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    If there's one thing I've learned from my use hunting and "tactical" shotgun classes I've taken, it's that the shotgun is a truly fearsome weapon in the hands of someone trained to use it. But you have to stay inside the envelope. 25-30 yards is about it for 00 buck, depending on choke. And lead foster-type slugs drop so quickly that at past 50 yards you really need to start worrying about "kentucky windage". Inside, defending a house, I'd rather have a 12 gauge with 00 buck, a drop pouch full of loose reloads, and a good sidearm than an AR, any day of the week. But you have to know how to properly reload, cycle the action, and change loads quickly. Just using your field 870 after bird hunting ain't gonna cut it.
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    I can remove my mailbox from it's post from the shop I roll my own 15 - 00 @ 1100 fps like a hive of hornets on your azz !
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    apparently you ain't from around here LMAO I don't have to run anywhere to find a long arm. and a short one can grow right out of my wrist before anyone can say BOOM ! Police shooting ability is over rated I have too many range sessions watching "Barney" shoot the stanchions tray target hangars trolley lines and the floor. In some states all a person can hunt with is a shotgun and it's funny but many of them limit out. I have stated it before no weapon bullet or equipment means success training is good but real world experience is better if a person survives the experience. Home invasions are not uncommon and there are too many dope heads wandering to be unarmed, many burglars operate in the day as night time there is no question in shooting them many cruise neighborhoods looking for easy picking like stuff left in the yard, open doorss on out buildings some people steal cute or special breed dogs the castle law is also in effect here so people here have options. Guns are no substitute for good sense and keeping your eye on people / being aware if someone wants to murder they have the upper hand any victim has the unfavorable element to recognize and react tyo an attack. many people I know have no neck so grabbing for a throat an almost nonexistent target is harder than it looks. knifes well that would have to be in hand and open because reaching would clue most off that their looking for something. Security or safety is not guaranteed in this life death is certain as to how people die well that is another story. Statistic are that less than 30 % of people die from being shot but statistics show a single shot usually stops the attack 50% of the time a second shot is 90% effective in stopping an attack. The occasion where a person would be attacked by a dope head is greater each day but still not common but if in that type of situation firearm retention and some alternative tactics if not running like hell is not out of the question, mounting the head is illegal so unless you framed the police report and the new articles who would know ? Most decent people would shun a killer no matter if it was righteous so there is no up side to a shooting A D.A. can indict a ham sandwich so figure you could be in for a trial and that ain't cheap. Getting into tussles fighting shooting is to be avoided to the extreme there is no up side in fact most cases are injuries and scars are a likely outcome most of the badazzes I know are dead. prison or graveyard. all this MMA and other crap is fostering a new realm of stupid people few fighters have a advanced college degree and after they are 50 if they live that long are long overdue for a dirt nap. It does not matter where a person is from if they kill someone with a throat strike unless some serious weapon is found or evidence of a struggle of epic proportions someone will be fitted for a prison cell, Juries are made up of people who have never fought or are too stupid to get out of jury duty and that is not a situation anyone would want to be IMHO. serious engagements are in the less than 1% chances of happening and if a person gets into one it's a miracle or luck if they come out alive but certain it will change them.
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    The Nazi's did that and since there are too many people you go first .... may start a fad
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    i don't like that solution at all smacks of social engineering which i despise....
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    so, when you need the meat, when the colder weather helps you preserve it,when the cold limits the number of ticks, lice, flees, flies and skeeters you have to deal with and the pelts are prime, you'll have lots of meat and hides. By then, you should also have the means to salt, stretch,dry, and cache the meat and hides. Then you can face the winter with confidence. You should also have stored-up plenty of maple and birch sap/sugars, bee-honey, and edible plants, of course, especially fruits, seeds, nuts and acorns. Figure on eating some cattail roots, pine cambrium, and spruce needle "tea", to keep your guts working, keep away vitamin deficiency problems, and constipation.
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    all summer and fall occasionally bait your traps and snares (unset) while you have lots of green plants, young dumb animals, fish are easy to catch, beehives, sap, etc are available. Then, when the weather cools and before all the critters hibernate or migrate, set your traps. There will be several generations of critters that associate your scent with food and there will be nothing (noticable to them) different about the set. Bait everything again, very well and it will be WORTH running your trapline 2x a day. Doing so prevents rotting of the catch, and also limits how many caught animals will be lost to predators.
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    so am I, all kowtow now. :-)
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    with the exception of the silenced rifle and the armor, I take the entire BOB, especially if it's in the mountains. I'd much rather have 15 lbs be "unnecessary" than badly need the 1-2 lbs of stuff that I aint got. I need the exercise and the practice and the experience/use of the gear, anyway.