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    Faith Goldy ( your support is needed. )

    For those that do not know Faith Goldy, she is the Canadian version of a female Donald Trump in Ontario Canada. I’m backing her up 100%
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    Yellow Vest vs Antifa

    onward christian soldiers....
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    Wally, I went with Smith and Wesson, got myself a Body Guard polymer framed revolver, with integral CTs on it. Of course, I ditched the munchkin grips and put some decent Hogues on it, made for that revolver, gives more grip length, and reduces the twisting recoil with +P loads. Snake, I’m curmudgeonly enough now, to want to scrag, most people I meet whose innate stupidity makes them scraggable. However, it is presently illegal in all 50 states to scrag for sheer stupidity alone. So, I choose to not entangle myself in the vagaries of criminal jurisprudence at this point in my life. (But, you can appreciate, I certainly thought a great deal about scragging when situations called for it)
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    First, having a GHB, is something all of our adult children have, and their spouses have as well. Those go “with” on all vehicle trips. Ours have felon repellent and felon redundancy capabilities just in case as well. (You figure it out for yourself) Water and shelter are the most critical items to have the ability to deploy as needed, even if, it’s only for shade, or to help keep the rain and snow off of you, your vehicle etc. Im a big believer in razor sharp folding knives and other cutting/chopping hand tools, that can also be “dual purposed”, if/when things “get close...”. As for assisting the genetically stupid, defined by me as being too selfish to think “they” might need some self sufficiency, I’m not inclined to offer any assistance. The innocents and older folks, will always be welcomed into our fold. The others are whiney sniveling drones, that are of no earthly use.
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    So, we went out to the Midwest to see the son and his family. Trip out was uneventful, trip back was “interesting”.Hurricane Force north winds, driving snow and ice, and several idiots with vehicle keys that had no business operating any motor vehicle. Gangs of fun! No, seriously, it was the pits. Learned a lot, about our winter driving preps that we put into the vehicle for “just in case”scenarios like the trip coming home. No, we didn’t get stuck, or have to be rescued, we were merely inconvenienced as opposed to caught with our knickers down and twisted in knots. So, we are fanatical about never getting below half a tank, and that saved our bacon. We managed to get one of the last hotel rooms, in a nice small town, in a decent hotel, because we gassed up, upon arrival in town, before we did anything. We learned I-70 was closed and would remain so for about two nights. Well, in the a.m., it was opened for a very short window, and while others were in line at the gas (petrol for the Canuck) station, we and five FedEx tractor-trailer rigs hit the road. About 90minutes later, we were back down to 60mph sustained winds, with gusts going higher, and the folks behind us, got stuck for another night. Of course, we had plenty of TP, wet wipes, bags, water and food just in case, SUVs come in handy for hauling. If we had to be out in that crap we would have perished. Glad it wasn’t a century or longer ago! So, while visiting with the family, we went out to dinner in the adjacent large metro area they live close to. I of course was legally carrying concealed, as was my bride, as we were leaving dinner, a few BLM knuckle-Haids, were trying to intimidate folks as a prelude to their strong arm robbery main goals. One of them, looked at me and said, accusing me of Oedipal relations with my mother, “why don’ you give me yer money?” My reply was 8ndeed polite. “Because, I don’t have to give you anything at all.” I calmly replied. His response was “interesting”, “ I’m goin’ to f*** you up!” My response was still polite, “No, you aren’t, and we’ve got nothing worth you and your associates dying for.” I looked him 8n the eye, and was prepared to draw and shoot him, until one of his associates said, “Dude! He be strapped. He be lookin’ to shoot a brutha! “ After be8ng called a few more invectives, which were neither original nor hurtful, nor threatening, (my wife WAS laughing), they jogged off. Made me realize that my Glock 26 NEEDS a BUG buddy in my off side pocket, so I can still be “old man”polite and have my hand wrapped around a nice J frame equivalent. It dawned on me, that as I am getting older, still early 60’s and not feeling “old”, some jackass might think I’m an easy target. I would like to be grey man, and still be ready to go all Ninja-Pops on some Richard-head if needed. So, I’m now shopping for a new “friend” in earnest. I never “thought” I could be construed as an easy mark, even now. Huh! Learned something. Oh, I did have my hickory cane with me, so, that item might have chummed him in, since he wasn’t an obvious intellectual standout. That was unintentional on my part.(really) Have to have better wits about me from now on.
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    A BOB (bug out bag) or GHB (get home bag) is a cornerstone of preparedness, because when an emergency occurs there is little warning. I am not or claim to be a medically trained person doctor or Indian chief, I advise a first aid to a EMT level group of classes and to inform yourself online, remembering your legally responsible in some cases and should send a cold chill only a doctor or Nurse practitioner (specific) can give/ administer/ / prescribe medications EMERGENCY means a world of incalculable extremes that even the best equipped fire and emergency agencies must use other means to extract a injured person, remember that. Recent mudslides,earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or how about an accident on the road ? in an instant your a on scene first responder or need to sustain life of your own family members even yourself until a emergency response can be on site. The misnomer that the world is going to end is not just a recent event, BUT the world for some ends everyday and sometimes because they or a on site responder did not have the basic first aid knowledge or first aid kit enhanced with some very basic cheap items. Water is number 1, A stainless steel bottle/s of at least one quart, remembering never give water to unconscious or injured just dampen lips pat face it they are hot. an easy way to cool is to take towel wet and whip in a swinging motion in the air will cool a great deal. Stem bleeding #2 Stem is not stop and sometimes all you can do is slow it to a trickle, never remove a dressing add over retain pressure with a wide strap like a luggage strap with a cinch for smaller areas gauze, athletic tape and box of kotex a few Ace bandages in addition to a basic first aid kit and a Swiss army knife not a Chinese knockoff because this last a lifetime Warmth or shade of a blanket is 3 always have a real blanket like a fleece throw and a couple of space / emergency blankets remember not to move a person although they may look fine internal or unseen injuries may cripple or kill in dire emergencies / fire etc. you may have no choice splinting / immobilizing Paint stir sticks are about as cheap and easy to carry and use as anything I could imagine other than simple newspaper or magazine.try not to move the injured limb, splint or secure to the body in place, 550 paracord is useful as well. Other purposes of our "bag" is also personal comfort and that includes food drink to suit the climate you can buy MRE heaters you can also have cold packs that when the pouch within the bag is broken it turns almost to ice key areas to cool someone from a raging fever or heatstroke is to lower the bodies temp as fast as you can placing a cold pack under the armpits neck at the carotid area and even the crotch. wetting the body with alcohol is quick but water and fanning is good in summer shade is needed o keep from reheating. Weather appropriate clothing in winter your swimming trunks ain't going to make it. a full Tyvek suit from Homedepot is cheap wind and waterproof tiny when folded and disposable get it in a larger size to cover all of you with your winter clothing consider snow shoes or ice cleats/ crampons as falling or slipping is going to wear you out time and distance has killed more people from not being able to get to safety. snow chains ? if you need them only once they are well worth it. If you live where there are mountains hills and gullies a rope like Kernmantle 9MM or 10MM climbing rope 3 or 4 "real" weight bearing caribiners look for used on EBAY as this is pricey new and you may never need it but it makes a good tow rope in fact a few tow straps connected with Caribiners could work. even if you can't another person on site might be able to use the equipment and if that is all we can do is be to help we have done more than 10 people goggling although calling 911 is the very first thing to do. My BOB or GHB may have other items specific to my experience needs or training / knowledge as should yours not all of this need to be expensive, rummage through garage sales thrift and resale shops a back pack and all the items won't cost that much. THE END OF THE WORLD, Ask anyone that has survived any catastrophic weather or natural disaster event fire or bridge collapse ? bridge failures 2000 to present Bridges connect water isolated or impassable areas to livable drivable land imagine a winter like this and or a heatwave and your stuck in traffic for a plain accident I have been for many hours do you have enough fuel to run your precious AC or heat do you have a gas can so if there is a station you can go get some ? do you have cash in case the ATM's don't work ? do you have spare key hidden in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle in a crisis as can happen when your preoccupied ? only stupid people think they will never die or get injured or sick of for that matter get in a jam. People with their feet on the ground and w/ common sense choose to mitigate and be prepared mentally and with the basic items. Why a BOB or GHB because it is being physically responsible for yourself family and unfortunate souls in mortal danger who may be too stupid to have thought for anyone else including themselves
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    Yellow Vest vs Antifa

    There is a storm brewing & it’s coming to your city. Now is not the time to sit on the fence , thinking being neutral all is going to be fine. One must decide which side you belong. The left or the right, Hope you make the right decision. There will be no peace for the evil. Amen!
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    i think i am subscribed to her channel, will do when i view them....
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    Food that saved the world

    Very true P210SIG conservation in hard times is so important, for instance soap is plays a key roll in disease prevention I keep at least 5 gallons on hand and I also keep a lot of bleach and on the medical side a lot of antiseptics. If anyone notices the cleaning isle could be empty in a matter of minutes, in this last storm with the 1,000 year flood cleaning supplies were in short supply even mops brooms and sprayers. I did not flood because I can read a topo map. I keep enough paper plates towels and plastic ware to last for an extended period so all I would have to wash is the pot or pan, this is where cast iron shines all you have to do is rinse it out with water wipe it dry and oil it (cooking oil not WD-40) and your ready for the next meal. once all the aluminum foil is gone it is back to dutch ovens and proper fitting lids as open pots and pans loose most of the heat and a waste of fuel because steam helps cook faster and makes food more tender. People also need to get a stainless fry basket and a proper fitting trivet this keeps the food your frying from sticking to the bottom of the pan. and it helps to drain excess oil over placing the food on paper towels, another item that will disappear look at Venezuela they can't get paper towels napkins or toilet paper mostly it's not available and even if it was they can't afford it they need the money for food.
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    Apex predators returning to Texas Jaguar and black bear and some other dangerous things around. Some of the other animals that kill are deer very rare but they have killed humans. Common critters that are dangerous are cattle and horses people are injured all the time sometimes by accident rare but because the animal is mad as hell or protective of their young. Getting stomped gored or kicked isn't fun and can permanently injure or kill you. Sometime back a friend was almost killed by a cow with a new calf and bulls mostly unconcerned with humans except at feeding some are territorial. there are troublesome mules and goats that can and don't mind hurting you if you don't keep an eye on them. Here are the reasons for being armed on the trail in the woods and going out at night your pets and other animals are on the predators menu if you get between them and a meal your liable to need lots of stitches. Mostly humans have not too much to worry about but if your not armed when you do have a bad encounter, don't forget I told you so ! Rabies is rare but problem is no one knows until there is a recorded outbreak and you may be the first to report it after you have had a encounter or injury then you have to get your shots. I have accidentally cornered animals in barns shops and sheds, if you don't pay attention or make noise to get them to run off before you walk up on them, it can get real dicey. chickens are a magnet for predators and snakes, look before you stick you hand in. You should have a gripper extension and a small net to reach eggs in hard to reach and catch escapee chicks.. Feral (wild) hogs are not known to attack people but there again if they have shoats or piglets or you startle them and that's rare your in real trouble their tusks are like knives another reason when hunting and your sure the critter is dead before you get too close or grab hold. More than a few stories of people putting a animal in their vehicle and finding out they were not as dead as they thought. the smallest critters are more powerful than you think and can put the hurt on you if you question this grab a feral mouse or squirrel and see how long you can hang on even pets can take a good nip out of you.
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    Wally, as far as illuminuation goes, give me a good flashlight or solar powered lantern like a Hybridlight PUC ANYDAY over candles. However, if you're relying on the light as a small source of heat, you'll do far better with the candle. You could probably heat the inside of a pickup truck cab with a big multi-wick candle enough to keep you from freezing to death . Just gotta crack a window for carbon monoxide evacuation.
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    Cross between the Donner party, and the Turner diaries and a twisted version of little house. glad you did not have to scrag anyone cause you would be national news .
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    did you get the ruger or the cz for the trip?
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    Road Trip protection and “comfort”

    well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
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    ....as I said...anyone still moving probably has bad intentions. I have fortunately never had an opportunity to have someone run, but it is my experience that a racking shotgun causes everyone in ear shot to stop and pay attention. Never dealing with it in a "pressure" situation of course, and as a non-LEO them running would be in theory my preferred action for them over actually having to center mass them, if them running isn't an option they will not have time to think on the sound of the slide as a split second after that action goes to battery I will be slapping the trigger. Obviously one would never count on someone doing the intelligent or sane thing in a life or death situation.
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    yea it's sad and the problem is once you make it to that level it is a struggle to maintain their status. In that they have to become more outrageous and give more of themselves sexually physically and mentally on stage and some of the fans are borderline crazy so they have to have security so more money to stay on top. They are bombarded with request of their time and physical being and personal clothing and accessories. now they have no real life of their own and become a facade of themselves disconnected from reality making decisions on their life from within a bubble of fantasy created by their handlers agents and fans. they are a commodity like cereal bought sold and hung in the widow for all to see, then there are the parasites magazines expose and event shows that need them for the ratings and sales of their venues. then talk shows radio and personal appearances. It is of no consequence that they sold out but in the last decade more and more tout that they sold their soul to Satan and young people are exploring the dark side and like children have no fear because they are ignorant of the dangers to their life and sanity and the tornado that sucks in the family friends and acquaintances. Only when the news smells a horror story of the Satanic or demonic do they report it but only as a self induced delusion and not what it really is a demonic / Satanic intrusion into our reality. Foolish people play with something they have no concept or understanding of and they can only know what comes from the demonic or Satanic entities they are in contact with and that whole existence job is to destroy humanity by deceit and manipulation. Unfortunately because we cannot see the alternate dimensions most people if they cannot see it it is imagination, failing to imagine that we cannot see poison gas or inadequate oxygen source and that it can and does kill but, in that case it is natural ??? We live in multidimensional existence refusing this as fact means your not taking advantage or all the evidence before making a decision. Too many people think that because they are successful that they are right or might makes right none of this is correct each incident is singular a fast look at Bernie Madoff and we see a man who had a long run of success and then it fell apart and since he had a history he must have thought he could recreate previous success by borrowing his clients money but never could keep his lifestyle and make money for his clients. now he is in prison for life. Satan uses every emotion and action to defeat humanity if we are not wary and continue to make mistakes and think we can cover one for another we risk falling into a trap that we are able to self right our lives. most of us refuse to see all our lives we are supported or held back by those around us either by their knowledge or ignorance arrogance or pride. once we become adults we tend to surround ourselves with like minded people if your morals or delusions are a reflection of the others in your life your opinions and actions will be guided by that so all of your answers come from a single well if that well is tainted --- like all your friends do drugs or are criminals or have flexible morals those are the basis of any guidance from them IMHO. Not al people hat follow a regimen are knowledgeable or devotees, many people take vitamins exercise and try to eat right but one in a million OR LESS are Arnold Schwarzenegger there are millions who can sing but few platinum record holders the same is true of normal people many follow Satan not knowing he is the leader -- or that he is stacking the deck in his favor. Science has PROVEN their are other dimensions and are exploring communicating with entities that they believe are there or the Acacic record or total knowledge of all the humanity before us and they also believe in extra terrestrials or aliens it is another opinion that these are demonic in nature not alien. One proof is that no one is the better for their experience with them another problem is animal mutilations WHY if the government wants to check cattle they could either buy them from the areas in question or rustle them no need to blow this into an intergalactic incident. Some of these incidents the craft just disappear mid flight some are solid and damage real items and other times move as if they are light traveling through each other or not leaving a track through clouds or water. these vehicles are seen in conjunction with other activities and events with deadly events to people and animals if this is the salvation of the human race I think we need to be skeptical reports although very hard to prove that there are 11 different races of aliens ??? so we are led to believe one or more are bad and others good ??? I have no first hand knowledge but science is willing to hold hands with anyone other than a Christian with a Biblical ideology , they really like Darwinism as all that is required is BLIND faith in a science that has real issues and the geologic record does not square with. I choose God over we are nothing and go back to nothing and we are not judged or have any responsibility in this life / dimension -- so we can do what we want and there will be no justice ? that kind of lifestyle and ideals leads to a lot of trouble IMO.
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    Fearless in these End Times (2018).

    Yes Wally, the mark of the beast, 6 & 3 = 666 just fuzzy math.
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    good lord was he on PCP?
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    kids only. Adults, tough shit, should have taken care of it themselves.
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    Things to have or never run out of

    not everyone will be a savage when the SHTF or after TSHTF some will barter....
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    The Fairer Sex and Survival

    men who are truly capable of fighting outnumber the women who are such by 100 to 1. You guys are dreaming about what your women can do, almost as much as about what YOU can do.
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    Things to have or never run out of

    We have been stockpiling several of these items for barter use as well. I think things like the triple antibiotic ointment will be invaluable in the near future.
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    The Fairer Sex and Survival

    I have had the hardest time signing onto this site lately. Ugh. Anyway, I had hoped to have responded sooner, but I was not able to get on. Now...as a woman... I guess I have a question: Is she refusing to consider that there is danger out there (head in the sand)? Or, is she refusing to get all excited about the same things you get into? If it's the latter, I wouldn't worry too much. Your prepping might be a hobby to her or she sees it as your thing or as your interest. Women are already conditioned to view the world through eyes of being a victim to assault and harm (walking with car keys out, locking doors, avoiding odd places). We have to be this way every single day. Because every single day we are targets. I even wonder if women are far better than most sheeple men because sheeple men have had zero experience with threats. ZERO. Most women get it. We just do from the cat calls on down to the direct threats. When you get viewed as a piece of meat by people you tend to have a higher awareness. And, the mama bear will ALWAYS defend her young. But if she's the former - the truly head in the sand type - really the only way to not make her run the other direction from learning a bit is to provide the facts. But to also use phrases like, "Peace of mind." and "Security." And an "I care about you" emotional connection to make her see it's something you are doing with her not trying to get her on board with your prepping plans. "Why can't you just..." Is the fastest way to lose your audience. Also, I recommend Conceal Carry University. It's a DVD series by Patrick Kilcherman. Sells on Amazon. Amazing reviews. EVEN if you or she never carry concealed (I don't...yet), this is a super helpful series of classes and well worth the $100 for the 6 DVDs which are professional and highly informative for the newbie but also for the expert (LEOs and ,military people have watched this too).
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    The Fairer Sex and Survival

    It took a couple of knuckle heads trying to get into my wife’s car one night while at a stoplight, for her to get “into firearms”for personal protection. As a cops wife then she did condescend to keeping the doors locked all the time, which is what stopped the two alleged rapists. I refer to them as that, because they followed her from the grocery store to the light. Now, she is a strong advocate for concealed carry, and in fact, is the only person in her office that does carry or that even has a permit. The males in her office are all (by appearances) testicularly challenged, and at the very least, completely “conflict adverse”. She on the other hand, knows when to get out of dodge, how to get out, and when to deploy her best friend, Mr. Beretta. Some people find the thought of being an adult and solely responsible for ones own personal safety, absolutely intimidating to the point of refusing to even consider they are just another victim wait8ng to be victimized. I am not casting aspersions onto your spouse at all, she could have such faith and confidence in your abilities to keep HER safe and from harm, she feels she doesn’t “need” to consider any other options. Be patient, she married you, so she’s not stupid...