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    thats why you form a large prepper group instead of going it alone....
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    Oh your a black belt, I’m really scared now. LMAO. Your sick, very sick , dirty old man. Certainly need therapy, go see a doctor. Likely send you to a loony bin & throw away the key.
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    Jealous LMAO, have plenty of women customers pay me for my carpentry services all the time. Don’t really know what your saying. Your marriage is a sham. Oh if your 66 years old & she’s 31 , kinda robing the cradle. And when you were 31, she wasn’t even born then! Me thinking , you have a child molester syndrome. Better yet, you could be Muslim. 30 year old men marry 6 year old girls, they are child brides. Are you in bed with a women that could be your daughters age. You being 66 years old & she’s 31 years old. Same theory as to what your doing.
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    Wally, you might be right on this one. LOL. I was thinking the same thing, when he started posting. His trates are like Onetime. blah, blah, blah. No real common sense. Needs to go back to his spider hole.