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    OK, guys. New thread to post in. Prep II will be closed from now on. If you're tracking the thread make sure to track the new thread.
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    The other day I helped a friend design, tool and sew up an old school Black Jack slap. It got me to thinking about some of the simple weapons that have mostly been forgotten or over looked by most folks these days. Because of the many years my wife worked in prison I've heard of their various “homemade” weaponry. The most common and deadly is the old lock in a sock or whatever you have that is heavy stuck in a cloth that will hold it so you can swing it like a mace. In the centuries past they even made these up ahead of time and used them like a sling and threw the entire thing. With a two pound rock you can do unbelievable damage when thrown from near distance. Inmates regularly kill with something in a sock. If you just want to beat the hell out of someone a bar of soap in painful with only minimal chance of killing someone. You can sharpen the edge of a credit card or and high density plastic and slice tomatoes with it...or cut someones throat if needed. Plastic is a deadly tool. They used to let the inmated have regular toothbrushes and dental floss. To many of them ended up stuck in someone and the floss braided and used as a garrote. Now they get flossers and little tooth brushes that slip on the end of your finger. I've actually done the credit card thing and believe me it is SHARP! I have an older Lansky Letter Opener it is just a plastic double edges dagger that you can drive through a piece of ½” plywood. Paper can be rolled up like a long slender cone and with starch turned into a danm spear!!! It won't pierce a flack jacket but it will go through a regular shirt and a light coat or pants! You wouldn't believe the stuff inmates can make out of paper!! If you don't have pepper spry...use pickled jalapeno peppers! In my youth I carried a jar of them in my candy apple red 56 Chevy. Put one in each hand and just slap the hell out of a couple of guys and then throw what is left at anyone left standing. If you get it in their face the fight is OVER!! WARNING, do NOT think that washing your hands with soap will get this off your hands and then go to the bathroom!!!! BAAAD VERY VERY BAD!!! An old Green Beret that I used to hang out and fish with. He was part of the first batch that JFK was responsible for when the green benies were first designated as the OFFICIAL wear of the 10th Special Forces group at Fort Brag on October 12th 1961 and made official in April 11 1962. Anyway he told me that one mistake that people make is defining dangerous people by the weapons that they possess. There Are no dangerous weapons out there; JUST dangerous men and they are dangerous even if they are butt naked. The mind is your arsenal if you keep it stocked you can never be unarmed.
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    Ok, this could fit into "Firearms" but I selfishly wanted it here. The last few years, I've realized that with the huge amount of different pistols and revolvers now being offered during the Obammafuerher's Reign, Inpersonally, needed to/wanted to look at less expensive, more concealable pistols that I could press into service, should that need arise. While I don't want my NICE more expensive (traditional) means of self defense to wind up in an evidence locker forever,I don't mind parting with a logistically attractive less expensive alternative, that can serve the "exigency need role" for immediate self defense. Since I am heavily invested in the 9mm caliber, I restricted MY research for MY subjective needs, to that caliber. I like being logistically attractive, makes storage a LOT more conducive to conduct. There are a bunch of choices to choose from, and I set an artificial ceiling of $350.00 per pistol TOTAL, to see What my subjective/personal choices would be. Yes, I am retired law enforcement from the Republic's most populous state, I can afford whatever I want (at present), but that is NOT the point. I selected after my personal research, the SCCY CPX-2 9mm. It fits my peasant hands, ammo is plentiful in my personal supply, and it is accurate enough and reliable enough for it's intended purposes. YOUR mileage may varying this is subjective, ergo about MY needs. For less than my limit, I got a nice, accurAte double action only 11 shot revolver (re:pistol). I started out shooting revolvers, and with the long trigger pull, think of the SCCY as a self loading revolver, and you will do just fine. It is too big for ME, to "pocket carry", and I don't pocket carry anything but keys and my folding bladed knife. I don't care to have a loaded firearm pointed at my"boys", for convenience of carry, or by someone else. I use a holster, and since I'm now officially a newly minted "almost senior", I can do what I want. I choose belt carry, because that is where I'm used to carrying my hand guns, on my belt. Yes, you CAN conceal about any handgun on your person, just dress around the gun, even in Texas, Florida, or Snake's "hell-on-Earth" patch O'heaven. The majority of the Sheeple in this country are too stupid to look to see IF, YOU are carrying, a firearm, even the cops are way too lax in that regard in most of the jurisdictions in this country, metro areas or rural areas. I liked the SCCY so much, I got myself a back-up SCCY set up in the manner I found I like to use them. If one gets into an evidence locker, I'll bring it's brother into immediate use, with no worries. For a folding knife, I decided to go with Gerber brand. Yeah, I know there are "better" brands, but I wanted to go for price, and for what I use them for. I got hooked on the "Gator" folding knives from Gerber, kinda big for the pocket, but nice non slip handles and mine hold an edge well! I have more than one, for redundancy. I don't feel "undercut" by my Benchmades, I just don't use them every day like I do the Gerbers. I enjoy the simplicity they give me for MY subjective uses, and they meet MY subjective needs in my real world use. I don't like knife fights and never have been in one, well, when I was in law enforcement there was one time an idiot pulled a knife when I was pointing a firearm at him....he lost the knife quickly, and he was the only one injured., it was HIS choice. So, just thought I would toss this out there to the group, I think we can use less expensive gear for most things, and have extra prep funds for the more serious aspects of preparations, like food and water. Just something to also consider IF, you and you alone choose to do so. In the end, each of us is responsible for our own salvation.
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    i was reminded this morning of an incident that happened thirty years ago when i was fishing with my younger brother and my fishing rod disintegrated and i was left without means to catch any fish,,then i spotted a piece of broken glass and an idea formed.. my brother, well he said i was crazy to even try it, but i took that sliver of glass and a sapling and cut a spear and in moments I had a three pound bass on my fishing spear. and got five more fish before he'd caught his first fish... "You're still crazy" he said admiring my stringer of bass shad and bream.. sometimes old timey things work the best, especially when you lack the more modern resources to get the job finished.. i added a frog gig/fishing spear to my fishing gear and have never been disappointed by them or my ability to put food in the pan .. i guess its also in my genes, being one eighth native american (sac fox) , even though you could never tell it by looking at me,, guess its what you make of it...
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    Adapting The biggest challenge for a modern person suddenly thrown into a primitive survival situation is the mental changes. The thing that makes it all sooooo hard for us is going to be throwing out the ideas and training of the culture we were raised in. Many, maybe most at first will die because of an inability to adapt quickly enough. A quick list of a few non-valid ideas that we have that aren't true in a primitive world. Bigger is better. Get it done in a hurry. Food is for fun and entertainment...every meal! You only eat the RIGHT things with right being based on what you ate before. HURRY!!!! Farming is HARD Brutal work. It is hard to find catch and kill wild game. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Big is most often a total waste of time. A small shelter isn't as good as a bigger shelter is the first thing you have to dump. The shelter is only there for you to sleep in, get out of the rain, and dry store a few things. You will not usually live in it. The world is your living room. The only exception is in the winters in the COLD Snow Country and there, smaller is a LOT better because it will be easier to keep warm. A big gun is nice if you are in Bear country but most of the time a 22lr is better. If you think that you need a little more power think about maybe a carbine in a pistol caliber. My Winchester Trapper 357 mag will drop anything in the area where I live and the same in 44mag will drop a Moose! Lighter ammo, easy reloading with a simple loading system. Less lead used. Hunting and fishing is hard only when you are hunting and fishing using the rules of legal and sportsman like styles. You just don't actually hunt anything much more than a little bird. I will shoot those with a BB gun for little one pot stews if I'm on the move. You do not roast them over an open fire if you need the food. The juice that you see dripping out is the fat and the important fluids that have most of the true value in things you catch for a quick meal. A pot keeps it all and with a few roots, herbs and such can be very tasty! Instead of hunting and fishing you make and use traps. For deer aircraft cable snares over the trails then have a drive to rush the deer into these traps. Carry a LOOONG spear to cut their throats with. It is quieter and saves the bullet. Fish are easy to trap. Hoop nets and box traps are so effective that they are illegal in most places. If it is against the law you need to learn about it!! Spotlighting makes a lot of wary critters easy pickings. I had an old time telephone generator for many years and they work well for “calling “ the fish up. Crushed black walnuts work well too. Put them in a sack, crush them and throw them into a pool of still water. The fish will come up in a half hour or so. A lot of things that we think of as quick fixes or nearly instant gratification cease to be so when you can't go to Walmart and just buy one. Clothes are a good example. There are LOTS of similar things. Making and sewing cloth is a massively time consuming thing when you don't have machines doing most of the boring repetitive work! Digging a well is NOT a one day job even if you know how to do it. Lots of things that we do in minutes will become long boing exercises in manual labor. Food, farming and gardening are one of the few places where it is actually easier than people think...ONCE they learn that growing food for you and your family to eat is a lot easier than farming for profit. Can you possibly imagine how much corn you have to grow and sell to pay for a tractor or a house or a car???? Most gardens are a joke in the survival sense. Sorry people but radishes, lettuce, peppers, greens, cabbage and tomatoes are mostly a waste of time if you want to feed your family. Lots of work for VERY few calories. You want to grow corn, beans, peas, squash, potatoes, yams and such are what you need to spend most of your efforts on. The rest is for spice and taste like onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and such is called a kitchen garden. Fruit and nut trees are also good but you just don't need 40 acres to feed your family. You will need to eat to live and give up the live to eat mentality that we have now. Feasts where you eat all you can or could ever want are SPECIAL occasions. You will need to learn the difference between hunger and appetite. We are trained to “feel like we need to eat at least three times a day at certain times. At those times we “feel” something but it really isn't hunger. Very few Americans have EVER actually felt hunger. Charity is a wonderful thing...IF you can afford it. If you can't then you could be killing your family with your kindness. Unfortunately in a world of survival of the fittest, the nice don't get extra credit. You will have to get a lot better at judging the good from the bad and the worthwhile from the worthless. Honor will become a serious thing again. Understand, if someone steals from you they will probably kill you if you have something that they think they need or maybe even just want. If I catch you stealing my food from my garden patch you will be fertilizing it tomorrow. If you ask for it and I have it to give I will give it but if you steal you are a waste of the food you stole. Primitive people lived a very quiet and subtle life. They wasted very little and probably didn't average 4 hours a day doing what we see as hard work. BUT when they were not working in the garden, hunting, fishing or things like that they WERE nonetheless doing things that were important. They would sit in the shade together in the heat of the day and chat while they made little things that were not hard work but were time consuming. What you need to understand is that for them this was not work. They didn't have TV, Radios or outside based entertainment. While their hands were busy the were also bonding and having a pretty good time. When I was a kid I used to love this sort of thing. Example...Before you can can you have to prepare the stuff. Beans and peas have to be shelled. Corn needs to be shucked and silked, Tomatoes may need to be blanched and pealed...things like that. We did this sort of thing as a group. We would sit under the live oaks and spend most of the day talking and listening to the older folks tell stories. The stories are what you might call our clan heritage. These people were raised and lived in a world that was totally different from now. If you wanted to go to town you walked, rode a horse or went in a wagon/buggy. You hunted for food NOT sport. I learned so much of what I know about life, honor and how to be self sufficient at the feet of my elders. These times were a combination of entertainment, education, bonding into the clan, play (water wars could happen at any moment!) with just a little nimble fingered work thrown in. The hardest part for people raise in our current culture will be the slow down that is necessary. How often have you heard primitive people perceived as lazy or at least not very ambitious? I know now days it isn't politically correct but that is still the way people that live in primitive conditions are perceived. They go slow for several reasons. First when all you need is enough food to eat for a few days, a few basic clothes, some sort of roof over your head and maybe a little water how much time does it take to provide that in normal times? A day has 24 hours. You need to do 4 hours of work at the MOST to provide these on average...What do you do with the rest of the day?? Gathering and storing more food is a waste. With the limited available ways to preserve food why store more than you can eat before it spoils. Without modern medicine any and every injury no matter how small could kill you! Survival sometimes means doing less and not more. You will need to learn a new way to perceive your life cost/risk versus profit decisions. Boredom KILLS. All work and no play does more than just make Jack a dull boy. You will have to learn new ways to protect yourself from boredom. You will have to MAKE your own entertainment. Kids are going to suffer the worst at first. Kids don't play the way that they used to. You will need to teach them how to play. It doesn't take much imagination to watch a machine do things. Look at how complex toys are today. Is a Barbie doll with a house, car, more clothes than most people really “better” than a rag doll that a child had filled with feelings and that can talk to them about important things and play the things that the child wants to play? Toys these days are bossy! I assure you, My Teddy Bear was more than just a toy. He was my very best friend. He was the one that was there when I was afraid, lonely and was always on MY side when my parents and other friends were mean. When was the last time you saw a kid with an imaginary friend. My daughter had two and for several years you had to be careful where you sat. We also learned that you had to make sure that they didn't come with us when we went out. They were bad little kids and would get my daughter in trouble. Their not at home manners just were NOT up to public places! Life is led between your ears. When the outside changes the inside HAS to adapt or else. Start thinking about it now and offering your kids a little help at learning to make their own toys and how to invest those toys with life and personalities
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    it is ironic that everyone ive talked to has an idea what they need to have in stock for long term survival, and some people dont have a clue ...so here id like to put together a list of absolutely must have items you store in your cache, before all else. food water and bob gear... power generator large garbage cans, plastic 50 gallon with lid for food storage 5 of them ten gallons of clorox bleach... sixteen drops to purify a gallon of water,,, air mask for contaminant air smoke and chemical .. coffee filters for filtration of water activated charcoal for water filtering, fishing line 16 lb test and up..several spools..spiderwire tough stuff... archery equipment.. bows and arrows , field tips and razor broadheads, blunt tips and cedar shafts backup rechargeable batteries fuel for machines, spare spark plugs and repair manuals, lubricant oils boyscout field book for reference pre 1970s version.. specific books. , you know which ones you rely on to survive folding field shovels.. i have a couple of these to dig trench latrines for sanitation so there is just a few listed add your own must haves
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    Hi All, We are low on ground space, so we've been reading up on vertical gardening and came across a book about growing potatoes in wooden towers. Anyone have experience with this? The idea is that as the potato plant grows, you hill the soil up around the stem and the plant produces more and more spuds in the root system. As you add soil to the top, you also add higher sides to your potato box, so your plant elongates in the soil and the wooden sides move up with it and the soil level. I know that having the soil properly aerated is key and that you also have to grow a late season potato variety to be successful. In theory you're supposed to be able to get many pounds of potatoes from one wooden tower. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos of people harvesting their vertical potato crops and all were busts and only got around 8 spuds total. Pretty disappointing for all the work to buy or build a wooden tower/container. Some people realize they had too compacted soil and also not the late season varieties. Have any of you had success growing potatoes in wooden towers using correct soil and potato varieties?
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    Survival has a lot of meanings to all sort of different people. I would like to offer you a different thought about it. Here, we are normally talking about personal survival. The survival of the individual and that persons family and near associates is about threat assessment and how to respond to the various threats that could arise. To most average people, and all sheeple, the entire thing is actually pretty depressing. It means the death of many, the breakdown of our system and most likely a period of unknown length of chaos and loss of our much loved creature comforts. You know, it is a troubling thought BUT... There is also cultural survival. When you look at societal breakdown I look at it sort of like an infection. If a little finger gets an infection that you can't cure or stop sometimes it has to be removed or the entire body will die. The infection isn't just hurting your pinky finger. It is poisoning your entire body and slowly dragging you down. While losing your finger is sad and depressing, the thought of your body healing and your strength coming back is far from depressing. It will even be painful to lose a finger BUT for the good of all it has to go. I think that our culture has reached that sort of point. The small corruptions are slowly poisoning the entire thing. Let's face it; when it is even questionable whether or not a cop has the right to defend himself or herself from bodily attack or armed attack if the attacker is black we are in SERIOUS trouble!!! The problem is NOT black people!!! The problem is that our government is using the lowest elements of their race as a distraction to keep us divided. There are bad, ignorant and stupid people of ALL races out there. I was raised in KKK Kuntry and believe my trash is trash no matter what the color of the skin! What is happening is that the Government through their controlled media is making it SEEM as if we, the white majority are under attack and helpless because if you defend yourself in most places North of the Mason/Dixon line and now days almost anyplace except Texas you may be prosecuted. If your state won't do it the feds will hit you with a civil rights suit! At the same time the black folks are being told that the cops and most white folks are out to kill them and are killing their poor unarmed kids left and right. The media CREATES these stories just like they created the problem in Ferguson. They ONLY interviewed the people that were wailing that the thug had his hands up and was shot in the back. The FACT was he was charging the cop and the cop was either going to shoot him or DIE. That was one BIG strong jacked up crazy who had already tried to pull him out of his car window by his throat. The cop KNEW that he couldn't take him on just with his bare hands. After the fact...LONG after the fact, on the back pages of the print media it came out t hat NONE of the people telling the cops and media all about him being shot in the back with his hands over his head were even THERE at the time. The people, mostly black people that were there told a different story that was fully backed up by the forensic evidence...NO holes in the back...NONE. The entire thing was a fabricated tale created by the media. The terrible racial motivated killing in Baltimore...of the five cops the prosecutor is after, three are black and the Sargent in charge was a black lady officer. Now how in the hell is THAT racial?? Obummer is trying to tear this country apart and the Republican party is right in there with him cheering it on and helping all they can. They problem is not the people of this country. The government in Washington is an infected corruption on the butt of America. The entire establishment, both Democrats and Republicans no longer consider themselves as Americans first. They are parasites that FEED on America and that is where their entire allegiance lays...to their party first and the system second! They are near the terminal point and are preparing to dump the farcical crud and just declare the constitution invalid and divvy the country up into fiefdoms. The United STATES of America died at the end of the civil war. The REPUBLIC of America is in ICU and sinking fast. Presidents now openly flaunt their ability to RULE above and outside of the constitution. The constitutional reality is that the President actually was meant to have almost NO individual authority. He can't introduce a bill and only has an active roll when both the House and Senate have passed it. Then he can either sign or veto it. The closest the Pres gets is when he PROPOSES a budget. Now Obama and even a non-president Hillary are moving into MAKING laws by Presidential decree. I'm sorry but I look at some form of total disaster as the only hope that America has left. The great experiment of Democracy is a failure and capitalism has run wild. The founding Fathers NEVER intended for people that couldn't support themselves to have a vote. The opinion of even twenty idiots on welfare is NOT as good as the opinion of ONE successful wise person!!! In the beginning you had to own property to vote... now you don't even need to have an ID or a birth certificate!!!! Capitalism worked until the wealth became personal instead of corporate. It used to be a rich person made a gizillion dollars and then RE-invested it back into the corporation because the personal tax rates were 75% and UP!!!! Sam Walton became the richest man in the world paying 75% + income tax. Romney, when he was running for office paid a lower total percentage tax rate than I did! Asset based wealth means JOBS for Americans while personal wealth means trillionaires and unemployment for working people. Why NOT dump your American workers and move your factories to China?? Over there you pay a $1.24 an hour, no retirement, no matching Social security and a factory is a big building with a bucket in each corner and a roll of toilet paper for “facilities. You dump the poison out in the river or into the air, there is no OSHA, no EPA and no labor laws to worry about. Without the manufacturing base we HAD, WW2 would have been a SHORT and very bad ending war and we would all be speaking German but not on this. Without a working rail system we can't even move enough stuff from coast to coast to fight a real war. America now has lots and lots of billionaires and some say one trillionaire. What we don't have is the ability to fight and win a war of any true size short of turning the world into a glow in the dark ornament with no advanced life forms. Our only hope is some sort of world wide disaster that will again make survival a matter of intelligence and judgment and not only for fast breeders that won't or can't work so just sit back and breed like rats. It also has to happen before someone else decides to come here and TAKE what we have away from us or our own government does it too us. Too me TEOTWAWKI is about the only chance or hope our culture has left... I'm sorry, I'm not Mary Poppins I see ugly and just call it ugly...
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    If I was limited to one 22 rifle if would be a Ruger 10-22. It is a fairly short rifle and extremely adaptable with all sorts of after market accessories. All Rifles are required to have barrels over 16" If the barrel is shorter than 16" it can't have a stock because it is a pistol. A semiautomatic rifle can fill more roles than a bolt action. My Ruger 10-22 is more accurate than I am capable of using except over sand bags. With a scope head shots on squirrels is right there for you if you do your part. There are also a lot of youth sized rifles out there these days and for smaller folks these might be right for you. Another 22 LR that is a lot of fun is the little Henry 22 lever action carbine. I love mine and the kids like it a lot as well so smaller size works well for them.
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    ive found if you load up a standard size egg carton made of cardboard, not plastic, with charcoal briquets you have enough to get a good fire going and its a great way to optimize cooking a meal, boil water for coffee and burn off disposable trash ... also you can cook breakfast very quickly using a half carton and it produces less smoke than a larger fire.. and it weighs less than hauling around a ten pound bag of briquettes ..i also add a little parrifin in the bottom of one of the little compartments to ensure a nice hot fire.. in rain ,snow sleet or other foul weather situations...it can be a life saver..hot food, hot coffee... bring on some eggs or mushrooms
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    if you have mormons in the area they surely have a "bishops pantry" near by you can go there and get some good info...
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    Tactical is a word I do not like....it's like " organic" it is very often just a reason to charge more and results in a product that isn't the best it could be. For instance the "tactical" hawk, the title results in a high cost and features that often interfere with it usefulness in a Hawks number one function, cutting wood. The word also implies "military" "combat" and other things that the preaparedness crowd likes to avoid being labeled with. There are a number of very useful and even "cool" items that are "tactical" but often the better option is a more tradional item. Think about it.... If trying to get yourself or your family out of town do you think looking like a SOF operator will help you blend in the crowd or get you shoot first, arrested, or robbed. The first tactical item needed is the training, knowledge, and skills and with these anything becomes "tactical".
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    I would even wager a guess while they may lose some nutritional value past expiration, they are likely safe to eat past that date and would give some calories to stave off hunger, though they make lack in terms of power packed vitamins and minerals.
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    Hi. Just another thing to consider is what type of precious metal to hold. Bullion can't be broken down/divided or carried easily. So coins are better. DH and I cashed in a whole life insurance policy I had that a grandpa started for me as a baby. We went online to APMEX and bought "junk" silver. Basically we have old quarters from days passed (before worthless money), that are all silver. They were once all in circulation. Some are dirtier than others. Some date back to the turn of the century. You can get nickels or dimes too. The face value of the coins now has no bearing. It's the weight. So you buy by weight. That's the extent of our physical precious metals. I do hold "paper" gold (ETFs) in a retirement portfolio. I'm leaving that alone due to taxation right now to withdraw. Meh. Not the best. As for cash, we have about $2k in smaller bills. Cash is good in the short term for when card readers are off (no debit or credit). The rest of our value is in "stuff" and supplies.
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    MisterSnake, however, lucid and filled with common sense your comments are, trying to apply common sense and political "will", and heaven forbid "diplomacy", is always ill-advised. For my selfish interest or at least in consideration of MY blood pressure, please refrain from posting such comments in the future! All kidding aside, the longer I live, the more I have come to realize that ALL politicians, have far less moral courage, than the most diseased suppurating street walker on earth. I despise all politicians as useless. So in spite of my protestations to the contrary, ReverendSnake, please keep the sermons coming, this choir member as always, is all ears.
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    I go on other forums occasionally, and I always love it when they have the "Gun Porn" threads... so whenever you see something sexy, post it up! It doesn't have to be survival related, just awesome. Starting things off with the Remington 725 in .270 Winchester I just picked up last night. MAN, was she crusty! Dust, debris, surface rust, and a bore that was pretty, well, gross. I spent two hours disassembling and cleaning the old girl...cleaned up pretty nice!
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    While I will admit that Elmer was a puffed up blowhard and braggart, I also have to admit that he is one of my heroes in spite of it. I have 4 of his books and have read each of them more than once. I truly believe that Smith & Wesson would have gone the way of the Dodo if it had not been for the collaboration with Keith. BF
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    Some other treasures from the Elmer Kieth Collection. The finish-worn 4" N-frame with the ivory grips was Elmer's personal carry piece that he usually wore. The double rifle is the famous .450-400 W.J. Jeffrey & Co. boxlock that Col. Jim Corbett used to great effect hunting man-eating tigers in India. A snippet from the auction house about the rifle: http://jamesdjulia.com/item/1038-373/ https://frontierpartisans.com/3666/jim-corbetts-rifle/ There were also many Rigby bolt guns, and Elmer's famous original .333 OKH. One particular .404 Rigby bolt gun had be almost in tears, it was so finely made. I would have bought it on the spot, but nobody in the area needed a kidney. Some very cool stuff, and I was blessed to be able to head up there and don the white gloves to handle a lot of staggeringly beautiful history.
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    If anyone is interested here is a great site, tells of my favorite gun writer Elmer Keith guns and personal loads some are kinda stiff LOL THE SIXGUNS AND LOADS OF ELMER KEITH I am a stainless steel fan I love Rugers because I load them tall to make them fall and I factory crimp so there is no bullet setback or jump both in full house loads is concerning. I noticed on some load data that certain loads were only for rifle or a Ruger pistol. Marlin are my favorite I only owed a couple Winchesters and did not care for top eject and I have had good luck with microgrove rifling / accuracy I have seen where some bemoan the microgroove as inferior to ballard cut bores but I can shoot 5 in one ragged hole not that anything is wrong with ballard rifled barrels and not that they are not accurate as it is what it is a rifle or pistol is accurate or not I was lucky that my combo could shoot the same load for both and put them where aimed.
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    Went to a gun show today & managed to get a few excellent deals. Got 1 lb of universal & 1 lb of Nunber 9 powder for $25 total. Average price for powder is $40-45 per pound plus taxes in my area. Got Allen vanes for arrows 5 pkgs for $5 Each pkg contains 12 vanes. Got a NcStar mini 14 side scope mount new for $5 Got 2 Lee lube sizing kits new 308 & 311 for $20 each. Retail average $45 plus taxes. It was a great day at the show, with bargains. Blessings indeed.
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    Another 18-24 inches of snow forecasted today for my neck of the woods. I soldiered in the 15 miles to work in my trusty 4WD Tacoma, but MAN do other people suck driving in the snow. Makes me wonder how many of them are actually prepared in case they end up heading for the tooleys! No actual info here, just a rant. Cabin fever and winter to fatigue is starting to set in. That is all.
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    Thanks for your patience on the upgrade. The site was down temporarily at times, but hopefully it didn't effect anyone significantly. This new upgrade gets us onto a supported software version and a server with double the capacity. And the user interface now better supports mobile devices. If you notice any issues with the layout or function of the upgraded site, please post your comments here. Your gentle feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    I've some aside if needed. Sling shots & ball bearings. Throwing knives. Bows & arrows. A 22 pellet gun that's 760 FPS. Any firearm that uses ammo that brakes the sound barrier, is a big NO! In my area we can't own silent sirs. for firearms, do to by-laws. So what do you have to not attract attention.
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    metal repairs require strength here are a few things that will be a good thing to have on hand. these will also solder together dissimilar metals like brass and cast iron steel and brass etc. some example would be a broken front pistol or rifle sight broken triggers that would need hi tensile strength solder. broken handle of a cast iron pot permanent connection of electronic or electric wires or spliced steel cable {making eyes on a wire cable} or making it longer by splicing 2 short pieces together. 80 pa Homogenized solder can be found at brownells.com First this solder is LOW TEMP Homogenized sloder 16,000 psi bond taking a mere 425 degrees to bond. as far as I can see this is perfect to repair broken metal parts Hi force 44 solder takes more practice to use and you need to use COMET flux. Homogenized solder has the flux premixed. TIX solder it is a great loer temp solder operating at 275 degrees but it only has 4,000 PSI use TIX flux with it. Other components that may be very helpful would be heat control past Metals need to both be the melting point of the solder or you wont get a bond small parts are easier to get to temp. using a pencil and scribing a line around the area you do not want solder to creep to also heat control paste the area needs to be clean use trichloroethane or alcohol to remove oils hand or machine oil. A hot piece of metal formed into a IRON to transfer heat there are also miniature propane torches I would use a or have a pencil torch they use cigarette lighter propane and are refillable. a simple disposable bottle type torch using propane can be used as a room heater its heat can be enhanced by heating a piece of steel plate stand the torch and move the plate to the flame you can use bricks to hold the plate. remember heat rises so it takes more heat to solder the top of a barrel pipe etc. this can also be used to solder handles on tools like a cross handle on a shovel you need of course to notch them to a perfect fit as possible so as not to waste solder and the joint will be stronger. with a few tools re-purposing electronic scrap many solar cells for yard lights are low Ma. output as well as low voltage figuring to recharge a dry cell or rechargeable battery you need to charge at a rate < 10% of it's rated Ma. and equal to the voltage a blocking diode prevents reverse discharge when the sun is not powering the solar cell. Right now is the time to invest time in research do some home projects with the kids or learn something different cruising the net for garbage will not serve you in times of trouble keep a notebook I like to use the bound composition type. it is hard to remember all of the information that can be used in survival and prepping canning cooking etc. I have these note books in different colors and have rewritten and transcribed duplicate information if it is useful in another topic. Today science make a case that people need to exercise their brain but instead of using an app on a phone that are worthless new hobbies completely different than your used to start small do not try to build a shortwave radio before you have practiced soldering a switch leg circuit on a very simple LED project. And you can thieve solder from PCB boards and soldered wire it ain't easy but survival never is. These are the things you need to be researching using the Internet not looking at PoRn http://dangerousprototypes.com/2012/06/14/workshop-video-how-to-make-a-simple-soldering-flux/
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    Ok, onetime. What you are saying is that a police officer can't tell the difference between his fully loaded side arm and his taser? The issue is not the speed of the draw...this is not the wild west. The issues is conflict resolution and descalation, which, apparently isn't taught to police officers anymore....
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    There is a group out of San Antonio Texas called The Human Path that does online and on-site Survival Workshops. Thought I would share this in case anyone was interested. http://thehumanpath.net/course/staying-alive-eco-construction-workshop-day/ http://thehumanpath.net
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    Watch the video footage. A lot of truth said with reality. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7ByClFPm_9w
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    I am highly considering getting my CCW. But, I feel relatively unprepared. I'm not scared. And, I have a great ability to learn. It's just a matter of me crossing my "t's" and dotting my "i's." I stumbled upon Concealed Carry University (by Patrick Kilchermann from Delta Defense and the Conceal Carry Association) and ordered their 7 DVDs for 20+ hours of at-home study. This will not replace range time or the state mandated class I would have to take to get my permit. Anyway, it covers their 3 premises to CC which is Mindset, Skills, and then after the other two are built on, Tools (armory). I just completed the 2 DVDs in the Mindset category and while I have to watch them again to get more retention, I learned A LOT (types of criminals, knowing when to shoot, what it is like to get shot, how the body reacts to a violent situation (tunnel vision, etc.), what to say to police, what to say to the 911 dispatcher, crime and incarceration stats, combat breathing, legal terms, etc.). Anyway, my own biggest question, which another poster on here mentioned regarding not attending a Christmas party since CCW holders were asked not to carry to the event, is this. If there's a sign posted outside a building that reads "Guns banned on these premises," what exactly does that mean (maybe it varies by state?)? Does that ban the guns of police and CCW people? How can a business ban or limit the 2nd Amendment for citizens to carry? If you intend to go to such a building for a meeting, meal, or appointment, or shopping and you get there and see the sign, what do you do with your gun? Leave in car? Bring into building and hope no one notices - ignore the sign? Thanks.
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    Generally speaking AfterGood Friday - Easter is the best time to start your garden. As the weather is always different that needs to be tempered with common sense. I have got a load of new dirt and will mix it with rabbit manure and top it off with a bag of good black soil inside old tractor trailer tires. This has a 3 fold usage first 2 tires places the garden at a level so you can use hand garden tools while sitting in a chari. Second you can use small re-bar and use on on each bent into a horse shoe shape and stick them just below the tread and it also make a garden frame to cover with clear plastic or bird netting to protect from freezing or critters. Third the are almost bullet proof should the day come where you need that sort of thing. out in front of windows covering every thing below the window sill or without dirt like a football training trial to keep people from having a straight run across open ground add in rebar spikes blocks of wood with nails loos rolled barbed wire staked each end and it's fun for the whole family. As far as gardening best to get some 4 foot or higher fencing and make your own tomato cages as tomatoes can grow quite tall and only need support and will give you tomatoes until next frost raied bed gardens give good drainage if you need less drainage put in a 55 gallon plastic bag a few minor holes poor soil for anchoring the first tire and better or enhanced soil in the second potatoes can be started in the second tire once the plant has grown above the 2nd tire lever add the tire and good fluffy dirt not something that can compact to a hard soil and strangle it's growth things like pole beans or strawberries can be done in stacked buckets (vertical gardening) one bucket 4 bricks stacked on end in center fill around with good loose soil top with pine straw and stack a bucket on top of the bricks fill around with dirt more bricks in center and repeat up to 3 tall or you will have to have a way to keep the wind from knocking it over use a drill and cut 2 inch holes or cut a slit and use a heat gun to push in the top to make a recess for your plants. to keep weeds out you can use cloroplast or plastic cardboard after elections the ads are suppose to be removed if not grab them up and layer around to make a weed proof base for your tires. every year take out the top tire dirt enhance with some fertilizer and fresh black dirt and replant you can use a 3 stack for a mulch pit tear down a restack and re-fill every couple of months. no meats or grease just vegetable scrap coffee grounds egg shells etc. if you need or want more planting space a hole saw to cut holes in the sidewall of the top tire. this same principle can be done with garbage cans fiber glass rings cut from old / bad tanks concrete blocks etc. but stack in bricks to hold them from being knocked over and to conserve soil / hold water. a warning chicken manure is too HOT as is fresh cow and horse also they contain weed seeds that are not killed in the animals gut during digestion old manure that has been piled from the previous year has aged enough to use mixed with soil. never mix or irrigate with teas made from animal manure after a plant blooms / buds the manure can enter or dry on leaves and cause e-coli and other problems so don't do it. at the start of each year you can use a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 sparingly around plants once they bloom a bit more water ever few DAYS too much water is as bad as too little plants like people need to struggle to become strong. gallon milk jugs w/ the bottom cut off can be used to protect plants from night chills until they are tempered enough to survive cool NOT FROSTY nights some vegetables can handle snow but not freezing wind read and understand that you may not be successful at growing all plants but the ones you can put your energy into those as you can always trade for those you want / need. Spices are a good small garden project basil tyme peppers onions garlic celantro dill etc can be dried or pickled canned beets and greens etc mixed make a good salad mix and also cooked in a large pot with a lid then add bacon grease for flavor ead and your in southern heaven. Greens and root vegetables are innocuous when grown in the middle of a grass field. Mixed thought for mixed greens..................
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    Today as I normally do, I was taking my dog for a walk through the park about 5:30 am , I noticed about 2 dozen birds laying on the park walkway. All were dead, I approached one of them to see what happened. Their was no gunshot wound nothing at all. I find this very strange & somthing must be going on. Another thing is that for the past few months, I haven't heard any birds singing in the morning as they normally do. Strange things are a happening in my area as of late.
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    Baked Pork chops with Cajun seasoning dirty rice and blue lake green beans I figure there are plenty of dirty rice recipes on the internet this is so easy that even one of "RHE WORST COOKS" Could crank this one out. Rice is a time thing as well as having a pot large enough to keep it from boiling over 2 X the amount of water over rice once the rice a table spoon of butter & water starts boiling put it to low or simmer cover the pot and wait 20 minutes see if there is any water in the bottom if so let it cook until it is gone then turn off and leave the lid on in about 5 minutes then fluff and serve Plain rice cooked with butter like this can be eaten as a cold breakfast cereal with honey or sugar and milk Well, it the best knows, but waste not, want not Cornbread is great as breakfast split butter, heat and pour on syrup or molasses. Molasses has many trace minerals as well as a tinge of sulfur Honey is great stuff, but most everyone knows that already.
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    zen811 WELL THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM! LOL Attempt at humor toward 20 years in government Our only problem is we can not speak of our solutions can we, as they themselves are problematic in a civilized world. And my mother always said if I did not have anything nice to say SHUT UP! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and a dangerous thing is a little knowledge.
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    I got a little good news yesterday. Our 5 year long nightmare with the irs is over. They audited us for 2010&2011. They said we owed $16000. After all these years an independent arbitrator found they owed us $277. Yippee. I know I know ....that means they only had to pay $59 per year to torcher us , make us miss sleep and stress us endlessly....but we didn't cave to the f+@#ers.
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    I hear what you're saying. I do not buy into the argument, though, of "I'm not going to vaccinate because big-pharma makes money if I do." Fact is, every company who makes a profit makes money off of us Americans in some way (that's the very nature of commerce). How about Apple? I am not going to buy an iPhone because Apple makes money off me? I don't get that argument. Or, I am not going to use electricity because "big oil, coal, and power companies" make money off me? That argument holds no water logically for a reason NOT to vaccinate. The stats over decades since the advent of major vaccinations hit the citizenry of the U.S. depict that instances of these major childhood diseases have gone way down to nearly being eradicated. Now, we can always argue that stats can be skewed and often are. But, "big pharma" really has only become a thing in the past two decades or so, which makes up not even half of the statistical data collected on diseases. So, while "big pharma" may be pushing vaccines to make money, how do we STILL account for the decline of these diseases in the decades before "big pharma?" The fact is, everything we do is poisoning us...our carpeting and the plastics in our cars are emitting toxins that we breathe. Our homes are radiating us with electro-magnetic radiation. Even outlets not in use give off a charge. Then there is cell phone use. Any of these things, or others, like our foods or beverages could be the culprits behind our health issues and disabilities. Regarding autism, specifically...I often wonder if the correlation between the severe increase in autism cases comes from the significant and prolific use of hormonal birth control in young women. Without exception, every single woman I know who has used hormonal birth control has had at least one miscarriage. I know miscarriage can occur anytime, to anyone. However, it's interesting that miscarriage is so wide-spread amongst my generation (I'm in my mid-30s) and younger. What I have also seen is that women I know who have used barrier methods or natural family planning, across the board, have suffered fewer miscarriages. We also know NOW that hormonal birth control makes significant changes to a woman's body. Come on! It fools women's bodies into thinking they are pregnant! Women can skip periods! It's NOT natural. Yet, young women pop these pills, use the implants, and rings like crazy! These fake hormones are cycling in the body and mess with a woman's ability to conceive. So it is also likely women who do become pregnant may have messed up hormones and those biological components mess up the new life (resulting in miscarriage OR resulting in neurological troubles such as autism). For me it comes down to "do unto others..." Eating foods, using cell phones, and what I drink only affects my family. Each family is free to do as they choose with their time, money, and child-raising. Sadly, vaccinating is the ONLY decision which can potentially affect another parent's child. Several weeks ago, a local family here, exposed my infant to pertussis. Every member of their family got the disease. Their young daughter had to go to the ER twice! My daughter is not fully vaccinated yet. The disease itself isn't terribly serious, but the coughing displayed from it is what ends up killing people...it tires them out and they die from not getting enough oxygen. Thankfully, my little girl never got it, but we had her doctor on alert. Their decision to not vaccinate, had potential and harmful ramifications for my child. I no longer spend time with them - also due to the fact that the mother told me I don't trust God enough if I vaccinate my kids (total side issue, but worth noting because there is a lot of uninformed self-righteousness associated with the anti-vaxer crowd). Lastly, like I said in my previous post, if the grid goes down. Good-bye medical technology. Hello diseases. It is medical technology keeping these diseases at bay. I see vaccines as a part of EASY prepping. CAVEAT: IMHO, vaccines can be broken into 2 categories: 1. Lifestyle diseases. 2. Out-in-public diseases. IF a person chooses not to get vaccinated for #1, that's fine with me...Hep B...HPV. The types that you get from needles and sexual activity. Like, why does a baby need a Hep B shot?? Is my 6-month-old gonna shoot up behind a dumpster? For #2 "out-in-public" that's the Pertussis, measles, polio, etc., the ones you can contract from walking around just breathing at the mall or on a plane. Don't skip those!
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    We're meeting May 1st with a solar company for a site assessment, and free quote. Based on the current research I have done, the cost of a solar panel today is around $3 per watt, and the extra cost of installation brings costs up to $5- $6 per watt. There is a federal tax credit of 30% for solar (and wind) systems set-up by Dec. 31, 2019. After this time, the credit decreases to 26% and is further reduced every year thereafter. If you don't use the full tax credit amount in that tax year, then it can be rolled into the next year. Also, each state has its own credits or benefits. For example, where I live, there is no sales tax on any materials purchased related to alternative energy. Another cost thing to consider is whether or not your property is feeding energy back into the grid. If so, the power company has to pay you for your energy you generate. The down side to this, is if they don't need your power, they don't buy it from you and no extra money comes your way. At this time, they aren't storing it! Dumb...but that's another issue. So that could be an income stream once your solar (or wind) system is paid off. Based on my calculations...IF we ran every single thing in our home including the AC... on an off-grid system, we'd be looking at a $30k up-front cost for labor and materials (if we paid someone to do it for us). However, based on the tax credits, and reduced electrical bills...we would make that back in 9ish years. This would be everything though, I realize in a SHTF situation, we'd want power for the septic, well, fridge, stove, and maybe a few lights. We have a generator. The house has LP. But all that runs out eventually. Solar and wind are forever. Also, I would only do this if it were our "forever home." We plan on being here until we die and the hubby is turning 40 this summer. I am younger than him. So, if we are here for decades, then spending that much seems feasible, especially since it goes way further and is more helpful to the home and family's well-being than a kitchen or bath remodel. I don't actually see the cost of solar as a burden...the costs have come way down in the past decade. In fact, for me, I think the biggest burden would be the up-keep of the system and the longevity of the system and its panels and batteries (run $350-$650 each depending on size). They will need replacing - these store generated energy for use during night or cloudy days. As for the panels: "Most solar panels used in home solar arrays come with a warranty for some 25 or 30 years, which means that the solar panels are guaranteed for decades, unlike many of the other goods we buy. And again unlike many other consumer goods, they don’t ‘give up the ghost’ at the end of their warranty period and need to be replaced, but continue to still produce clean electricity, although at a slightly less efficiency each year. In fact, some decidedly old-school solar cells have been producing electricity daily for about 40 years or so, and are expected to continue to power homes and businesses for decades more. According to a study undertaken by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) a few years ago, which looked at the ‘photovoltaic degradation’ rates of some 2000 solar installations, the average solar panel loses about half of a percentage point (0.5%) of efficiency per year, which means that a panel at the end of its 25-year warranty period should still be operating at about 88% of its original capacity. However, not every panel will see degradation rates as high as 0.5%, as shown by this 30+ year old solar panel, which outperforms its original specs, even after decades in the sun." There is a learning curve with that. Not impossible, but just something ELSE to know. Another option we're considering is wind since we have a lot of it rolling over the fields. The drawback there is the maintenance of something 80+ feet in the air...however, it may be less expensive to install than solar. A hybrid system is another option. Solar is becoming more and more common. Our local hospital has a solar garden nearby. Churches and schools are using it. As this occurs, costs are decreasing. The question becomes...how long does one wait...because how long do we have? Of all I found, I thought this site was the best and most comprehensive for info gathering. It even has free energy calculators. It's a wholesale site, so yes, they are into sales, but for the research phase, it is very helpful. https://www.wholesalesolar.com/
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    My biggest take away here are the two VERY different acceptable levels for the chemical residuals in foods of the U.S. versus Europe. It's a huge variation! Being members of Costco, so much of what they stock is organic anyways...even snack foods. But our biggest issue would be the cereal - Cheerios and Life, for example.
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    Ross Seyfried was my least favorite always some weird caliber he must have laughed himself silly thinking of those people he got to reloading fire forming and anything else he could dream up. Don't get me wrong he probably could do all that BUT WTF for ? X- weight X- velocity the case is a matter of action or capacity I always thought if you think you need more gun go up a common caliber. So if 223 is not it 243 if not that 308 if more go to 358 or then 375. The .338 anything has never impressed me it was an oddball and still not legal in Africa for the big 5, 375 is, if you decide to kill a dinosaur here is your 3 gun setup 375 H&H (ouch & ouch) and OR 416 Rigby and a Browning A5 in 12 ga. w/ some wicked Russian slugs as you can find IMHO. I had a 458 and it sounds good but barley cracking 2,000 FPS w/ a 500 solid is OK but 416 has more bullet weight choices. If you really want to kill on both ends 505 Gibbs. Being an old head I would go 460 Weatherby magnum take some tylenol most all of these will give you recoil headaches IE whiplash. A long eye relief scope mounted forward is a smart thing so you don't get "ringed" once your familiar it still jars your bones. still not going to be burning up 4 or 5 boxes off a bench session and Kynoch shells come in 5 round boxes.5 to 10 bucks a round. Many moons ago I watched a boy with Napoleon complex get knocked out of a shooting bench rifle slid off on the ground beside him he tried to roil over on his right side and found he could not use that arm to raise up so he fell back and roiled to the left and finally got up he didn't look to good, someone should have told him never have both feet under the bench with a real caliber always best to have one leg behind you and not set like your going to take a nap / dead weight. it was funny as hell kinda both recoil and pain he may have broke his collar bone at least I kept my composer and acted like I did not see a thing.
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    Oh, you want to do Smith & Wesson revolvers? Game on! I see your two K-frames, and raise you three of my N-frames: a Mag-Na-Ported 4" 629, a 4-screw 3 1/2" Model 27, and a 4" Model of 1989 .45ACP - my steel plate gun.
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    I haven't figured out how to put multiple images into one post yet. Sorry about that. BF
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    OK! So I came back from the range, Vis-a-vis, my recipe for ,38 Special loads, with a brain storm. I located/discovered which bullet maker produces the incredibly soft gas checked lead SWC hollow points for Buffalo Bore, and ordered my first batch. Figured it makes NO cents(sense) to produce range ammo only, when for the same price, I can produce "range ammo", that can be pressed into service as self defense ammunition that works well in my lovely K frame snubbies. I truly believe the HYPE over an over zealous prosecutor or civil liability Plaintiff's Cpunsel is reLly over blown, besides, I've got excellent defense counsel already. I would rather have excellent and accurate practice ammunition on hand, I can use whenever I need it, than playing silly sorting games to satisfy and as yet, unseen problem that may not actually exist. Of course, it theoretically could pop up, but, if I am that lucky, I would morph into a black-Chinese female that only spoke Spanish as her native language after first getting struck twice by lightning on the same day. If that happens, I'm hitting all the Lotto and SuperLotto places I can hit and getting tickets. Since I'm not going to morph into her, I like my brainstorm idea...a lot!
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    I believe Jeff Cooper (another "world-class pistolero") said "you use your handgun to fight your way to the long rifle" - or something to that effect. Of course you're not going to have a long gun with you at all times. For instance, Maine concealed carry law mandates that a citizen can only carry handguns concealed - so if you're out in public, you'll likely only have your concealed handgun. Gotta use it what you got and hope it's enough.
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    If there's one thing I've learned from my use hunting and "tactical" shotgun classes I've taken, it's that the shotgun is a truly fearsome weapon in the hands of someone trained to use it. But you have to stay inside the envelope. 25-30 yards is about it for 00 buck, depending on choke. And lead foster-type slugs drop so quickly that at past 50 yards you really need to start worrying about "kentucky windage". Inside, defending a house, I'd rather have a 12 gauge with 00 buck, a drop pouch full of loose reloads, and a good sidearm than an AR, any day of the week. But you have to know how to properly reload, cycle the action, and change loads quickly. Just using your field 870 after bird hunting ain't gonna cut it.
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    So, while the extended family was over to celebrate my birthday(today actually) and the Fourth Blood MOon of the Tetrad, I feel ROBBED. it was lightly cloudy and the mountains blocked the WHOLE eclipse, so we were unable to do a family howl. I woke up this morning and the sun was still shining, the DJIA was still tanking(nothing new there) and price of oil was down as was gold. However, there is major skullduggery within those two commodities markets and major Euro banks are getting ready to defend themselves on criminal charges inside Switzerland so I'm sure we will see somebody roll over on all the other market-riggers in exchange for full immunity both civil and criminal. It's HOW they do things over there. Fed the dogs, walked same, still had to clean up the poop in back, gave up on chasing the deer out of the tomatoes, (now they are eating the plants down to nubbins), life goes on. Haven 't heard of the NORKS are planning on EMP-ing the US this week, (I'm sure they would IF they could), but I do expect the US CONUS itself to be attacked by a combination of cartelitos and Hamas/Hizbollah operatives out of Mexico. Just MY guess is all. I'm not in the intel loop, but it makles fiscal and political sense for them to do it this week. Hope you all have a good week as well. Keep your powder dry, and watch your six.
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    Mommy, In a past law enforcement career, I carried a 9mm pistol and NEVER "felt" under-gunned or under-calibered. Having responded to dozens and dozens (more than that actually-lost count) of shootings, as the first responder on the scene, I never saw nor heard from any of those immediately surviving the "gunfight" that they were "ONLY shot/hit with _____ caliber of round". Never happened. First rule of a gunfight is ALWAYS have a gun. As to ammunition, for self-defense, always use a JHP(jacketed hollow point) for BOTH penetration AND expansion of the round inside the soft-tissue target. In reality, you are not going to "notice" muzzle flash", recoil, or any of the other "range issues" found while shooting in a target range environment. Don't worry about WHICH brand of JHP to use in 9mm, the following work well and have for years: Federal 9mm 9BP(code on box) 115 grain JHP Federal 9mm 124 grain JHP HST standard velocity OR in 9mm+P Winchester 115 grain JHP Winchester 115 grain Silvertip (EXACT same loading as above, EXCEPT for different colored jacket-MARKETING gimmick to jack up the price) Speer Gold Dot 124 grain OR 115 grain JHP, in standard velocity OR +P loads Full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds are great for practice, and budgets you should always have several boxes on hand just in case, as well as boxes of JHP rounds, amount of rounds depends entirely upon YOUR family's budget, not internet "ex-spurts". Gunbroker.com is a good SHOPPING resource, realistically, depending upon WHERE you live in the Republic, you can find decent prices at your LGS(local gun shop) or big box sporting goods retailer. If you wish, PM me and I can send you a list of reputable retailers IN your regional area. The listed price at your LGS, may or may NOT be "the real price". CASH always talks especially in this economy. don't get too spun up on brands of pistols, BEFORE you go out and test drive models you have handled IN the LGS, to see HOW they feel and fit in YOUR hands. That is THE most critical perspective for purchasing YOUR hand gun. Your significant other has DIFFERENT hands than you do, so they need to see what fits THEIR hands. A happy medium is often NOT possible(just an FYI) and when either one of you needs that hand gun, the other one may have it. Better to budget one for each of you, then to ONLY acquire ONE. There are hundreds of models to choose from. What will work for me OR Snake, probably won't work for you. Ask around some of your trusted friends to see who is "shooter" and go out and fire some of THEIR hand guns for a test drive as well. They would love to share. If you were in our area we would gladly take you along to introduce you. For the record, at present in our area, far more females than males are "interested" in firearms for family/eslf protection! Interesting demographic. Feel free to ask questions as needed. We don't want to see you get shafted as a "newbie"!! (financially or with a crap piece of equipment) Also, (almost forgot) when shopping online for ammo: www.gunbot.net has EXCELLENT real time pricing that can help you make some local determinations. I prefer now to acquire my ammo locally as needs dictate.Greater privacy and we only pay CASH for anything firearms related. Hope this helps. No fear!
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    I do consider many things but I also remember: Luke 17:23 KJV And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them. Mark 13:21 KJV And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not: I have noticed that Jonathan Kahn does not seem to deify or exalt himself and does call that God is not mocked etc.etc. this leads me to consider that his information has validity it also is not of his own construct he saw and heard as I did, 3 people of power in our government state the same verse from the Bible this was / is odd as these people were not showing any signs of being religious before or since. Khan is not stating that God is here or there that is in his favor, I have seen the slide into immorality and deviant and perverse beliefs and resurrection and rise of cults that ebb and flow throughout history. Only this time they are absorbing many hundreds of thousands of people if that is a anomaly of present increased population and our close proximity as well as mass communication 24/7/365 much of it would have shocked or sickened our grandparents. Our children have been poisoned against us incrementally daily their videos Television and school instruction has undermined any value system we have tried to instill in them, we cannot compete with the onslaught of immoral attitudes and information that praises sin and shows no sign of punishment or fall from popularity well it does but in a sense that they can eventually remake themselves into a new ICON. They now give out trophy's for porn in all the same arenas as the Oscars music direction actors actresses. For many years full explicit sexual acts on stage sex parties swapping and bi parties night clubs have been increasing. you would think that the many diseases would have curbed these "cults" because thats what these actions are it is a way to separate people from God and immerse them into an alternative form of congregation or communing with humanity. I know a shaking is coming I only hesitate to confirm its date as no man knows the hour or the day : Mark 13:32 KJV But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. People have become desensitized due to so many prophesying the end date and not that our end as individuals is what we should be concerned with mankind has a problem in relating their own personal death and the coming of God each generation has balked or laughed at a coming disaster. people still live in Bangladesh after over just my life time many hundreds of thousands have died from Tsunami's and tidal waves, you would think they would learn and get away from the beach but OH NO next day they are beach combing. After in this century alone Marxism Communism as well as all the other forms of godless governments have murdered many millions have come to destruction and still people believe that these forms of governess will save us in fact 35% of one party seem to agree with this form of government. NO matter how many sermons or natural disasters waves of disease or pestilence some will never accept God or his Commandments some would rather serve in hell that reign in heaven that has never changed and never will. days before Christ was called by the people to be crowned King in a few days those same people chose to release Barabbas over Jesus and allow Jesus to be crucified that is mankind for you. Out of my lips and heart I profess God is the creator and Jesus is the Christ Son of God he was crucified laid in a tomb after He preached the Word to those in Paradise (not heaven) he resurrected with the keys to death hell and the grave. Do I understand it all NO, God the creator of the universe He is as above me as an amoeba from Einstein even further as God created LIFE and without God there is no life no soul nothing. I cannot conceive of any other way or understanding of life nature space and time when I have it does not hold together. I am watching the History channel It does not surprise me that mankind is so confused with such twisted ideas of the ethereal and history that at least to me have much different meanings they confuse things so well it seem almost probable . Matthew 10:28 KJV And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Just to let everyone know I cannot remember all these scriptures I have to use many Internet sources using pieces of scripture I recall to find the book and verse if you read enough of the Bible you are reminded of scripture to answer a question if you are not knowledgeable of the Bible you will not find answers only opinions of mans wisdom and that is always inferior to God's Word IMHO. In conclusion MommyLiberty I do think there is a great shaking coming is it THE ONE unsure many have come and gone people have swarmed the churches and in todays view they were unlearned - ignorant knaves but God has chasten his people and as to if this is the ONE i cannot say I do know that these incidents happen and mankind has become the better or worse for it. America was a example of people wanting a different way of life originally it was thought to contain riches of Gold and Silver and it was in the form of what really is wealth "Freedom" It became a dream location for those oppressed to find shelter from tyranny and religious pressure to find freedom and liberty, Too bad that mankind has such a short memory of how our forefathers were treated like animals and killed on a whim or worked to death. We have pushed God out and let satan in and we can easily see the transition once before satan ruled here in America and we with Gods help overcame then we allowed satan back in this time what will it take for us to recognize it is him and what will we do about it as we always have the choice, will we kick him out or will many embrace satan and bring us to destruction ?