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    another good one is townsends, he does things the old way from 1700's...
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    Duck tape, salt , AA,AAA, C,D, 9v rechargeable batteries with solar power charger.
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    First, having a GHB, is something all of our adult children have, and their spouses have as well. Those go “with” on all vehicle trips. Ours have felon repellent and felon redundancy capabilities just in case as well. (You figure it out for yourself) Water and shelter are the most critical items to have the ability to deploy as needed, even if, it’s only for shade, or to help keep the rain and snow off of you, your vehicle etc. Im a big believer in razor sharp folding knives and other cutting/chopping hand tools, that can also be “dual purposed”, if/when things “get close...”. As for assisting the genetically stupid, defined by me as being too selfish to think “they” might need some self sufficiency, I’m not inclined to offer any assistance. The innocents and older folks, will always be welcomed into our fold. The others are whiney sniveling drones, that are of no earthly use.
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    Stainless steel liquid container filled with water reason because it is heat resistant. Stainless cup Reason a separate vessel to handle liquid transfer to your container and heat resistant. Swiss army Explorer pocket knife reason because it has all the basic elements of survival. and magnifier for fire Compass oil filled or linsatic a watch band slide on as a backup reason weather and night you cannot always see the sky. Fire steel Reason makes fire when other methods fail. Bic lighter NAME BRAND PLEASE, Reason in this list 3rd way to make fire. Whistle the loudest one you can find Reason signaling Stainless steel pocket / signaling mirror Flashlight good single AAA battery for your key ring Reason so you will always have it on you. Bandana large Reason good color can be a signaling device, a tourniquet. made into a head cover absorbs filters water etc. Emergency blanket reason heat retention sun reflection wind break 6X6 foot minimum tarp sun, rain, wind protection. Paracord 550 20 foot piece to 100 foot hank Head net with 100% DEET insect repellent Hat with a full brim like a crusher or boonie Sun glasses with polarized lenses Reason eye protection with a good case. Fishing line BRAIDED type extremely strong small spool learn how to tie this type line Reason fishing and snares suture etc. Fishing hooks selection Dental floss plain no wax or flavor full roll Sewing needles a few Triple antibiotic ointment one tube W/ a first aid kit size is up to you. Magnet Neodymium reason to make needles into a compass to help extract a metal splinter holds needles so you don't loose them. Belt and pouch/s to contain all this so you can carry it is needed. Arguments will follow, derringer mini revolver and a box of shells 22LR or 22 Magnum North American Arms makes good pistols. I get the argument all the time "I can't carry at work" unless your being searched or scanned yes you can mini derringers in a belly band for a woman in your bra or belly band. How many times have shooters gone to a business and shot people ? There are a few places I would not carry like a school or courthouse the main thing is to keep it secure to your body. Shooters like unarmed targets people that shoot back most will run or at least you have some chance versus hiding in a closet, locker or under your desk. look for one with a longer barrel and sights getting the NAA derringer with both cylinders for 22LR and one for 22 Magnum the best options are the NAA-BWC Black Widow w/ Fixed Sights – 2″ Barrel for aimability concealability / compact size, grip size All of the rest of this will fit in a small messenger bag or pouch much of this is useful for first responder at an accident / emergency first aid. in order for this to be a real BOB is to have clothing appropriate for your weather conditions with some food stuffs to last 3 days and a gallon of water. Accidents and breakdowns happen on water keeping pants long sleeve shirt and shoes and a windbreaker a hat and a beach towel, I have rescued people damp at night slight wind that looked like they were freezing stuck on a boat in the middle of the lake without a oars / paddle no flashlight --- survival is considering what may happen and protecting yourself against it. This is a basic kit arguments on the pistol are mute to me because there is no limit to caliber size or number of rounds BUT can you tote it all day, can you conceal it, it is not the gun at home or in your vehicle that will save you it's the one on you loaded and ready. 22 Magnum is a wicked caliber with the right ammo it is a man stopper and can deal with large predators if your jogging or in a mall parking lot NAA have 5 shots single action (you have to cock it for consecutive shots) so it cannot be construed as anything but a last ditch tool to save your life it does not make you out as a dirty harry or the punisher vigilante type. In some states including Washington D.C. any weapon makes them insane they would rather you die as they can ignore that or muck up the investigation so it will remain unsolved, just look up the Vince Foster case.
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    I stumbled across this you tube channel today, named Prepsteaders. Very informative videos in her channel, if you want to to learn long term food preparation. Worth having a look.
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    P210SIG, I remember years ago when New England suffered from 10+ days without power due to a major ice storm, my family and I would have to take our "baths" with a sponge from a 3-gallon kettle with heated water. It wasn't extravagant, and you did have to be careful on the amount of water you used to bathe because you had to rinse off too! That's one of those things you really need to try for yourself - hopefully before adverse conditions hit - so you can plan for the proper amount of water for bathing and hydration.
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    Survival Cache Podcast

    We'll likely eventually have a dedicated website.
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    Faith Goldy is already on the hit list. She was running for mayor of Toronto in 2018. Paid for ads in radio & TV , but the TV & radio stations denied her by rejecting her paid ads. This is not democracy. The yellow vest movement that going on in Europe, with be in the streets of North America, you can bet on it. Its coming sooner than one might think.
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    I Did not know about her but seems like she might get on a hit list just for one of her videos on Youtube. This is what we need to be aware of here, just how politically correct and mindless does a governing body goes be for it marginalizes it's own citizens and make preference over nonsense than common sense. Canada's present system is the model for the deranged left in America, it's too bad that Canadian citizens have not decided that Troudou is worse than the French president Macron IMHO.
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    # Faith Goldy
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    Israel timeline

    Israel officially declared statehood May 15, 1948. President Trump declares Jerusalem capitol of Israel December 6, 2017 = 25,407 days or 69 years 6 months 21 days. Date that equals 70 years is June 5th 2018 This is not converted from Jewish 360 day years or I looked it up and the year is 5778 in the Jewish format. Don't look at me, I just decided to figure up 70 years after Israel became a nation out of curiosity, I have no idea if it means anything or not, just that 70 has significance in the Biblical text. Seventy has a sacred meaning in the Bible that is made up of the factors of two perfect numbers, seven (representing perfection) and ten (representing completeness and God's law). As such, it symbolizes perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. It can also represent a period of judgment. The number 15 in the Bible pictures rest, which comes after deliverance, represented by fourteen. The 15th day of the first Hebrew month (Nisan) is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a day of rest for the children of Israel (and for Christians). The 15th day of the 7th Hebrew month begins the Feast of Tabernacles, also a day of rest. In the Bible, the number 6 symbolizes man and human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the sixth day. Men are appointed 6 days to labor. I am just putting down information, I do not know if it means anything or has meaning for others to discern.
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    Bread id the staff of life, so does anyone have the basics to make Biscuits, corn bread or tortillas any kind of bread for 90 days ? How many of you know how to make pasta ? and what it takes to make it ? This same channel PBS supports socialism and rails against capitalism and yet they see this travesty in Venezuela and cannot connect the dots that they are promoting the same things that ruined Venezuela. only 4 minutes of your time to see what can happen everywhere if too many other countries start to fall like dominoes. 4:36 How many knows the minimum caloric intake needed to sustain yourself and how much in food that actually is. Here is a list you need to have and be aquatinted with Alphabetical List of Number of Calories in common foods Did you know there is powdered buttermilk Powdered eggs and powdered milk all of these have a long shelf life and when used in baking. You can make your own Ghee butter all ghee butter is, the removal of all milk solids heat the butter not too hot and skim off the solids that rise until no more rises, now you have a butter oil that resists spoilage you may can this I would do it in small jars heat as seal as any canning is done these could be water bath canned. cooking oil and shortening are 2 different things and you need both for a longer term storage canned spray oil shortening may be divided into glass canning jars remember head space and can them this way they stay fresh and last years it can be done in a oven but hot oil is dangerous and the edge of the canning jars need to be clean to allow the lid to seal. Is this a trick question ? no but it is a bit confusing how many cups are in 1 pound of flour ANSWER depends on the flour ! 1 pound of cake flour, use 4 1/2 cups. generally made from soft wheat has lower protein but more starch 1 pound pastry flour, use 4 1/4 cups. soft wheat 1 pound whole wheat flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat has more protein and gluten and mixed with soft wheat 1 pound of all-purpose flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat mixed with soft wheat self-rising flour, which is all-purpose flour with leavening ( Baking powder added ), unless the recipe specifically calls for it not needed, but then you make your own when adding Baking powder to all purpose flour Most baked goods require eggs water and oil some require milk . many require Baking Powder NOT Baking soda BUT baking soda is used in some recipes so have some of both. all flours need to be frozen for 10 days to kill any weevils or other critters after freezing take the bag out and wrap it in a towel and allow it to come to room temperature over a period of a 24 hour day or 2 then seal it in mylar bags you can get these here. www.beprepared.com How to make your own Baking Powder, the reason why to show that it is easy but the main ingredient is Cream of Tartar not exactly a common item in your pantry so get some and as well have baking soda and cornstarch as well to make gravy thicker look how below it is not obvious Make your own baking powder. Ingredients 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon cornstarch (optional) Using Corn Starch to thicken you need to mix it with COLD WATER mix till it dissolves completly OR ELSE YOU'LL HAVE MAJOR LUMPS IN YOUR GRAVY NOT GOOD ! Other things you need are bullion beef, chicken, tomato and vegetable if you can find it this turns plain biscuits into sh*t on the shingle otherwise known as SOS it is gilling and much better than starving for lack of food or flavor IMHO. Spices I would have in bulk are chili powder, Paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, Red pepper flakes and I like powdered cumin or otherwise called Comino, celery & coriander seeds and any others you like. Because I like gumbo I have filet on hand which is ground dried Sassafras leaves. All of these spices have a unique and unparalleled flavor that if you don't have them your food will taste like school paste IMHO. Sauces Soy sauce Worcester sauce condiments Mustard (Mustard does not go bad ) Mayonnaise Sweet pickle relish, dill pickles If you love ranch dressing better have powdered Ranch Dressing mix. Sugar and rice are two things that need to be in dry containers but will last a very long time. Beans well the problem is cans do not last so you have to rotate as any other canned good but you can buy Rosarita flaked dried cooked beans and they last a very very long time and have the same protein as steak. Noodles last a long time if kept in a air tight container this is poor mans food starch is a filler for your belly nothing worse than hearing children crying because their belly is empty !!! Potato flakes keep them in a good tight container mashed potatoes are a staple all starches are they are seasonal for the most part and when food is hard to find any starch will be impossible to get look up Venezuela's problems. Knorr Powdered soup mixes are fantastic and last a long long time in their packaging Mixed with water and noodles your making your own Ramen style soup. Peanut butter and Jelly a staple for kids and easy -- jar jelly is as good as you can get lasts years and satisfies a sweet tooth if you don't have a case of MIXED fruit jellies your crazy, or never had children. Drink mixes like cocoa coffee tea or many fruit mixes as well as koolaid and gator aid. this is not the end just a primer but if you had enough of this you would not have to worry about going hungry. In Venezuela you can fill your car with gas for less than 2 dollars but they do not have any OTC medicine and most food is scarce this in a country overflowing with oil but socialism took everything away from the individuals and when the government could not pay the people they left because the jobs did not pay enough to buy food and pay utilities now mopst of the country is on a basic paycheck that only buys them 3 days of food and they have to live a month on it. Some items like flour rice and beans are metered out and the people cannot count on when or if they can get them. Food is a political tool against Hugo Chavez enemies and the military defends the food distribution centers while crime soars and at night you take your life in your hands if you go out. much worse than Chicago. With countries in riot the flow of money amd goods can and will stifle and that has caused financial failures that ripple to countries even a large as the U.S. be ready the riots are spreading now to England and I have heard some here in America.
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    Merry Christmas to all and I hope it is better this year than any other year for you and your families stay well and happy, for everyone else. Merry CHRISTmas not sorry of your offended, but again I am not offended if you choose to say happy anything other than Christmas. Some people are never happy and always want to make everything a federal case, "they" always act the victim and feign injury form those they hold in contempt like Christians Jews whited and other ethnic groups not of their choosing people are bigoted and yeas any color creed or religion can be bigoted against others it is not a one way street. Love is the only remedy for our social predicaments and acceptance is bowing to an ideology or theology not everyone can accept. everyone want to be accepted but refuse to allow others to have a part of the platform or a voice if it counters their selfish viewpoint. Ear plugs are cheap and ear buds are common place if you don't like the sounds you hear ask for them as a present so words cannot hurt you but sticks and stones still will To me this is like the fainting in 1800s, a way to upturn the incident to a personal insult or shock and playing on your piers defense mechanisms so they will leap to your aid howling counter culture slogans and memorized dialog or send out flaming tweets on how offended and insulted they were Ahhhh who cares snowflakes don't last and once your no longer a victim then what else will you bit@h about ?
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    Yeppers Rudolph the red nose reindeer boy is that a classic because it used stop motion animation to create a full movie so it was not a cartoon. Of course in that day we all loved Burl Ives his unique voice was hypnotic as soon as you heard certain voices like his or like Jimmy Durante and a few others you immediately caught your attention and got ready for some eclectic entertainment that was sure to be fun or thoughtful and make your day, both could send your emotions running over get you laughing hysterically maybe slap your forehead and think how did they come up with that ! and how funny happy silly or interesting it was. Today when I see certain entertainers it's like I get rigid knowing that they are going to go into a diatribe of social political or personal ranting that leaves you wanting to turn off the computer radio or video device and go play with the dog. Currently my dog is happy and well adjusted and because I am not a vegetarian he knows that holidays seem to make huge ham and venison bones appear with all kinds of scraps WHOO DOGGIE he likes that. and he get the added bonus of trying to attack new people and sniffing new butts other than the mail person and the normal friends that come over. It's great to hear all my old favorite Christmas music I don't think I have but one song after the 1980's most of your would choke on your drink but I love it Here are some odd but pretty funny. Watch Watch out for that punch at the work Christmas Parties Watch late Watch later
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    my fav is christmas story, rudolph, santa claus?,polar express, drummer boy and charlie browns christmas...
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    Man 2019 never thought I would make it to see 2000 much less 2019 God has been very good to me and mine pray he passes it on to both you and yours. I'm about to kick back and watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye one of my favorite movies that puts me in the Christmas mood I also like A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim, As far as a comedy I really liked Christmas Story mostly because I always liked Darren McGavin
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone stay safe!
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    My ultimate outdoors sidearm!

    Well, I finally got one - I've been searching for one of these for pretty much my entire adult life (though my wife would argue I have yet to grow up.) This is a .22 LR 4" barreled S&W Model 18 from the late '60s. I've had a 6" barreled S&W K-22 since I was 21, but the 6" barrel has always been better suited to target use over field use. I've been trying lots of different guns for field sidearms - Ruger MKI / MKII, Browning Buck Mark, the aforementioned K-22 - but I always just came back to the conclusion that I really just wanted a 4" .22 Smith & Wesson revolver. Now I've got one - and I don't think I'll ever step foot in the woods again without it on my side.
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    Teaching 'em young

    Good times , father & son bonding outdoors. Now that my sons in college, we have less time, enjoying theses activities together. Lifetime memories, job well done there Drew_ Forge
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    Gives a total new meaning (Aim High) !
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    The Police friend or foe

    The police only.serve & protect them selves & not the general public . This has been going on for many many years now. My trust in the police has been lost for over 10 years now. The newly recruited constables don’t know jack shit about by-laws, this is what I see & experienced in my neck of the woods. We are certainly living in the times of revelations. Judgement day is coming, the second coming of Jesus Christ before you know it, will be soon here. Repent of your sins, for we have all sinned. In Gods eyes.
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    Today I was given 4 IPSC pop up plates targets with stands for FREE at my club.They are 8 inches in diameter and made out of AR-500 steel, slightly used , but it beats paying $1,000 if I had to buy them. It surely made my day, blessings indeed.
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    I would have a job for him, if he has any traits/behaviour of a monkey. Its call monkey see, monkey do. I’d have him working in no time, for peanuts/ I mean bananas. Oh no monkeying around at work.
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    Yesterday I managed to get about 500 retaining wall stones for free through a Letgo classified ad. It was hard work getting them to my back yard & taken a physical toll on me. On the plus side of things, I’ve saved thousands of dollars not having to buy them. Blessings indeed & greatfull of the outcome provided.
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    I love apricots! ....and especially from the tree where I can let them ripen to perfection before picking, really gotta get on the planting of a few trees around here. My youngest three have spent the last three weeks at my mothers in Kentucky and I went down to get them this weekend. My mother took me aside and showed me the " preparedness package" she bought from Patriot....I was not impressed, for someone without skills it is a good one shot buy but at $5000 it was not a good deal given her skill set. She was taken in by the solar and faraday cage largely and it does have a lot of food. Now many would be glad that their family members are doing something like this to understand my issue you need to understand just how capable she and her new husband ( I was well into my 30s when they actually married so step father is something I don't use) are. My mother was raised on a farm where they were largely self sufficient large garden, chickens, sheep, hogs, cattle...barter/ neighborly sharing and has taken herself small game and deer many times and while I was growing up we raised a HUGE garden, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, cattle, rabbits. Her husband is an Army brat who was ....well.... a hippy and lived off grid entirely or largely for a good part of his life in many parts of the country and is an experienced Hunter and gardener as well as a very good cook both in taste and maximizing food. They currently have a few dozen laying hens (she sells eggs) several goats and a nice raised bed garden that they eat and can from annually, they have a good seed bank ( some heirloom from Patriot as well as hybrid from the usual suspects) and a number of berries and edibles on their 200+ acres a half a mile from a very large lake (I love to catch persimmons ready when we go there for thanksgiving, last year I SO many!). They have a nice root cellar/storm shelter that she just had dug a few years ago that they keep well stocked already. They are already as prepared as anyone I know so this seems to me to be surprising that she felt the need to add a years worth of dehydrated food.