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    Yesterday I managed to get about 500 retaining wall stones for free through a Letgo classified ad. It was hard work getting them to my back yard & taken a physical toll on me. On the plus side of things, I’ve saved thousands of dollars not having to buy them. Blessings indeed & greatfull of the outcome provided.
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    Wanted carpenters helper, must live in the Toronto GTA area Canada. Must be able to use power tools, mitre saws, saws-all, nail gun, etc. You will be required to have a carpenters apron/tool belt with framing hammer,hard hat, safety glasses & safety shoes/boots. Able to lift 50 lbs if need be. Able to read blue prints would be a bonus, but not required. Pay to be discussed on your experience & abilities. PM me if you have the willingness & the drive to work. You will be required to have a vehicle to show up at the job site at 8 am. Slackers need not apply.
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    Went to a liquidation store today, purchased a few bath towels & cotton T shirts. Bath towels normal retail $23 each, got them for $4 each. T shirts retail $15 each, got them for 4 T shirts for $10 There we’re deals on dog food for $7 for a 50 lb bag. Didn’t get any,my dogs pantry has enough food for the next 2 Plus years. It was a howling deal non the less.
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    Nope, no issues here. I think there are security updates that should happen on this forum, I'll check it out.
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    Today I extended my outside garden 7 ft X 30 ft = 210 sq ft. Removed all the grass & weeds and tilled the soil. A good days work of 9 hours. Will transplant some of my tomatoes this weekend in the new garden area.