPEN they cannot get staff in and I am sure the supplies are dwindling as we have for years counted on just in time stocking. GHB's in peoples vehicles and BOB's could have been a literal live saver as most of these shelters are impromptu spur of the moment and they have very limited if any supplies food or clothing a simple sleeping bag or yoga mat is better than a cold concrete floor and expect to treat your own minor cuts scratches and minor illnesses as the water is filthy sewers all kinds of chemicals etc. I do not have children or grand children near ut I have bought and stored infamil type baby formula (dry) I just donated all of it !!! can you believe people with children leave without diapers formula or warm clothing in a garbage bag ? personal responsibility does not stop at the tip of your nose children wives grand children think ahead so you do become a statistic IMHO.
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    Man this thing is like a Pit Bull it wont let go, now it is suppose to go back out in the gulf and return straight up over Houston and go north I am fairly sure we have gotten more than 24 inches of fain --- this is like a blind rapist it's all over the place ! I do know many officers and fire department personnel and know they got balls like a brass monkey they ain't gonna stop backup or quit `as well we have a citizenry that will come and pitch in using their own equipment gas boats etc. it is just very sad that many that could have evacuated did not bother many well, because it has never even got water on their street are flooded. Flooding is possible anywhere if the rain is constant and long enough and wind your home will sustain damage and leak with wind driving water in and around doors and windows. All I know it has not really stopped raining but from a sprinkle to a deluge back and forth, I am not too worried about my property or danger here but as far as I know we might be flooded in for a few days and we still have power here that is AMAZING ! and a blessing and I blame all of you for your prayers and good wishes, Thank You ALL !I have been calling my friends neighbors and church members and they are all doing OK so we are very blessed If I were to ask for rescue it is from bad TV at leat we have internet and that too is totally Amazing. It does make me worry for many that are going to be displaced for months and then that is just the start if they can or if it is worth it to go back and try to collect some personal belongings and memorabilia I am glad that the temp has been low as during Katrina it was a hot mess without power so I had to swap off AC freezer refrigerator and fans and give the generator a break now and again-- it could still happen. the real 800 pound gorilla is that there are people hell bent on attacking trump about his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all the other pathetic SJW / snowflake issues and they have money to travel to riot destroy property and cause trouble but no time to help in a life and death emergency, I think this out to put them in perspective as useless selfish self centered individuals with no common sense and we would do will to ignore and push back on their Ideals because you can give them all they want and will only want more and if you don't give it to them like a spoiled child will threaten and cause all the more trouble IMO.
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    We are about to have a training session here in the area Hurricane Harvey Katrina Rita were fun power was out flooding and this one looks like it could go either way from 4 inches of rain to 22 inches in a few days. Today I got fresh gas tested the generator collected all the extension cords splitters and I have got just about anything walmart does in smaller portions. freezing bottled water gel packs got 4 ice chest 40 pound of ice plenty of water prepared food and chips add water etc etc etc. enough medical supplies to cover a excursion into the Amazon. plenty of wood for my BAR-B-Q pit plenty of propane. --- I pray our structure remains in tact as these storms whip up tornadoes that is out of our control but are very devastating none the less.
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    0 % coverage up here in Ontario Canada. I was casting slugs all day outside, no eclipse, zero, nada, zilch.
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    I always, ALWAYS SNIFF, the toothpaste tube to make sure Innever repeat such a mistake. Yeah, I've made that one a few times before.
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    I share with my dogs it's not like I have a choice they can hear a cheese slice wrapper from the far fence with the door closed.
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    We use PMs, ONLY as a means of "wealth protection", for the "after-collapse". We also are great fans of junk bags of silver coins, (dimes and quarters with 90% silver content.), we also have "some" of the fractional bars wherein one can break off 1gram increments of gold for "trade". We feel our situation is a bit different than most folks, as we also have some "emergency cash" on hand 20's and lower denomination bills, for any kind of interim emergency needs. Also, we keep stocking up on our supply of brass and lead, can't EVER have "too much", unless you are on fire or trying to swim...
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    TpSnodgrass I pray for your fast and complete recovery sorry to hear your not feeling empowered I think the term, just remember If God is with you who can be against you ! NORKS that great funny as hell. AND Just remember hemorrhoid creme should not be stored where you keep your toothpaste when driving keep the rubber side down and when having amours activities do not use names as a wrong one could ruin the mood ! just remember as well we are all roosters one day feather dusters the next Well thats all I got
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    Very interesting post, Snake. For a few years as well as many months, I have been "feeling" prompted to ensure that my spiritual salvation as well as our temporal salvation were in "balance" with each other. I have been having interesting dreams in regards to both balance parts, that are meaningful to me and me alone. I have begun looking at one "seeing" things from a different "perspective", still the same cynical pessimistic me, but with a different perspective is all I can describe it as. I do believe we are being sent messages individually as well as for all of us, that the "time is a LOT closer than WE think it is". I have never believed in what most people call or refer to, as "coincidence". That simply does not fit into the order of the universe and the created Earth as we know it. I do believe that for every Disciple of Christ, we have disciples of doom (Satan), that are just as active or evangelical in thier prosyleting as Christians are to be in theirs. Evil does e it's, and a refusal to acknowledge or believe that it exists, perpetuates those evangelical missives from, "the other side". That side, is one I choose to be as far estranged from as I can physically be, because it is not correct for me, as a personal belief, for my family, and those loved ones I call my family. Things are changing rapidly.
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    Awareness is first, surprise is due to ignorance of your surroundings. people and events cannot surprise you if you keep your head on a swivel. I do not let people crowd me in a line where I use my bank card I keep my eyes open and do not let people come up behind me I use glass shadows and try to keep and an oblique angle to doors windows or openings I do not answer a door or phone that is not mine or I know whats on the other side before. Mindset is controlled paranoia or condition yellow no one with a hoodie is allowed in my space without a good eyeballin' carrying of objects or bags news papers at night especially so. Face demeanor means nothing smiling or feigned preoccupation with a phone counting change reading a map or letter before I exit or enter a vehicle or door I try to be watchful of what is going on around me. A door is not just an exit sometimes it's a trap many fires have many people stacked up on the door that opened inward. Do not believe what you hear unless you can validate it by human sources, more than one is best, sometimes it is just by observation. If you look at everyone around you as dead a potential hostage, witness or stupid you have a better chance than if you think you have a rescue nearby,In fact look at all of them to run like blind rats. or just stand there like a cigar store Indian IE Waco Texas luby's mass shooting. If you have never been in a life or death struggle with beasts, mechanical catastrophe, man or nature chances are your at a severe disadvantage mindset is partially experience and just because people have experience does not mean they have not gained a phobia to the point of panic or Iron will. Doubt is a killer Fukashima the tsunami warnings blared and people did not increase their pace or look to the sea or jumped out of vehicles that could have outrun (possibly) the waves and ran. Numerous situations where people had time heard or saw a warning sign and ignored it and never forget playing possum is not outside the rules nor is fainting women fight when being taken and depending on distance or time dead weight is hard to move so fall down play dead grab your left chest and hope to win an Oscar. Running an be an option small fires cause explosions Bear attacks running is not advised go for the eyes is always a plan. your never under gunned just not behind a sufficient barrier or best tactical position. If you can maintain calm while all about you are loosing theirs you obviously do not perceive the problem.....YET, Now can you devise a plan of action fast enough to survive. Sometimes reacting is better than thinking. The problem is you will not know until the situation has been resolved. Willingness are you willing to make a leap of faith take a chance that is less than one in a hundred and face certain death for it and do it again and again because that is the unknown factor the breaking point when the will or confidence fails you. and death is 100% there are NO survivors in this world no one lives forever records are always being broken death takes the innocent guilty fast slow old and young it has 0 failure rate eventually it will get you. I know people that sh*t in a colostomy bag piss through a catheter missing limbs eyes in nut wards drunkards junkies or old and so feeble can barley walk but the days of their youth or before their incident even the devil stepped aside some and all will be held down by a gravestone eventually. some calamities lasted hundreds of years bad leaders revolt nature civil war you can survive and live in hell till you die, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you - you could out live your whole family children and all your friends. Last you can make all the right decisions and die anyway because the outcome had already been calculated by God chance physics or pure bad Juju. and can you live with your decisions ?
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    I would get some physical silver, how much should one get. Depends how deep are your pockets. Average in a SHTF 20 ounces per person, should be fine. Cash per person short term, couple hundred in small bills, 1,5 & 10's . What I think would be most valuable is water filteration system, food, seeds Medications & something you can use for self defence.
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    Comradary on Internet forums fountain soda cold beer flushing toilets hot showers....without time limits... karaoke bars Carry out pizza the kids going to school 8 hrs a day Sports Illustrated swim suit edition cold chocolate milk Rallys fries
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    honesty Yup, some people can’t handle the truth! My Favorite Animal Our teacher asked what my favorite animal was, and I said, "Fried chicken." She said I wasn't funny, but she couldn't have been right, because everyone else laughed. My parents told me to always tell the truth. I did. Fried chicken is my favorite animal. I told my dad what happened and he said my teacher was probably a member of PETA He said they love animals very much. I do, too. Especially chicken, pork and beef. Anyway, my teacher sent me to the principal's office. I told him what happened, and he laughed, too. Then he told me not to do it again. The next day in class my teacher asked me what my favorite live animal was. I told her it was chicken. She asked me why, so I told her it was because you could make them into fried chicken. She sent me back to the principal's office. He laughed, and told me not to do it again. I don't understand. My parents taught me to be honest, but my teacher doesn’t like it when I am. Today, my teacher asked me to tell her what famous military person I admired most. I told her, "Colonel Sanders." Guess where the heck I am now…
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    TP searching, finding, sending, retrieving, archiving are not functions of AI. Using a voice recognition "personal assistant" to do them is...when you type in "phone" and it starts to give you suggestions that change as you continue to type, that is AI (and these are increasingly user specific). The issue is when the AI in the personal assistant with an open mic catches "keywords" like gun, Christ, flat tax,freedom...then gets good enough to do "key phrases" like " I don't care if they pass that law I'm not turning in my gun, they don't even know about the S&W..." then archives them under your personal record that while not " ...containing individual personal info ..." On your identity has all the info stored in pieces unconnected so as to not be an actual "identity" but a few keystrokes from it. When you are being Phished, Catfished, targeted, or engaged by these (and you are....those clumsy emails and ads) they can argue that it is an attempt to better serve you as a consumer. The real issue is the use of the data and info gleaned, gathered, or stolen by these AI programs and those who have it.... The FBI has already attempted to subpoena audio from open mics on Google products, now I know as a LEO you can see the advantage of access to these to stop criminals, rescue stolen children, catch drug dealers and rapists....but as the saying goes "we can't throw out the baby with the bath water" or "start down that slippery slope" and if we " wait to burn that bridge when we get to it" we will be on the wrong side with no way back...and " up {#^+ creek without a paddle"....
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    Around 15 years ago I started my journey as a prepper. In addition to a reasonable supply of food stuffs and an unreasonable supply of ammo I wanted to add skills to compliment my new way of life. One of the first skills I chose to work on was identifing wild plants as food and medicine. When I first started I knew maybe 10 plants which is above average...but all true Texas country boys have chewed a stem of sour dock (sheep's soral) at one time or another. Now 15 years in I am able to identify 120+ by name and usage. It has even begin to rub of on my wife and son. ( the boy is well ahead of where I was at 13 ) The hardest part of learning all these plants was finding a book or web site that had good reliable pictures and descriptions of each plant. Most books are nearly useless....half the web sites are just plane wrong. Since I already have done the leg work to find the best places to study plants I thought share them with you. By far the sharpest "plant guy" I have ever known is Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen. He has a book out that is far and away the best wild edible book I have ever used. "Idiots guide to foraging" is 10 out of 10 stars imho. You can find it for about $15 at the other best place....his web site "Foraging Texas" . I know it says Texas but most of the plants talked about are found thru out the south...and a large portion are nation wide. If you ever have the chance to take Dr Vorderbruggen's wild edibles hike\class I highly recommend it as well.....yeah I'm a fan.
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    Yeah, and the problem is.....? We are pretty close geologically to the "Yellowstone Caldera", so, if/when she blows, we will "drop" in for a visit Snake. Re-sighting in my Mooisin-Nagant Facist Fighter, just to make sure Petra is still good to go, when she needs to be. Figure that rubbing the rounds with my breakfast/dinner bacon is also a great way to send the "Welcome to OUR neighborhood", message. I'm a simple man after all.