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    Merry Christmas to all and I hope it is better this year than any other year for you and your families stay well and happy, for everyone else. Merry CHRISTmas not sorry of your offended, but again I am not offended if you choose to say happy anything other than Christmas. Some people are never happy and always want to make everything a federal case, "they" always act the victim and feign injury form those they hold in contempt like Christians Jews whited and other ethnic groups not of their choosing people are bigoted and yeas any color creed or religion can be bigoted against others it is not a one way street. Love is the only remedy for our social predicaments and acceptance is bowing to an ideology or theology not everyone can accept. everyone want to be accepted but refuse to allow others to have a part of the platform or a voice if it counters their selfish viewpoint. Ear plugs are cheap and ear buds are common place if you don't like the sounds you hear ask for them as a present so words cannot hurt you but sticks and stones still will To me this is like the fainting in 1800s, a way to upturn the incident to a personal insult or shock and playing on your piers defense mechanisms so they will leap to your aid howling counter culture slogans and memorized dialog or send out flaming tweets on how offended and insulted they were Ahhhh who cares snowflakes don't last and once your no longer a victim then what else will you bit@h about ?
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    Yeppers Rudolph the red nose reindeer boy is that a classic because it used stop motion animation to create a full movie so it was not a cartoon. Of course in that day we all loved Burl Ives his unique voice was hypnotic as soon as you heard certain voices like his or like Jimmy Durante and a few others you immediately caught your attention and got ready for some eclectic entertainment that was sure to be fun or thoughtful and make your day, both could send your emotions running over get you laughing hysterically maybe slap your forehead and think how did they come up with that ! and how funny happy silly or interesting it was. Today when I see certain entertainers it's like I get rigid knowing that they are going to go into a diatribe of social political or personal ranting that leaves you wanting to turn off the computer radio or video device and go play with the dog. Currently my dog is happy and well adjusted and because I am not a vegetarian he knows that holidays seem to make huge ham and venison bones appear with all kinds of scraps WHOO DOGGIE he likes that. and he get the added bonus of trying to attack new people and sniffing new butts other than the mail person and the normal friends that come over. It's great to hear all my old favorite Christmas music I don't think I have but one song after the 1980's most of your would choke on your drink but I love it Here are some odd but pretty funny. Watch Watch out for that punch at the work Christmas Parties Watch late Watch later
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    my fav is christmas story, rudolph, santa claus?,polar express, drummer boy and charlie browns christmas...
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    Man 2019 never thought I would make it to see 2000 much less 2019 God has been very good to me and mine pray he passes it on to both you and yours. I'm about to kick back and watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye one of my favorite movies that puts me in the Christmas mood I also like A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim, As far as a comedy I really liked Christmas Story mostly because I always liked Darren McGavin
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone stay safe!
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    Well, I finally got one - I've been searching for one of these for pretty much my entire adult life (though my wife would argue I have yet to grow up.) This is a .22 LR 4" barreled S&W Model 18 from the late '60s. I've had a 6" barreled S&W K-22 since I was 21, but the 6" barrel has always been better suited to target use over field use. I've been trying lots of different guns for field sidearms - Ruger MKI / MKII, Browning Buck Mark, the aforementioned K-22 - but I always just came back to the conclusion that I really just wanted a 4" .22 Smith & Wesson revolver. Now I've got one - and I don't think I'll ever step foot in the woods again without it on my side.
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    French riots a perfect example of survival misunderstanding. Let me state that each situation can only be defined after the fact, survival is not a matter of just training it is a mindset. The people in all the cities effected by the riots in France are hostages in their homes and as they try to stay out of the way, the protesters are burning their vehicles. So what happens when your town goes up in flames ? all your property is destroyed and you have no way to escape, roads are blocked rioters are attacking vehicles overturning them and putting them to light. Survival is not just about your life it is about your property because that is how you stay alive is to have the means to continue on water food medications clothing blankets and enough to barter with. Skills are great the more you have the more your going to be an asset or be able to trade your services for barter goods, but that is only part of the problem many skills are useless in a national emergency where going out risks your life and who will defend hearth and home against a horde of stupid people ? These riots have hidden criminal activities like looting and I am just as sure all the other crimes of man, consider you have enemies this is when they can do harm and think it will be covered by the fog of social unrest. As far as I can tell this is happening in many cities along the coast not just Paris this is a reality that once civil unrest takes hold it will take off like a wild fire. these same things are happening in Venezuela there are murders daily kidnapping and blackmail roving gangs own the night and the police are not interested in making calls by victims. Ambulance calls after dark or in a riot area pretty slim. This is why people need to have water storage and filtration to last at minimum a month food medications and alternative sources for heat and some type of battery operated fan with a solar charging system because in summer heat kills the sick elderly and the very young. I could go on forever on what France and it's politics have done to screw up the world and then drop it into others hands to try to solve and it blew up in all their faces. all those museums and fine buildings were bought with the blood of millions and the press is ignorant or refusing to see what brought them to this place. People destroy their own nations either by apathy or willful ignorance we are at that point if, we do not change and demand / expect better from out children as we see from the ANTIFA crowds and the heavy vote in elections of blatant ignorant socialists, our youth are baseline morons we the parents have allowed it we have supported the schools colleges and turned a blind eye to their riots and destruction many adults are acting more like children smoking dope and taking Viagra like there are no repercussions on the youth watching our debauchery. We are all leaders it is just what direction we are leading to heaven or hell.
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    Merry Christmas to all that visit here at Survivalcache. Much blessings for the coming year of 2019.
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    That is the problem with this time information is an avalanche and it is going to bury and kill us if we all do not get interested and concerned and take a stand on the ethics because as of now the population of the world has no idea just how close we are to being wiped out or placed under control by who knows what technology or genetic interference in our genetics even Biotechnology inoculations, food, and even the air we breath, do not think for a minute some leader would not drool over turning his population into slaves without their own will like the date rape drug Rohypnol except that it is a permanent fix to anyone that opposes them I'll bet president Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela would give half his oil reserves to get his hands on that technology or drug it would solve all his leadership problems .
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    We have reached a point in biological sciences and technology do do anything we desire we are on the edge of being able to transfer a humans consciencesness into a machine it may not be now but soon and hundreds of scientist are working on all these ideas below https://www.sciencealert.com/a-new-start-up-wants-to-transfer-your-consciousness-to-an-artificial-body-so-you-can-live-forever Subliminal presentation of information by micro waves here is the patent papers https://www.crashrecovery.org/rendon/US-Patent-No-5.159.703.pdf Some words you need to research because they can kill you ethogenetics http://ethnogenetics.blogspot.com/ xenogenesis [zen″o-jen´ĕ-sis]1. metagenesis. 2. production of offspring unlike either parent. Technological singularity https://futurism.com/kurzweil-claims-that-the-singularity-will-happen-by-2045/ Technological singularity is science trying ways to live forever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DNWPyzxZcU Scaler wave weaponry https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalartech37.htm Microwave frequency wars and subliminal presentation of information / scaler weaponry cell towers / harp technology Other strange events http://archive.cudahynow.com/blogs/communityblogs/250924661.html Pontius Pilate’s Name Is Found on 2,000-Year-Old Ring https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/30/world/middleeast/pontius-pilate-ring.html King David of Israel really lived 3 pieces of proof that main stream archeology and Atheist denied for years the Bible is a true and good as an eyewitness of history. https://www.livescience.com/51223-king-david-era-inscription-discovered.html https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Ancient-rock-adds-evidence-of-King-Davids-existence-384826 Tel Dan Stela / Inscription https://www.bibleodyssey.org/en/tools/image-gallery/t/tel-dan-israel-museum We are seeing genetic manipulation places us one tick from some psychopath producing a virus to kill off as many as they can instead of active shooters we will have biological mad men. With CRISPR gene splicing equipment anyone with the money can fiddle with the genetic mixing human and animal fish or other elements into our genome with all the insane people in the world narcissists and well meaning people that praise the Georgia guide stones as the new world mantra if your not afraid your whistling past the graveyard. I see people reading the material I post just want those that do to remember link to some of these posts it will not always be online or easily found we are coming into a time of censorship and manipulation of printed and posted material so that you cannot find the truth.
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    Apex predators returning to Texas Jaguar and black bear and some other dangerous things around. Some of the other animals that kill are deer very rare but they have killed humans. Common critters that are dangerous are cattle and horses people are injured all the time sometimes by accident rare but because the animal is mad as hell or protective of their young. Getting stomped gored or kicked isn't fun and can permanently injure or kill you. Sometime back a friend was almost killed by a cow with a new calf and bulls mostly unconcerned with humans except at feeding some are territorial. there are troublesome mules and goats that can and don't mind hurting you if you don't keep an eye on them. Here are the reasons for being armed on the trail in the woods and going out at night your pets and other animals are on the predators menu if you get between them and a meal your liable to need lots of stitches. Mostly humans have not too much to worry about but if your not armed when you do have a bad encounter, don't forget I told you so ! Rabies is rare but problem is no one knows until there is a recorded outbreak and you may be the first to report it after you have had a encounter or injury then you have to get your shots. I have accidentally cornered animals in barns shops and sheds, if you don't pay attention or make noise to get them to run off before you walk up on them, it can get real dicey. chickens are a magnet for predators and snakes, look before you stick you hand in. You should have a gripper extension and a small net to reach eggs in hard to reach and catch escapee chicks.. Feral (wild) hogs are not known to attack people but there again if they have shoats or piglets or you startle them and that's rare your in real trouble their tusks are like knives another reason when hunting and your sure the critter is dead before you get too close or grab hold. More than a few stories of people putting a animal in their vehicle and finding out they were not as dead as they thought. the smallest critters are more powerful than you think and can put the hurt on you if you question this grab a feral mouse or squirrel and see how long you can hang on even pets can take a good nip out of you.
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    Watching Maria Bartoromo this morning the Democrats are bringing out the fear machine again tey want to raise taxes and are worried that inflation will kick in. Forgetting that Trump ask all departments / agencies to cut 5% So here we go again the reason we have no continuity is the infighting between the parties. we have a trajectory and it is up our economy is doing well, as long as it does Trump is a shoe in next election. This is where the democrats have to destroy his plan, this AM some Congressman was sayint that the new plan to replace NAFTA was not strong enough? for what he was saying that the manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania that left when NAFTA came in (and who's fault was that ) so he wanted a stronger better deal Strange the demoncrats never made mention of this before and didn't give a rats azz in all these years about Pennsylvania have they, they are like a baby duck waking up in a new world after every sleep cycle. look for the Congress to try every nasty trick in the book to derail the economy drag their feet on any vote and accuse anyone that back a Trump plan of some sort of misguided ideology. They say they want to help you but it is with programs you pay for and they micro manage and create a whole new government bureaucracy out of more government jobs and less free market jobs well if everyone works for the government (it is called socialism) then there is "0" unemployment looks good on paper but it financially destroyed every country that tried it look at Greece Venezuela and now all the countries that had a boon are pissing it away on social programs and once the money runs out all those European nations will be broke. We are being taxed to death by local state and federal IMPOSED taxes that serve only the government to make more jobs from more programs I have had businesses and before you make the first dime you have spent all you have and borrowed more and 20% was to pay taxes on the equipment offices and setting up bookkeeping taxes on signs furniture credit card machines and everything like banking and utilities cost more than a personal account and after all the risk and 18 hour days socialists want to have a share in your business --- I deserve more and they want full retirement health care and COLA increases ---LMAO someone must never have had a business to think that way. Bush lied and said "NO NEW TAXES" and went and increased taxes I also recall the oil industry was in the sh*thouse during his reign because he sold us out to the Saudi's and ever since we have been paying too much for fuel and made all of the industry rich with their overseas connections but in America oil field worker were being laid off and whole segments were eliminated ! I REMEMBER and I will never vote for a BUSH again I did vote for his son, and that was a mistake but I did not have the internet to back check his family tree and I really didn't have another choice did I big money made sure that only a billionaire had a chance and Trump proved that too.
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    I understand, I would just like to be on record that when we were in Iraq and Afghanistan we were paying over 3 dollars for gas, our jobs were leaving our shores as fast as sh*t from a goose and Obummer stated that those jobs were gone and never coming back ! In comes Trump gas prices fell jobs are coming back we have agreements with Mexico and south America changing NAFTA that everyone said could not be done and then he dropped the TPP Asian agreement Canada has capitulated on their threats on tariffs and now he is after a fair trade agreement with China all in just over two years WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN -- ALL THESE B@STARDS HAVE BEN LYING TO US FOR 40 YEARS. Both the Democrats and the Republicans each selling us down the river and over to the E.U. signing treaties that usurped our constitutional rights gave power to the E.U. withing our nation undermining our republic and now Trump is fighting them on open borders, because if you have no borders you have no nation ! and no sovereignty. Trump badgered the FED not to raise rates they did and he went to war on fuel prices we now have gas below 2 dollars a gallon for the first time since 9/11 So why were we paying over 3 dollars during the wars ? as I see it we were paying for it through fuel prices and all of the Saudi interests and the tariffs on the other side made China filthy stinking rich and took many of our jobs. Simple as soon as you see the complete change of the course of our government due to one election and an outsider president, thats why they hate Trump because he made them all out to be liars and traitors and exposed them by doing what they have told us could not be done and in two years. So they have been lining their pockets and their foreign buddies and screwing us in the process, we were being systematically sold out little by little. Ask yourself why ? did a filthy rich oil from 1948 man be part of the CIA in the 1960's and look back to the 1960s and see what was happening then. All I can say is that politics has been a hairy booger for all these years I have voted and held my nose, hoping beyond hope that some good would come from it and all we got was more of the same no matter wo we voted for more lies less jobs slower economy and the same rhetoric from both sides the lie was there never was two parties it was an insiders game and we were not a member 77,000 in Vietnam 12,000 in the last 18 years and no end game and all that time North Korea was doing exactly what Iran is doing building up enriched uranium and rocket technology to burn down our house and all of these past presidents sat on their hands and lied in our face. I have family buried all over the world victims of failed diplomacy failed policy and greed, for a while it's time to keep our nose out of other countries business and mind our own. France want to build an army ? why they have never won a war since the industrial revolution. The last army fell in less than a month in front of the German panazer divisions Nazi's were drinking French champagne and screwing French whores and shooting resistance fighters like there was no tomorrow and if America would not have entered the war all the Europeans would be goose stepping and speaking German NOW ! they wuld all be under Nazi control from Portugal to Greece and down to North Africa owning all the oil and we would be still fighting or dead being squeezed between the Japanese and the Nazi's at the end of the war in Europe our fighters were seing jet fighters that buzzed our plaanes like they were paper kites they were just shy of building their own nuclear bomb were were in a eyelash of being on the wrong end of nuclear bombs our cities would have resembled Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Americans have the worlds greatest capacity to B.S. themselves After the war people forgot about the lack of jobs to come back to they forgot it took a decade to climb out of what the war left us they forgot that dozens of countries owed us war debt and never paid China and Russia still owes us. America rebuilt Japan and Europe all anyone had to do is look over the Brandenburg gate and see that Russia was not investing in rebuilding but rebuilding their war machine and until the fall of communism in 1983 and the fall of the Berlin wall we paid a hell of a price for the cold war with Russia. the almost 18 Trillion in debt is just about what the world owes America for pulling their cherries out of the fire because without us they would be speaking Japanese or German and the Japanese HATE Chinese and were killing them like flies I doubt today their would be any Chinese if Japan would have won in the Far East !
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    i have mixed feeling about Bush but i'll wait till after hes buried to say something...
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    ugh..too much information....
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    In Houston a dope head was shot 17 times and did not die on the other hand a police officer in New York ( I believe) killed a polar bear in a zoo with a 38 colt revolver by sticking in the ear of the bear while it was attacking a person that fell in the enclosure. This is not a primary arm it is a last ditch backup and a through the head shot will drop anyone of course shots to the groin and soft belly there is the liver spleen pancreas solar plexus and has plenty of shock effect with hollow points IMHO. Diffidently better than a sharp stick or a knife if they are armed.
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    Stainless steel liquid container filled with water reason because it is heat resistant. Stainless cup Reason a separate vessel to handle liquid transfer to your container and heat resistant. Swiss army Explorer pocket knife reason because it has all the basic elements of survival. and magnifier for fire Compass oil filled or linsatic a watch band slide on as a backup reason weather and night you cannot always see the sky. Fire steel Reason makes fire when other methods fail. Bic lighter NAME BRAND PLEASE, Reason in this list 3rd way to make fire. Whistle the loudest one you can find Reason signaling Stainless steel pocket / signaling mirror Flashlight good single AAA battery for your key ring Reason so you will always have it on you. Bandana large Reason good color can be a signaling device, a tourniquet. made into a head cover absorbs filters water etc. Emergency blanket reason heat retention sun reflection wind break 6X6 foot minimum tarp sun, rain, wind protection. Paracord 550 20 foot piece to 100 foot hank Head net with 100% DEET insect repellent Hat with a full brim like a crusher or boonie Sun glasses with polarized lenses Reason eye protection with a good case. Fishing line BRAIDED type extremely strong small spool learn how to tie this type line Reason fishing and snares suture etc. Fishing hooks selection Dental floss plain no wax or flavor full roll Sewing needles a few Triple antibiotic ointment one tube W/ a first aid kit size is up to you. Magnet Neodymium reason to make needles into a compass to help extract a metal splinter holds needles so you don't loose them. Belt and pouch/s to contain all this so you can carry it is needed. Arguments will follow, derringer mini revolver and a box of shells 22LR or 22 Magnum North American Arms makes good pistols. I get the argument all the time "I can't carry at work" unless your being searched or scanned yes you can mini derringers in a belly band for a woman in your bra or belly band. How many times have shooters gone to a business and shot people ? There are a few places I would not carry like a school or courthouse the main thing is to keep it secure to your body. Shooters like unarmed targets people that shoot back most will run or at least you have some chance versus hiding in a closet, locker or under your desk. look for one with a longer barrel and sights getting the NAA derringer with both cylinders for 22LR and one for 22 Magnum the best options are the NAA-BWC Black Widow w/ Fixed Sights – 2″ Barrel for aimability concealability / compact size, grip size All of the rest of this will fit in a small messenger bag or pouch much of this is useful for first responder at an accident / emergency first aid. in order for this to be a real BOB is to have clothing appropriate for your weather conditions with some food stuffs to last 3 days and a gallon of water. Accidents and breakdowns happen on water keeping pants long sleeve shirt and shoes and a windbreaker a hat and a beach towel, I have rescued people damp at night slight wind that looked like they were freezing stuck on a boat in the middle of the lake without a oars / paddle no flashlight --- survival is considering what may happen and protecting yourself against it. This is a basic kit arguments on the pistol are mute to me because there is no limit to caliber size or number of rounds BUT can you tote it all day, can you conceal it, it is not the gun at home or in your vehicle that will save you it's the one on you loaded and ready. 22 Magnum is a wicked caliber with the right ammo it is a man stopper and can deal with large predators if your jogging or in a mall parking lot NAA have 5 shots single action (you have to cock it for consecutive shots) so it cannot be construed as anything but a last ditch tool to save your life it does not make you out as a dirty harry or the punisher vigilante type. In some states including Washington D.C. any weapon makes them insane they would rather you die as they can ignore that or muck up the investigation so it will remain unsolved, just look up the Vince Foster case.
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    Illegitimi non carborundum or, "Don't let the bast@rds wear you down" the world is in flux forces are attempting to completely upturn and change history to benefit themselves or their ideals. Remember there is nothing new under the sun there is no new sin it's all been done before with self destructive consequences. Keep your faith maintain your ideology, study the enemies tactics their misdirection misinformation and subtle alterations to history and look for social media and search engines to alter well known quotes, verbiage and definitions of common words to psychologically alter our understanding and belief systems, keep your moral compass in tact lest your swallowed whole into the abyss called delusion. People that are willing to hand over individual freedom for a collective mind to reign and rule over them tinking they are going to be treated fairly and with respect have drunk the koolaid because history from time and memorial states the exact opposite. and that is the known history of abut 6,000 years. Selective genetics gene splicing and designer babies will end up with everyone being tall slender and blond with flowing hair blue eyes and a resistance to disease and skin that keeps young and firm. some may want a butt like a Kardashian boobs like Dolly Parton or a tiny bopper cheerleader I highly doubt that people will choose small fat and darker than lite tan cottage cheese azz slack jowls tiny eyes thin lips and no cheek bones. flat faced and ugly. I am sure there would be sings like pop culture where non -stereotypical types may be chosen but then your children do not have to mimic your type at all -- problem is this a human at what point does our interference insult God and raise his ire ? Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.
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    I found that there are a LOT of wiccians / witches warlocks and such as well as those that profess to be "white" witches you cannot get through to them they are practicing witchcraft and that is expressly forbidden in the Bible to the point that hell is their only destination. There are quite a few mainstream religions that are so far off the track that they bear no resemblance to a Christian church. Apparently they have never read a king James Bible and NIV Bible is ok to reference but it does water down some versus in the English or common vernacular. but at least it shows that some of these supposed are way off the beam. Another item is that many political extremes like socialism communism etc. are a defacto religion it is worse than a religion because your suppose to memorize the manifesto carry an ID and be willing to drop everything if your called on to operate for the party at least at my church I can say no thanks and do as I please not so for these groups I recall that Lee Harvey Oswald was handing out leaflets as I recall many commie types did that as well as KKK and other extreme organizations but the hierarchy never is seen publicly only at private assemblies in many cases.
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    i seen 1 UFO in my life a few years ago....it was way up and just a dot of light but it went across the sky faster than a jet but slower than a meteor...now it could have been a sattelite but it was interesting to say the least....i still lean towards no little green men...
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    i'm on another forum that has quite a few that follow " rule in hell rather than serve in heaven"...i try to get though to them but nothing takes...
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    It's legal to murder children in Belgium, now it's only a few,but that's how abortions started here, as of now 50 million abortions. Remember the rules on age of the fetus depends on what states would allow up to the last trimester, so you see once euthanasia law passes the democrats will deem all republicans and their children defective and if you think that's nuts a College Professor: Adam Kotsko says All White People Should Kill Themselves. Massachusetts College Professor and liberal Noel Ignatiev gave a speech in which he accused white males as the cancer of the world: "If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! ---there are many more examples. Belgium Has Euthanized a Woman with Autism Here is the slippery slope, groups are drawing lines as to who is sane or not. If you believe that marriage is between a man and a women your sick, If you believe that the horde of migrants should not come and go as they please over our borders your a bigot and mentally ill, If you don't believe there are 63 different genders your a sick homophobe and need to be eradicated. If you voted for Trump your a fascist, if your white (and I am not all white) you better get your sh*t together and vote all anyone has to do is accuse you of a hate crime and your mentally ill and they will put you down like a dog in fact they love animals more than you Trump scum. ( I be one of the Trump scum ) If anyone is so stupid that they think it will never happen here, it will as long as good people do nothing. Every socialist take over has murdered millions in every major country. Pol Pot killed half of his own people in Cambodia a small backward country mostly peasants but he decided they needed to be put in re-education camps and worked them to death and who did he gather first college professors politicians military officers and the heads of the police so he could replace them with mad slobbering followers because semantics of communism, socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez it does not matter what flavor they murder anyone and everyone who they feel can stage a coup. Funny thing most of the professors were all for Pol Pot but he knew they would be trouble so he arrested and sent them to camps many were just hung, shot or beat to death to save money because bullets are not cheap. There have been people for years that have argued to kill off all mentally handicapped people and once your costing too much in health care your next either because of your age of being to young to sick or too old to be a functional labor unit they want you to check out agreeably but if you don't that same doctor that you think so much of now will give you a hot shot and send you out of this world because if they don't they will loose their status loose their license and go to the work force or forced work or prison for some trumped up charge The U.N.'s Agenda 21 is now called Agenda 2030 to cut population to 500 million there are over 7 BILLION NOW,do the math. it's happened in Iran Iraq Turkey Syria well all of the Islamic countries between the military secret police and the doctors well it like a roach motel you go in but you don't come out if your a dissident. Because there are only 3% of Americans that have served or in the military the general population has not a clue of just how horrific it is outside of America most of Europe was reasonable now I give the main countries France Germany and Italy a zero chance of surviving as the nations they once were. I have a great fear that Trump is in danger, pray hard and often for his protection, pray he has the foresight and information he needs to win against the swamp, because personally from my experience most people are afraid, and to keep a job, title or power have done horrible things, treasonous things and will stop at nothing to keep power. We all know how hard it is to maintain your honor and dignity in a world that is criminal or perverse addicted to drugs alcoholics pedophiles or sadists and the more powerful the more offers they get from people trying to wrangle them into a blackmail trap. The swamp is not just people in our government politics or power but world wide Numerous countries turned a blind eye to pedophilia, and young homosexual encounters because it was a web to trap wealthy American Canadian and European business owners for extortion global buy outs of corporations shady deals are not all innocent free markets. Homosexuals are not free in Asian countries they are owned in many places like cattle pimped out if they are not protected by their controller in some countries they can be stoned to death. The total ignorance of Americans amazes me they make decisions on feeling and lies refusing to accept truth. Militaries have always had the problem of Matahari's and alternative life styles corruption and entrapment's of their officers and enlisted people, to leverage them into spying or stealing goods or information. Corporate / industrial espionage has evolved it's high tech down to rivals for a position trying to take each other out. If you think the Texas cheerleader mother trying to hire a hitman to take out her daughters rivals mother for head cheerleader OMG -- well that's nothing the higher you go the thinner the morals are just take my word for it. There was a push for assisted suicide making it easier to pull the plug on family members as well as euthanasia, once you allow that line to be crossed the next domino to fall will be the severely retarded and just who will decide what is mental issue severe enough to give you the koolaid, they already tell us people that voted for Trump are fascists deplorable Nazi's and criminals so if your a republican they got your number if they gain power it's a matter of time before they kick in your door and take you in the middle of the night to a "camp" a kangaroo trial and a nice trench to lay in -- for your dirt nap, don't worry about your children once Sharia law is voted in they can abuse them it's called thighing then marry at 6 penetrate at 9 for females and male it dosen't matter if you think I'm lying look up Ann Barnhardt on youtube -- hell here it is 59:29
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    Well wally, it's like deluded perverse narcissism, or "Better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven" from John Milton, Paradise Lost. The thought of being average or normal disgusts them so much they rather take risks of diseases and an early grave to feed their vain lusts and twisted ego than suffer a normal existence. It makes me cringe that they can't see they are cursing their children and even the peripheral young people they are performing for. All people are sinners, I pray they wake up before it's too late for their sake and their children. Seems strange CPS isn't concerned or in attendance, thought it is their job to protect children ?
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    been busy BUT had a fantastic Thanksgiving, I hop y'all had as good a time as I did. Hey Christmas is next I am going to go on a diet till next year After this Christmas
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    I push the Jesus / Yeshua Savior and I push the King James version of the Bible, I am not against more modern English like the NIV to help get a handle on meaning. I "may" think the world is in or approaching end times BUT I am not a doomsday fatalist, the world ends for everyone, it's called death. I care that people do not follow false christs or spiritual leaders, in order to avoid this read a Bible please use the King James and for some context a NIV but later I will explain my views. Here is a WARNING ! Matthew 24:…3 While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will all this happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?” 4 Jesus answered, “See to it that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. Mark 13:…4“Tell us, when will all these things happen ? And what will be the sign that they are about to be fulfilled ?” 5 Jesus began by telling them, “See to it that no one deceives you. 6 Many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many. Luke 17:22 Then He said to the disciples, “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. 23 People will tell you, ‘Look, there He is,’ or ‘Here He is.’ Do not go out or chase after them. 24 For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so will be the Son of Man in His day. Jesus knew he would be followed by counterfeits, this is another reason why I believed because who in the world would follow a poor carpenter who's end was on a cross mocked and killed for his acts of healing the sick, curing blindness, casting out demons raising the dead and, made no wealth from it. Stay away from doomsday profits NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR. Live like a decent honorable human being give what you can afford of time or money DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PARENTAL OR MARITAL DUTIES OR THOSE TO YOUR FAMILY. Pray for others not yourself God knows what you need. act like your a follower and boy that's hard the world is not a nice place many of us lived so long in the world, we fall back into it so easily well that's going to happen your not perfect nor am I. Too many cults and false profits are around, some are just mistaken but have a want to do something positive but, is that teaching they do line up with the "WORD". Once saved always saved a Baptist belief it's true but not if you reject the saving grace of Christ you gave it away IMHO now as far as anyone able to interfere or take it from you NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as when you sin you ask forgiveness and do your best not to do it again, Salvation is not a license to sin IMHO. I recently left a church because of that "grace" philosophy and the word Shikina this word is a feminine word and it was used in context with the Glory of God there is no feminine in the God head of the Father Jehovah, Yeshua (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, there are no female angels we do not turn into angels when we die, angels are servants of God and do his will and they are sent to help us but only at the direction of God. They are not to be worshiped they will not allow it. If your confronted by a spirit your suppose to question it, "in who's name have you come ? " People can lie spirits must all subject themselves to Jesus (Yeshua) Christ is a title meaning anointed, If you rebuke something in the name of Jesus / Yeshua it cannot stay if it is not of God. God is a Spirit Jesus is the physical embodiment of God and in the Bible states nothing was made without HIM Jesus The holy Spirit is part of the Trinity NO one knows how or why the 3 are one act as one cannot be divided are not in confusion are all knowing all seeing and all powerful Period. If you can't wrap your mind around that your in good company no one can we just accept this if we are believers. A pastor is important but, they are just like anyone else they can and do sin some are no more believers than a stick using their position to fill their pockets and be important but we ( the faithful are supposed to be vigilant / watchful study the scriptures) to prevent our making mistakes or when we realize we have made a mistake change course repent and do as we should. People are full of beanie weenies some religions I think never read a Bible some have such weird beliefs that are NOT in the King James at all nowhere to be found. Why the King James because because it is the closest to the original from the original text under the rules of copyright a text has to contain 10% different content to be considered an original work (paraphrased) so in the recent years just what has changed, you would be surprised some would not even make a good door stop or level a crooked table IMHO. If you have not read your Bible or asked and know what it's mission statement or belief is you may be in a trap a psychological one those are almost impossible to escape because the bars are invisible and many times it's a social club of your friends or family if a group does not follow Biblical teachings and many do 99% but it really depends on that 1% or more they ignore or refuse to follow or believe that's important --so watch how you go, it's important because all of us will die and we live forever either as a Saint or unsaved sinner those are the only choices that mean anything and the world is filling up with agnostics, skeptics, witches and false religions choose rightly or face the consequences as in all your other life decisions, there are consequences.
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    less than an hour on cults political ones, you may see parallels to the growing socialism communist and religious cults. I was completely aghast at the commercial for he Chinese opera or Shen Yun, Americans we so snake fascinated with the acrobatics costumes and choreography they forgot why these Chinese do this, to escape tedious factory jobs that are so horrible that safety nets have to be installed on buildings to prevent workers from jumping to their death to escape grueling 16 to 20 hour shifts sleeping on the floors and eating what is given them some are not even paid it is forced slavery. This has been reported by all the main stream news most peoples cell phones are made by these companies sold in America for big money. My disgust with these damn fools that praised and gushed about the Chinese troop was they have not a friggin' glimmer of just how horrible living under Chinese rule if you do not have skills money or position or family endeavors because if you don't your meat power saving does not concern a country with over a billion people they still work by hand with no Social services for simple workers. Those that have no family are less than dogs. People rallied against many pop personalities when they found they had clothing or products made in labor camps, but because it's pretty and action packed with lots of exotic music these educated fools urinate themselves on how wonderful the sow is. This is no less brain washing than the application of torture just stupid people pay for the privilege to be mind controlled into thinking that China is a wonderful exotic place, I have been there get off the main streets and your find a whole new China censors do not like you videoing, a country that controls how many children you can have and turns a blind eye to the killing of female children as they are not as valuable is some kind of sick. North Korea has gotten a bad rap because China is just as bad we are just not allowed to see it. this film is from the BBC hits a lot of mind control issues and just how gullible people are / can be. 55:47
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    First let me say this is the worst idea EVER, Recidivism is caused by -- wait for it GANGS Gangs rule the prison they rule in the streets, if your a convict your forced into a gang for self defense / protection because of the racism Gangs have rules most hate gays they may pimp them out and use them but they are not equals to other convicts. When you leave prison your on parole they do not like you out without a leash, your not able to get jobs because your a criminal and with a 70% recidivism / return rate. If you failed math that's 7 out of 10, there are so many stories where do-gooders have hired ex-cons and been murdered and or robbed they have corrupted other workers started families and end up back in the joint leaving their spouse and children on the welfare roles. We have all heard where ex-cons kill their significant other rare bt it happens their own children. Hide and watch if the federal government does not make it mandatory to hire eveyone regardless / even if they are ex-cons. To what degree can small business protect themselves from being forced to hire murderers and known gang members, remember gang members who have sworn a blood in blood out pact, you leave feet first DEAD the same gangs inside are outside and they demand "rent" as a member you have to produce if you don't it's a beating if you continue to disrespect the gang (not paying rent) and make it look like the leadership is weak they kill them HORRIBLY to instill fear into the rest. Again government is about to launch a do-gooder plan that will end up being run by morons bureaucrats and we have all see it where judges take sexual favors to get lenient treatment for their crime or for their spouses crime, so this will be ripe for bribes and those that take bribes they will get blackmailed. LMAO in hsort order the gangs will be in charge of the Pardons and Paroles system and many of the bureaucrats hat can help them along the process. The numbers won't change on recidivism unless we EXECUTE gang leaders because all gang leaders have murdered or ordered murders -- you don't get to be top dog unless you kill something, usually your own kind. You cannot trust the judiciary because some judges are liberal miss using the law to social engineer from the bench, we have seen this by judges letting pedophiles off with the least sentence they can give. look at the Kathryn Steinle shot and killed by a illegal alien who was acquitted by a sick perverted system. I am sorry to say this is one issue Trump needs to get some real insight on before he backs this bill, I'm available, call anytime.
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    First voting, why every time do we have this B.S. it is time for a federal law on this issue. First no machines then all ballots must have the fingerprint of the voter and be marked with an indelible marking device, if there is a mistake by the voter go to the desk shred it and get another card. All votes should be kept for lets say one year for anyone to request access and after so keep a record on microfilm --why micro film because unlike digital data it is not easily manipulated and it only has to last 20 or so years so we have evidence for at least that long, beyond that we do not care. I say paper ballots only if a questionable ballot comes up it goes in a reject pile and stored as such and not counted either way as we cannot know the mind of the voter if we could we would not have so many divorces. Jim Acosta or any reporter that does not relinquish the field after their question is asked has broken faith with the other reporters they have a first amendment right as well and people like him are imposing on their rights to ask questions / first amendment rights IMHO The white house press corps is acting like a bunch of starving pit bulls fighting and jumping at the microphone like it was a piece of meat, I think we would not allow our children to watch how these supposed adults act especially after we tell them they beed to be nice share follow the rules and ask permission. Jullian Asange, I think it is a HUGE mistake to file charges on him because it will suppress others from exposing FACTS good or bad if not for his work we would be in the dark about hundreds of crimes problems and information that we as individuals need to foment decisions on how are government is working and who is doing what. it may be uncomfortable but if it is important then face to face or a runner as we did back in the day to keep sensitive information from leaking out that way we know who the leaker is or could be. Some of his work exposed deleted emails GPS fusion sale of nuke material to Russia and pedophile networks inside our government it also exposed how the DNC stole the election from Bernie Sanders and how about Spirit Cooking and the Occult connection, do we really want our leaders to be Occultists and Satanists ? Many people on the internet that are exposing our leaders wold not be able to because Jullian Asange is a internet journalist so all the hundreds of posters on social media would be criminals and arrested if Jullian Asange is convicted --in fact our opinions here would be considered internet journalism and held to a criminal standard -- so call your Congressman post on all sites and social media that ALL persons may freely expose information because once this happens even a video of a police beating a act of terrorism or exposing malfeasance by agencies or their staff would be criminal. This is HUGE and that is why everyone must act. last if we are to survive as a society why pick on Jullian Asange IMHO kitty pictures are the most perverse form of a sheer waste of time like bad cholesterol clogging up the arteries these wastes of human time resources and bandwidth could be better used by those trying to make a hookup find and Uber driver or order pizza.
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    I like this one, but it would be too nice to shoot it. With all the gold inlay carvings, it would just be a safe queen. We can't have that now, can we! http://www.cybershooters.org/dgca/images/P210/helvetic.jpg This one as well, Oh so sweet. http://galeri.uludagsozluk.com/32/sig-p-210_57962_m.jpg
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    P210, Yer a sick bastid fo' sho! And a tad evil for sharing those lustful photos of interesting "collectibles" all of which I cannot afford at present! One of these days I'm going to have to look you up and teach you some life lessons in tormenting we Yanks with gun porn!