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    Hook, Line, Sinker. First they (Hook ) you with love, that you think you have. Second they look for how far is your ( Line ) of credit, how much money you have. Third you are a (Sinker) when you find out most the things that you own are gone some how. Yes it’s a sinking feeling, when you thought you had it all, but you are sunk with problems in a living nightmare. True love is like finding a needle in a haystack, most women love you for your money only these days. No matter what race you marry, I’m guessing that’s human nature. Very few women, live by Gods commandments. For richer or poorer, in sickness or in health. If you do find one that obeys Gods teachings, you’ve got a diamond, & not a gold digger.
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    This is an old list, a few things have changed. You can have a slingbow, you can have 9 arrows, not just 6. the gillnet is now just 50 sq ft, making it worthless. You can't have a bear canister any more, the food rations are now just 2 lbs each, making them not worth taking. Lots of YT vids about this show. 5 seasons now, fattest guy has always won. Season four had 7 teams of 2 family members per team. https://morethanjustsurviving.com/alone-season-1-survival-gear/ https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=alone+tv+show
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    Sorry to hear that Wally, they love you long time, until the money is gone. So is the love, you thought they had for you. They are there for the love of money honey, which they will never tell you in your face. As always action speaks louder than words. Lots of shootings in the Filipines, it’s like the Wild West there, but it’s in Asia.
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    Most Filipino’s that I know enjoy shooting, as a sport or a pastime. 1911’s in 45 acp is the flavour that most of them like. I’d keep a close eye on her, weather she’s a girl friend or spouse, trust is a very big issue with Filipino people, just from my personal experience. Yes they do apear to be very warm & kind hearted, but given the chance , and if they think they can get away with it, they will stab you in the back or rob you blind. Most of the people that I know, that married a Filipino, are either divorced now or living a frigen nightmare. IMHO !
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    At indoor distances a wad holds the shot together so it can make it through 2 sheets of 1/2 inch sheet rock . everyone here knows to keep their butt down nose to the floor, all that running and screaming to and fro is good movie antics but accomplishes nothing.