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    Thanks for your patience on the upgrade. The site was down temporarily at times, but hopefully it didn't effect anyone significantly. This new upgrade gets us onto a supported software version and a server with double the capacity. And the user interface now better supports mobile devices. If you notice any issues with the layout or function of the upgraded site, please post your comments here. Your gentle feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    Upgrade in Progess...

    We are upgrading the software that runs the forums. We hope this will improve the User Interface and better control spammers. The site may run a bit slowly while the upgrading of the database happens behind the scene. Please bear with us. The site should be at full capacity in a few hours.
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    Patel, Gupta...one of those guys!
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    Ignorance is bliss

    The deep state media is still keeping you warm and covered like the baby bird with a broken wing in a pile of cow sh*t and as soon as you feel warm and safe you start chirping and expose yourself and a hawk ( reality ) swoops down and kills you. One of the warnings in Psalms 83 and Isaiah 17 is the complete destruction of Damascus Syria today the news of American troops in Syria it is all but a fore gone conclusion that the pathetic remnants of whats left of Damascus will be utterly wiped out soon. Aleppo Syria as well as Damascus should make peoples blood run cold this is what will happen to us once the tipping point of populations of people that do not have our interests or beliefs period. Oil and water cannot mix Heaven nor hell can cohabit sea life cannot live on the land and we invite destruction when we yoke ourselves with barbarians. Drone footage of Damascus Syria Aleppo destruction shown with drone footage Mankind cannot see gravity or carbon monoxide or a thousand other deadly things, God cannot be seen as he is spirit but every single foretold event and all the history contained in the Bible has been proven or is being found at this moment. I personally do not think there is much time left and even if this coming event does not take everyone it will take 5 out of 6 people living today by virtue of war pestilence or plague and disease brought by fleeing refugees migrating birds or the jet stream by radioactive dust. I did not stutter notice the key strokes are regular and make the words RADIOACTIVE as what other action would a dying failed enemy do to strike out with vengeance, and what would be the response ?
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    Actually, I was liking the joke, not the Patel comment, though I suppose that's applicable too!
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    13 hours: bengahzi

    I watched the movie, and read the book. Wanted to see what the difference was between what the political pimps were saying and what really happened from those who were actually there. Made me sick to my stomach, that the pettiness extended so far down the line, that the protectors were so looked down upon.
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    Lee makes a sizing die for cast lead bullets if you already have a press if not here is a link to a kit http://leeprecision.com/bullet-casting/lube-and-sizing-kit/ you need to know what "SIZE" for your barrel / bore size for a common caliber there is a range sometimes a smaller or larger shoots tighter groups once you find that diameter that is all you need to use for that arm.