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    Took my 5-year-old out in the woods today and we had a great time building a little lean-to shelter! He collected most of the evergreen boughs himself and had a blast putting them on the branch framework. Now he keeps bugging me to go out and go camping in it!
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    Good times , father & son bonding outdoors. Now that my sons in college, we have less time, enjoying theses activities together. Lifetime memories, job well done there Drew_ Forge
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    I don't see this as correct, but votes for the house are by districts, one for senate then another for the house ? some kind of shenanigans is up with this I think. that said I think we can blame John McCain for his vote on health care sorry POS so Republicans got blamed for the healthcare debacle AGAIN did anyone remember we have to pass it " the AHC or Obummer care bill now Nancy Pelosi states they will be transparent I was shocked to see the sky did not fall in she could't tell the truth if her life depended on it. I think somewhere in the upper room of the Republican party they thought to win the whole enchilada by playing fast and loose with a few bills that should have sailed through many of them remember are never Trumpers and part of the swamp. I heard of some irregularities when people voted straight ticket, I am all for paper ballots only machines can be finagled and Soros owns stock or part owner in those companies-- so why would I trust them. was amazed that we did well in border states apparently Chicanos don't like illegal immigration anymore than the rest of us.
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    I push the Jesus / Yeshua Savior and I push the King James version of the Bible, I am not against more modern English like the NIV to help get a handle on meaning. I "may" think the world is in or approaching end times BUT I am not a doomsday fatalist, the world ends for everyone, it's called death. I care that people do not follow false christs or spiritual leaders, in order to avoid this read a Bible please use the King James and for some context a NIV but later I will explain my views. Here is a WARNING ! Matthew 24:…3 While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will all this happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?” 4 Jesus answered, “See to it that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. Mark 13:…4“Tell us, when will all these things happen ? And what will be the sign that they are about to be fulfilled ?” 5 Jesus began by telling them, “See to it that no one deceives you. 6 Many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many. Luke 17:22 Then He said to the disciples, “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. 23 People will tell you, ‘Look, there He is,’ or ‘Here He is.’ Do not go out or chase after them. 24 For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so will be the Son of Man in His day. Jesus knew he would be followed by counterfeits, this is another reason why I believed because who in the world would follow a poor carpenter who's end was on a cross mocked and killed for his acts of healing the sick, curing blindness, casting out demons raising the dead and, made no wealth from it. Stay away from doomsday profits NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR. Live like a decent honorable human being give what you can afford of time or money DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PARENTAL OR MARITAL DUTIES OR THOSE TO YOUR FAMILY. Pray for others not yourself God knows what you need. act like your a follower and boy that's hard the world is not a nice place many of us lived so long in the world, we fall back into it so easily well that's going to happen your not perfect nor am I. Too many cults and false profits are around, some are just mistaken but have a want to do something positive but, is that teaching they do line up with the "WORD". Once saved always saved a Baptist belief it's true but not if you reject the saving grace of Christ you gave it away IMHO now as far as anyone able to interfere or take it from you NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as when you sin you ask forgiveness and do your best not to do it again, Salvation is not a license to sin IMHO. I recently left a church because of that "grace" philosophy and the word Shikina this word is a feminine word and it was used in context with the Glory of God there is no feminine in the God head of the Father Jehovah, Yeshua (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, there are no female angels we do not turn into angels when we die, angels are servants of God and do his will and they are sent to help us but only at the direction of God. They are not to be worshiped they will not allow it. If your confronted by a spirit your suppose to question it, "in who's name have you come ? " People can lie spirits must all subject themselves to Jesus (Yeshua) Christ is a title meaning anointed, If you rebuke something in the name of Jesus / Yeshua it cannot stay if it is not of God. God is a Spirit Jesus is the physical embodiment of God and in the Bible states nothing was made without HIM Jesus The holy Spirit is part of the Trinity NO one knows how or why the 3 are one act as one cannot be divided are not in confusion are all knowing all seeing and all powerful Period. If you can't wrap your mind around that your in good company no one can we just accept this if we are believers. A pastor is important but, they are just like anyone else they can and do sin some are no more believers than a stick using their position to fill their pockets and be important but we ( the faithful are supposed to be vigilant / watchful study the scriptures) to prevent our making mistakes or when we realize we have made a mistake change course repent and do as we should. People are full of beanie weenies some religions I think never read a Bible some have such weird beliefs that are NOT in the King James at all nowhere to be found. Why the King James because because it is the closest to the original from the original text under the rules of copyright a text has to contain 10% different content to be considered an original work (paraphrased) so in the recent years just what has changed, you would be surprised some would not even make a good door stop or level a crooked table IMHO. If you have not read your Bible or asked and know what it's mission statement or belief is you may be in a trap a psychological one those are almost impossible to escape because the bars are invisible and many times it's a social club of your friends or family if a group does not follow Biblical teachings and many do 99% but it really depends on that 1% or more they ignore or refuse to follow or believe that's important --so watch how you go, it's important because all of us will die and we live forever either as a Saint or unsaved sinner those are the only choices that mean anything and the world is filling up with agnostics, skeptics, witches and false religions choose rightly or face the consequences as in all your other life decisions, there are consequences.
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    less than an hour on cults political ones, you may see parallels to the growing socialism communist and religious cults. I was completely aghast at the commercial for he Chinese opera or Shen Yun, Americans we so snake fascinated with the acrobatics costumes and choreography they forgot why these Chinese do this, to escape tedious factory jobs that are so horrible that safety nets have to be installed on buildings to prevent workers from jumping to their death to escape grueling 16 to 20 hour shifts sleeping on the floors and eating what is given them some are not even paid it is forced slavery. This has been reported by all the main stream news most peoples cell phones are made by these companies sold in America for big money. My disgust with these damn fools that praised and gushed about the Chinese troop was they have not a friggin' glimmer of just how horrible living under Chinese rule if you do not have skills money or position or family endeavors because if you don't your meat power saving does not concern a country with over a billion people they still work by hand with no Social services for simple workers. Those that have no family are less than dogs. People rallied against many pop personalities when they found they had clothing or products made in labor camps, but because it's pretty and action packed with lots of exotic music these educated fools urinate themselves on how wonderful the sow is. This is no less brain washing than the application of torture just stupid people pay for the privilege to be mind controlled into thinking that China is a wonderful exotic place, I have been there get off the main streets and your find a whole new China censors do not like you videoing, a country that controls how many children you can have and turns a blind eye to the killing of female children as they are not as valuable is some kind of sick. North Korea has gotten a bad rap because China is just as bad we are just not allowed to see it. this film is from the BBC hits a lot of mind control issues and just how gullible people are / can be. 55:47
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    First let me say this is the worst idea EVER, Recidivism is caused by -- wait for it GANGS Gangs rule the prison they rule in the streets, if your a convict your forced into a gang for self defense / protection because of the racism Gangs have rules most hate gays they may pimp them out and use them but they are not equals to other convicts. When you leave prison your on parole they do not like you out without a leash, your not able to get jobs because your a criminal and with a 70% recidivism / return rate. If you failed math that's 7 out of 10, there are so many stories where do-gooders have hired ex-cons and been murdered and or robbed they have corrupted other workers started families and end up back in the joint leaving their spouse and children on the welfare roles. We have all heard where ex-cons kill their significant other rare bt it happens their own children. Hide and watch if the federal government does not make it mandatory to hire eveyone regardless / even if they are ex-cons. To what degree can small business protect themselves from being forced to hire murderers and known gang members, remember gang members who have sworn a blood in blood out pact, you leave feet first DEAD the same gangs inside are outside and they demand "rent" as a member you have to produce if you don't it's a beating if you continue to disrespect the gang (not paying rent) and make it look like the leadership is weak they kill them HORRIBLY to instill fear into the rest. Again government is about to launch a do-gooder plan that will end up being run by morons bureaucrats and we have all see it where judges take sexual favors to get lenient treatment for their crime or for their spouses crime, so this will be ripe for bribes and those that take bribes they will get blackmailed. LMAO in hsort order the gangs will be in charge of the Pardons and Paroles system and many of the bureaucrats hat can help them along the process. The numbers won't change on recidivism unless we EXECUTE gang leaders because all gang leaders have murdered or ordered murders -- you don't get to be top dog unless you kill something, usually your own kind. You cannot trust the judiciary because some judges are liberal miss using the law to social engineer from the bench, we have seen this by judges letting pedophiles off with the least sentence they can give. look at the Kathryn Steinle shot and killed by a illegal alien who was acquitted by a sick perverted system. I am sorry to say this is one issue Trump needs to get some real insight on before he backs this bill, I'm available, call anytime.
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    First voting, why every time do we have this B.S. it is time for a federal law on this issue. First no machines then all ballots must have the fingerprint of the voter and be marked with an indelible marking device, if there is a mistake by the voter go to the desk shred it and get another card. All votes should be kept for lets say one year for anyone to request access and after so keep a record on microfilm --why micro film because unlike digital data it is not easily manipulated and it only has to last 20 or so years so we have evidence for at least that long, beyond that we do not care. I say paper ballots only if a questionable ballot comes up it goes in a reject pile and stored as such and not counted either way as we cannot know the mind of the voter if we could we would not have so many divorces. Jim Acosta or any reporter that does not relinquish the field after their question is asked has broken faith with the other reporters they have a first amendment right as well and people like him are imposing on their rights to ask questions / first amendment rights IMHO The white house press corps is acting like a bunch of starving pit bulls fighting and jumping at the microphone like it was a piece of meat, I think we would not allow our children to watch how these supposed adults act especially after we tell them they beed to be nice share follow the rules and ask permission. Jullian Asange, I think it is a HUGE mistake to file charges on him because it will suppress others from exposing FACTS good or bad if not for his work we would be in the dark about hundreds of crimes problems and information that we as individuals need to foment decisions on how are government is working and who is doing what. it may be uncomfortable but if it is important then face to face or a runner as we did back in the day to keep sensitive information from leaking out that way we know who the leaker is or could be. Some of his work exposed deleted emails GPS fusion sale of nuke material to Russia and pedophile networks inside our government it also exposed how the DNC stole the election from Bernie Sanders and how about Spirit Cooking and the Occult connection, do we really want our leaders to be Occultists and Satanists ? Many people on the internet that are exposing our leaders wold not be able to because Jullian Asange is a internet journalist so all the hundreds of posters on social media would be criminals and arrested if Jullian Asange is convicted --in fact our opinions here would be considered internet journalism and held to a criminal standard -- so call your Congressman post on all sites and social media that ALL persons may freely expose information because once this happens even a video of a police beating a act of terrorism or exposing malfeasance by agencies or their staff would be criminal. This is HUGE and that is why everyone must act. last if we are to survive as a society why pick on Jullian Asange IMHO kitty pictures are the most perverse form of a sheer waste of time like bad cholesterol clogging up the arteries these wastes of human time resources and bandwidth could be better used by those trying to make a hookup find and Uber driver or order pizza.
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    Sorry to hear wally, Don't get me wrong my father had some patients issues in his day it was azzholes and elbows but most of it was good. I have some holdovers from genetics not very patient with B.S. I have tried to teach kids but I have not had much luck they are too interested in self image on social media texting and seem to have a hard time concentrating. My Children well I had some but their mothers (2) decided to raise them away from me one without my knowledge I did not find out till recently the other after just shy of 7 years of marriage and the child was just over three. I am torn as they both failed in life with their other relationships the problem in my mind is that the children were subjected to bad experiences I am glad that they emerged intact but not unscathed it still makes me pissed that all the things both rejected in me they tolerated and allowed in their ever lowering expectations in their other relationships. So basically Wally, I did not and was not able to raise my children, We have an awesome relationship now I blame God, I had nothing to do with the fantastic outcome. I have a quirk If I am or my ideas are rejected I do not impose, they decided they are on their own I do not force myself on anyone the law sides with the mother 95 ++ percent of the time hiring lawyers is stupid unless your forced to in the initial divorce and do what you can but if they are not willing you have nothing to say and it mucks up the children so I made the decision to let my ex find her happiness -- she never has as from the reports I get. as for my first child I never knew I had a child until last year she is a grown woman her childhood was bad I'll leave it there but God had a different plan and I am thankful for that. I don't disparage people for trying to find their place the only thing I can hold onto is I never stepped away from the relationships one left the other told me she wanted a different life and moved away after the divorce. and would not / did not keep in touch. I did not fail as a father as I was not allowed to be one for one and only 3 years for the other. I had seen enough to think that taking her to court and fighting all the time was not going to benefit the child at all in fact more negative impact and fostered a lot of emotion and years of arguing as everyone I know has had that happen, the children are messed up they try to blame the parents for their failures in life all people that I know are decent so it was personalities and differing ideals that drove them apart but individually they were good people but oil and water cannot mix. I have accomplishments I have made a difference in this world, I did what I could when I could and I have made plenty of mistakes my conscience is fairly clear it is what felt I had no control over that troubles me and did not act on. I am a person of action, confrontational take me as I am or take the next flight out. It is not that I know everything but that I would be responsible if I let things pass or went along and I'm not much of a joiner. generally I don't have a side there is right and wrong, problem is I recognize them but I am not a legalistic but at some point it has to make sense IMHO if it doesn't leave it lay. Sometimes there is not a perfect right or wrong just whats better or what others want and you have to allow them to make their choice. sometimes in life you make choices and you stand alone sometimes you seemed to have made good choices and they come to crap. I may have needed to purge, but Wally the sense I get from your posts are your a fine person who tries to do the right thing and that's all we can do, we are not responsible for others failures especially not our parents or their choices. the rest of this post is for others that might read it. I will say that by the power of God and the righteousness of Jesus or Yeshua Christ his Son, I don't have to be crushed for my mistakes Jesus paid my bail if I look back it is not to ruin or wallow in it today but, build a better tomorrow mend fences and have better relationships now and in the future. I don't have time to hate those that wronged me I do have to remember those I wronged so I do not do it again but, not so I don't live the life I have now worrying about the past, because the past is done it can't be changed so we either accept it and cut a better path or fall back in it wallow and drown accomplish nothing or help anyone. I have always wondered about those that reject God, they rail on about believers are foolish for believing in an invisible God, when they believe in their own strength and understanding -- and those things absolutely fade people don't get stronger and many today have Alzheimer's more than when I was a young. To me it's pretty arrogant to think your in control when everyone experiences failure, if your in control your created and made your failure. Worse is people do not study that we live in an amazing and supernatural world it's anything but flat and 2 dimensional science is trying to break into the 4th dimension why ? because they know there is knowledge there. They call it the Akashic record and it is like a river of all the attained and lost knowledge from the dawn of the world. They use occult practices to reach those on the other side, LMAO if there is another side then wouldn't God creator and another or other beings be there and someone would be the boss as not everyone can be the boss and since we all know that there is always a creator and a boss would that not make him God ? I have been unfortunate to witness the numerous attempts to subvert God Jesus and the Biblical narrative. I believe in the coming great deception on 3 different main stream news outlets that UFO's are real eventually that "we" have been in contact with beings from another world, but I believe they are (demonic) and will come as aliens telling mankind they can solve health financial social problems and mankind will leave the Christian faith to follow. After a lot of study I do not think there are any myths that at one time or another all that crazy stuff was or is true and that some beings can enter our world from another dimension and some have existed here before the flood. there are footprints of giants 10 times the size of the largest man living today found in stone that is obviously thousands of years old. People who have dabbled in the occult have found it's not a game. people have been taken withing feet of each other and nothing is ever found of them THOUSANDS OF THEM EVERY YEAR ! cameras catch things that can't be explained all the time the veil between is getting thinner each passing day and those that do not have an anchor will be swept away and Jesus is the Anchor IMHO the Rock, the Alpha and Omega I pray all find him NOW, because the wold is loosing it's mind and the earth is cracking up. All I know is teaching children should include a respect for God Jesus and the Holy Spirit as in my mind if we do not have respect for a higher authority then by default we are THE authority and that has never worked out well for the individual that thinks that way IMHO.
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    my father was a bastard i never got to learn anything from him. a few men tried to teach me stuff later on but eventually i learned everything myself through the school of hard knocks. and i still don't know stuff that i should by now. thats why i admired men that take their role as father seriuosly.
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    Good time to teach them tracking, awareness method morals and manners of the wildlife around them and fishing and as they can cleaning fish, some children can be sensitive so this is age and maturity predicated. I can't recall exactly when I was introduced to processing wild game but as far back as I can remember I watched my father clean coon, fish, rabbits, squirrels, dove, quail, pheasant, turkey hogs and deer and some others, large animals were already field dressed when I got to see them the hunting I was allowed to go on was small game and I only got to shoot now and again until I was about 10 then I had my own pellet gun I could go terrorize the woods near the house.The more important thing I remember was the fantastic meals my mother cooked with most of it she had her limits tree rat coon were not on her edibles list she did like rabbit and the rest, but dad had to butcher them into manageable pieces for her to wrestle in the kitchen. we had a band saw and meat grinder and a butcher paper and tape dispenser man that made butchering easy. Fish we had a nice oak plank with an electric pump and sink at the boathouse I was taught to filet all fish except perch my mother like them gutted and scaled head off and she would fry them whole. As P210SIG said good times father and son bonding may father had more medals than a Portuguese rear admiral, survival knowledge of living in the depression of war and making do with what little you had and a life of working off times in construction and the oilfield and helping friends as military pay was low. I got to watch and help him do all kinds of things he built most of our second first home and I had to help at the time I did not understand what all that accumulated knowledge would do for me, help and even save my life a time or three. I had no clue that his words would follow me all my life about safety security and the what where and how of just about everything, I never did get that sex talk though today I think that is really important where as in my day it was doubtful you would die from local slap and tickle I guess he figured those military STD movies might work their magic.
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    Well, I finally got one - I've been searching for one of these for pretty much my entire adult life (though my wife would argue I have yet to grow up.) This is a .22 LR 4" barreled S&W Model 18 from the late '60s. I've had a 6" barreled S&W K-22 since I was 21, but the 6" barrel has always been better suited to target use over field use. I've been trying lots of different guns for field sidearms - Ruger MKI / MKII, Browning Buck Mark, the aforementioned K-22 - but I always just came back to the conclusion that I really just wanted a 4" .22 Smith & Wesson revolver. Now I've got one - and I don't think I'll ever step foot in the woods again without it on my side.
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    now that was a good father son thing to do...congrats...
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    Candles are the best emergency lighting and heating because they are simple you need fire and a candle. but a single candle is not going to help much. Instead of using precious fuel to keep warm I decided to have a couple of alternative methods I have heat packs a propane torch it has a piezo striker and a couple of 1 pound propane bottles and a cookie tin candle. Since it is near to the holidays I remember making bees wax candles in a cookie tin, one reason is they are wide and shallow you can put in a lot of wicks but you only need to light enough to satisfy your need at the moment I have kept them under my vehicle seat with a BIC lighter taped to the top. I liked bees wax because it had little but a good scent it melted at a reasonable rate, better than soy or paraffin and we had plenty as we kept 10 hives or so all the time. Compared to paraffin wax it smells better burns a bit cleaner. I don't like scented candles to heat or cook over as they transfer flavor to what your cooking. as far as what I have researched petroleum or paraffin candles are not toxic and have a limited threat to humans if burned in a reasonable space I just prefer bees wax to make mine with and make them in a roughly 6 inch cookie tin and leave about a half inch of space between the wax and lid my wicks I keep about 1 and 1/2 inches apart slightly tighter in the center as I heat my cup there. you have to be very careful of fire but if your stuck in a vehicle in the cold just level it up not too close to the back of the seat light it and it won't take long to kill the chill. bees wax has dozens of uses look them up I used it on decking screws makes them sink in fast and easy into old wood good for waterproofing leather / gloves uses for bees wax
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    Wally, as far as illuminuation goes, give me a good flashlight or solar powered lantern like a Hybridlight PUC ANYDAY over candles. However, if you're relying on the light as a small source of heat, you'll do far better with the candle. You could probably heat the inside of a pickup truck cab with a big multi-wick candle enough to keep you from freezing to death . Just gotta crack a window for carbon monoxide evacuation.
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    a brief thought on a first knife for a kid or a teen... i got my first knife at 11 a folder from my grandpa....
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    I wouldn't give anyone under 16 a real high-quality knife - it's likely to be lost or inappropriately used and broken. I didn't have REALLY nice pocketknives until my 30s, to tell you the truth. My Dad gave my brother and I some Buck lock-blade folders, and they worked great or what we needed them to do (namely, whittle sticks and chop up weird bugs). He also gave us Barlow knives, but the lock of lock left me with some nice scars on my fingers.
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    If what I think is going to happen come Tuesday, the backlash will increase violence because that is all the extreme left has. With no original ideas to take over government , if they don't get what they want they will riot and since that alone has not altered the course of Trump's agenda look for more terror tactics even killings. The 1960s were a diagram of how the left works , If for some strange reason the right gets power in both the house and senate be ready to leave your MAGA hats at home and remove your vehicle stickers, because these people do not mind attacking individuals in groups or sabotage your property when they think no one is watching, and don't count on police or courts to arrest or jail them as we have seen in so many incidents all over America.
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    I like knives, I have found none of them do all jobs well, that is why I have 3, a machete a Bowie and a Swiss Army Explorer. for kids I do not know anymore back when I was about 7 or 8 I had a case electricians knife locking but if you were not careful it would fold up on your finger in a heart beat sharp ass knife. I loved it although it cut me or rather I cut myself not being vigilant / careful. Some of the knifes I would give a well rounded kid would be: Opinel #6 twist lock Any good single blade locking pocket knife, I would make sure it was partially serrated blade. A more advanced knife is a Boy Scout 3 blade the main blade has a liner lock.
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    It's almost over, the elections will show if we get a stalemate for the next 2 years or if the trump train keeps rolling, I pray that republicans don't loose the house and can keep the senate. What made me sad was that union people voted democrat ? how in the world doe they think that gives them or their children options in the workplace.It is perplexing. entry level jobs if we do not build that wall will go to immigrants not to American youth that need to learn work ethic and make money to have some fun or pay college tuition a vehicle hell anything except pumping up the south American economy. I don't mide of the left gets what they want, but from now on all lower class housing needs to be built in the upper middle class neighborhoods so they can be an example to immigrants and show them what is possible if you work hard and it will not be so inconvenient for them to work as landscapers, nannies, and maids they could then walk to work and help keep the neighborhoods clean and safe, after all they only want a chance at a better life and escape their war torn countries -- I don't know what wars they are running from but there must be the left says there is.
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    Vehicle Survival is Serious, any time of the year but, in winter you need to be especially careful. Vehicles slide off the road all the time, traffic jams because of major accidents causing hours of gridlock and most people are not prepared in an emergency to leave their vehicle. the beginning of winter is when you find your battery needs replacing, worked fine yesterday today it's dead. 1st keep your tank filled no gasoline no heat even with gas if your tail pipe is covered it will allow exhaust to enter your vehicle from the underside, first you get bored then sleepy and then your at the pearly gates. Have your basic vehicle tools like snow chains a jack w/ handle jumper cables flash lights DUH more than one. Even if your not mechanical some hand tools so if someone who is may can help you. Here is where your GHB or BOB can come in handy if your forced to leave your vehicle thse tiny Water bottles can freeze and not bust so having some is not an issue I still advise a stainless steel camping cup and a razor knife you can cut the bottle off and put it in the cup and thaw it by using the heater vent or alternative source of heat listed below. Have an alternative heat source trees and 18 wheeler loaded with whatever and you might be stuck for many hours. I like a Mr. Heater that runs off a 1 pound propane bottle because if your car dies or you run out of fuel your heater is not going to work, and you could be stranded for a long long time. you have to treat them properly place on a solid level surface because tipping the liquid will cause the burner to flash a ball of fire out and start your vehicle on fire. So keep it on low and away from flammable surfaces I can put mine on the center console aimed at the windshield.and but my real heat source is a torch. candles in a cookie tin work ok but keep your windows cracked carbon dioxide and monoxide kills. If that scares you keep plenty of chemical heaters. My torch heats the area but I have to watch it will not catch surfaces on fire but I can heat water in my stainess camp cup for coffee and hot chocolate, I keep a few Coup O Noodles inner warmth is helpful Consider having extra clothing in your vehicle for extreme weather just extra yoga pants don't count, insulated coveralls and a parka do make sure they cover your regular jacket and fit over all your clothes layers helps to hold in warmth . Shoes that are fit for walking and keeping your feet warm normal shoes suck at heat retention. Food like MRE's have a self contained heat pack or snacks peanut butter or cheese crackers, raisins pop tarts just anything you can rip open and chow down on. Last having a backup battery bank for your phone a charger both AC and DC with a charging cable during emergencies cell towers can be spotty and phones seem to always be low or dead just when you need them. so if your forced to leave your vehicle take your charger with you, you may get a ride or find a place to shelter and be able to charge your phone up. I posted on this in the past but a friend of mines daughter picked up her kid and on the way home traffic stopped well long story short the kid had a cutie coat that did not provide warmth she was in a hurry and left without a jacket as the school only a few miles away and her tank was low so while waiting she ran out of gas she did call her dad and he had to come get them on a 4 wheeler she failed to tell him they had no winter clothing on so they rode a 4 wheeler for about 15 minutes in a blizzard when she left it was 40 degrees and falling. people do this all the time get in a hurry and suffer for no better reason than being impatient or fail to look ahead and place others in a jam due to their failure.
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    If someone tells you the world is ending tomorrow -- tell them can't happen, it's already tomorrow in Australia
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    Violent games, movies, music and literature DO overflow into the real world, the proof is street racing fight clubs and public attacks were not in the public eye before and they are now. Street racing was a thing but the portrayals in the movies made it more popular in the 40s and 1950's So what has changed ? It is the violence we see, the eye is the window on the world what we see is seeping in and drowning us by becoming reality The Antihero has become the apex character in so many movies that the lines are skewed as to who is the bad guy we saw this with the Teflon Don, John Gotti and numerous other criminals that did so much for the local community that local juries would not convict and there was the problem with a jury being publicly known and reprisals were feared by those that sat on a jury of a gang or group known for it's willingness to murder anyone that threatened their power. I recall when this did not happen any of it it was so rare that it was shocking, now the word shocking has no real effect or meaning. The word murder does not have the same slap in the face as when I was a kid. Murder in my day meant someone was going to get a death sentence and it was going to be carried out, and none of this wussiedfied lethal injection crap there was electrocution hanging and poison gas. The roaring 20's or 1920's was no different than today except that local juries had no problem sending these predators to hell ASAP. Hell back in the day they would round up a posse of locals and hunt you down. A cop could shoot a fleeing felon, now they can't shoot a person in the act of perpetrating a felony they have to warn them first, I guess so the felon can shoot first or have the option to take a hostage. A weak jury / jurors and a weak voter pool has made it where the few run the ideals of our country and the people have no justice. We have elevated lawyers to porn star status and made the juror system irrelevant. Just the name of some lawyers makes the outcome of a trial unsure ? Really I thought the evidence made or lost the case, This is also the failure of our school system, a lack of analytical critical thinking the application of attentive minds in a serious situation today everything is a punchline a dark joke. We have bred and accepted a sick humor to to ease our conscience about dire matters. There is not a day where some TV show under the guise of comedy tries to brainwash us with laugh tracks as to what is funny and important or unimportant or to confuse issues that used to be the bedrock of common sense. The problem is that history has shown that once a society has become immune to common sense it is almost wiped out, because common sense is a line of defense against tyranny and war corruption of law and order. Free love of the 1960's has evolved into a minefield of problems most children today are either from broken homes or single parent / bastard born children I do not like the term but although it has not been used or gone out of favor it seems we now have more of them and that is not the problem it is the emptiness in the hearts of these children who desperately want a complete family and everyone that had good parents that corrected us recalls we did not like it in the moment but looking back we realize that had it not been for our parents we would have a very different life and probably not as good. Acceptance is not a remedy for bad or stupid life choices, we are asked to accept people into society that have no respect for others values, we see it all the time one parent has a party with alcohol for minors because they have no common sense but also a warped sense of right and wrong ans that children have no values other than what parents instill in them. A child is an empty vessel it is what parents put in allow and nurture that sustains them throughout their lives. if a child is molested more than likely they will molest, if they grew up with parents that used drugs openly they will experiment with drugs and we see a culture that is killing it's self off from a lack of good parenting positive enforcement from schools and religion or a lack thereof. If you think that openly practicing witchcraft, using drugs, being a drunkard or a lazy POS and your offspring is going to thrive in society your a baseline idiot because it is rare that evil people so not get caught or ruined it is not the norm, if you allow your children to act like Hollywood activists they will go to jail unlike pop stars with high prices lawyers. Over indulging children is a bad idea, spoiled children do not care about old parents or anyone other than themselves. America is loosing the battle with common sense we have traded a life of decency for twitter retweets channel hits and subscribers for honor dignity and devotion to family. The word swagger is back in the lexicon only now I think we need to revamp the definition to being arrogant selfish and willfully ignorant of centrifugal force gravity and other physical laws that govern how much insurance you need to carry to bury or hospitalize your dumb azz and repair or replace all the sh*t your going to tear up. Texting while driving if this had been safe all vehicles would have a keyboard installed in the steering wheel, but because there is an airbag under it and would rip your hand off Detroit decided that it was not an option they should put on your car. The use of alcohol drugs and profound ignorance of parents may have some cause and effect of A.D.D. and other childhood issues ... go figure. Used to we would say you were dropped on your head as a child we may need to update that description as your mother was a drunken stoned slut that partied for months until she found out she was pregnant or D.S.S.P.M.P. The world was created (I know creation puts some people into a tirade but I don't care) for reasonable rational people everyone else rides the short bus and lives shorter lives with more problems now with more morons idiots and narcissists the reasonable of us daily have to deal with the fallout of your stupidity, and were getting tired of it, I can see the future of harder sentencing hard nosed juries and more executions as life works that way the pendulum swings back and when it does all of those in the way get smacked.
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    First let me state categorically that Capitol Punishment does not work in the way people are told, it is not for payment of the life they took, it is for the other people contemplating murder. When America understands that you will never stop murder, but you can slow it to a crawl we will have accomplished a peaceful nation where we can all live without fear, it will not happen overnight but consistent and without remorse sending these people to a rope will strike fear in the hearts of those that choose to commit heinous crimes . The death penalty should be applied only to those we can absolutely say are guilty, with DNA and video evidence cell phone triangulation and other forensic evidence we can eliminate false convictions those where the preponderance of evidence is not so positive there is still the options of prison. Crimes that IMHO demand the death penalty are murder, child molestation kidnapping matters not if the victim lives or not or their age. I would put rape in here but it has happened that slept with others to entrap them so unless there are physical injuries we need to all be able to agree in a jury setting that death is the only option. There is room for the death penalty for crimes that steal over a specified amount if you really want to have a safe and well ordered society all we need are set in stone parameters, as long as people know where the line is if they cross it that places the blame on them for committing the crime. As of now people count on lawyers to get them off, when it should be the evidence that places them on the gallows, in fact I have a real problem with being able to see the criminal, because their beauty or handsomeness may sway the jury or their lack of physical acceptance. We should solely based on evidence render a verdict of guilt or innocence and the sentence once it is verified that it is murder is out of everyone's hands a second trial with less limitations on evidence becuase we have seen where evidence has been suppressed or not brought to trial that may have been a deciding component not brought in and in those cases the willful lawyer should loose their license to practice law FOREVER and not allowed to be involved any legal activity ever. A police officer that is found to be a criminal should be held to a vastly higher level of punishment, if it can be proved their actions or inaction caused the death of others they should face the death penalty. just like the driver of a vehicle where a crime cause the death of another they are also responsible but over the years handing out minimal sentences for accessories to the crime women or underage minors has all but made those crimes misdemeanors copared to the law that worked years ago. We have come to the crossroads are we going to allow this evil to continue or make the punishment so absolute and so horrible that only a narcissist or egomaniac would contemplate murder. There is one other crime almost never seen in American, and I am glad it is not, that crime is disfigurement it is ususally accomplished by slashing beating severally or throwing acid on a persons face that needs to be a death penalty as well because it is a fad crime as well as public knife attacks of a group of people all sickening "fads" need to have a shelf life of zero. I see no reason for not executing the mentally challenged, we destroy animals that kill people and it is not that they are animals but the threat that caregivers guards or others that are in proximity in an institution can be future victims makes them too dangerous to allow to live in these cases I can see the use of lethal injection and not hanging --- hanging. As far as I know there has not been any criminal that enjoyed the idea of being hung so the fear factor is in play some have asked for a firing squad but that gives them that hail of bullets to glory sentiment I also do not want a marked grave or mention of their name except in a basic obituary because some journalists will try to win a Pulitzer for a full page story. I am not much on books that are written that gives them eternal life like Jack the Ripper or a number of murderers like John Wayne Gacey son of sam. Crime and police shows since their beginning have seemed to increase in popularity with the increase in crime. video games that are not wholesome so at least requiring parental consent to watch or buy just like we do with pornographic magazines beer or liquor, we have age limits. I don't believe in censorship or prohibition except when it comes to child porn that is a definite, in fact it should be a very long metal institution stay testing medications ANY kind of medications or chemicals I hate to see bunnies or monkeys being sprayed in the eyes with hair spray let the pedophile take a hit for the team (humanity) if the jock itch medications causes their crotch to fall out --well better them that the public IMHO.
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    i am all for murders getting the death penalty and it should be done within a few days of conviction enough of this 20 year appeal crap...
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    I detest assassins, they are chickensh*t b@astards that deserve to be hung. Firing on unarmed people that you neither know or have had personal issues with is and shows how weak and demented the shooter is. That is itself is part of the problem weakness, we are all being placed into a box where we have no power or authority to effect our injuries physical or monetary, used to if someone screwed us we could punch them in the face but, now we have the Law micro managing dictating and punishing the injured party and the person/s that cause the problem goes free. I can remember a few times where judges basically threw down the gauntlet and told the person that caused the problem if you don't want to get punched quit screwing people and give the pugilist a public fighting fine of 25 bucks and let him go with the strict instructions that it would not do to make punching people a habit. Tribalism is rising, the us against them narrative is becoming an excuse to wreak hell and damnation on anyone on another side, we have seen it in the Kavanaugh hearings Gaby Giffords shooting Senator Steve Scalise the hate crimes attacks on Christians, Americans and it is world wide. Numerous knife attacks in China and the far east. We have fallen to a point from social and legal pressure and no amount of exercise or anger management is going to alleviate the animosity and anger, rightly or wrongly applied to a group. Festering anger accounts for most all mass attacks. life is crazy complicated in a world we were told that computers and machines would make our lives better and more efficient, instead we spend more time in lines (ques) and dealing with cranky bureaucrats, that have no incentive or options to help. It is maddening, I just went through a couple of months where I had to renew my license buy another vehicle and get an inspection and new plates Holy Crap it would have been easier to call up spirits with a Ouija board while doing a Voodoo ceremony, then to put the icing on the cake I had to go vote and got my land taxes in, and who knows what other shoe well drop. being retired I had the time but working folk all this does is add to the constant pressure applied by outdated laws and constrained ideas. A friend went to vote and had a "flag" that they had to call in to solve while they waited after going through a line for almost an hour. My point, we have become too complicated everyone has their hand in our pocket and the threats against our person, property and well being is under attack with social pressures to be politically correct and be afraid to speak our opinions resulting in people cracking up. Since there are double digit numbers of people that already have problems dealing with complicated issues and mental health problems more lashing out is to be expected. Consider the average person has to pay taxes in the city state and federal then vehicle tags inspection and insurance home school and emergency service taxes got a boat motor home or plane more tax storage and upkeep so when you do get a break you can spend more money to relax when I go fishing it's a hundred dollar bill after I have paid for my combination license to hunt and fish. When I was a kid we went to the dump and shot rats if we wanted took our fishing rods and bait bucket caught some minnows or worms and went fishing and without taking out a loan, if we needed money we picked up bottles movies were a quarter popcorn was 15 cents and a coke was a dime so for 4 bits you could kick back and watch a creature feature or a alien (not illegal alien) flick the number of missing children was minute we did not have to worry about snatched off the street only that our school desk was thick enough to protect us from nuclear radiation from Russian bombs. It appears that we have gone from bar fights with an antagonist to to shooting strangers in a couple of decades I attribute it to ever increasing social and tax pressure and keeping up with the Jones's but continuing education and technology. Built in obsolescence of all our appliances there seems not to be a month that goes by we are not buying a washer toaster air conditioner. we have no time oil changes cleaning out gutters appointments with teachers that live on their tablets or phones much less family problems and an unfulfilled life is taking it's toll. the mass killings will not stop, just the manner in which they are carried out and the types of victims if firearms become more controlled. prisons are the most controlled populations there are with no guns and murders happen there all the time.
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    I have learned to take everything with some skepticism, especially when it involves democrats. More critical is the timing, just before an election looks like someone may be trying to gin up a sympathy vote. I am concerned that all the edgy rhetoric has fired up the kooks and there are plenty on both sides , let us all pray that the culprits no matter whom they are are arrested and sent to a long stay in a federal facility like Pelican Bay. Maxine Waters and others have ratcheted up tension between the parties and now it may have come home to roost, don't get me wrong I despise lefties that foment anger and manipulate their bases to do things they wont because they are cowards and getting people into troubles that will effect their lives forever. If something were to happen to any of them I would have the same reaction as the left did when Steve Scalise was shot. The left is so arrogant they actually think that they are immune from violence, I think they need to be reminded that no one is safe from a person that is willing to trade their life for a chance at taking out a so called enemy in their eyes. Not degrading Trump, but he has poked a bunch of hornets nests and at this time if we had to raise another leader we would be in terrible jeopardy from numerous nations . peaceful transition of power has been our only defense from attack in the last 50 years, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated the world held their breath our military was ready to nuke Russian troops if they charged across the border into Germany with their armor / tank battalions. we were looking at a world war. The problem with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters etc etc etc is that they have never placed their lives on the line no experience in the military police fire or ambulance service even prison or security work would have given some understanding that there are problems with ignoring violence and not being in the forefront to demand civility and threaten the full force of the law against all acts of incivility or violence no matter what side is involved IMHO, but they have not accused police of crimes when there is no proof and local juries fail to find fault in the police actions. I am flabbergasted that harassment has not brought arrests as if we were to do similar things we would be arrested for a host of charges and if we even flinched the police would charge us with resisting arrest. So you see where the police are political and the ones holding their leash are all for civil disobedience that includes the D.A.'s office local politicians and even the people in the vicinity that could have all got up en mass and pushed the offenders out by placing themselves between the harassers and their prey.
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    it did cross my mind yesterday that this might be a setup...
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    LMAO, Shepard Smith was on with a guy from a group that supposedly defends reports and guess what again the phrase< "American reporter that worked for the New York post" DUH he was not an American citizen. So what are we to do fire 55.000 worker dump the stock market by 1/3rd to appease the press the same press that did not defend the rights of Alex Jones HELL at least Bill Maher gets it and admonished a group he was in front of stating he did not agree with Alex Jones but he had the right to speak his mind, but not a peep out of Shepard smith who thinks he's a journalist he couldn't write jingles for toilet paper. they put up some amazing number like 1400 that have been killed since 1992 but out of that only 24 were targeted the rest were collateral damage during fire fights. 24 for the whole world since 1992 wholly sh*t it's an epidemic IT's Russian collusion look there's a naked woman in someones bed. When you piss someone off your likely to get killed. Hell let's nominate Koshogi for sainthood OOPS sorry he is not a Catholic he's a MUSLIM. we need to stop muslim on muslm killing LMAO or it might catch on...lets hop so. I wnat to know where are the investigations on Hillery's dead pool how about the 10,00 plus dead for invading 5 countries in 5 years ALA George Bush then more stupidity from Obama What about over 1 million Christians murdered by Islamist since 2001 not a friggin' peep women taken in war for sex slave damn little rhetoric on that what about Lois Lerner from the IRS stifling freedom of association and political freedom? against Republican groups / tea party only.
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    Californian are running like rats off a sinking ship don't let them win election in your tow county or state, why because they have not learned a damn thing they screwed up everything possible in Commiefornia and now that it is untenable they run away. Three quarters of all the major cities are democrats in commiefornia and a bunch have had to file for bankruptcy they promised the city workers police fire and prison / jailers that they would have a forever pension with all healthcare and increases LMAO well it is time to pay and the b@stards are going to the bathroom to avoid paying the check. Commiefornians are coming soon to a town near you remember who they are and treat them like your lazy lying brother in-law. It's not that they are bad people it's that they are stupid just like New York city dwellers the rest of the state of New York is OK but they are trapped by the city no matter how they vote or what they do locally the city is the state and makes all the laws and rules for the state everyone else is like a person that closed the door on the taxi with their coat hung in it they are along for the ride and the ending is not going to be fun. I live near enough to Houston to see what democratic leaders smell like, snake oil and money illicit money there are enough gangs and dope there to float a tanker off a sand bar, and some how it gets laundered and ends up as political contributions. the police department pension keeps going broke and they steal it from the fire department to make up the shortfall. Tehy can't keep criminals in jail because there are too many so they let them out to prey on more working citizens but I digress this rant is about Californians. The word sh*t bird means a person that where ever they light they crap all over and leave that is the definition of any of the escapees from the major democratic cities, as in San Francisco Las Angeles, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Detroit Chicago, New York, Boston, look at what they are allowing murders minimal sentencing on drug felons handing out needles condoms and credit cards to homeless criminals (they have ongoing police records) a tax on everything and fees tolls user fees and more controls on private property and corruption in your face. Here is a few little videos on how illegal immigration hurts American citizens keeps pay scale down and kills local jobs for local children. GREAT VIDEO ABOUT A LIVING WAGE
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    what i don't understand is why we only hate certain countries with muslims when it should be all of them....i can't think of a single muslim majority country that doesn't have evil designs in store for us.