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    Tactical is a word I do not like....it's like " organic" it is very often just a reason to charge more and results in a product that isn't the best it could be. For instance the "tactical" hawk, the title results in a high cost and features that often interfere with it usefulness in a Hawks number one function, cutting wood. The word also implies "military" "combat" and other things that the preaparedness crowd likes to avoid being labeled with. There are a number of very useful and even "cool" items that are "tactical" but often the better option is a more tradional item. Think about it.... If trying to get yourself or your family out of town do you think looking like a SOF operator will help you blend in the crowd or get you shoot first, arrested, or robbed. The first tactical item needed is the training, knowledge, and skills and with these anything becomes "tactical".
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    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/05/daniel-zimmerman/hi-point-inland-manufacturing-latest-brands-to-say-no-to-dicks-sporting-goods/ I like a company that is willing to stand up....in this modern landscape, at all.... These companies, while actually not risking anything other than becoming targets for the libtards (which would only up their sales), are taking a stand to "punish(?)" Dicks and hopefully others (Walmart?...please!) for turning their backs on their customers and the very ground on which they have profited for so long. While I wish this was more something I could expect and less something to be applauded, I will take this as hopefully a movement to be more upright and less PC though out the industry.
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    Wally, I went with Smith and Wesson, got myself a Body Guard polymer framed revolver, with integral CTs on it. Of course, I ditched the munchkin grips and put some decent Hogues on it, made for that revolver, gives more grip length, and reduces the twisting recoil with +P loads. Snake, I’m curmudgeonly enough now, to want to scrag, most people I meet whose innate stupidity makes them scraggable. However, it is presently illegal in all 50 states to scrag for sheer stupidity alone. So, I choose to not entangle myself in the vagaries of criminal jurisprudence at this point in my life. (But, you can appreciate, I certainly thought a great deal about scragging when situations called for it)
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    So, next week, we are going to see family and grandkids about 1600 miles from here. My wife has her Walther EDC, and I will have my G-26 with G19 mags and grip adapters, a .357 revolver, and a small 9 mm subcompact 9mm pistol for rest stop toilet breaks. Also, long gun will be my lever action .30-30 for critter control, be they two legged or peglegged, I’m not planning on doing any hunting at all, just like the ability to for farther with more. Ive been seriously thinking, always dangerous, that I “need” a nice bolt action 7.62x39 caliber rifle. So, I’ve looked, researched and shot a few. While I love the CZ version, I am more drawn to the Ruger American model, simply because if needed, I can use Mini-30mags in it. CZ is only a five rounder, and mags are pricey. I like the 7.62x39 round itself, and have found most loads I use to be extremely accurate in bolt actions. They also give me excellent groups out to 300 meters, which suits my road trip needs and concerns just fine. I can shoot a lot of rounds with little or no residual shoulder issues as well. Unfortunately, I’ve little faith in our politicians from any party, that they can tone down or eliminate their divisive rhetoric and intentional hate speech. I see the need to be prepared for “emergent contingencies”, while traveling. We’ve got a 90 day bucket of food, plenty of water, that goes with us, just in case. Yeah, it’s a heavy load, but, I don’t mind traveling “heavy”, because, I love my wife and kids, grandkids, and we don’t want to be anymore of a burden on them either, if I can limit or reduce needless suffering, why not? Son and daughter in law are getting very well prepared as well in most areas, and when possible, we’ve assisted with protection preps that we can use as well, when we are in residence. I Have a feeling that civil unrest ala Zimbabwe is not too far in the future for our Republic. I sincerely hope and pray not, but, we will prepare for it, and hope love for mankind will prevail in the hearts of most. Just some thoughts on this Good Friday’s Eve. May this Easter season be a blessed one for all.
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    May your travel be safe, & much blessings TPSnodgrass. I too like the 7.62x39 pill, & a big CZ fan indeed.
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    You cannot tell idiots anything we are preaching to each other no anti gun left wing alt left people would come or stay here they are not able to have a conversation on any topic unless it is their viewpoint and ends in their way and are willing to have the police implement it by use of deadly force and will giggle gleefully as they bust in your door abuse your rights and murder you under cover of law. In the last few hundred years EVERY DICTATOR HAS CONFISCATED WEAPONS SPEARS SWORDS AND GUNS then rounded up all the decentors and MURDERED THEM. They call right wingers Nazis well thats a load if we were they would be against the wall shot full of holes held in prison without due process attacked on the streets like the jews in Nazi Germany OH LOOK the Alt left does it to people who are against them now they are talking about using deadly force on unarmed protesters legally assembled. I as well as the whole country watched as the police allowed left wing protesters to burn down private property threaten peaceful citizens blockade hiways and where are the arrests ? where are the public trials ? where is the justice ? where is the transparency ? There is a concerted effort to silence free speech by private companies that own all the social media where are the protests ? where is the outrage ? where re all the old timers that have the time money and supposedly the backbone to hold a sit in on these companies dump their stock and do all the horrid things that the left does to get their way because there are ten times the number of us than them ! Apparently America is too lazy stupid or pathetic to have an opinion take a stand or swamp their representatives phone lines demanding action. Thinking this is America and "it can't happen here is stupid and they know they want to kill us off they hate us God and hey are the Nazis they want to change or eliminate the constitution end religious freedoms and install their version of life on all of us Canada is a prime example Troudo it the apex poster child for the New World order Illuminati agenda 21 and anyone that the first thoughts are conspiracy theory are more than brainless as all of hese facts reports and plans are on the U.N. website and the E.U. to destroy the family homogenize all the police and military under one leader one world government all others would be local oversight. look up mercury in inoculations WHY ? sudden up tick of downs syndrome we give billions to Africa and they are dying like flies. when was the last time you heard of a cure for any disease ? why do they want to lower the age of consent to 13 allow Sharia law as it lowers the age of sex to 9 years old for penetration and the use of their body for gratification to 2 up to 9. Ann Barnhardt has videos on all of this on youtube including the removal of the clitoris by a RAZOR BLADE sewing the labia together !!!! and the alt left NOW and other womans organizations are all for it.... Watch all of her videos she's got a head on her shoulders
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    Have gone through 7 flashlights so far that stoped working simply they were either droped in the snow, or rain got to them when I’m working outdoors doing something etc. They range from $5-60 each. Doing the math, I’ve spent likely close to $200 for all of them more or less. So I’ve been looking around for a water proof flashlight for about 2 years now that can handle the elements that Mother Nature gives us.. Yes it’s pricey, but theirs no manufactured flashlight that comes remotely close to it at present time. When it come to a waterproof flashlight, I’ll bite the bullet if I decide to purchase one, hey I can use the recite as a business right off. Certainly a win win in my thoughts. Did purchase a Nebo Larry Boss flashlight for my work about a week ago at a good deal for $53 taxes in from police ordnance in Canada. EBay & Amazon are selling them at about $70-80 with shipping. Time will tell if this one will hold out, as time pass by.
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    Concur. Dude needs to buy a chronograph and learn how to reload. Getting a .44 Magnum to 1000-1100fps with a 240-300 grain bullet should be a piece of cake. I doubt that even in the US, many manufacturers jump up and make supressor-ready ammo for the .44 Magnum; its normal use is out of a revolver, and well, suppressing a revolver is like suppressing Rosie O'Donnell's mouth - pretty much impossible to do.
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    I would not rather get shot (again) or ever get shot at (again) period. While some people may tote a .500 S&W, the reality is that the majority of the thug demographic, doesn't even have access to a handgun in that caliber. Most homicides in this country are in caliber .22LR, .380 ACP, or 9mm. (See FBI-DOJ Uniform Crime Report-annual) This should not be interpreted as these are "the" ne plus ultra fight stoppers. It simply means that at the time the trigger was pulled, at some point in time, the "victim" died from the administration of the bullet/s. While no caliber can be an instant fight stopper, the first rule of any gunfight, is HAVE a loaded gun. The second rule, equally important in my personal book of truth, is to not get into a gunfight in the first place. I carry legally because I've seen evil and know that it continues to flourish and exist everywhere in spite of my best efforts to avoid it like a politician. If all you have is a .380, it's better than a stern look, or a pencil.
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    Hamas founder dies after 'accidentally' shooting himself If this guy could do it anyone could January 9th, Fawzy Barhoum, spokesman for the Gaza-based Islamist terror group, said that Imad al-Alami, one of the movement’s most senior officials, was critically wounded when his personal firearm accidentally discharged. I am just so upset --- that it did not happen to more of them....
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    A BOB (bug out bag) or GHB (get home bag) is a cornerstone of preparedness, because when an emergency occurs there is little warning. I am not or claim to be a medically trained person doctor or Indian chief, I advise a first aid to a EMT level group of classes and to inform yourself online, remembering your legally responsible in some cases and should send a cold chill only a doctor or Nurse practitioner (specific) can give/ administer/ / prescribe medications EMERGENCY means a world of incalculable extremes that even the best equipped fire and emergency agencies must use other means to extract a injured person, remember that. Recent mudslides,earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or how about an accident on the road ? in an instant your a on scene first responder or need to sustain life of your own family members even yourself until a emergency response can be on site. The misnomer that the world is going to end is not just a recent event, BUT the world for some ends everyday and sometimes because they or a on site responder did not have the basic first aid knowledge or first aid kit enhanced with some very basic cheap items. Water is number 1, A stainless steel bottle/s of at least one quart, remembering never give water to unconscious or injured just dampen lips pat face it they are hot. an easy way to cool is to take towel wet and whip in a swinging motion in the air will cool a great deal. Stem bleeding #2 Stem is not stop and sometimes all you can do is slow it to a trickle, never remove a dressing add over retain pressure with a wide strap like a luggage strap with a cinch for smaller areas gauze, athletic tape and box of kotex a few Ace bandages in addition to a basic first aid kit and a Swiss army knife not a Chinese knockoff because this last a lifetime Warmth or shade of a blanket is 3 always have a real blanket like a fleece throw and a couple of space / emergency blankets remember not to move a person although they may look fine internal or unseen injuries may cripple or kill in dire emergencies / fire etc. you may have no choice splinting / immobilizing Paint stir sticks are about as cheap and easy to carry and use as anything I could imagine other than simple newspaper or magazine.try not to move the injured limb, splint or secure to the body in place, 550 paracord is useful as well. Other purposes of our "bag" is also personal comfort and that includes food drink to suit the climate you can buy MRE heaters you can also have cold packs that when the pouch within the bag is broken it turns almost to ice key areas to cool someone from a raging fever or heatstroke is to lower the bodies temp as fast as you can placing a cold pack under the armpits neck at the carotid area and even the crotch. wetting the body with alcohol is quick but water and fanning is good in summer shade is needed o keep from reheating. Weather appropriate clothing in winter your swimming trunks ain't going to make it. a full Tyvek suit from Homedepot is cheap wind and waterproof tiny when folded and disposable get it in a larger size to cover all of you with your winter clothing consider snow shoes or ice cleats/ crampons as falling or slipping is going to wear you out time and distance has killed more people from not being able to get to safety. snow chains ? if you need them only once they are well worth it. If you live where there are mountains hills and gullies a rope like Kernmantle 9MM or 10MM climbing rope 3 or 4 "real" weight bearing caribiners look for used on EBAY as this is pricey new and you may never need it but it makes a good tow rope in fact a few tow straps connected with Caribiners could work. even if you can't another person on site might be able to use the equipment and if that is all we can do is be to help we have done more than 10 people goggling although calling 911 is the very first thing to do. My BOB or GHB may have other items specific to my experience needs or training / knowledge as should yours not all of this need to be expensive, rummage through garage sales thrift and resale shops a back pack and all the items won't cost that much. THE END OF THE WORLD, Ask anyone that has survived any catastrophic weather or natural disaster event fire or bridge collapse ? bridge failures 2000 to present Bridges connect water isolated or impassable areas to livable drivable land imagine a winter like this and or a heatwave and your stuck in traffic for a plain accident I have been for many hours do you have enough fuel to run your precious AC or heat do you have a gas can so if there is a station you can go get some ? do you have cash in case the ATM's don't work ? do you have spare key hidden in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle in a crisis as can happen when your preoccupied ? only stupid people think they will never die or get injured or sick of for that matter get in a jam. People with their feet on the ground and w/ common sense choose to mitigate and be prepared mentally and with the basic items. Why a BOB or GHB because it is being physically responsible for yourself family and unfortunate souls in mortal danger who may be too stupid to have thought for anyone else including themselves
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    I have watched most if not all his videos and I've never heard the sound of his voice, after some of the others out there this alone is priceless...
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    For me personally, I do believe in God’s Divine Plan of Happiness, for us, all of us, (even Hillary if she chooses), to gain our mortal bodies, and one day, return to His presence. However, just as we as allegedly practicing Christians, should, BY EXAMPLE, (note:this includes all who profess to be Judeo-Christian, including politicians, intellectuals, etc.) be kind to each other. This does not mean I am going to turn my behind into a local thug’s bicycle rack, turning the other cheek, means forgiveness. However, with that forgiveness, justice must still be meted out . If you are a thug, and abusing any innocent or vulnerable person, in my presence, expect your mortality on this world to be immediately hastened. Turning whomever into non-consensual victims, is NOT “tolerance, equality, or love”. While I do try to practice what I preach, it is difficult. The difference, is, I do keep on trying to do good to my fellow beings. Just as we shouldn’t censor ideas, or thoughts that are in disagreement with ours, don’t demand that I “look the other way”, just because in some thug’s culture, or religious ideology, he can abuse, rape, sodomize or murder to his hearts content. In this Republic’s culture and religious ideology, that kind of “behavior”, rightly is prohibited by both God and mankind. Don’t like it? Then practice Sharia Law, or your political selfishness someplace else. I refuse to submit to your expectation of “tolerance and/or re-education.”
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    Fish do pee in water, as do I every single time I’m in the ocean or any body of fresh water....including swimming pools. So do all of you, ya just don’t have the testicular fortitude to admit it!!!
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    I'm new to keeping bees...we just got our hive in September. We bought 2 at that time but one was infected with wax moth larva so we returned it. Other than that they have been very little problem and a lot of fun to learn about. I will say they are not cheap. We got a good deal on the hive its self but after buying all the gear to go with it we spent around $500. Now that we have all the gear and can split our hive the cost is me t to nothing...and with local honey costing $9 a pint we should have paid for its self by next year. I had use of a backhoe today so I prepped a new area for our garden. First I sprinkled our 2nd year compost pile over the area (50ft ×50ft). Then I covered that with 4 inches of sand I had stock piled. Lastly I saturated the hole area in 300 gallons of rabbit "poo tea" from our rabbit pellet catchment system. For the next few months ill dump 20 or 30 wheelbarrow full of rabbit pellets on top of that and till it in. With that area our garden has grown to nearly 1/4 acre...not bad for having to haul in every bit of quality dirt ..our natural soil is terrible.
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    Haven't been online much, but I've been busy cranking out ammo - almost all my 9mm cases are loaded, and I got a great deal on a bunch of Xtreme Bullets plated 200-grn SWC .45 ACP bullets, so I'm doing some load developement to see what my Sig P220s like. .222 and .223 is next... Found a ton of still-in-the-package pink R19 insulation at the dump (!) so I've been insulating crawl spaces and other less well insulated areas in my 100-year-old house. WAAAAY too much fun. Oh yeah, deer season is on! Trying to plug bambi so I can try out my dehydrator and canner that I got over the summer...
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    Today was raking and burning leaves cleaning the garden beds for winter garden and general yard cleanup. Yesterday I pulled 60 bullets from unknown origin ammo looked good so I will reload them with a known powder and charge I know is safe. one day I intend to tackle my desk well I have 2 both get a bit cluttered but that is for a rainy day.
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    well another 300 shells trimmed chamfered mil crimp removed polished 200 tomorrow toss them in and take the others out of the tumbler, so I can star priming. I wanted to try a Lee perfect powder measure and a friend sent me one, so now I can try this out. I have the auto disk from Lee but it does not dispense large volumes unless you stack the disks and sometimes you have to double so I will relegate this to powder through the expander die for pistol only. I also have a Ideal model 55 but it does cut extruded powder grains so I want to try the The perfect powder measure I can clamp to my table and be able to move it to wherever it is comfortable. I also love the fact that a twist of the hopper shuts off the powder and you can remove it. I may make a step for y digital scale one I got from Ballistic products fits in a pocket and works like a champ for much less than other powder scales I think it cost about 30 bucks.
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    Besides, I’m thrilled at the collapse of the nuclear testing mountain, and hope WE definitely had something to do with it. Happy Halloween to the FatLittleNork!
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    The police only.serve & protect them selves & not the general public . This has been going on for many many years now. My trust in the police has been lost for over 10 years now. The newly recruited constables don’t know jack shit about by-laws, this is what I see & experienced in my neck of the woods. We are certainly living in the times of revelations. Judgement day is coming, the second coming of Jesus Christ before you know it, will be soon here. Repent of your sins, for we have all sinned. In Gods eyes.
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    Wanted carpenters helper, must live in the Toronto GTA area Canada. Must be able to use power tools, mitre saws, saws-all, nail gun, etc. You will be required to have a carpenters apron/tool belt with framing hammer,hard hat, safety glasses & safety shoes/boots. Able to lift 50 lbs if need be. Able to read blue prints would be a bonus, but not required. Pay to be discussed on your experience & abilities. PM me if you have the willingness & the drive to work. You will be required to have a vehicle to show up at the job site at 8 am. Slackers need not apply.
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    I would have a job for him, if he has any traits/behaviour of a monkey. Its call monkey see, monkey do. I’d have him working in no time, for peanuts/ I mean bananas. Oh no monkeying around at work.
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    Yesterday I managed to get about 500 retaining wall stones for free through a Letgo classified ad. It was hard work getting them to my back yard & taken a physical toll on me. On the plus side of things, I’ve saved thousands of dollars not having to buy them. Blessings indeed & greatfull of the outcome provided.
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    I’ve looked at a used ZERO MX model at a motorcycle repair shop, that the owner purchased new in 2010, he’s willing to let it go for around $2500 Canadian. I have it on hold for me, until the end of the month. He says that it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge from almost empty to full charge. I did ride it , it’s not as fast as the newer 2018 models. This used one will hit 55mph / 85kph ,still quite fast for a electric dirt bike. I’ve poped wheelies with it, the torque is there if needed. It was a fun ride even though it’s used. The only maintenance is oiling the chain & sprockets & your good to go.
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    Today I had a chance to shoot the SIG P320 again, it was a total different firearm from the previous one I got to test fire. The upgrade done to the firearm is nice, I would now consider buying one .
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    × Attention Customers IMPORTANT SUB-2000 SAFETY RECALL NOTICE We have recently identified an issue with the heat treatment of certain steel tubes received from a third-party supplier from which the barrels for a limited number of Kel-Tec SUB-2000 rifles were manufactured. This could potentially cause the barrel to rupture when a cartridge is fired and could result in serious personal injury. The safety of our customers is our primary concern, so Kel-Tec has voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a barrel rupturing. This recall only affects a portion of SUB-2000s that were manufactured in 2017. To check if your firearm would need to be sent in for barrel replacement, please follow this link: SUB-2000 Recall All costs associated with the recall of your firearm shall be covered by Kel-Tec.
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    well TPSnodgrass all you need now is some claymores and a thumper and your ready to roll.......
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    ...for my home defense shotgun actually me racking is a decision to go (more)lethal. I load #8 trap, #6 trap, #4 3", 00, slug, slug, slug all thru bore choke 18" at the distances in my house the decrease penetration of the 6 and 8 shot thru walls is worth the decrease wound depth (but still full shot weight) while I get my bearings amoung the five sleeping kids and uninvited guests. I have drilled far well enough that I am very confident in my ability to cycle very quickly and accurately a whole tube in a few seconds if the need arise. I use the "one...and...two...and...three...and...four...." Cadence in my head so seven rounds in what should be 3 and 1/2 seconds but ends up being just north of 4.....by any standard a reasonable amoung of stopping power for anything from cautious theft, to angry meth head.
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    Bacon is a very tasty and practical “armor” to use in metropolitan jihad areas. Just a suggestion....
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    Look at Disney world/land , children are taught at a very young age in a fantasy make believe world. Delusional indeed. Britney Spears & Miley Cyrus, are followers of lucifer, they worked for Disney when they were much younger. Miley would do just about anything just to be famous & a lot of young children follow her.
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    Sorry, I’m old school, the only genders I know about are male & female, no more, no less. That’s what I was taught from the Holy Bible. IMHO. My God is the light of the world. ( Sunshine)
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    Let’s see, My wife and I both have bikes, both of us are over 40, by a long shot, (2 wheeled), carry our concealed handguns on our persons when we ride, as well as a folding stocked carbine or two, (Gasp!) Regularly take an Ibuprofen/Tylenol cocktail for joint pain, but, take nothing for my “bad attitude”(politically incorrect viewpoints), and in general now, have an “FTW” out look on surviving the latest financial holacaust our esteemed members of Congress and the Senate are driving us towards at a reckless pace. Oh well........
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    I wish it were not but, I have hope one day if enough people get off the antigun bandwagon and get on the protect the victim and prevent lawsuits stemming from a criminal act and place the criminal on notice that if you use a firearm the jury has the option to ask for the death penalty no matter if they use the weapon or not ! Sentencing is here the jury needs to have a previous arrest and or conviction history I would like to think if a person is a first time felon (on paper) and make it plain that any mercy will not be there a second time. It may sound harsh but it is time the capitol punishment is given to those that use a firearm in a criminal act (not just be carrying it) and it really depends on the type of crime that should be left to the jury and not the judge or D.A. alone if the jury decides capitol punishment is applicable then it stands I am tired of judges and D.A. legislating law from the bench because they are why this country is in such a problem IMHO. An Accused Criminal s do and should have rights they are accused not convicted and they as anyone should be able to defend themselves in court, we the people need to remember that circumstantial and benefit of the doubt is part of our process as is jury nullification as odd as that may seem. There are times when a crime is not a crime as in your in a hurry un into the bank before it closes and forget you have a gun on and the officer there sees you and decides to search you are you a criminal ? I do not think so and even if it is a crime it is not one that should be applied in that situation --- that is why we have a jury system to look at all the evidence and make a judgment on the law as it is applied as well as the benefit to the community at large a person with no real record getting sent to prison and the tax payer footing the bill for a minimum or 20,000 per years he is in not to mention if they have a wife and children so how does this help the community ? mandatory sentencing is wrong headed we have a jury and that is what was ignored when mandatory sentencing was forced on us the jury at sentencing was not given all the pertinent details to come to a balanced decision . I will never advocate for a jury to know the history before a trial that taints the jurors in too many instances but once found guilty the cats out of the bag so if this is a repeat offender and an unrepentant one he should get all the jury decides he deserves. Numerous times a child molester get a few years because the jury is not made aware that they have more convictions for the same crime and in many cases the molester gets more and more aggressive violent or becomes a murderer to hide their criminality, and that is why the jury should be part of the sentencing and be informed IMHO. Most people are basically good and generally can make good decisions if given all the information at the right time for the pertinent reasons I hate to sound like the start of the 6 million dollar man but we have the tools to make things better it called people our educations system has failed because it does not teach responsibility or duty and more over why. People amaze me by stating they are against the death penalty ? your not putting anyone to death the person that committed the act place that on themselves your just making a determination if that is a fact or not did they do the act that puts their life on the line it the criminals bet your just making sure by evidence that they are in point of fact guilty and your not in anyway complicit in carring out the sentence because as we have seen courts reverse jury convictions all the time IMHO if there is no evidence to counter the conviction a jury should NEVER be overturned and if so a second trial needs to be set ASAP and with as many of the original jurors as possible WHY because we do not want the legal system the ability to exonerate by way of a mistrial or judge decision or finagling to allow a criminal to avoid duly appointed punishment set forth by the jury ( and it has happened) those are my takes on improving the legal system more real evidence better science and technicians less chance of arresting or worse convicting a innocent person IMHO.
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    Although not a new topic I am reading many reviews on many firearms that are very inexpensive and been on the market for long enough to consider them durable, inexpensive and if your not intending to fire thousands of rounds out of them practicing In interest of economy the firearms I am choosing to pick are inexpensive for people that want a defensive or protection option over expensive firearms. note that a few of these are IMO BUTT UGLY but all are solid and hard to break and are full power. My opinion is at least one must be a semi auto if you have no weapons and are looking your first should be a semi auto why, because no other reloading method is as fast or less clumsy that a magazine fed pistol. Hi point pistol semi-automatic don't buy a .380 because that is the first ammo that was gone during the ammo crisis. Mosin Nagant rifle bolt action BECAUSE lots of cheap ammo still around powerful enough to take large game. Maverick 88 shotgun pimp action and H&R 1871 Pardner Shotgun this depends on the stature of those using and level of ability to handle recoil 12 ga does kick or invest in low recoil shells. I would still opt for calibers that are common like the 12ga and 9MM but no matter if your just starting out a 9MM Hi-Point half dozen magazines and a lot of ammo.
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    Snake, Its OK that the bakers are being forced to be political correct, in providing goods and services to the public at large. Let the buyer beware... Lets let the hat wearing useful idiots march in solidarity with their people, rather than celebrating the rights of all American citizens. So, having some excremental bits and pieces in the cookies and cakes, seems to be a fair trade politically. Embrace the suck, Snake, let’s let it happen all over this Republic. I agree with Marie Antoinette on this one, during her fast fall from French Elite, “let them eat cake...”!
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    my father was an alcoholic which i didn't appreciate at all and to this day i don't drink. not that you can't drink and Jesus made water into wine of course.
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    Ok Snake, after read8ng your treatise on the UNGAINLY and Ms. haley’s Comments on “remembering”, I hope we do have a long and deep memory of who our friends are not. Babylon-on-the-Hudson (UN GA site), needs to be returned to US sovereignty and control, and we must defund US participation in the United Nations Goat Rapers Club as soon as possible. They aren’t doing a bit of good at all, and we can apply our savings to our national debt and be more free in the world to do as we know what is right and moral t9 do, without the Eurotrash looking down their Marxist noses at us. Let the Russians annex the Eurozone at this point, just more useless idiots to feed.
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    Hello! If extreme wilderness survival skills are your thing than this is a guy to watch some videos from, his environment is tropical/sub tropical somewhere I'm not sure but many of the skills are universal. enjoy and look though our older posts, there are many things to find. One thing that you will find for sure looking through them is that there is as they say " a million ways to skin a cat" ....that everyone has their ways and while they might not be the ones that you are looking for...one of the most important survival skills is adaptability, if you can't do it your way you had best have another way or you are in big trouble. interested to ask ya. You say that you love to go out and craft in the woods? Do you use the things you craft on a long term basis? ...and I have to ask, as it is a pretty time consuming skill to master and even for ones who master it, a very time consuming skill to practice, have you ever speared and landed a fish with a split log fishing spear?
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    I'm not on too much these days as my work and family commitments have been high lately, but glad to see you back!
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    Sorry Snake, I hate drinking most soda pop, needs to be caffeine free. Gives me a headache for hours. Even the smell of Coffee/Expresso etc, gives me a headache. When ever I smell freshly brewed coffee, I do a 180 degree turn the other way & im gone. You won’t see me hanging around. Good old H2O / Water, thank you very much! Or squeezed orange juice.
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    I’m no AI Snake, LOL. Just a member in this forum from Ontario, Canada next door. Oh I can relate to most members here, than people out on the streets. The world is becoming a Snowflake community right in front of our eyes. The dumb down, dumb ass community abound!
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    Reloading is not hard , it just takes attention to detail and being focused, all the data and information is easily found there are 2 manuals I suggest everyone has on hand first the Lee modern reloading manual 2nd is the Lyman reloading manual and try to find them used on ebay or even used book dealers older ones for older powders newer ones for the latest powders in production Lee precision has the best priced and innovative equipment IMHO. straight wall pistol like 9mm 40s&w 38spl 357 44 spl or mag 45 acp 45 long colt etc etc are very easy and require little to reaload in fact Lee make the Lee loader kit all fits in a small box all you need is a mallet and a caliper and your ready for powder bullets and primers. it is slow but you can load a box or 2 an hour and they even have rifle kits but these only neck size so I would not use this for sem-iauto bottle neck RIFLE calibers IMO. This kit cost about 40 bucks ONE CAUTION you cannot de-prime a LIVE primer some people do this on cases primed by someone else and or of unknown age or manufacturer or type magnum or standard. If your planning to reload over pistol and 223 size cases consider a RCBS rockchucker press as the larger diameter and length case requires more force and a larger heavier press just makes it much easier IMO. Dies come in all variations I stick with a FL or full length die set because in simi-auto rifles and pistols each case may have different changes when fired so taking them back to factory specs is the one way you can insure all your ammo will fit fire / chamber fully. I love Lee's Factory Crimp Die/s you will not get the full capabilities of your load unless the tension on the bullet is uniform / consistent it is an extra step but well worth it and easy as pie. I like to prime my cases on a single stage press using the up stroke using a Lee ram prime and use a primer flipper tray because I never know if I have to do or go I want to be able to stop throw a towel over my set up and com back in a few minutes or a day I can cover my primer flipper and be on my way. This is also the safest way IF and I mean If it does pop it will be loud and into the air no injury of you use safety glasses as you should. every reloader need s balance beam scale to measure / double check your powder weight people that have more bullets sometimes they get mixed up or you may buy from a sale and need to check the weights A dial caliper I have a plastic one from RCBS and have tested it and in 30 years it has not changed. Reloading requires knowing 100ths of an inch like .308 bullet diameter and overall length of the finished cartridge bullet tip to base BEFORE YOU CRIMP IT. A dial caliper is zeroed by cleaning the contact surfaces and closing if the dial does not read zero you turn the dial to "0" and your ready to measure I only do this check or procedure when I pick it up and if it does not read zero closed. Personally I load 10 of a new recipe and test fire two 5 shot groups if it works great if it is mediocre or poor accuracy I pull the bullets and reload them with a different powder or charge weight.there are a couple of ways to pull a bullet one is a collet puller but they can leave a mark on the bullet another way is a kinetic puller looks like a hollow hammer ```hold the extractor I put some cotton balls inside so when the bullet releases it has a soft landing on the nose and does not deform the bullet if it has an exposed lead tip. some tips are military brass is thicker so has less internal space so the powder / starting charge need to be less than max charge and since you should not load a max charge to start unless you have tested it and testing means your primer is not flattened or powder residue around it, if it does then the base may be compromised and the brass can flow into the extractor cut and it does not take much for powder to react differently too much or a very short charge of certain powders can raise pressure fast so stick with reloading data and bullet depth advised in your manuals trying to magnumize your 32 short break top revolver is stupid, need more power get another gun that has the design to handle the power you want or need. If you want to cast bullets Lee has the least and best molds the tumble lube (Alox) design molds are fantastic it also has the best lube size kit design and the cheapest by far @ about 25 bucks but you do need a single stage press to use it. I also like their liquid Alox bullet lube. Survival reloading or "THE LOAD" by C. E. Harris explains how to make 100 yard rifle shells using cast bullets and SPECIFIC pistol powder loads not all pistol powder is right some is too hot. of between 10 and up grains of powder Mr. Harris also had a article on making shot shells and blanks for pistols some years back a article about the cat sneeze or Arcane loading of proper buck shot diameter in shells that are all most silent for taking small game and pests the Finnish people under the Nazi's used this to hunt some just used a single buck shot and the primer shell no powder in a rifle case I include this information as Survival reloading measures and general interest but without downloading or cutting and pasting the original information and printing it out your not going to have the information if you need it and there are tidbits of info that you really need to know to do this reloading well. Some of the rifles used were older military and the buck shot had to be he correct size or paper patched to fit snug in the case / barrel so it turns your military rifle into a super pellet rifle. Other information is out there from making a wax bullet with only a primer for revolvers and even some buckshot single to multiple pellet rounds and bird or close range snake shot. A requirement is to have a buckshot or heavy bullet mold to cast with that fit your rifle bore properly some have paper wrapped / patched different smaller bullets to fit the bore of a larger caliber within a close range of diameter. This information transcends common firearms and modern powders I will not edify further there is plenty of information on black powder and unconventional arms to hunt and defend if your unable to retain your property and want more than a sling shot to hunt with. some people thing that because we live in modern times we have no need of antiquated information but even a doctor has to know how to wrap a wound with gauze and that use of wrapping a wound with material has been around for thousands of years . mankind has moved forward and back many times and may so again even if only because law or society defines weapons illegal.
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    Though I like the Lee factory crimp dies, everything else by Lee (save their bullet moulds) that I've tried, I've thrown in the big box of forgotten reloading gear. Their powder measures especially suck. I can see the merit of having the Loader dies (and the knowledge how to use them!) with the little yellow scoop and all to reload for a certain caliber - but let's face it: the only reason I would have one of those is to reload ammo on the run - but if I'm on the run, I'm not carrying around heavy projectiles, gunpowder, and easily-compromised primers with me. I keep all that shit at my reloading station. Aaaaaaaaand if I have a reloading station, I'm not gonna use a damn Lee Loader setup. I'm going all out. I'm 100% BIG GREEN - RCBS, baby! Their customer service is unparalleled (though Dillon is also excellent). The Rock Chucker press, their powder measures, and their balance scales are all awesome and will last forever if maintained. I use a smaller RCBS Partner single-stage press to to 99% of my single-stage loading - and that includes one-at-a-time priming the way Snake mentions in the OP. I do have a Forster Co-Axial - a super high end single stage press, but I just like the RCBS setup better - it's what I've always known and it works well for what I need. I also run a Dillon Square Deal B - actually two of them - one on 9mm, one in .45 ACP. I had issues with the primer feed mechanisms, so now I use the Dillon to deprime and size the cases, then prime by hand (I like that method better anyway - 100% of the primers go in the correct orientation), then use the Dillon to dump powder, seat, and crimp. It's still very fast - I can bang out 2-300 9mms an hour if I have cases primed ahead of time. So, anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd rather not invest money in stuff like the Lee Loader die/scoop sets to load on the run - I'd much rather buy the good stuff, have it set up, spend the time cranking out ammo and storing it, then carrying loaded ammo with me instead of the Lee Loader.
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    I find it incredulous, that none of the so-called experts in “the media” have a clue about evil doers and why they engage in these heinous acts. The deceased shooter was an ardent and militant atheist, and wanted to murder all of his ex wife’s family members. The shooter was shot once in the left thigh and the left side of his chest through a gap in his body armor by the one armed “good guy”, who was barefoot and willing to engage the shooter to stop the murder of his neighbors. The driver of the pickup, willingly chased the armed suspect with the good guy, and the forced the suspect to crash. If the shooter hadn’t shot himself, the coroner said that the thoracic shot was causing the suspect to bleed out anyway, and he would have died from that wound and possibly his left leg wound. So, both the suspect and the good guy were using AR-15 rifles on that fateful Sunday, one to prevent further bloodshed and the other, to continue his murderous ant-religion hatred. Of course this was a hate crime, of course the Federal reporting system failed, and of course the shooter typically took the cowards way out. Yet somehow, an inanimate object is fully responsible for this heinous act. Using that same “logic”, we just of course, ban all motor vehicles because of the drunken drivers whose ehicles cause more than 30,000 deaths annually in our country, plus the more than 50,000 gore IOU’s injuries. Somehow, the hypocrisy of their flawed “logic”escapes these nitwits, who so willingly, demand our Constitutional Rights be stripped from us, in the name of “security”. Adolf Hitler demanded and got the same thing, and look how well that turned out for mankind.
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    I am of the strongly held opinion, we need to give the U.N. a toss out of the USA entirely and we need to stop any and all payments to any U.N. sponsored and agency entity. Not another dime, the corruption within the U.N. makes our Congress and Senators look like Sunday school teachers. It is bad enough to have to support the likes of Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Adam Schaffer, Debbie Wasseramn-zitscarface-Schulz and the useless Republican slugs, we don’t need to bare the majority financial burden of the failed U.N. body and its subsidiaries. There are more moral cowards 8n t)e U.N. Cesspool, than in the DC Swamp, and that’s saying something!
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    If the land is listed on the tax rolls and has been taken from the previous owner you can send a letter to the tax accessors office of that county with an offer to the tax assessor (by name) how you intend to buy the property with a cash offer or a pre-approved loan by a bank or by specific sums over a distinct period of time BUT this is all dependent on how the tax office requires payment. So a letter to the tax assessor by name to the county office and have it sent registered mail so date time received and signature and have a copy of your offer for your records ! I say this for a reason think about it -----
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    Yeah the water source has already bit us. I found 12 acres in the perfect area....but it was high and dry so its a no go.