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    Duck tape, salt , AA,AAA, C,D, 9v rechargeable batteries with solar power charger.
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    figure out what size PVC your household uses including lines from your meter and have a selection of PVC fittings some 1/4 turn valves and cans of PVC glue and a few joints of pipe. Stainless steel hose clamps all different sizes. Barbed wire nails box of 16D and 30D common nails or box nails wire staples. Rolls of bailing wire metal tie wire sheets of plywood enough for covering windows and doors. tarps enough to cover your roof Black and clear 6mil thick or better plastic ( visqueen ) large rolls 1/8th 2,000 lb strength and 1/4 inch cable 7,000 pounds strength sometimes called aircraft cable. 5 gallon bucket of roofing tar 6 pack of bathroom caulk and a 6 pack of silicone caulk w/ a caulking gun extension cords 12 ga wire size and 3 way adapters. rope braided is best 1x 4s -- 2x4s and some 4x4s look for scrap old sign post and some landscaping timbers. old school hand saw, cat claw, crow bars a pair so you can walk the dog, hammers framing, shop and carpenter, string level 3 foot level, plumb bob, screw driers a few measuring tapes, speed square, set of wood chisels, set wood gimlets, bow saw machete limb loppers /cutters draw knife. Shovels square point spade or pointed shovel trenching shovel or called a sharpshooter and ax real double bit not a half ax, grubbing hoe, pitch fork 4 prong, sledge hammer, steel wedges, post hole diggers, rakes heavy cast and a metal fan type leaf rake. garden hoe. digging bar or pinch bar, chain falls minimum 1 ton, tow chains and binders. yo yo or sling blade. These are bare minimum if you have older children multiples to wasting time swapping tools. or moving large loads. figure on manual labor as the mode of work counting on fuel driven or electric motors to do work if it's not available you are ever so screwed.
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    A man among men Dan Bongino exposes all everything lays the whole plan and all the players out if you cannot see the corruption and evil after you watch this video you don't get it, your brain dead send it to anyone every one send a link a text plaster social media with it, if you don't and we get no justice it's your fault PERIOD. Less than 30 minutes long, 28:37
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    Bread id the staff of life, so does anyone have the basics to make Biscuits, corn bread or tortillas any kind of bread for 90 days ? How many of you know how to make pasta ? and what it takes to make it ? This same channel PBS supports socialism and rails against capitalism and yet they see this travesty in Venezuela and cannot connect the dots that they are promoting the same things that ruined Venezuela. only 4 minutes of your time to see what can happen everywhere if too many other countries start to fall like dominoes. 4:36 How many knows the minimum caloric intake needed to sustain yourself and how much in food that actually is. Here is a list you need to have and be aquatinted with Alphabetical List of Number of Calories in common foods Did you know there is powdered buttermilk Powdered eggs and powdered milk all of these have a long shelf life and when used in baking. You can make your own Ghee butter all ghee butter is, the removal of all milk solids heat the butter not too hot and skim off the solids that rise until no more rises, now you have a butter oil that resists spoilage you may can this I would do it in small jars heat as seal as any canning is done these could be water bath canned. cooking oil and shortening are 2 different things and you need both for a longer term storage canned spray oil shortening may be divided into glass canning jars remember head space and can them this way they stay fresh and last years it can be done in a oven but hot oil is dangerous and the edge of the canning jars need to be clean to allow the lid to seal. Is this a trick question ? no but it is a bit confusing how many cups are in 1 pound of flour ANSWER depends on the flour ! 1 pound of cake flour, use 4 1/2 cups. generally made from soft wheat has lower protein but more starch 1 pound pastry flour, use 4 1/4 cups. soft wheat 1 pound whole wheat flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat has more protein and gluten and mixed with soft wheat 1 pound of all-purpose flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat mixed with soft wheat self-rising flour, which is all-purpose flour with leavening ( Baking powder added ), unless the recipe specifically calls for it not needed, but then you make your own when adding Baking powder to all purpose flour Most baked goods require eggs water and oil some require milk . many require Baking Powder NOT Baking soda BUT baking soda is used in some recipes so have some of both. all flours need to be frozen for 10 days to kill any weevils or other critters after freezing take the bag out and wrap it in a towel and allow it to come to room temperature over a period of a 24 hour day or 2 then seal it in mylar bags you can get these here. www.beprepared.com How to make your own Baking Powder, the reason why to show that it is easy but the main ingredient is Cream of Tartar not exactly a common item in your pantry so get some and as well have baking soda and cornstarch as well to make gravy thicker look how below it is not obvious Make your own baking powder. Ingredients 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon cornstarch (optional) Using Corn Starch to thicken you need to mix it with COLD WATER mix till it dissolves completly OR ELSE YOU'LL HAVE MAJOR LUMPS IN YOUR GRAVY NOT GOOD ! Other things you need are bullion beef, chicken, tomato and vegetable if you can find it this turns plain biscuits into sh*t on the shingle otherwise known as SOS it is gilling and much better than starving for lack of food or flavor IMHO. Spices I would have in bulk are chili powder, Paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, Red pepper flakes and I like powdered cumin or otherwise called Comino, celery & coriander seeds and any others you like. Because I like gumbo I have filet on hand which is ground dried Sassafras leaves. All of these spices have a unique and unparalleled flavor that if you don't have them your food will taste like school paste IMHO. Sauces Soy sauce Worcester sauce condiments Mustard (Mustard does not go bad ) Mayonnaise Sweet pickle relish, dill pickles If you love ranch dressing better have powdered Ranch Dressing mix. Sugar and rice are two things that need to be in dry containers but will last a very long time. Beans well the problem is cans do not last so you have to rotate as any other canned good but you can buy Rosarita flaked dried cooked beans and they last a very very long time and have the same protein as steak. Noodles last a long time if kept in a air tight container this is poor mans food starch is a filler for your belly nothing worse than hearing children crying because their belly is empty !!! Potato flakes keep them in a good tight container mashed potatoes are a staple all starches are they are seasonal for the most part and when food is hard to find any starch will be impossible to get look up Venezuela's problems. Knorr Powdered soup mixes are fantastic and last a long long time in their packaging Mixed with water and noodles your making your own Ramen style soup. Peanut butter and Jelly a staple for kids and easy -- jar jelly is as good as you can get lasts years and satisfies a sweet tooth if you don't have a case of MIXED fruit jellies your crazy, or never had children. Drink mixes like cocoa coffee tea or many fruit mixes as well as koolaid and gator aid. this is not the end just a primer but if you had enough of this you would not have to worry about going hungry. In Venezuela you can fill your car with gas for less than 2 dollars but they do not have any OTC medicine and most food is scarce this in a country overflowing with oil but socialism took everything away from the individuals and when the government could not pay the people they left because the jobs did not pay enough to buy food and pay utilities now mopst of the country is on a basic paycheck that only buys them 3 days of food and they have to live a month on it. Some items like flour rice and beans are metered out and the people cannot count on when or if they can get them. Food is a political tool against Hugo Chavez enemies and the military defends the food distribution centers while crime soars and at night you take your life in your hands if you go out. much worse than Chicago. With countries in riot the flow of money amd goods can and will stifle and that has caused financial failures that ripple to countries even a large as the U.S. be ready the riots are spreading now to England and I have heard some here in America.
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    P210SIG yes sir that is a hurdle to have that much clean water figure starvation rations it would take 50 gallons a month. what most forget is cleaning so have enough paper plates and plastic wear and all that can be used as heating fuel afterward some can also be used to bait traps as it is the scent that attracts animals so a piece of paper plate with the scent of food will draw them in. Water barrels 55 and 6o gallon work great but need to be dumped and refilled at least once a year better twice 1/4 cup bleach a gallon of water and close it and roll the barrel around to clean the inside do not dump just stand up and fill reseal and it is water you need to treat it one it's de-potted. Nice thing about barrels they can be used as tables with a plywood table top and placed all over and even buried and used to catch rain as long as the air is not compromised. heavy ash from volcanoes makes the water alkali too much and it's toxic. Distilled water IS NOT SAFE TO DRINK as it has little mineral content as it passes through the body it strips the minerals from you. I forget the scientific term but chelation or damn I forget the word but minerals are drawn to water or if the water has an abundance of minerals the body absorbs them but there has to be an exchange of oxidized minerals for fresh to refresh the blood. Life is in the blood as it carries all the vital nutrients to every place in the body if your drinking distilled water you need to take an all purpose vitamin. Dehydration is not so much the lack of water but the laqck of electrolytes vitamins and proper minerals. Some minerals are toxic and the body's receptors are fooled by their atomic structure and they attach but cannot proceed with cellular regeneration because it cannot be cycled into the proteins and the cell dies, enough of this and you die. Your body has to keep ahead of atrophy ( slow death ) by withering away / wasting . I wish I could just dump my mental contents as it is so very long winded to explain all the factors that can and do happen, remember we are preparing for an unknown event Nuclear, Biological, Chemical or NBC BUT it's not that simple what if all of the above are in play like Mount St. Helen's and add in damage to chemical plants and a nuclear plant in a weather event like a low pressure system HOLY CRAP would that be a nightmare. Any event can be minimized or exacerbated by weather 100+ degrees no power and you have to seal your home up below freezing and dry as a bone and all your water is outside or you have none and the air is toxic being in it and your clothing is compromised. what is worse some events leave or have no trace a million ways to die is no joke even a library of knowledge and that one thing you miss and it's over and then there is Murphy, that bast@rd never sleeps. All of your perfect children and grandchildren will be Murphy's little helpers or the grim Reapers even the best children are fool hearty emotional impulsive I was a child once and regretted it children refute teachings by nature they are condescending and revel in ignorance. Today we allow children way to much freedom and once any situation hinders their social life or internet connection your going to have a tragic situation brewing, so having stores and chores to keep them busy your going to have to chain the up. Ann Frank is dead that type of instinct is rare and that is why she is held up as a amazing child she suffered but endured all a grown person could not have horribly she died before the camps were liberated and that is the hard facts of life people die all the time from lack of preparation the normalcy bias and fail to get while the gettings good or flat run out of goods time and faith -- yes faith as faith is the belief in things not seen and the future is just that an unknown and if your faith withers you wither - and die with or without water Food drums and IBC totes cannot be reused so look for them get the blue barrels they withstand sunlight over white barrels look for acid barrels from brick laying contractors watch it but they are filled with Hydrochloric acid and you want the barrels wit the least amount left look up diluting acid de-acidify and wash rinse well and you can store water in them they are black and most are 30 gallon barrels .... well I ain't got all day bar-b-q is calling me with some blackberry cobbler -eat drink and be merry cause tomorrow sh*t might be Forked up
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    In my group, 3 months/90 days of supplies, we are good to go. Our goal is 3 years worth of supplies , which is a tall order to achieve. Biggest issue is having enough clean water stored, it’s a challenge IMHO !
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    Happy New Year !

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    Caliber pairing for survival

    i've only been able to get over 3k rounds for one firearm the rest is 250 or less...
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    Caliber pairing for survival

    I think your better off sticking to the woods to practice. as an individual not of a paid task force with an unlimited training budget and all your trying to do is defend hearth and home those distances are adequate I would train more with the pistol and get out to 50 foot. or better. close in fighting is a better option for a family or small groups, E&E hit and run knowing your terrain and make sure your never boxed in. The eye of a needle from my Jewish historical understanding is a doorway that is half height single width with a higher threshold and lower lintel, forcing those who try to enter to contort themselves and keep them from bum rushing into the doorway, windows need to have bars or wire like cattle panel it is something you can get ready now along with plywood window covers in the event of storms. consideration of a hidden exit would be another on the list lessons from history include the Indian wars where hostiles burned the homestead if the inhabitants were to hard to kill off. and old cowboy tactics of plugging the flue smoking out the inhabitants this was also used to rid the home of insects and rats the smoke residue lasts for a season in some instances sulfur was burned but that can kill people damage lungs at the least so it is dangerous but was done to clear the home of critters this was also why lye soap and boiling laundry to kill off bed bugs fleas and ticks moping floors down with lye soap. well I have jumped topic, but that is the way of things once you breach modern thought and look back. I am not positive but if I had to start today and make choices of caliber I would still choose Nato standard o f 5.56X45can fire .223 but not the other way round 7.62X51 or .308 Winchester these are the same 12ga and 9MM once you veer off that path the amount of ammo on the shelf is slim to none but these calibers have warehouses full This is a lesson form the great ammo shortage people still have not learned the hard lesson. The depression lasted from 1927 until we exited WWII and then it was still hard until the 1950s for many people. another example is Venezuela economics has been in free fall since 2010 and it is at it's worst today so if this is the cellar they would have at east 8 years to climb out. Economic troubles last decades so people need to prepare for long duration problems I tell people the 1K rule for every arm consider there are 365 days in a year and you need to eat at least once a day so how long will 1K last ? and that does not figure in having to defend your homestead. The Normalcy Bias is where common sense is overthrown by the minds inability to perceive a threat or the duration or scope from past experience. Ask anyone that has lived through long term disasters and you can hear it in their voice. even people today are living through hell loosing everything but because it is not common people go about their daily lives unconcerned and distant. I recall the saying when your working it a recession when your unemployed it devastation because in 90 days if your home and car are not paid the banks start proceedings to get them you can only live off your credit cards so long and they cut them off also remember unemployment pays less than a real job. Venezuela is a perfect example of how the government pays its people the equated value of 3 days money to last 30 as their inflation rises it reduces that value even further. The lesson to learn is that if you don't have it today when you can afford it you damn sue can't afford it when you can afford to pay rent utilities and vehicle payments where even what you have your selling to make bills and the selling price is less than now because everyone is selling sometimes it's so bad pawn shops turn away people because they have a pile they can't sell in the back some pawn shops back in the day opened another pawn shop in a different town to sell off stock to people that had work and expendable cash. People under 30 today don't know that did not live through it so the concept is foreign to them that even in America we have had tough times but not like other nations but it can happen here and when it does it will be worse than the depression IMHO.
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    misgendered creates a violent outburst so it's ok to damage others property threaten and cuss people if you feel misgendered
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    The Lord can't come back soon enough....
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    It’s a he/she or what you may call it, snowflake with a mangina, got that all straighten out.
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    Polio like illness in 46 states AKA Acute Flaccid Myelitis the CDC is still unsure of the cause. Nancy Messonnier, director for the National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases, said “It may be one of the viruses that we’ve already detected,” Messonnier said. “It may be a virus that we haven’t yet detected. Or it could be that the virus is kicking off another process and it’s actually triggering through an autoimmune process.” Nailed that down like jello to a wall, was that a real answer or a obfuscation of a collection of facts that they have no answers to. Thomas A. Clark, the epidemiologist leading the CDC’s response to AFM, told the Dallas Morning News. “Until we fully understand what causes AFM, we can’t help protect people against it.” BUT they can start a new task force and ask for money ! I thought we already paid these B@stards to work. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has requested $1 billion in funding for the CDC’s newly formed task force, which it hopes will help prepare for another possible outbreak. ??? will they give the money back if there is no outbreak will the a BILLION dollar to prepare ? what about the March of Dimes I thought they had a handle on the "POLIO" sticht so I guess now the CDC want to operate like a 501-C3 or like the Cancer deal where there are numerous reports that cancer can be cured without chemo as I recall a doctor in Houston Texas had a cure that cost him going to court every year and the government stole his patent !!! a true story now if you look him up the trolls on the internet call him a fraud I guess that's why all the people that he cured backed him for YEARS even paid for his legal defense against a hostile government OURS. And is it not strange that important people don't die as often as we little people from cancer.more telling they don't have the red burns from treatment like I have seen in people I know that have been treated recently ! Polio like, so altering the polio vaccine won't work ? more importantly are those contracting this disease in proximity to foreign nationals that may never have had a Polio shot ? are they children ? In my mind they are telling us nothing and asking for more money for something they are already supposed to understand Polio or at least that's what I was told through the story of Jonas Salk
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    One reason why I posted this topic, was a nagging recollection that knowledge would be increased in the end times. How long that time is I do not know, there are those that call May 14th 1948 the start point, Was because that time was the length of a generation and the arguments on that length of time ranges from 20 years to 120 years as it stands now come May 14th it will be 70 years. The Hebrew calendar year 2018 / 2019 is 5779 some importance is given to the year 2039 as it will be the 6,000th year in their calendar. There are also Shemittah's being every 7th year then at the 50th year is a Jubilee year. Not being raised or being Jewish I do not have the depth of understanding of these events but they are important because God said they were and I believe that time frames of events follow the Hebraic calendar. I or anyone else can claim ignorance but God judges the times and places for blessings and punishments, and let me be clear God does not in my opinion punish by some action or failure of ours he cannot act on our behalf as when we exclude Him from our lives or refuse to follow sound rules and doctrine. We see some of this in the book of Job but, there are inferences throughout the Biblical text. For all those that deny the flood of Noah, why would the Jews keep a running tally of years since the flood ? why do all the cultures agree there was a flood and why does the geologic Colum show there was a flood and yet science denies it. after the flood Nimrod built the tower of Babel once the language was confused the languages used differing names for Nimrod but Nimrod all the same, my name is no the same in other languages or spelled even close but still it is understood in the minds of those that hear it it means the same as the english version --- but I digress the reason for the season is Christ Jesus or Yeshua (Savior). the left states we need to be tolerant but not of Christians or our nativity scenes or scriptures on Government buildings or property or the idea that we are a creation of God, they choose to call a higher power or nothing at all. and think of themselves as no one or nothing because their retort is I'm not hurting anyone, so that makes them no one by default Does it not ! so why would I have no one and nothing dictate anything to me or mine - it's a rhetorical question. Fact believers are way more giving that agnostics or aesthetic people if they give it is others money not their own. Have a merry Christmas give to those you don't know and be of good cheer try not to shoot the finger in traffic give up the F word for a while maybe always and try to park between your lines and not against my door handle or else I will give you the best parking lot dings you'll, ever see and maybe a mangled passenger wiper blade as well hey I'm human I can only put up so much with your crap ! MERRY CHRISTMAS !
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    i got supplies to last about 6-8 months for me and mother, yes i have the fixin's for bread but i don't know how to make pasta.....its a real basic supply though nothing fancy rice, beans, corn, wheat, lentils, chicken some canned fruits etc..etc...
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    okay hes buried now as far as i am concerned... 1. no new taxes PO'd me to no end 2. did not take out saddam he had a chance to end the crap then but didn't PO'd me to no end 3. did nothing to secure our borders PO'd me to no end 4. was definitely a globalist and spoke of the NWO PO'd me to no end so all said i didn't really like him that much...he may have been a great dad and husband though and he did fight for us in WWII so i'll give credit for that. RIP
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    In Houston a dope head was shot 17 times and did not die on the other hand a police officer in New York ( I believe) killed a polar bear in a zoo with a 38 colt revolver by sticking in the ear of the bear while it was attacking a person that fell in the enclosure. This is not a primary arm it is a last ditch backup and a through the head shot will drop anyone of course shots to the groin and soft belly there is the liver spleen pancreas solar plexus and has plenty of shock effect with hollow points IMHO. Diffidently better than a sharp stick or a knife if they are armed.
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    I’ll be fine, as the saying goes no pain, no gain. Used these stones for a outer border for the garden, that will help my seedlings for next years crops from wind damage. The garden does look more eye pleasing now, with these retaining wall stones.
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    Road Trip protection and “comfort”

    well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
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    I wonder how fuel efficient his limos are!!! Al is a crook! He is still quoting a Berkeley eco nut ecologist that said that in 5 year the polar ice cap will melt and the polar bears will go extinct. The problem is that THAT prediction was made between 15 and 20 years ago. Romney is a crook too. Al would have had us all on welfare, Mitt wanted us to just be broke dead poor and to die and go away so he and his cronies could have it all for themselves.
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    I just had you down as dysfunctional...
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    not a thing...............oh wait, a friend wanted one of those smaller than a credit card size multi tools. I'd never seen them so I ordered four and they are cheap Chinese tiny little nothings. I hope I don't have to depend on them for survival....................however, might make a good beer opener................lol
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    Setting up a booth for my first gun show.................wish me luck because the money I make will go to prep
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    P210SIG, we had issued CZ 58's back when I was in army, we haven't do much of training with them, but even with little bit of that, those 58's were solid, simple and dependable with a lot of ammo available. That would be my primary weapon to choose after TEOTWAWKI. Nowadays 58's are being replaced with new type of weapons CZ 805 BREN A1, A2, a lot more modern type of weapons...... http://www.czub.cz/en/catalog/86-law...-military.aspx Here on you tube there is guy (hickok45) comparing these to together - AK-47 vs CZ SA vz.58 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TexeQ0QPFU
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    1. Put away another 25 lbs. each of pinto beans and rice - there was a sale at Krogers. 2. Put away 10 cans of mixed fruit. 3. Put away 5 cans of spam – wife won’t touch it now but I’m betting she'll scarf it down if faced with starvation. 4. Put away 5 pounds of dry pasta - another Krogers sale. 5. Continued conversion of one of my horse run-ins to a chicken coop. Plan to move 4 week old chicks from brooder box I built into new coop in a week. 6. Planned out the garden for planting - but still have to wait that final frost.