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    I got a little good news yesterday. Our 5 year long nightmare with the irs is over. They audited us for 2010&2011. They said we owed $16000. After all these years an independent arbitrator found they owed us $277. Yippee. I know I know ....that means they only had to pay $59 per year to torcher us , make us miss sleep and stress us endlessly....but we didn't cave to the f+@#ers.
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    if they bury and not burn me down to ashes they will have to drive me into the ground with a sledge hammer. I fully detest old dottering fools that try to appease and placate their children and grand children if any of mine / little turd disrespects me and they will get nothing from me, piss me off for real and I will bequeath all my worldly goods to the national confederate monument society. IMHO your either beside me behind me or the hell away from me and expect nothing because that is what your going to get. I quit watching sports years ago I never watch the Olympics another format for social justice warriors and damn sure no award shows even late night talk shows are nothing but hate rhetoric at the expense of people they do not even know and paint is all with the same brush to them we are all trailer trash without a high school diploma beer guzzling inbred barefoot morons with a banjo on the porch playing deliverance tunes, well I'll take that over being a pedophile narcissistic dope head that has to back themselves up with a phony laugh track and never be themselves but a gummy bear punch out with no original ideas notice how so many commit suicide end up in recovery programs or just end badly EEwwUUUU no thanks I'd rather play my banjo For your enjoyment 1916 recording. the second clip I'm the one beside the station wagon w/ the GeeTar or the guy dancing I can kick up my heels now and again ! the 3rd hell that's just for fun !
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    LMAO what possible future ? Social justice warriors are like that asphalt grinding machines everything is ground up and relaid behind them, they hate themselves their color ethnicity and loathe conservatives and religion (except Islam) basically paint everything mauve and move on. I find it disingenuous and hypocritical that they bash Christopher Columbus and all own an I-Phone made in Chinese factories where they have to wrap the building with nets to keep the enslaved workers from jumping to their death because they have no HOPE they have no social security no retirement or health care. Most of the leaders in BLM Antifa do not have a job being a counter agent for George Soros gets them a pay check and they will do anything to earn that money and IMHO it is blood money and more so they are acting as foreign clandestine agents bought and paid for by a foreign power in any other country they would be rounded up and clapped into prison. The least we could do is identify them and cut their food stamps and welfare checks. They bit@H about freedom but give their opponents NONE they want dialog but only a one sided conversation they want peace but want to kill everyone that refuses to agree with them--- socialists the new Fascists if it were not so true it would be a script for a Scifi movie --well it is it is the revenge of the zombies because they are like zombies like a jackass with blinders on panicked and running for the next crazy idea like they are on loco weed what a bunch of fools. they crap in their own nest (America) and then complain about the stench. I guaranty if white conservatives acted out like this we would have a tag like deer in season "given" out, you would not have to buy it ! As in every Socialist take over after they win they kill off all the middle class and professors and politicians including the ones that cacked them and install their own foaming at the mouth dyed in the wool believers "TRUE BELIEVERS" maniacal wide eyed murderers like Stalin Hitler and Castro who murder anyone that disagrees with them Imagine North Korea here everyone a stick figure starving while the leaders and his minions are fat and live luxurious lives and long as they are willing to kiss Kim's azz and jump when he commands.
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    Your right of course liberals / progressives look at the state and law AS god conservatives and Christians (generally speaking) look at God as the authority and we should default to his judgment from Biblical teachings and that His NO means NO ! and not a lawyers no which means we'll come back to to it later and quibble about how deep is penetration and how old is a child before they are consenting adults but then they back up when you tell them that if they are adults then they have to sign up for the draft and carry a weapon and kill people but can vote but not able to buy a beer. Liberals are all for freedom of religion as long as it is NOT Christianity . Since WIKILEAKS has dropped the bomb on spirit cooking and satanic goings some have been arrested for child porn etc. on and in the hallowed halls of D.C.We now know why it is a swamp as all the creatures there will Tear you a new one if you cross their path mess with or try to take their food and mostly come out at night as they like the cover of darkness OH and they are stingy do not share and attack KILL AND EAT any including their own to preserve their status in the food chain, BUT notice the bears, hogs and panthers in the swamp are feared so in Washington if you want to see who is at the top of the food chain see who is not mentioned and I noticed only a couple and they have people in the background holding their leash like Soros Koch brothers numerous middle east kings Notice progressives only give what does not effect their cash flow or increases in power like gay marriage what did that cost --nothing, allowing illegal aliens in, again nothing they get their pay check either way and unless any of them right or left gets the lions share of the credit they won't lift a finger. they are all swamp scum and depending on what the topic is as to how thick they lay it on. I think for 7 years the Republicans have told us they have a plan to overturn Obama care and when they do have the chance zippo nada not even the smell of an Idea they had been lying all along and those that said they would vote for a solution went against every version before it got to a vote. The left is a bunch of vipers in the grass they wait and seize on events and never let a crisis go to waste bite down spill their venom and wait to see if it kills the 2nd amendment or immigration or furthers their plot to kill more infants in the womb or make everyone take birth control for free on your dime. Want to know why we have to have immigrants ? because we have murdered all of the next generation 500,000,000 since Row VS. Wade that could pay our social security pay the bills for infrastructure and innovate business. I will tell you a secret that in the next 4 years NOTHING will be the same you will have no privacy at all everything everywhere even in your home school place of work church stadiums etc etc you will be under scrutiny as NEVER before --- it is a new technology and companies are investing BILLIONS others are lining up to become a manufacturer or programmers as this is public knowledge imagine that every recent invention has been known used and deployed by the deep state for 20 years or more and that it's size is the only thing differing from the prototype. NOW imagine a hacker able to plant a virus in this system and either crash or contort the data how about the STATE your a problem alter your data ! I wont get into it too far ( too late) but we have had and now will have the technology to track every human being know all their bodily functions including if they are lying having sex laughing and even being able to overhear conversations to a degree NEVER known before and this is NOT !!! the MARK OF THE BEAST it IMHO is an adjunct or central funnel of information and all that information will be held in data banks FOREVER even to be used against your progeny (children) and the reasoning will be like the L:as Vegas shooter his father was a criminal and a bank robber so his son is now a criminal / mass murderer so one begets another and in order to remove the human factor (snitches or if you see something say something) to place people with family that have had mental or criminal histories under a microscope and monitor your children your your family for "signs" of impending action, and this will be subjective and if you shows signs of stress ou will be impounded like a lost animal, until you relax calm down or maybe even a reeducation session or drug therapy --- Want some lithium little girl !!! this will and has been touted in small circles as the philosophers stone or the holy grail it will do everything it will open doors, lock doors, drive your vehicle PUT MILLIONS OUT OF WORK ! flush your toilet turn on or off all your appliances even your curling iron if your not in proximity things that don't need to be on will turn off or on as a security measure not only can this technology do all this but it can delineate between persons so if there is an intruder you can know it want to know where your child is your dotty parent or in-laws ??? how about your dog or cat. so tiny it can be hidden in anything your gun grips or stock in each billet street signs traffic lights no need for traditional scanners it is RFID o the infinite power it is not always on it can never be turned off if need be it is software driven so at an moment it can morph and multi-task or take on new tasks unknown to you unless your in the loop AAHHAAAAAAA and because it is positioned to be valuable everyone will buy in make money and put their head on the track of the oncoming train --- this is the technology they have spoken about in GE commercials the ability of your appliances and vehicles to THINK or AI or artificial intelligence it is able to "learn not in the normal sense but it will be all in robots it will be part of the "CLOUD" world wide web so unobtrusive you will not even be aware because it will be so infused we will forget and speak openly when we should hold our tongue but that won't matter if you have ever researched micro facial expressions / aggression the twitch of an eye tightening of the lip I look to invest in BOTOX. THIS TECHNOLOGY WILL RULE YOUR LIFE. if your diabetic it will snitch on you if you buy sugary stuff watch you eat it and tell your doctor You think Michell Obummer school lunch was a disaster consider you will live on it ! if you have a health problem your benefits will be limited or unpaid or worse cut off ! are you fat not any more even if "they" have to starve you How about a vending machine making up your mind what you want instead of a candy bar a rice cake fall out. No more annoying waitresses no more car valets scratching your car it will park itself and come back like a loyal dog ! ir will do what fitness monitors do BUT when you have been sitting too long as per it's software your chair will upright itself or like a dog (Pavlov's dog) it will ring your doorbell to get you up and moving remind you of medication even in a important meeting or during private moments LIKE IT CAN"T WAIT like a jealous spiteful child --- it's coming and KNOW it is NOT the MARK OF THE BEAST that is coming first we need a cashless society and not even plastic it will be maybe eye or hand cell phone as "IT" can recognize YOU and turn off if it is not you, tied to this chip his scanner but not invasive YET your children are already dipped and infused with the social justice warrior left wing progressive mantra wearing a PU$$y hat getting in your face or telling your your out of touch insensitive ball of dust. That is just going to get MORE OUT OF CONTROL OH it may like a pendulum make headway fall back but that is the game plan and even the people that think they are above will not be able to stop it no more than you can stop Facebook Twitter or any other social media because this will dovetail into the social need to BOND everyone wants to be like a Kardashian seen heard and watch loved wanted desired BUT LETS GET REAL for the 99.99% that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN but you will never kill the dream <> dreams never die and you may have been buying it or own it an not even know NOW AIN'T THAT A HOOT.