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    First, having a GHB, is something all of our adult children have, and their spouses have as well. Those go “with” on all vehicle trips. Ours have felon repellent and felon redundancy capabilities just in case as well. (You figure it out for yourself) Water and shelter are the most critical items to have the ability to deploy as needed, even if, it’s only for shade, or to help keep the rain and snow off of you, your vehicle etc. Im a big believer in razor sharp folding knives and other cutting/chopping hand tools, that can also be “dual purposed”, if/when things “get close...”. As for assisting the genetically stupid, defined by me as being too selfish to think “they” might need some self sufficiency, I’m not inclined to offer any assistance. The innocents and older folks, will always be welcomed into our fold. The others are whiney sniveling drones, that are of no earthly use.
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    With the help from my loving son, today we both worked on making a home made log/wood splitter. Spent a good 10 hours on this project, I was measuring & cutting all the iron with a angle grinder, my son doing all the welding. It was a great day bonding as well , doing what a family should be doing, spending time together doing things.
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    An example to the rest of us.

    India orders 'staggering' eviction of 1 million indigenous people. These people have lived on and lived off the land for hundreds of years, no matter the Indian government has decided it has the right to evict 1 million of them off of land they claimed over the years as theirs. This is happening behind the scenes over the years in agreements with the U.N. This makes a backdoor to our civil rights and laws and has quietly been done in all previous administrations democrat and republican with them fully knowledgeable of the ramifications. Treaties and agreements agreed to by any country are law. so disarmament treaties are the hope of anti-gunners to skirt the constitution and bill of rights and any state local or federal laws enforcing your rights contrary to said treaties. Our laws have in the past been tested I recall back when a rancher was checking his property only to find U.N. troops on his property performing field operations he told them to leave they said they did not have to they had the "right" well he went into town got the sheriff and he formed a posse and went out and confronted the trespassers they claimed rights the sheriff and the posse claimed lead and gun smoke would settle the argument. The contingent decide an international incident with foreign troops on foreign soil causing the deaths of civilians and law officers would not look good in the press. If your area plots to eliminates the sheriffs office in your county FIGHT IT WITH EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BEING ! powers are divided for a reason so that one does not control the whole county it is harder for all agencies parts of law enforcement to be corrupted than many departments with different leaders as in local, county, constables, and state given each agencies natural competition and how they are installed, some are voted in others are seated by representative authority. There is enough adversarial infighting to keep them watching each other for corruption. That being said you do not want weak people in charge or tyrants it's a fine balance as sheriff Joe Arpaio. his enemies and ours ( united states citizens) tried every trick in the book and even then it took President Trump to pardon him for crimes that do not exist or can or could be thought of as crimes no air conditioning is not a crime not having a specific engineered building to house criminals is not a crime if it were then it would also apply to everyone and those that had children and no air conditioning would be charged with child cruelty and animal cruelty if they had pets. Laws are not your friend many laws should be repealed most laws are legal traps. A return to Blacks law or some similarity there of should be taken up. Lawyers have no interest in a fair and impartial legal system they like chaos so they can twist their words to conform to a narrative so they can manipulate the jury / outcome. We all know you get the justice you can afford so a court appointed attorney generally speaking is a rubber stamp by the legal system to make the outcome legal not justice and your taxpayer dollars pay them regardless of their passion or lack thereof to represent their clients not to get them off but to insure they are not unduly punished or made example of, fair and impartial treatment for all no matter race creed color religion sexual orientation etc. etc. If we as a people do not keep rein on our laws and legal system we will be treated like these people in India, as subjects not human beings property not individuals with families.
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    Hey to all - it's been awhile for me. UPDATES: Been super busy with parenting and homeschooling. Our first stab at our garden this past summer was a raging success. Planning more for this year. Fruit trees are off to a fantastic start - growing, but not mature enough yet to fruit. (we had 1 apple last fall, which our toddler promptly plucked despite mommy and daddy reminding all kiddos not to touch the trees.) I put in 60 heads of asparagus too. Nut trees are being planned. Our sweet beagle girl passed away an she's now resting under the front tree and we have a new pup around to love on and to love us. He is an amazing watch dog. Legislation is changing in our state, making the state more "in charge" of what parents can do with their kiddos, which has spurred me into another extensive re-up on our prepping. I know most of you probably live it daily, but that's really hard for us in this season of life. Better to go crazy for a month or two and then settle into a routine. At least this gives it some ease. I started a windspeed study late last summer to measure windspeeds at 6 locations around our acreage. The digital anemometer is helping me make an informed choice on placement for a wind turbine. Even if we don't do it, it will make interesting data for a kids' future science fair project. Anyway, the neighbors have a million chickens they raise for eggs and then slaughter for meat. But I recently read an article about ducks and duck eggs being larger. I like ducks better than chickens. Any thoughts? Nice to see you all.
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    Hah! Not "Holiday in Cambodia"?
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    Just remember folks, government workers are humans like you & me. We all bleed the same. Everyone is going to die sooner or later. I will fight for what’s right, I’m willing to die for what’s right, & will never bend over or ever give in to the evil masters of this world. Trust has to be earned & I trust no one but my God. My God has always provided what I’ve needed in my daily walk in life. Do you have a personal relationship with God from above? If not then you have some work to do, to build that personal relationship. If you trust in your government system you are surely doomed. Choose what ever route/road you want to take, the final outcome in your decision will be your own doing & you have no one to blame but the person,that is you standing in front of the mirror.
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    Unfortunately the ass kicking part I think we need to wait until the left starts it because the general public has no idea of the internal hatred of our politicians against the American people. This applies to people in both parties, they have their money tree staked out and anyone that tries to chop it down is in for a hell of a fight -- a dirty fight One example is 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada, seems a politician wanted the land and the Bundy's got in the way so government indicted Bundy for 16 federal felonies along with his 2 sons and anyone that sided with them got arrested. As far as my figuring the government said he owed 1 million dollars for 21 years of grazing cattle I think it roughly comes up to about 47,000 dollars a year to graze cattle on unused land ? does anyone know how much a steer costs just figure about a buck a pound and half is guts hide and bone so to offset and make a living ranching he would have has to have sold 47 cows a year figuring that you have to have one to make two so he had to have 94 cows and a bull for every 10 to 20 and there is predation cattle die, and then the horses trailers trucks 18 wheelers to take them to the sale barn got to pay the hands they got bills got to pay taxes fuel repairs on equipment lemme see probably tent a helicopter now and again so just how does BLM figure the cost of wild grass ? all I know is for a long time they killed feral horses saying that the were not a native species they only been here since the 1500 hundreds brought in by the Spanish and there were never that many, but the government said they were a pest to what rattle snakes and gophers THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE ! Strange how when a senator has a problem they call in people with automatic weapons armored vehicles and body armor with writs warrants and handcuffs and will kill you for unused grass land ? hell the cow sh*t only helped he ought to have charged them for fertilizing that miserable stretch of nothing. A federal judge in Las Vegas dismissed charges against Cliven Bundy and his sons, Ammon and Ryan, on Monday Jan. 8, 2018 AFTER 4 YEARS OF HELL ! Judge Gloria M. Navarro of Federal District Court, in a ruling from the bench, said that the government’s missteps in withholding evidence against the three Bundy family members and a supporter, Ryan W. Payne, were so grave that the indictment against them would be dismissed. When the gov decides your a problem they try to destroy you break you financially physically and mentally and use every agency possible t crush you and if that does not work some people _________ figure it out. This is what the left wants a reason to suspend the 2d amendment and go door to door they got plenty of those yellow forms to check through and then they will pressure people to turn in neighbors. This has been done before in Nazi Germany Poland Czechoslovakia and again and again. socialists do not like armed peasants. and all your police will roll over or be kicked out or arrested about half the military will be happy to shoot you and be proud. did anyone see the full size targets of a pregnant woman an old lady with a paper sack another was a woman with a kid and these were government approved training targets this was about 10 years ago and then they bought millions of rounds of hollow point ammo that is illegal to use on enemy soldiers but I guess it's fine to use on American citizens I was surprised that they did not make targets with their back side showing or better yet you asleep in your bed.. I was really surprised they did not kill Roger Stone when they picked him up did on purpose pose them in their nightclothes and CNN was on the scene some one leaked the time place and that is a crime. by the time people figure out whats happening their bank accounts, credit cards, phones utilities will be turned off rolling black outs TV won't tell you anything all they have to do is shut down Fox News and arrest the few like Linbaugh Jones and a few others and basically MSM will pipe in snooze music and award shows. the few hundred that have any real clout will be dead or in jail remember only just over 500 people run the country and most of the government are democrats who vote their pocket books so don't look for any help there. Sorry I forgot you live in Canada P210SIG only one person runs your country, the Queen -- just remember how they treated the Indian people for a hundred years and anyone else they ruled over a couple decades ago Australia had gun seizures and people were held without charges a hearing or bail, there was a movie about it they don't allow it to be shown there I don't know about now. your a subject technically you have no God given rights, only those the Queen allows you. Our rights are a sham because in the fine print they take them away or allow you to be rolled by any one of a hundred agencies and there is one charge everyone is guilty of it's a legal trap built in so if you get out of line GOTCHA ! I tell people and they laugh in my face and call me a liar in not so rude terms, they are ignorant and will die that way and that is 80% of this country -- bone ignorant I'll bet 99% do not know the law I am referring to it's hidden in legalese among 40,000 pages of rules laws and unless you know where it is what it means your a dead duck. and its a federal charge
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    If civil war does not happen in America by 2020 ,I’d be very surprised. In France, it looks like this year, things are ready to rumble & tumble. The yellow vest movement is going on for 14 weeks now , over there. The same movement in Canada is picking up steam as well. PPC—( People’s Party of Canada ). Lots of video footage in You-Tube. TheYellow Vest movement, I call it the logical thinking movement, & citizens have had enough with their Government officials doing nothing, besides filling their pockets on the tax payers dime. Enough talk, it’s time to take action. Actions speaks louder than words. Ass kicking action time, enough.talk, take action for the sake of your country, or you will always be a slave, getting the short end of the stick.
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    JUST SAY NO ! TO VENEZUELA. A recent story where we have sent 180 tons of aid to Cúcuta Columbia. In one of my previous posts were the amount of meals per carton cartons per pallet height weight per pallet load of MRE's , this is bull shize my friends mimicking the humanitarian Berlin airlift 25 June 1948 and Berlin is no where near the size of Caracas Venezuela. At least then they had some idea of what it would take in food, the first flights were 180 tons of EACH sugar, flour, milk and potatoes and then 180 tons of medicines. Let's face it this is red meat for the camera 180 tons of food would not feed just the people in the poorest section of Caracas for a day much less put a dent in the rest of the city. I say SCREW Venezuela they still back socialism if we are going to send anything let us send the AOC or Alexandria Orcasio Cortez she is the wonder woman darling of the socialists of the democratic party SHE knows how to run a government she's smart young and savvy let her go in and fix it. Let Trump make her the tip of the spear make her co president with Juan Guaidó and tell her to put up or shut up. Socialists NEVER LEARN if they don't die they kill off everything and everyone they touch let Russia and China feed and put up with them that cost money, money we don't have and all the infrastructure is way worse than ours WE need new roads bridges and hospitals SCREW THEM ! We just got through spending 7 TRILLION in the middle east and we rebuilt part of them and paid thousands of dollars for goats and chickens killed called reparations and crop damage of POPPY fields. How stupid are Americans, this is another black hole for our leaders to get rich off of, don't believe me look at Haiti billions go in and nothing happened no rebuilding no new infrastructure NOTHING the Clinton foundation made out like a bandit --- ain't that nice... The place is a festering hole filled with spies Russian, Chinese, Indian and a cargo ship load of free agents Russia is broke they can't afford anything but to give them food and medicine so where are they going to get all the pipe and valves to rebuild the oil fields on credit or ship the steel in from China. all the lakes are polluted with oil their pumping stations and storage tanks are old and leaking like a sieve. there are thousands of tons of garbage and their utilities are a nightmare with all the power cuts the sewer systems are turned in to concretions ( solid ) and to get it all working you have to employ and pay the Venezuelans ----WITH WHAT ! OUR MONEY ? LIKE OUR DOLLAR CAN HANDLE ANY MORE PRESSURE !!! A socialists is no different than a narcotics addict only they can find their way out and when their life has become unmanageable and like a jilted person on the rebound their next lover will be out the door or fighting like cats and dogs, they won't love us helping because it shows they were stupid and easily taken in so like in Iraq all they did was bit@h that things were better when Saddam Hussein ran the country. There are states that have a high poverty rate high unemployment and no hospitals and no hi tech computers or tablets or internet -- but we got food and drugs for Venezuela a country full of socialists who can't formulate a plan to take over ??? really they outnumber police and military 100 to 1 --so what are our brave men and women suppose to go there and die for a government they voted in ? that as long as it gave them sh*t they reveled in their ignorance thumbed their nose at us and now they are broke starving and ragged beg for help this is why we have the electoral college, because it prevents the large cities from commanding the vote if not no matter if everyone voted New York Las Angeles Chicago and a handful of other eastern cities would vote in the president of our nation and city people are DUMB AS DIRT. Want proof AOC is popular with millennials and city dwellers who want socialism in Venezuela socialists took the farms and businesses like all socialist countries do and divide the wealth but now there are no farmers there is no incentive to grow crops if the government sets the price and you starve to make them look generous by giving your hard work of your land and knowledge away. Socialists tell the doctors how much they can make so they work for peanuts and there is no money for research or new equipment as time goes on the hospital cannibalizes itself they don't buy gloves or skimp on drugs to patients or make them buy them at a pharmacy and bring them in they don't wash the bedding and only clean the rooms once a patient change this si caused by cutting staff / payroll the pay the professors a base salary and make the colleges free books are too expensive so they are handed down they use less technology except in government accepted majors like mathematics engineering soft or elective classes expenditures are cut to the bone. Socialists need to live and die by their words and deeds they are forever ungrateful and only complain and want more that is why every Socialist government has had secret police death squads and mass murders to keep them for becoming a nuisance. and the leaders know the way they got power can be turned on them so they stay in a perpetual paranoia. I'm asking you the person reading this, do you think we have the money to give to others that we desperately need here for 20% of Americans who can't afford to eat or go to the doctor have problems paying their bills these are the elderly the mentally challenged the young -- I am not against free lunches for kids or meals on wheels or cheap or free medicines to the working poor I am maniacally pissed that our government gives away everything but the kitchen sink trying to make friends with Garbage and I place communist socialists Stalinist Leninist Maoists and a few others in that category, I don't give a tinkers damn if a plague natural disaster or venereal disease wipe them out ! There have been not one group we have helped that has not turned against us NONE not one of the countries we helped out in WWII are not against us now for one reason or another for a number of reason our immigration policies our nuclear capabilities envious of our technology our stand on global warming save the bird save the fish as long as it is only us taking in the wahoo but when we ask the to share responsibility HOLY SH*T were a bunch of b@stards. the Kyoto treaty and Paris accord did not penalize India Russia or China or most of Europe America was the one that was targeted by our carbon footprint even if we all gave up our cars and mass transportation we would still alll have a larger carbon footprint that anywhere in the world because just to transport food clothing and our utilities is still more than any other nation many in rural areas use oil lamps or have only one light per room if they are lucky so don't fall for that global warming carbon footprint lingo it's a trap set for America only and you can see that the Yellow Vests in France don't like paying triple in gas and more taxes for a carbon tax and they are socialist generally speaking. I would love people to travel and see what lies beyond the major cities in China India and Russia it called squalor the rich won't live there it's too low class the poor in America have it many times better than anywhere els on this planet and that's a fact.
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    Quite a few western countries have legalized pot & people have lost their brain cells & their logical thinking has gone up in smoke. They have been dum downed by smoking their weed, pot, Merry Jane, etc. Most of the snowflakes enjoy this activity, being pot heads.
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    New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators. The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse. the whole story here AI fake text generator I think they are behind the 8 ball there is already algorithms that respond to tweets posts and social media nearing the capabilities of the Open AI project. What warms the cockles of my heart more is that tech will soon outstrip the need for paid trolls and they will have to slither back into their parents basement. It never ceases t amaze me how people think they can be part of disinformation and not become a victim at some point. Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Mao. all did the same things without technology misinformed people created purgery traps lied and convicted people on false pretext and then had them shot beheaded or worked to death in a gulag. The insiders have proof of the crimes and falsehoods so they are going to get the axe first at first they have self importance and arrogance but as the power coalesces around the throne everyone outside the inner circle has to be eliminated to prevent leaks of the internal crimes and lies that started the convictions of innocent people. Once the inner circle becomes comfortable they start dying or like in Saudi Arabia they go to a dinner and all get arrested for crimes against the leader,state, throne, kingdom and I am mortified that educated and intelligence people keep falling for this, it's like telling a kid I got your nose -- they the socialists communists leftists never never get it ! hell they don't even have to put bait in the traps anymore thousands of these "believers" glom on to these radicals and think they are going to become some sentry or commander for the "new world order" in a world of 7 billion just how many slots do they think are open at the top ?
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    AI is already here , is how I feel. When I copy & paste information, it never works over here at Survivalcache for some reason. They are trying to silence me from giving real information that’s out there. Knowledge is power & they are trying to dum down the masses. Most of the population is doomed without knowing what’s out there. As I’ve said before & I’ll say it again the general public snowflakes are living in fantasy La la land. My 2 cents for all it’s worth.
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    Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Put Her Boyfriend on the Public Payroll ? full story here I don't know but lets face it trust is a hard thing to find in the halls of power. This smacks of "White Privilege", this guy is glowing white it's almost scary, and they both have that errie smile like a possum crawling out of a dead cows azz eeeeuuuwwwwwwww
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    The by-laws tend to favour the dum, stupid & evil wicked people these days. The alarm bells are ringing & the general public don’t seem to care, living in a make believe fantasy La La land. I’m so sick of this crap that’s going on world wide, but the snowflakes think it’s perfectly fine. Judgement day is coming, hopefully soon enough for the evil doers.
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    It is a sad commentary on the young when trigger words like "green" or "progressive"switches off common sense. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or AOC has captured the imagination of children and liked the Pied Piper is leading them to destruction, at least these college students once they figured out what the New Green Deal actually was, thought / knew it was unreasonable and not attainable with the technology today. I was really impressed when they were told that some people were going to get paid for opting out of work I guess that people who pay to get an education to get a job do not like the idea of people getting paid to do nothing. 4:05
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    Yellow Vest vs Antifa

    baseball bats in hand ...
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    Faith Goldy ( your support is needed. )

    For those that do not know Faith Goldy, she is the Canadian version of a female Donald Trump in Ontario Canada. I’m backing her up 100%
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    Yellow Vest vs Antifa

    onward christian soldiers....
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    Food Stamps

    Well I'm back Food is a valuable commodity so you would need security if it does not run 24/7 then another issue if 3 shifts so you need supervisors more money. workman's comp or on the job injuries lifting and repetitive injuries. Logistically I have considered the equipment fork lifts, dollies, carts, hand trucks, metal racking / shelving, conveyors pallets, pallet jacks. mops mop buckets shovels or scoops cleaning items gloves, hairnets, lab coats chairs stools computers special requirements IE loading docks access to the produce or to get it from farm to warehouse. As far as I know even if it is just MRE's they only produce them in a half dozen locations and ship them via truck, ship and rail, MRE packaging is composed of thick, but flexible, aluminum and plastic layers made into a pouch. It is essentially a can, but it is lighter and it is a flat shape, which makes it easier to carry and store. The thermo-stabilized pouches provide a long stable shelf life without refrigeration. It is also designed to withstand rough conditions and exposure to the elements. The MRE package is officially known as a tri-laminate retort pouch. The pouch is opened from the top and easily provides access to the contents. MRE pouches have been tested and redesigned where necessary according to standards much stricter than for commercial food. They must be able to stand up to abuse tests such as obstacle course traversal in field clothing pockets, storage outdoors anywhere in the world, shipping under extremely rough circumstances (such as by truck over rocky terrain), 100% survival of parachute drops, 75% survival from free failure drops, and severe repetitive vibration. there are 12 meals in a case it is 16"L x 11.5"W x 10"H and weighs 20lbs. 48 cases to a pallet the pallet size 49"L x 41"W x 49"H and weighs 1,000lbs. a truck carries 40 pallets on a 18 wheeler A 20' FCL container will fit 16 pallets.40' FCL container will fit 32 pallets. they also are available in Halal as well as Kosher Judaeo Christian cultures. some come with heaters some not so therein we need to know if the people we are delivering to have utilities or the money to pay for them to heat their food. Seems simple but poor people can't always pay their bills -- go figure. I have carried cases of MRE's -- they are not light so what about cripples the elderly and children that cannot carry 20 pounds in a box this size -- have you ever tried to open a case of MRE's that box is damn near resistant to anyone but military personnel well fed in perfect health can you imagine your grand mother trying to get into a case ? MRE heaters can burn the young and old easily I personally think that is why they still have 30 round magazines and issue bayonets and SOF tomahawks. Det cord might be a better solution but it would open all the packages at once, but conceivably you could wrap it around the center and "split the meals. there are a bunch of other factors some are not just technical or logistic in nature some are security related ----- I may not be dealing with a full deck but who does most cast off the instruction card and 2 jokers but I am TELLING ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN if there are no soldiers or healthy strong dispersal crew this is not going to work it is not cheaper than people going and getting their own it does not inject cash in to struggling local economies where the local grocery depends on that money to stay afloat the employees depend on the store for their jobs or they will have to shudder their doors thus impaling the locals on the horns of a dilemma of job lossand having to drive further to get their groceries and making them more poor or worse nut more the same deal with convenience stores ar higher prices. AGAIN you get nothing for nothing I don't know it all but I did stay at a (unnamed) motel and ate the free bagel and raunchy coffee.
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    Food Stamps

    the real problem is not the program, it is the lack of integrity of the people running the programs. All that has to be done is to e-verify the stores where cards are used any other dismemberment would be rejected, you cannot use a gas card for things other than fuel unless the card allowed for it, so you can't use it at liquor store or to bail out of jail. It's only an opinion but most look at this problem from the wrong end of the telescope the big picture is the punishment is not severe enough for lawbreaker companies like complete confiscation of the business jail time and loss of property. There is more punishment for illegal hunting and fishing here if your caught they take all your tackle and your vehicle and a fine for each illegally caught or killed animal and a BIG fine it is not a secret. The Government has funds for signs but they need to advertise new better laws and punishments, they do it about DWI's, For the card holder make it a felony similar to a DWI loose the card for a year a big fine taken from their already pathetic income and 90 days day for day jail time no exclusions no exemptions, children go to CPS. There are a host of services these people get like help with, like rent, once a year utilities help, medicaid, food bank and a lot of other helps. If a person that hold a card commits fraud, and that is what it is fraud, against the government that is a felony and all their services should be terminated on an absolute and escalating basis. like driving license if you get 3 driving while intoxicated or DUI's or DWI's you loose them permanently, but each time the penalty escalates. WE NEED Drug testing if your supposedly unable to make enough to feed yourself or family then you cannot afford alcohol, tobacco or Illicit drugs and you should loose your services if caught committing crimes, and that should cause immediate termination of any and all services. How about truancy make it where if the children do not make it to school the parent gets a cut for every day the child misses and if they are not in school no benefits unless they are disabled. This is simple, I can say that here if your drivers license lapses you cannot cash a check or access your account and sometimes they suspend your account, if you do not pay your property tax you cant renew your drivers license so all of these punishments can include and daisy chain / dovetail into welfare services. One of my pet peeves is the automatic increase of food stamps if another child is born, that is totally ludicrous, you don't get more insurance if you have more wrecks, go to a party and when your host hands you a drink pour it out and see how many more you get. these are the people that need to use FRIGGIN birth control and TOLD your not a baby factory we are not paying for you to be a whore we ain't your John or sugar daddy. Security should be a photo on the card so no one else can use it anyone that does not check the card against the person in front of them, they get fired or arrested --- try to buy tobacco or beer in the U.S. I'm old but they card me any way and they know me and yet under law there is no excuse so every time I buy I get carded PERIOD. This is laziness on the part of the store and the government to put limitations and demand accountabilit. Another issue all people in government get votes from these food stamp card holders, non citizens / illegal aliens are allowed all the services working Americans are NOT this is the criminal act of government, defrauding the taxpayer funding their campaigns with our tax dollars to criminal aliens as they are illegally here and stealing our services we paid for. this is soft peddling to garnish votes pandering Food boxes are waste, in this country we have EVERY nationality race creed and color and they all eat ethnic foods or individuals have allergies or diseases that will not allow them to eat MRE's certain drugs you cannot eat certain foods like dairy or grapefruit nuts or -- well allergies are too many to list it is better more efficient and puts dollars into the local economies. The elephant in the room is all the extra garbage this will create all kinds of blowback MRE's type meals are mostly trash and it is not the garbage that degrades and if people do not like it they will still have to accept it and will trade it so the initial problem will still exist waste illegal trading and I know from my own experiences in the hoods of America it just will increase crime for cash prostitution and all the other petty peripheral crimes numbers gambling smash & grab purse snatching and e dumps will be overflowing with this crap even our soldiers are not a fan I do know some that love them but, they are the few the proud and the ones who's mother never learned to cook or can't even though they try. the other is the Ecological component or disaster, it is the extra fuel if it is only a gallon a day for area it is more for a zip code, more garbage more fuel, As far as what I heard it was not MRE's but more regional harvested foods so if you live in dairy country milk cheese butter yogurt etc etc if you have a milk allergy that kinda sucks every region has out of season foods so much of the year certain foods would not be available and need to be trucked in, and then there have to be workers to fill the food boxes, by the way boxes and bags do not magically appear they have to be trucked in, And I have never NEVER seen any transportation without damage areas being missed wrecks of vehicles and the natural depletion of equipment like hand trucks tables the increase of space / rent -- the sending of food and clothing and house wares cleaning supplies is called the second disaster all the man hours to load, fuel, drive and disperse the stuff costs much more and more is damaged or destroyed and all along the chain people cherry pick the best for themselves or steal so you have the same problems manifesting in unpredictable ways and new problems -- you get nothing for nothing and change for a mammoth like government is asking for a Titanic size Fork-up ! My garbage gets missed I have to call for a SPECIAL pickup more fuel same for a missed food delivery. then you will need a complaint department a reissue line and a person to do the special delivery and bring back and check it to make sure there is no scam going on, like the TV in a box scam. If we cut off illegal aliens people with ongoing criminal records and users of alcohol tobacco or illegal drugs we could save more than this debauchery of an Idea I love Trump but this idea STINKS. My ability to reason this ? because I have lived in the hoods been overseas where physically distributed food is more waste than actual help, some of it is thrown away and the piles of stinking garbage left is even worse. Corruption is ripe if you think farmers are going to give their best or even good stuff you nuts, I worked in prisons the lesser is for the convicts and the better and best is sold for more money, so eventually we will be jailing more people for fraud corruption and conspiracy because money corrupts and food has value and thus it is money-- that is the cause for this ill conceived idea in the beginning instead of insuring only the card holder gets help we are adding another layer of corruption. Digital cash is the least intrusive and inexpensive way to "help" those that abuse it need to be excluded from it, what this won't stop is the cash option on food stamp cards as there will still be cards they are decreased not eliminated so the problem is not changed at all it's just convoluted and will evolve into another monster. Any dope dealer will tell you once anything passes through many hands it gets stepped on / diluted some stolen it comes in pure and the last in line gets the dregs, skimming a portion of a gram it does not take that long to amass a quantity of great value, it wont be any different especially if the government handles it. You can bet your azz if some farm boy gets in he will be feeding his show hog off the stuff he can get, Well I keep coming up with ideas how about refers (refrigerators) or AC and heat for the people to work and the food not to get soft and packing you cannot put bread or eggs on the bottom of a sack or box I tried and do not recommend it. We have had outbreaks of illnesses from fresh produce and fruit so again a tracking system and replacement and or if these are not separated the leaves of spinach touching the other vegetables contaminate them ? how about the increase in hospitalization for those illnesses, allergies and do not forget the warmer packs in MRE's if that is the way the government decides, you can bet some enterprising street hood will find a way to make a new drug or to enhance a drug or use the heat to make a drug out of the heat packs or a new way to employ them in crime or making nasty presents for those they don't like........ This is bad as an idea and as a potential problem/s that will crop up (pun intended) ----how about drought corn prices swing wild so, no more corn as it is too valuable in hard times --- look at Venezuela as the items they can get becomes scant the get more of what is abundant is added or nothing at all, another is fresh rots quicker gets bruised Nature is too fickle that is why I'm a prepper, your a prepper, and shouldn't you be a prepper too ! Sorry got carried away
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    Poster found in a Church in France..... ( Translated ) ” When you enter this church it may be possible that you hear “the call of God”. However, it is unlikely that He will call you on your mobile. Thanks you for turning off your phones. If you want to talk to God, enter, choose a quiet place and talk to him. If you want to see him, send him a text while driving.”
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    When Hell freezes over !

    When Hell freezes over ! we have all heard it, but like a lot of things no one believed it would ever happen, well it did Winter weather isn't just battering the eastern US. It's even snowing in Las Vegas
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    It's getting crazier yet !

    Raphael Samuel, 27,wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him 'without his consent' as part of 'anti-natalist' movement that says having children is morally wrong has compared having children to 'kidnapping and slavery' On his Facebook page he sends anti-natalist posts to hundreds of followers He intends to sue his parents despite having a 'great relationship' with them IMHO 'anti-natalist like hundreds of neodweeb fashioned words erupts like puss out of a pimple when their feelings come under pressure. These snowflake sjw types, socialists and gender enthralled pathetic whiners make me wonder if they are sane, 50 years ago they would be in a straight jacket IMO.
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    World War 3 ?

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    another good one is townsends, he does things the old way from 1700's...