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    http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/gaza-terrorist-groups-post-martyrdom-photos-of-palestinians-killed-in-mondays-riot-at-israeli-border/ ....you see, this is the plain truth of the matter.....there ARE people there who think they are protesting for a legitimate thing....they are the Middle Eastern version of our own media drones, they have been mis educated to believe that Palastine actually ever existed and that they have been the victims of some wrong that occurred generations ago....it is very important to Hamas and their like as well as the international liberal/socialist/globalist media/cartel/mafia to have these people to hide amoungst and give visual support to their lies, they create this protesters, some of whom believe truly that they are act for good cause, to die for them. Yet another case of their being so brave and courageous as to let other die for their cause. The issue is that some of these dead are kids that will never get a chance to learn the truth......
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    In order to die you have to be there since no protest by the antisemitic groups plan on ending peacefully that's kind of an oxymoron IMO. the younger the better as they can parade the dead body and have a unholy sh*t fit blaming Jews --you know blame the victim. I recall the dead infant sloshing in the surf boy did the leftist mainstream media ride that till the hair fell off. We all know that the mooslim mindset is to kill all the Jews and trhey use their women and children as living shields they have fired rockets from the roofs of family apartments school yards and mosques. The single most important point is they are all mooslim we have watched this play out since 1948 so there have been a number of generations and the angry faces never change the hate for the Jews to have a tiny slice of peace is just too much for the 15 sects of their religion of peace a good DNA quiz would let us know these are not Palestinians in fact until the British divided all these lands there were Persians and Arabs There is no question that the Jews built the Temple / mount in fact the Mufti of Jerusalem in the early 1900's said it was Jewish so how in the hell did we get to it's a peaceful religion and these Arabs are Palestinians Their fearless child molesting leader who thought blacks were worth half of an Arab same as a woman, died 600 years after Christ so how does him and his bunch get to hold the Temple mount hostage ? Never mind that Jerusalem is never mentioned in their holy text and all the other outright copy of the biblical narrative je was a Bandit a nomad and on top of that he was illiterate, that's the truth could not read or write and he was poisoned by a Jewish girl because he forced her to serve them food after he murdered her family --- OH YEA he was an Einstein. I could go on for days on how vile he was and how he said there are goats in outer space he married a 6 year old and had her at 9 they have Fatwa's basically work arounds on their rules they can have unions with animals children over 9 of either but they prefer boys. If anyone believes anything from that side your tinfoil hat is slipping IMHO.