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    A BOB (bug out bag) or GHB (get home bag) is a cornerstone of preparedness, because when an emergency occurs there is little warning. I am not or claim to be a medically trained person doctor or Indian chief, I advise a first aid to a EMT level group of classes and to inform yourself online, remembering your legally responsible in some cases and should send a cold chill only a doctor or Nurse practitioner (specific) can give/ administer/ / prescribe medications EMERGENCY means a world of incalculable extremes that even the best equipped fire and emergency agencies must use other means to extract a injured person, remember that. Recent mudslides,earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or how about an accident on the road ? in an instant your a on scene first responder or need to sustain life of your own family members even yourself until a emergency response can be on site. The misnomer that the world is going to end is not just a recent event, BUT the world for some ends everyday and sometimes because they or a on site responder did not have the basic first aid knowledge or first aid kit enhanced with some very basic cheap items. Water is number 1, A stainless steel bottle/s of at least one quart, remembering never give water to unconscious or injured just dampen lips pat face it they are hot. an easy way to cool is to take towel wet and whip in a swinging motion in the air will cool a great deal. Stem bleeding #2 Stem is not stop and sometimes all you can do is slow it to a trickle, never remove a dressing add over retain pressure with a wide strap like a luggage strap with a cinch for smaller areas gauze, athletic tape and box of kotex a few Ace bandages in addition to a basic first aid kit and a Swiss army knife not a Chinese knockoff because this last a lifetime Warmth or shade of a blanket is 3 always have a real blanket like a fleece throw and a couple of space / emergency blankets remember not to move a person although they may look fine internal or unseen injuries may cripple or kill in dire emergencies / fire etc. you may have no choice splinting / immobilizing Paint stir sticks are about as cheap and easy to carry and use as anything I could imagine other than simple newspaper or magazine.try not to move the injured limb, splint or secure to the body in place, 550 paracord is useful as well. Other purposes of our "bag" is also personal comfort and that includes food drink to suit the climate you can buy MRE heaters you can also have cold packs that when the pouch within the bag is broken it turns almost to ice key areas to cool someone from a raging fever or heatstroke is to lower the bodies temp as fast as you can placing a cold pack under the armpits neck at the carotid area and even the crotch. wetting the body with alcohol is quick but water and fanning is good in summer shade is needed o keep from reheating. Weather appropriate clothing in winter your swimming trunks ain't going to make it. a full Tyvek suit from Homedepot is cheap wind and waterproof tiny when folded and disposable get it in a larger size to cover all of you with your winter clothing consider snow shoes or ice cleats/ crampons as falling or slipping is going to wear you out time and distance has killed more people from not being able to get to safety. snow chains ? if you need them only once they are well worth it. If you live where there are mountains hills and gullies a rope like Kernmantle 9MM or 10MM climbing rope 3 or 4 "real" weight bearing caribiners look for used on EBAY as this is pricey new and you may never need it but it makes a good tow rope in fact a few tow straps connected with Caribiners could work. even if you can't another person on site might be able to use the equipment and if that is all we can do is be to help we have done more than 10 people goggling although calling 911 is the very first thing to do. My BOB or GHB may have other items specific to my experience needs or training / knowledge as should yours not all of this need to be expensive, rummage through garage sales thrift and resale shops a back pack and all the items won't cost that much. THE END OF THE WORLD, Ask anyone that has survived any catastrophic weather or natural disaster event fire or bridge collapse ? bridge failures 2000 to present Bridges connect water isolated or impassable areas to livable drivable land imagine a winter like this and or a heatwave and your stuck in traffic for a plain accident I have been for many hours do you have enough fuel to run your precious AC or heat do you have a gas can so if there is a station you can go get some ? do you have cash in case the ATM's don't work ? do you have spare key hidden in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle in a crisis as can happen when your preoccupied ? only stupid people think they will never die or get injured or sick of for that matter get in a jam. People with their feet on the ground and w/ common sense choose to mitigate and be prepared mentally and with the basic items. Why a BOB or GHB because it is being physically responsible for yourself family and unfortunate souls in mortal danger who may be too stupid to have thought for anyone else including themselves
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    Snake, Its OK that the bakers are being forced to be political correct, in providing goods and services to the public at large. Let the buyer beware... Lets let the hat wearing useful idiots march in solidarity with their people, rather than celebrating the rights of all American citizens. So, having some excremental bits and pieces in the cookies and cakes, seems to be a fair trade politically. Embrace the suck, Snake, let’s let it happen all over this Republic. I agree with Marie Antoinette on this one, during her fast fall from French Elite, “let them eat cake...”!
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    I’m cutting off on the booze, & using what I have left for bartering. No more Rum shooter shots for me. Another Video worth watching the entire footage, 8:12 on this video is informative to know. Holy Spirits, ! I’d rather be drunk in.
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    my father was an alcoholic which i didn't appreciate at all and to this day i don't drink. not that you can't drink and Jesus made water into wine of course.
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    Welcome, we are a motley lot of opinionated folks, just like you, good place for some solid information sharing and a great place to just plain vent at times. Although, having a solid sense of self esteem, and humor helps! Hope you like it here!
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    Ok Snake, after read8ng your treatise on the UNGAINLY and Ms. haley’s Comments on “remembering”, I hope we do have a long and deep memory of who our friends are not. Babylon-on-the-Hudson (UN GA site), needs to be returned to US sovereignty and control, and we must defund US participation in the United Nations Goat Rapers Club as soon as possible. They aren’t doing a bit of good at all, and we can apply our savings to our national debt and be more free in the world to do as we know what is right and moral t9 do, without the Eurotrash looking down their Marxist noses at us. Let the Russians annex the Eurozone at this point, just more useless idiots to feed.
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    I love to see the kids they get excited about plays singing we have all kinds of interesting stuff going on at church that they really get into. I fear for them as the world has changed and not for the better none of the ones I know have bought into the SJW ping hat uber sensitive minion stuff they appear to be independent thinkers and understand what sin is and why it creates nothing but turmoil in a life. If that is all I ever do is get them to see that there is a better life when you walk the walk then I hope and pray that their compass always points in that direction and is self correcting the rest of their lives. I like all kinds of music both country and western even a few (very few) RAP songs classical, rock, techono, cultural, I have a lot of old surf music Jazz some funk R&B very eclectic same with movies from creature features, documentaries, historical, dramas and my real favorite is film noir, and all the old detective movies like sherlock Holmes Charlie Chan etc. some of the really old westerns. It's not so much nostalgia but I like things that are solid, nailed down not ambiguous nondescript, I want them to have some moral meat or an understanding that there is a price and we have a duty we do not live in a bubble we ar3e not alone no matter how bad we have it there is some poor individual that is worse off. I try to do all things like I am being supervised by the Big boss . I got fired once because the owner thought I put more effort into poor people than our more wealthy clients really it was the same, it was he who would try to hurry me to get to a more wealth clients project, I saw him not long ago his health had declined he was living marginally, where were all his wealthy clients now ? I have enemies I have better friends and more of them not everyone loves me and I glad if for my beliefs or my actions words --- perfect I feel I have reached my goal to be accepted by decent people and hated by ignorant and evil ones. I found out a long time ago if everyone loves you or if everyone hates you your doing it wrong, and it really makes a difference the morals of those people IMHO. Here is my Christmas song for all the alt-left SJW's and bleeding hearts in our great land those that complain about every thing and refuse to respect and support our nation Gene Autry King of the Cowboys, a real American !
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    As I got older, I realized that I had “bounced checks”, on my body from having “fun”, chasing knuckle heads over fences, hill and dale. After awhile, my body told my brain, DUDE! It’s time to collect what is owed. Unfortunately, the “reality shows” are ALL complete crap and do a major disservice to the law enforcement profession. They never show the hours upon hours of sheer boredom and dealing with societal trash’s domestic disputes, drug deals gone bad, etc; then the few milliseconds of sheer terror one experiences. The pounds of trivial paperwork that MUST be political correct for the politician pimps, and then, having lazy ADA’s not wanting to try any case that “might” lower their conviction or clearance rate. It’s no wonder that now, it’s not the job it used to be, nor will it ever be “good” again. Far too many idiots with cameras, political whores wanting to be on cameras for their own selfish interests, and the useless hordes of Entitlement Brigades wanting to record their latest McDonald’sMcnuggetBrawl with their same demographic peers, or the latest cat fight over complete crap from WalMart. Yeah, it’s now just adult and juvenile daycare, changing society’s public Title 8 subsidized housing diapers, and failed Socialist/Marxist/Progressive social policies, and the continued subsidy of votes for political power. Anyone SEE a “revolution” on the horizon coming? Sooner than later, the taxpayers are going to revolt, and that will be a huge mess that will never be able to be contained. So, while we are still able to, have a Merry Christmas, and be kind and wise.
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    Trust her. My wife is as well kind, careing, and trusting....but she is also observant, vindictive and honey badger mean if anything is a danger to her family. If that's your wife too then I'm sure that the change of disposition that would occurs in a shtf would shock you....it's the Momma bear we fear the most. For now there isn't as much need to fear that jogger...when there is she'll knee cap that sucker in the blink of an eye.
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    sounds like your wearing a 1970s leisure suit, good mention though
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    a lot depends on what the critter has been eating. Rat probably tastes a lot better than squirrel that's been eating hedgeballs.
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    The Syrian golden Hamster is vulnerable to extinction MY HEART goes out to all those Syrian Hamsters maybe the Syrians need to go home and care for them ? I hear the Gerbils arn't doing so hot either so maybe those Saharan peoples could go back and tend their flocks of Gerbils goats and camels --- I mean if Animals are soooo important why is the international save the critter foundation not demanding that the people that live in the region take responsibility for their critters ? All I can say is where is my Canadian seal meat ? I looked all over China mart and no seal had chicken beef goose duck rabbit and all kinds of fish I guess they are just not so cute or important as them Canadian seals I guess if there were more cattle in the frozen north they would not have to club seals all I know is anything tastes good Bar-B-Qed ask any NAMese if rat on a stick ain't the bomb especially when your moon waking drunk between bars
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    Well here is the gift that just keeps on giving FUKASHIMA ! record levels of radiations In order to understand how this is so bad we need to look at a hose power sprayer that has a bottle attached where you put in soap. I have this one very good model this is just an example of how water works. Soap is place in the bottle as the water passes it is mixed with the soap and is sprayed under pressure and cleans it can mix many chemicals and spray them and this model does it well. consider the bottle as one of the individual units in this example it contains radioactive material the hose end is where the water is pumped in to cool the reaction of the material the nozzle is where all the leaks flow out into the pacific so all the billions of tons of water that is contaminated is slurried in the unit and is radiated I do not know the coastal currents but as sure as god made little green apples all the sea life that passes is effected whales sharks all the way down to plankton dependent on the life span as to when another organism eats it it will be effected and it's offspring years after the Russian Chernobyl fish and mammals have numerous genetic problems extra useless legs and other horrible deformities. It is my opinion that just as TEPCO hid information so has the EU and other agencies so as not to alarm the public If there were a real investigation into the long term effects of radioactive particles the increases in cancers from the plume that was tracked that would be very illuminating if we also had the data of health issues over lets say 20 years pre Chernobyl. If we have to use sunscreen to protect us from the sun why do we get giggled at for 2 real disasters well really more the testing grounds in Nevada was close enough to give all the actors in a john Wayne movies cancer IMHO. most have forgotten 3 mile Island it was small but did effect some area people. then there are the ones you will never hear about deep deep in the oceans --but I digress, the world is a natural pump using the temperature differential and deep trenches of the Arctic and Antarctic to flow water to the tropic zones and back hot water rises cold water falls the salt in the oceans kills a lot of bacteria the sands filter as the clouds it is a real wonder the largest still we know of constantly desalinating filtering and redistributing all the water of the earth since the creation of God he place into action and even with our mistakes it will keep right on pumping with the geothermal heat sun moon and wind until God otherwise dictates. One problem is that China feed t's population on fish and al of the China straights the Philippines and Australia and many populated islands are going to see and feel the effect many of those people migrate to the U.S. if you think we are once removed I say guess again IMHO.
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    It seems that global warming is a misnomer or better yet a bust. Weather is NOT a linear thing there are decades that are dry called droughts and rainy seasons even in desert areas. Climatologists should be very ashamed of themselves for jumping on the global warming bandwagon it is suppose to be a science but they turned it into a side show marketing the Kyoto treaty carbon tax and here again Trump was right by pulling out of the Paris accord as any fuel and many products would have skyrocketed in price over night. This area sees this kind of weather every 10 to 20 years and I am glad this will kill off many ticks fleas limit insects come spring. This is a natural defense that helps mankind the earth is an amazing thing it can heal itself and overcome things mankind thinks we need to have a superfund for I would love to see all these "funds" audited, and I bet my bippy they have figured out how to clean them out. just like every other cash cow they make up out of paper telling us all kinds of bedtime stories of how they are looking out for us. We are praying for everyone north it is going to be a long bitter winter and please all of you take safety seriously drive like your bringing your first child home from the hospital try to be a good neighbor check on each other in times like this people trying to stay warm die from carbon monoxide in their homes and sometimes stuck in a snowbank in their vehicles. never use charcoal indoors be very careful with liquid fuels and make sure appliances can be used indoors for heating r cooking purposes, still make sure of proper ventilation. you can use aluminum foil between your sock and shoe or between 2 socks. just wrap lower foot not the whole foot maybe 3/4 air flow to prevent foot sweating because that will make your feet freeze or get really cold. Layers and even a slicker suit to cut the wind your vehicle should have supplies in case that your stranded.
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    looks like Trump passed his medical and cognitive exams with flying colors i wonder what the left will do now with the 25th amendment?
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    IMHO they can stick it where the sun don't shine
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    well testing continues cans laid down in 2012 only less than 1% had issues it was obvious indent was weak or puffed up [ can ends] this was remotely stored stable temp in a root cellar. some items need to be dried / flaked like potatoes highly acidic fruits should be bought in jars like fruits pickles or peppers. My original thought was long term dehydrated or freeze dried got in 2000 and are unaffected . A can / soda rack oldest first shows the best method for rotation in 2 to 3 years everything shou;d be used and refreshed so there should never be any loss. to refresh the home made desiccant /O2 / oxygen absorbers patch of 100% cotton piece of 4 ought steel wool about a teaspoon worth {scant drop of water on it} top with 1/2 teaspoon canning salt wrapped in the cotton patch & tied with bread ties dropped into a quart to a gallon jar to store dried stuff like beans store in a cool dark place. Steel absorbs oxygen when it turns to rust salt also absorbs dampness all of these including cotton are edible / will not bother you in tiny amounts bot do remove the O2 or Oxygen from inside of containers the size of the absorber would be the internal size of your container and I would use more than just a BIG SINGLE as in a confined space depending on pack density one will not effect the whole area within the lets say a drum. * canning salt has no other elements like Iodine etc. it is also good for canning A good source of "PURE" salt is water treatment (softner) salt you can find it at China mart and harware stores for 5 bucks for 40 pounds get granular not pellets it is more useful in that medium as it is easier to measure /use. store in snap lid 5 gallon buckets with a seal in the lid this lasts as long as the buckets. I buy buckets or get them free from POOL companies these are bleach pucks or pellets I salvage all the dry bleach and place in a single bucket and in / on an area where the runoff will not kill grass or my plants or bleach stone or concrete, I wash out all the buckets and lids allow to completely dry and seal the lid and store until I need them. Grain or flour or meal needs to be frozen 10 days wrapped in a large towel and allowed to slowly come to room temperature so as not to absorb moisture from the air after 2 days place in a Mylar bag I get mine from www.beprepared.com Ffill the bag wipe dust from left over inner bag with dry paper towel remove all the air twist bend back to it self and tie very tight with a piece of cord fit into bucket and seal I have used flour after 10 years with no appreciable difference in taste freezing removes moisture kills insect larvae which is in ALL flours and grains or else you will open your bag and it will be filled with weevils in an emergency you can use a sifter to remove them but why have them at all. Dried bleach / powdered or in pucks CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET WET IN A BUCKET !!! THEY WILL BUILD UP HEAT AND GO BOOM ! so make sure if you want to safe it seal the lid well and store in a cool dry place until you need it. Survival is not ONE thing it is broad base of knowledge it is so vast that I would cut paste and use your office program to make documents print and make a preppers notebook in case you need a hard copy, as well as save files and videos on a flash drive. Keeping recipes for quick breads so you do not have to waste hours making old fashion recipes and using a lot of resources too cook, find the best method try and test for taste and how long it lasts. I had a devil of a time tracking down a good pilot rackers recipe because many use oil and oils get rancid and make the crackers taste very bad, This is why stored crackers after a few onths taste like crap crackers will also absorb scents or even pickup dusty odors so pilot crackers need to be stored in a air tight jar or I buy #10 canned pilot crackers. breads and cakes can be cooked in a Iron skillet under low to medium heat but you need oil / cooking grease or fat. One last bit is you can buy 5 gallon buckets of cooking lard you can repack in mason jars and can them in a bath canner make sure the edge of the jar is clean before placing the lid before you place them in the bath canner after they cool they will seal or PING those that don't you can reclean the jar edge and use a NEW lid and try again or just use it first --- keep open ones closed in a cool or refrigerated place until you need it. All of you thinking you don't use "LARD" or need it think again, manufactured "FOOD" like twink'les and other such items use all kinds of oils greases and saturated and non saturated oils and fats labeled in such a way you have no idea that they are actually FAT. some are very bad for your cholesterol count ! the best pie crust is made from flour pinch of salt and using a dough cutter cutting in "lard" there is also vegetable lard as it does not burn as easily as butter. it is flaky light and OH SO GOOD ! for cobblers pies and Quiche's although Quiche is not considered a Man's food (thats just silly) it is a good way to use up excess eggs before they go bad and make them into a good hearty meal you can add left over meat vegetables and greens in them. Frying was a way to add texture flavor and caloric value like gravy potatoes and breads in the old world people actually worked in all kinds of weather and needed the extra fat and calories to sustain them in hard labor over hours in the cold you body need fats and oils to make your skin elastic and build most every type of cell by converting it to collagen the basic building block for all cells. I have eaten "fried" biscuits over a coal fire cooked in an iron skillet because we were camping and had no oven made cake in a dutch oven I guess if i had to make an extended camp or old homestead I would have a griddle fry pan 2/ lid and a dutch oven in cast iron they are heavy but nothing cooks like cast iron after you wipe it out wipe on a bit of lard heat it and store it for the next use it does not need to be "washed" the seasoning "baked on oil" makes it fairly non stick a hot pan sticks less start from a cold pan will stick every time. Dutch ovens can be hung over the fore with a triple tree on a chain placed in or buried in the coals or next to them as tour heat recipes needs allow. accessories should be a stainless spatula regular spoon, slotted spoon, ladle and carving fork a measuring cup flour sifter flour bucket or can w/ lid chain hook on each end and three legged "dog" to hold your pot and kettle over the fire you need a bowl for making bread a cutting board and a rolling pin and your going to need a big mule to haul all of it including tents tarps and sheets I would carry stainless mess trays and coffee cups as well as a coffee pot with peculator "guts" at least 12 cups as you need hot water for cleaning scalding hot drinks and to tote water OH and a stainless bucket. just remember everything is HOT and needs a glove rag or mitt to handle we ain't talking prissy kitchen cooking of today !
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    Cause the last time the Isrealites listened to a bush, they spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.
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    I'm currently r and d on a sub5 lb, 4 season sleep/shelter kit, supplemented by 2 lbs of "extra" clothing (beyond normal summer wear) Starting with polypro longjohns, (buttons and loops to keep them from separating at the waist in back) polypro socks, balaclava, neck gaiter, and gloves. Goretex cammies, wool socks, shemaugh. A highly modified SOL escape bivvy (mummy shape, velcro seams, removable hood with drawstring, a foot wider at the shoulders, a foot longer and a drawstring at the neck. Next, a polypro bag, snaps all down the seam, next a "heavy duty" space blanket bag, 7x8 ft when unfolded, snaps all down the seam. Then the bugnetting bag (just to have a place to put it, really, in cold weather) snaps all down the side, and then the clear plastic (well, with fiberglass threads reinforcing it) bag., 8x7 feet when opened up. It of course is present in case I need a super shelter with a fire in front of the clear plastic. The Leval II A soft armor boxer shorts (made from 2 vests) and II vest offer a lot of insulation and padding if I have to sleep on the ground, but normally, i prefer to sleep in the hammock, made of 3" monofilament fish netting, 6 x 100 ft of it, folded back on itself 3x. A roll of heavy-duty aluminum wrap is part of the kit, to front a stick wall (2x4 ft) on the far side of the fire. The super shelter can handle any temps at which you can handle getting the firewood. This setup can all be worn like a poncho, if need be. It's modifiable to handle any sort of weather/terrain. None of it is harmed by geting wet, and there's no zippers to jam or break, no stuffings to fall out, either. The armor adds 5 lbs, but considering that it is likely to save your life if shtf, it's worth having along. Rolled up, this assembly is stiff enough to serve as a frame for my daypack, saving 1/2 lb or so. If I'm out on the ice, or if it's really cold and I'm moving, or cold rain/wind is the order of the day, then the heavy duty space blanket/bag is kept ready, by itself. Then, if I fall thru the ice or get wet in some other way, I can shed the wet clothes, deploy the big bag, and then add the other layers as needed, while inside of the bag. Since it featurs snaps, I can stick out feet or hands as needed, to get a fire going, move to a more sheltered area, etc.
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    in towns and cities, nobody will have any water after a week or so, and most wont have any after a couple of days. When the power shuts off, so does the water treatment and pumps. So almost nobody is going to have the option of staying in towns or cities. They will be forced to go where the water is. It will be too damned dangerous to go back and forth, so they'll say wherever they moved-to, and only move on to find food to loot.
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    First, having a GHB, is something all of our adult children have, and their spouses have as well. Those go “with” on all vehicle trips. Ours have felon repellent and felon redundancy capabilities just in case as well. (You figure it out for yourself) Water and shelter are the most critical items to have the ability to deploy as needed, even if, it’s only for shade, or to help keep the rain and snow off of you, your vehicle etc. Im a big believer in razor sharp folding knives and other cutting/chopping hand tools, that can also be “dual purposed”, if/when things “get close...”. As for assisting the genetically stupid, defined by me as being too selfish to think “they” might need some self sufficiency, I’m not inclined to offer any assistance. The innocents and older folks, will always be welcomed into our fold. The others are whiney sniveling drones, that are of no earthly use.
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    Of course, China is beginning to put the financial squeeze on US! The Dems/Prog/Marxists will love have our Republic capitulate financially to the PRC, after all, they are “useful idiots”!
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    http://ourhouse.empllc.org it will be a take off from dans depot forum with a new format...
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    Take a moment and consider my thoughts on the BIG SQUEEZE China is investing in countries like Panama Venezuela and other nations in south America many of the leaders there think of America as the problem why they are not prosperous. Consider a day in the future where the movie RED DAWN becomes a reality. The Chinese have been well known for thinking decades ahead they have oil needs and we sell oil in the market, if China could co-opt all the oil in Latin America and since they operate and maintain the Panama canal seems like our oil would not be so easy to sell if they undercut our prices and with the NEW PANAMA CANAL wider deeper and better, we would be out in the cold as it were. coal is able to be burned cleanly but we wanted to sell it to the open market and the only market place would be Africa's west coast and we / America is not beloved there and China would surly cut prices just as we have done to effect political gain or penalize countries we did not see eye to eye with. I see a reverse bungholing coming within the next 10 years one of our largest banks has bought in to Venezuela to the tune of 2.5 billion and the Bolivar is basically worthless i think 1 American dollar is worth 900 Bolivar on the black market. If your wondering it was President Carter that "gave away" the Panama canal back to Panama who decided that it was better to lease it to China instead of paying to maintain it now it is all China's baby and since they market the world over it was a damn good deal for them it allows them the whole earth for their products and access to all the oceans and seas with their fishing vessels. Our counties people are retarded to a 4 year policy and political will then they go to sleep for 4 more years, we are waking up but most still have no clue as to international policy and political pressures externally. and I have zero faith in our educational system to think outside the box or beyond socialistic measures and draconian rule and hand over our government to a one world bureaucratic government that is willing to use euthanasia to solve the huge unfunded social programs like social security and welfare too old too sick too feeble to many boys or girls or too many children period. Imagine workman's comp with the ability to kill off those that do not make the grade ! Oprah is thinking of running in 2020 let's take a look under the hood on who her friends are and what or why some who don't like her ----
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    dans depot closed all thats left is the forum and that has to be move to a different server so a few of the guys got together and started building a new forum...
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    good video very good points BUT on the other hand we just listened to a plea to STAY AWAY from me and mine in other words she doesn't want the golden horde to show up at her place and take what she has...which is on everyones list of things they don't want....
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    Prepping is the goal, it dovetails into survival but I think she is spot on. Thanks for bringing her video to our attention. I only have a bit of alteration to her thought on heat camp stoves use either propane or camp fuel I would use the propane camp fuel is very expensive and any spillage is a potential fire hazard. I have 1 pound propane bottles I keep on hand one or 2 dozen and a couple of screw on torch heads as well as a KELLY KETTLE in stainless steel as it burns leaves paper sticks or litter / waste it needs no liquid or specialty fuel IMHO if you live in an apartment a dozen fire brick to stack for a steel plate or grate could even be a roasting rack I have one to hold meat or fowl off the bottom of the roasting pan, place the pan you want to cook or boil on top and adjust the flame on your torch with the knob. I use propane torches for soldering but I keep one in my vehicle with a torch striker so you have a 1 pound fat or slender bottle a striker and the torch head. Where people make a mistake is understanding heat, heat rises and warms the room from the top down much is wasted. a outdoor wood fire all you really get is radiant heat from the direction of the fire so one side is frozen and the other gets roasted. The ground is always cold to cool in summer watch a dog dig to get to cool soil. people now use space ' emergency blankets as a reflector on a leanto behind them to reflect heat on their backsides and a thin clear sheet of plastic to trap the heat in a basic pup tent youtube has a lot of videos. its easier to stay warm in a pop up tent in a room than heat the whole room Problem is plastic gets ' goes bad it gets brittle if your fire or a cinder lands on it it can burn a hole or start it alight and should it all of it burns. Old Indian lore states that you do not leave the light of the fire at night there are things in the woods that ain't friendly but all are afraid of or respect fire. rabies or rabid animal cases average 5,800 positive cases a year and less than 5 people infected, more people exposed to nature the more people infected. Never handle dead animals or bones of ones you did not kill / hunt.
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    NO WAY that ss check is mine when i retire and no one elses...
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    In Oregon the liberty of free people and the American way was handed over to anyone with an Axe to grind social political or to an imagined utopia they want to install in this country. YOU LOOSE Welcome to the police state your right to free speech or to your opinion as well as your right to work as you please and for what you please is over. You now will conform or be jailed, punished, fined or sued. America the free ---LMAO your free to do what your told, your a slave of the state and you must listen to those the state grants special rights and access to the courts politicians and media. When a segment of society of less than 15% gets to tell everyone else how to think act work and speak you are a slave a drone inconsequential and useless hunk of sh*t being macerated in the machine. NO it's not about a cake it is individual freedom to work for whom you choose when you choose, the freedom to disapprove and to refuse to use your time and effort for those you do not agree with. What next I am going to be forced to work at an abortion clinic hand out fliers for the communist party not eat pork because it offends someone ? This is the slippery slope and they have gone off the deep end, what this court has done I hope and pray will haunt their children and cause their ruin and some way shape or form it will because it has taken away their children's rights to have or express an opinion or to act on their opinion or to be able to refuse to be a party to what they disagree with. Freedom was a pipe dream because it was given to idiots, people that neither understand or respect it like giving a monkey a work of art from Renoir, Degas or any of the masters better yet diamonds rubies or Sapphires. They have zero comprehension of the long term damage. they have cut off the root of freedom and the tree will surely die. Since we do not have freedom and since anything you say is used against you and never in your favor where people that do nothing can sit in judgment of those that do the work I see no purpose to continue on SC or anywhere else. Where are all the people that say they stand for something ? I saw a million pu$$y hats and a few towns burned because criminals did not want their friends to be shot. I see and hear all kinds of reasonable people saying that it's horrible the way the world is going and that they worry about their children and grandchildren but they won't get off their azz and do anything so again the few run the circus and all the rest get to shovel sh*t after the parade of animals passes by. I see half empty churches voting booths with no waiting and flags plastered all over anything standing hung from homes and trees but I think those on caskets are best as they show just how dead this country is, it's dead from the neck up ! more people today have degrees that took 2 to 8 years to get and and we are in worse shape because their minds are so open their brains have fallen out. Since when did your sexual preference become a resume for your social standing ? what happened to truth honor dignity respect work ethic your word ? so now your social standing is how and who you have sex with ? and if you agree with others sexual antics or acts ? sex is an act it is not a lifestyle it does not make one honest or better than anyone else it does not make one better at their job or ability to care because sex is not love again sex is an act it is physical without accomplishment if it has no reason that to feel if it creates no offspring in 50 years or after your death your family name will disappear from the tax rolls you will have managed to become irrelevant in your own time. America has just made itself irrelevant a byproduct without freedom you have Venezuela or Cuba. Now the resentment and hatred will go underground the win will seem very shallow because when you force people they retaliate so when you make people bake you a cake you better have it tested as that chocolate may brown but it ain't all going to be chocolate that secret sauce may have a bit of spit and that burger may have had more than the allowed 3 second rule on the floor or a bit of armpit hair or is that a piece of lettuce or a dingle berry ? people win all the time but 99% get a crappy prize here is something to think about for all you winners............
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    I think I just had a near death experience --- I ate a MRE
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    Alcohol is the most deceptive drug, and it is a drug, until it's effect takes hold. Each person has a differing reaction, some seem to be positive, people are happy talkative and fun but when the effect of lowering inhibitions or use to excess alters a persons personality so much that they act as a different person that is when people are most vulnerable. Ruined lives most women that become pregnant out of wedlock have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs if a unwanted pregnancy is not enough then a abortion is harder on the person it also effects the male in numerous ways so now 2 people then the family on both sides that know. Some want the child others loath the father it brings out very negative emotions where news of a child in a marriage is a happy event for the most part the difference is glaring either it;s done the right way or with all the problems of the sinful way. Most people in prison are there because of drugs or alcohol fueled emotions or inhibitions removed with or without drugs. The word Gateway, many laugh but the gate I see is the entrance to a prison or mental health facility. the mind builds a better prison than that of a human built prison and more escape proof. over the years I have noticed that words have been hijacked and become a punchline like wicked or evil do not cause people to fear or have any reaction. until a officer slaps on the handcuffs or judge brings down his gavel I have had a woman explain the emptiness and emotions after their abortion i am sure each person sees it in a different light most feel shock or upset and or ill and many very alone. Stuffing is not just thanks giving turkey or Christmas stockings it is emotions once the container is full it busts out in all kinds of ways, I think it is a natural defense so we can have time to understand or grieve but when we stuff emotions that we are fully guilty of making the mistakes that caused them or sin we come to grips with our soul or we loose it and fall into an ever soul sucking whirlpool of what most can never escape BUT-------- 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God who sent his Son to give us peace to take our burdens (ALL sin) and freely give us salvation if we are willing to ask forgiveness and seek his forgiveness. Jesus then has something to work with, YOUR SOUL. I have seen this thousands of times in both ways people accept Christ and become beautiful and productive people, I have seen the reverse those that never hear or reject the "WORD" or Jesus and are sucked further down the whirlpool, most die in their shame and sin and when they wake they wake to the judgment their sin and disgrace will be with them and they will be judged not only because they are guilty but because they rejected forgiveness / JESUS God who came lived as an example to all that he was perfect, died for no crime tortured and died for our sake and in our place for our sin and ALL SINS of those that will accept Him as lord and savior. I do not recall laughing at or rejecting but I do recall not accepting the gift, somehow I knew once I took it my life would change and for part of my life I thought I was having too much "fun" and what I failed to see was fun was weighting me down guilt was building up like barnacles on the hull of a ship so thick it altered my direction and use up resources like money time and emotions for things I thought were far behind me, but that is never the case your sins will catch up to you and eventually bury you. All my sin is GONE Romans 8:1 8 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I have seen the power of forgiveness of truth and a life redeemed by Christ Jesus. and I have seen the complete misery and self loathing of a life lived in selfishness and ignoring that hey need Jesus (forgiveness ) as they are one and the same. Spiritualism Humanism try to sear your soul tell you that you are able to forgive yourself you can no more do that than perform open heart surgery on yourself and by yourself IMHO. If you feel guilty you avoid those you feel guilty about or build barriers against them. Once your told your forgiven it either sets you free or opens your hatred toward them because you do not want to feel you have done someone wrong and who are they to think your wrong or that your guilty of wronging them ! people are just as complex as strange and are capable of imagining and building false facts out of illogical motives delusions and emotions o protect themselves from the truth. I mean really you got to be a great B.S.ter if you can con yourself to that degree what does that say about a persons sanity ?
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    Hi folks; my name is Greg. My wife and I have been married 40yrs and we have been prepping for about 15yrs. I'm a retired telecom operations manager and since retiring from the phone company became an RN working the ER a couple shifts a week. My wife is an RN also with a much longer, more extensive background. We have 2 grown sons and are in semi-retirement since moving from Georgia to Kentucky. We live in a very sparsely populated agricultural community on 20 acres of very fertile farm land. We don't do any farming other than a small garden. We currently raise rabbits for meat and deer hunt for the meat. We were suburban residents on 2 acres 30 miles SE of Atlanta. We moved here to be far away from a city and have a couple of family members who have lived and farmed here all their lives. Our property has a barn with a chicken coop, two 1 acre goat fenced pastures, a small 1/2 acre pond, a large insulated shop/garage. The shop has several heavy duty shelving units that we stockpile dry and canned goods, also an excellent supply of and and power tools. We are both very good rifle shots and we shoot several time a week. We shoot mostly some RWS and Webley air rifles due to the low cost of pellets and excellent accuracy. We have many .22 rifles and pistols along with many center fire rifles, pistols and shotguns that we shoot on occasion. Our outdoor skills a pretty decent but we don't consider our selves as survivalists just fairly well prepared for the future. We have a large library with useful books on most prepping and how-to subjects. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator with about 50yrs on the air several times a week. That may be more info than needed for an intro; just wanted to say that we are not ignorant on topics that might be of interest. I look forward to being on this forum with many like minded people and learning more each day. Greg
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    Al "I started the Internet" Gore must have been mistaken it is suppose have higher sea levels in fact that is why I bought where I did I figured by now I would have beach front property. Well I don't and all the movie stars that have beach front property are still there --- go figure. It is colder than a witch's tit stuck to a well diggers azz here and that is uncommon but happens we had snow and that is a every 10 year event, so weather is not liner ? Who knew LMAO When the Gobi desert or the Atacama desert become wine country I ill consider Global warming again neither has had enough water to sustain a cactus in 100,000 years so pardon me if I tell the scientist that dreamed up all this horse hockey that they have dishonored and undermined science and showed them for what they are whores of the global one world system that tried to hook us into a carbon tax that would have destroyed America ability to be the top of the heap ignored India and China's toxic billions of tons of pollution while taxing us into a 3rd world country. The EU would have been lighting their Cuban cigars with 100 dollar bills laughing at us. Fox news LMAO I may seem very sexist but here it goes when you have a bunch of bleach blond ex-prom and beauty queens spouting they are scared of anthrax or biological weapons being placed on a North Korean ICBM your talking fear mongering at it's lowest. And I smell a BIG RAT this is the same crap Bush pulled on us with "weapons of mass destruction" hell every nation with a monetary system has Chemical or biological weapons or can whip up a batch all it takes is brains and some lab equipment If Shoko Ashahara who mastermind the Tokyo subway attack in 1995 could produce Sari-N who couldn't . CBN's or CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ARE FINITE they may kill millions but still not everyone and any weapon that goes beyond a geological barrier or continent would jump or be sent in reprisal back to the sender so It is not viable. Now I hate to quote a man I think was not as good as his press was FDR who stated. "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" he was absolutely correct. he failed to add that we must respond in time with an appropriate and devastating act that none can question as a ruthless annihilation of an enemy ! Fox news is now playing the fear of all the wrong things card. EMP is what I fear and waiting for these Nimrods to fire one is totally stupid, America needs to remind the world that we ascribe to the MAD initiative or Mutually Assured Destruction Israel has the Samson protocol both explain that if we are attacked we will bring down all nations responsible to the stone age with massive nuclear attacks on major cities world wide of our enemies. We need to shoot down all of North korea's missiles once they exceed altitude of commercial aircraft and the overhead airspace of their country allowing the rouge nation to splash down weapons in the sea of japan or the Indian ocean is an act of preemptive threat of war and as every time America has waited we have been sucker punched. ICBM's are not the only way of transporting a weapon. Thinking outside the box is not a trait of educated people they are more like lemmings follow the party line tote water and protect the leader because they hold everyones job in their hand. Since all the ideas that government implements comes from think tanks and colleges or academia and none of those ideas have improved infrastructure, health care, diplomacy, warfare why would anyone think that it is possible fro them to pull a rabbit out of the hat at this juncture. the middle class is mostly comprised of government bureaucrats who look after family and college brothers and sisters so that when they are in danger they can call in the calvary to save their jobs. did any of the alphabet groups loose their jobs ? NO they all left with retirement and benefits that they tried to frustrate or deny their fellow Americans for political of financial reasons. but interlopers from all over the globe they assisted in getting them food stamps, SSI, health care, education, funded informations systems so aliens could have translators and information in each of their languages even legal aid and tax deferrals for foreign owed businesses for 10 years and help with SBA loans and even cash assistance for asylum aliens from enemy governments ---what did you get ? We have an amazing system if it were to work for Americans we could through charitable organizations help aliens look up on any search engine how many types of visa's there are the Diversity visa the 0-1 the EB-2 the J1 the S visa and the temporary worker and of course th alien favorite ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as then they get everything and more under another name in another county or state even teenage children can fake being a mother of one of their siblings and get twice the health care and aid in another region. In my area we have many crosses for people that died from vehicle accidents and many are from illegal aliens with no license or insurance, so why is there no push for a law to make it mandatory for any vehicle to be sold to only a license holder with a history of being insured or 6 months of paid vehicle insurance ? in the last year I know of more than a few incidents of totaled vehicles where the responsible party ad no insurance or license and ran from the accident or were not even given a ticket after injuring and or destroying a persons vehicle even rendering the injured disabled for weeks or months unable to work and support themselves and our wondrous agencies do so little to nothing drag their feet to offer help. Workman's comp is a legal way to cheat employees out of care or monetary compensation because they drag out for 2 years then drop your claim because you waited too long running you to their doctors who have no incentive to help in fact quite the opposite they get paid for any service and the more appointments the more money if your healed quick less money, and they got you for 2 years ! Create a problem offer a solution and submit a budget to implement your solution to a problem you created circular logic that sucks money makes a more bloated bureaucracy hiring all your insiders and getting your family members in other support agencies so when the congressional hearings come, and they will you can circle the wagons and pass the buck and have inter agency intermediates to get the blame so it does not cross agency boundaries. As we see from Trumps changes when we were told could not happen unless they had more hearings meetings and Washington 2 step B.S. that Trump has shown it is not needed to get things done, and both sides have been playing us using political theater and reverse / perverse psychology. They have well trained speech writers who CRAFT words to elicit a desired response from a known segment of society not necessarily all voters to gather emotions and fervor to march, riot or arm social media with a narrative to blanket social media and spark MSM or vice versa creating a perpetual cycle of fake or real news spun to order for "local new for local consumption" a phrase I got from David Paulides who got it from elsewhere but it is revealing once you understand that is how the demographics are manipulated at the local level by party or single issue voter block. We are being maneuvered by very savvy people paid to do what was made illegal years ago called subliminal information. Instead of using inserted single frames of video they use facial expressions or micro facial moves used by actors to make us believe the speaker and prepared scripts and insert what seems to be impromptu reaction of fear loathing or feigned surprise or concern, Remember these are actors not real journalists and each has a political or social interest they are not impartial or seeking the truth for truths sake. Follow the money, birds of a feather and the reverse logic of DO look a gift horse in the mouth because nothing is free may save our country !
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    What got me was the number of ex or current As of 2014, the VA estimates there were 22 million military veterans in the U.S. population. If you add their figures on veterans to the active personnel numbers mentioned above, 7.3 percent of all living Americans have served in the military at some point in their lives. I think active personnel is .04%
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    ICBM’s are for nuclear weapons, not for weaponized chemical delivery systems. Any of Fox News multitude of ex-Military experts would have shared that tidbit with the bleach bl9nde talking heads. Tactical missles, VERY short range can be used, but, artillery and mortar delivery are the most often used and on battlefield troops. Aerial short range spraying has been used in Syria and Iraq. It would be far more effective if the MalignantDwarfNORK, had some of his minions, bring in chemical Weapons, via our southern border and deploy them in large metro areas. Chemical agents, anthrax, etc, are all short range, short duration tools. Egads, can’t these journalistic professionals even read for themselves? I am weaning myself off televised “news”, because most is digital excrement anyway. Fear mongering, only is effective, when the Sheeple are too apathetic to do their own reading and research. Then, most Sheeple, will simply be infected with the “Ostrich Syndrome”, and bury their heads wherever they can, to avoid reality, leaving their assets completely exposed. Better for society, that the Ostrich Herd gets thinned from time to time than further increasing the ranks of the Entitlement Brigades. The laws of natural selection are not a bad thing at all.
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    Debt to GDP with the new tax plan we will see repatriation of American companies and money this may be good and it may set up a vacuum and these countries may experience a sudden implosion to their banking and monetary system. Not all is lost if we did not we would be on the horns of a dilemma and in dire straights. Money is like breath when there are health problems breathing is reflected from those problems when we see these numbers stuttering against a debt ceiling it cannot overcome that nation is about to crash 1. Japan — 234.7% 2. Greece — 181.6% 2. Lebanon — 132.5% 3. Italy — 132.5% 5. Jamaica — 130.1% 6. Portugal — 126.2% 9. Singapore 110.5% 10. Grenada — 110% 11. Barbados 108.9% * United States 110.10 12. Belgium — 106.7%: 14. Mozambique 100.3% 15. Spain — 99.6%: 16. Canada — 98.8% 17. France — 96.5% 18. Egypt — 92.6% 19. Yemen — 92.2% 20. UK i92.2% 21. Jordan — 90.6% 23. Brazil — 89.4%: In the midst of a crippling recession Russia is only 17.0 % Debt to GDP
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    The argument over 9MM vs 45ACP or the 5.5645 is not enough and the 7.62x51 is to heavy / old antiquated AHHH! I read an artical about what needs to be done on the small arms front or let is change calibers to 6.5 or a 6.8 MM round and leave behind full metal jacket bullets and opt for expanding and all the pontificating on that subject I will go after the low hanging fruit first we have more survivors of war because of FMJ projectiles. If we move to non FMJ projectiles so will all the other nations and i can say without worry that expanding or exploding projectiles will kill and maim more people and in those numbers I only worry about ours ! I don't care what weapons systems that come out you will have half hate it and the other love it Don't get me wrong the fact is none of the weapons we are sing are perfect, recall that war is diplomacy by other means and diplomacy is not perfect either. A weapon by it's very nature has limitations either it's too long short not powerful enough not enough range the ammo is too heavy to complicated or dozens of other reasons. Remember that money is the main reason for change at this point we have full auto but we are relegated to 3 round burst we care too much about an enemy and collateral damage that they the enemy use for cover ON PURPOSE, and the collateral are for our enemy and not us so the sheep are with the wolves. Here is what the changers want a hand held rifle that has more impact @ 500 meters that can be solved by barrel twist change and the use of 77 grain bullets but OH NO thats not enough change they want a 120 grain 6.5MM bullet fine so lets do the math it's twice the weight PERIOD although you might use a different powder and a 5.56 case but the velocity is barley a change in power. What I see is a bastard of a short 308 case with a 6MM bullet The 6.5 Grendle the 6MM PPC, the 6MM whisper etc etc are all formed from the imagination of people that want a FAT military contract each has ex officers and generals touting the power accuracy and every other aspect that they think is a failing of the present 5.56X45 or the &.7.62X51 and that is all opinion all the tests are tilted toward change is so someone will make a ton of cash and decades of contracts. If you cannot take it out with a small arms that is why Americans developed air superiority from egg beaters to subsonic warthogs to supersonic fighters we can sustain in waves and resupply as well as keep the pressure on as the fastest get rearmed and return. Anyone that thinks we need a 6.5 barrier buster is a dingle berry it is not or ever will be because a barrier is not a defined height and size is it a block of lead or a dozens of feet deep of piled sand is it a steel door if so how thick is it a bank safe door ? If you bother to think you easily see where it is all B..S. they want change for change sake or cash money neither will improve the accuracy of people in battle under fire it.s a risk to expose your head to fire on a position and that risk will never be removed until we have a robot army. Why do they give medals ? because people risk their lives and "they" have to do something to make all the rest fell better. The NEW military is making changes to the retirement system and places the responsibility on the serviceman and want him to invest and save FOR WHAT we are teetering on the brink of financial collapse and if we don't ok if we do all that financial planning and savings will be turned into digital currency worth a fraction of it's original worth what next are are service people suppose to buy their own health care ? maybe they will port it over to obummercare LIKE ---LIKE it won't pay for sh*t. this is the government moving the goal posts and when that fails they will move it again all the time telling us it is better and portable you can "use your own doctor" remember that damn lie ! The government and many of the ex military are just as corrupt or bad as any other segment of society just as many hucksters scam artists and con men weapons dealers and dope peddlers, in fact they have caught many doing just those things. They are always touting their ideas over what is now if we really wanted a battlefield weapon we would never have accepted the AR it ain't light and a lot depends on the mag capacity length butt stock etc. If there is anything I do like is it has so many accessories stocks rails etc that a troop can make it their own but again it adds weight every rail mount and optic it a hangnail what works in a desert hangs on everything in a jungle, in the multitude of environments America operates in no single system other than the basic AK47 design works IMHO. my preference is a machined receiver with minimal rivets more of a mix of a H&K and AK dirt water and element resistant and instead of a rock & lock mag straight in mag. Ambidextrous safety and charging handle, Then a heavier polygonal barrel fluted chamber to alleviate cook off a flash hider that can use the bullet trap grenade launcher w/ use a real length bayonet like the M9. with the optional 40MM under barrel mount, keeping the picatinny rail system if I had my Christmas wish it would be able to use magazines belts or drums. It would be totally rad if the ejection port could be adaptable for right or left hand shooters. OH AND SANTA I want a real butt plate STEEL not aluminum, plastic or rubber so when I butt stroke some meat head it's permanent not a temporary boo boo IMHO. Optics well thats another wish
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    Fox News has (EXTRA) kinda in between news the tidbits of information like there are 193 countries in the U.N. most of those accept or beg for financial help loans or military intervention all of this when we are 19.5 Trillion in debt in fact I would dare to say if we went back in time and Talley up all the giveaways to all these leaches it would come up to 19.5 Trillion since 1969 the last time we were solvent ! Nicky Haley our U.N. Ambassador seemly a good one stated that "WE" will remember those that voted against us for making Jerusalem the capitol but factually it is. It is the only capitol that is considered a corpus sepratatum or a body separate this is a political attempt to divide and conquer I won't explain further there are novels on the subject that can't describe all the nuances. Most of the U.N. is anti semitic or anti Jew. The world is not over populated never believe that it is underfunded most nations do not have a diverse enough economies to survive economic troubles and many have leaders that raid their coffers regularly and have off shore accounts funny that everyone knows that but the bankers and governments allow this especially if the money is held int their country so money laundry by nations states and their leaders is fine it is when any of us little people does it we go to prison. The largest concern of the wealthy is the fact that of what they pay for workers overseas as this directly impacts their profit. strange how the people that make the I series of phones pay almost nothing per unit most of the components may as well be made in sweat shops America is all up in your azz if you pay minimum wage but if a foreign company has to ring it's building with safety nets to keep their employees from committing suicide many working 16 to 20 hour shifts and still not making a living thas fine as long as we can have our tablets phones and electronic toys. if your a center or right wing political person, if you use foreign labor your a monster but all these liberal companies literally rape foreign worker on a daily basis and it's not a news item because they are the top 1% of corporate business world wide so again the golden rule is that he who has the gold makes the rules ! The U.N. has become irrelevant, it has morphed into a exclusive club so bankers and global corporations can have direct access in New York that is why every major player has an office in New York. and why there is never aday where there is not a party dinner award venue where the list of notables is diplomats from specific countries the wine and liquor flows the sexual electricity is like lighting flowing thorough the room testosterone and estrogen fueled by power money and status. cruising among the contestants in this game of thrones are the sharks they have invited them to be the meat and the blood in the water is the financial future of companies looking for cheap labor or materials many materials like plastic and others are known carcinogens and pollutants that cost astronomic amount to use here so they pay off diplomats make deals with tier leaders to build and operate the poisonous operations overseas and make a dandy profit. alcohol Sex drugs money power lust greed gluttony flows like a river. The only people that get caught or outed are the ones that are no longer relevant once you have come to the end of your usefulness your set up and slam goes the trap. Babylon was considered just like this in the ancient world, America is the new Babylon and has been for many years we are in for an event of Biblical proportions, nothing that has happened here is minor if it happened to any other country it would have been destroyed, As a nation we need to check our motives morals and dealings if we do not move toward a better world we will destroy ourselves IMHO.
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    China’s police state/province , WOW ! 16:30 on this video footage. Funny, buying a knife, you’re government id will be laser engraved on it..
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    Christmas of the old days, the Rat pack, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Dolly Parton , even the Chipmunks Christmas caroling was ok once in a while. Oh before I forget, Merry Christmas to all here at Survival Cache.... This song by the chipmunks gives me fond memories of many moons ago, as a child on Christmas.
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    There is a series I keep track of from David Paulides missing 411 Here his link David Paulides Missing 411 David has written many books and a recent movie in which he investigates 1,600 missing persons of a specific type. I have followed him for some years now and finally have come to a conclusion that the powers that be could give a rats azz about any of us PERIOD. In all his investigations many in national parks they do not record or keep a list of missing persons in the rare occasion when a body is found the coroners report is sketchy and reson for death is drowning or weather related with NO proof only an assumption. Worse most of these missing are children and the family is left with no real answers. I realize David is making money from his books and speaking tours BUT let us face it travel lodging and food is not cheap rental vehicles travel to interview and investigate is expensive. and the bureaucrats that are in power in the national park system have defiantly rebuffed his attempts and getting information trough FOIA or freedom of information act and this is disgusting as people want answers to why or how their loved one died or went missing. One of the most prolific parks where people go missing is Yellowstone but his has a map of concentrations of mysterious disappearances and demographics. I ask everyone to go to this site and sign the petition to MAKE THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSONS MISSING IN OUR NATIONAL PARKS & FORESTS. here is the link DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSONS MISSING IN OUR NATIONAL PARKS This is happening world wide people are disappearing under strange or mysterious circumstances dogs can't track it happens in seconds most are never found or any sign ones that are found are found in fantastic distances in completely insane situations and places. This has been happening for hundreds of years here and there but now it is so often it can not be tracked by David Paulides and I think he has only scratched the surface a new type of snatching is happening where bodies are found in water but no reason why they die and men are are floating face up the time of the disappearance and the time in the water is impossible to reconcile by days so where was the person between the time they go missing and go into the water. Medical examiners park police and other officials are sweeping this under the carpet rubber stamping and discouraging people from investigating or even asking questions. these events are so strange as to conjure up all kinds of theories because NOTHING else makes sense and after you have eliminated the impossible what remains must be the truth ? it is mostly men but age and gender seem to have little difference. People found alive have no recollection or memory children tell weird stories their clothes are on backward or gone all have shoes missing one man was last in line coming from a blind canyon on a stop on a raft trip --- he had nowhere to go straight up or back and was right behind the group and gone. One thing that caught me was if there is part of the name is devil avoid the place or anything else associated in that name 1st nation or Indians of most all tribe history tell of places to never go and weird happenings . I have a firm belief that because of demonic works as in witchcraft using spiritual tools incantations, séances and all the other has and is opening up more evil into this world. I think that through history this has ebbed and flowed in my youth the demonic was rare and in places far away or pin point today it is common people take pride and willingly express their following demonic forces and contrive to summon them into this plane of existence. There is never a Christian holiday that does not have a reverse pagan ritual in their parlance this is to counter God and his people they worship what all their kind does EVIL just as Aleister Crowley, Anton LeVey and others. I am not talking parlor tricks but real evil as in cannibalism, blood drinking, human sacrifice and animals to subordinate or garner the power * energy of demons or spirits to use in this world. These people are drunk on power and control but, a wise man never follows a jaguar into his lair and that is what these fools unknowingly are doing, thinking they are in control while the power is using them as a demon cannot operate in the physical without a host or enabler, and in that they are a hollow vessel not knowing they are being use to transport and give power in this dimension to demonic forces, the trade is for power to be able to see the future effect it control people and their will. Charles Manson I think may have been possessed by one of these spirits others are smooth and appear normal. Many murderers have admitted to making pacts or practicing some occult / pagan rights, now they are doing life like Richard Ramirez and the son of sam was thought to be a group but they got one and a conviction. I think this is one piece of a larger puzzle even if not a child should never go missing and not found and an answer to why for the family IMHO.