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    Today I had a chance to shoot the SIG P320 again, it was a total different firearm from the previous one I got to test fire. The upgrade done to the firearm is nice, I would now consider buying one .
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    I’ve cleaned it 4 times now. About every 500 rds it got a strip down cleaning. If I’m shooting crossive ammo in a firearm, the firearm gets cleaned after every outing.
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    .....well let's not be rash! ...question....with running that many rounds did you try to "foul it" or did you clean as you should? Also so I find this telling on your intent for the pistol, if I'd ran 1500 rds thru my little Keltec PF9 I'd be thinking " yea...I'd buy another..."....but then again I'm still not all that sold on polymer frames and long lives and still have a (healthy) phobia of eating slides....
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    I’ve now shot 1,500 rds through the Glock 19 & she’s a keeper. My test were done at 30 feet, groupings were under 3 inches. Point of aim was bullseye, shots placed 1 1/2 inches above bullseye at 12 O clock. My reloads CanPro projectiles 9mm 124 grain JHP , 4.3 grains of tight group powder. Averaging 1050 FPS through the chrony.