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    MisterSnake, however, lucid and filled with common sense your comments are, trying to apply common sense and political "will", and heaven forbid "diplomacy", is always ill-advised. For my selfish interest or at least in consideration of MY blood pressure, please refrain from posting such comments in the future! All kidding aside, the longer I live, the more I have come to realize that ALL politicians, have far less moral courage, than the most diseased suppurating street walker on earth. I despise all politicians as useless. So in spite of my protestations to the contrary, ReverendSnake, please keep the sermons coming, this choir member as always, is all ears.
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    Some other treasures from the Elmer Kieth Collection. The finish-worn 4" N-frame with the ivory grips was Elmer's personal carry piece that he usually wore. The double rifle is the famous .450-400 W.J. Jeffrey & Co. boxlock that Col. Jim Corbett used to great effect hunting man-eating tigers in India. A snippet from the auction house about the rifle: http://jamesdjulia.com/item/1038-373/ https://frontierpartisans.com/3666/jim-corbetts-rifle/ There were also many Rigby bolt guns, and Elmer's famous original .333 OKH. One particular .404 Rigby bolt gun had be almost in tears, it was so finely made. I would have bought it on the spot, but nobody in the area needed a kidney. Some very cool stuff, and I was blessed to be able to head up there and don the white gloves to handle a lot of staggeringly beautiful history.
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    I hear what you're saying. I do not buy into the argument, though, of "I'm not going to vaccinate because big-pharma makes money if I do." Fact is, every company who makes a profit makes money off of us Americans in some way (that's the very nature of commerce). How about Apple? I am not going to buy an iPhone because Apple makes money off me? I don't get that argument. Or, I am not going to use electricity because "big oil, coal, and power companies" make money off me? That argument holds no water logically for a reason NOT to vaccinate. The stats over decades since the advent of major vaccinations hit the citizenry of the U.S. depict that instances of these major childhood diseases have gone way down to nearly being eradicated. Now, we can always argue that stats can be skewed and often are. But, "big pharma" really has only become a thing in the past two decades or so, which makes up not even half of the statistical data collected on diseases. So, while "big pharma" may be pushing vaccines to make money, how do we STILL account for the decline of these diseases in the decades before "big pharma?" The fact is, everything we do is poisoning us...our carpeting and the plastics in our cars are emitting toxins that we breathe. Our homes are radiating us with electro-magnetic radiation. Even outlets not in use give off a charge. Then there is cell phone use. Any of these things, or others, like our foods or beverages could be the culprits behind our health issues and disabilities. Regarding autism, specifically...I often wonder if the correlation between the severe increase in autism cases comes from the significant and prolific use of hormonal birth control in young women. Without exception, every single woman I know who has used hormonal birth control has had at least one miscarriage. I know miscarriage can occur anytime, to anyone. However, it's interesting that miscarriage is so wide-spread amongst my generation (I'm in my mid-30s) and younger. What I have also seen is that women I know who have used barrier methods or natural family planning, across the board, have suffered fewer miscarriages. We also know NOW that hormonal birth control makes significant changes to a woman's body. Come on! It fools women's bodies into thinking they are pregnant! Women can skip periods! It's NOT natural. Yet, young women pop these pills, use the implants, and rings like crazy! These fake hormones are cycling in the body and mess with a woman's ability to conceive. So it is also likely women who do become pregnant may have messed up hormones and those biological components mess up the new life (resulting in miscarriage OR resulting in neurological troubles such as autism). For me it comes down to "do unto others..." Eating foods, using cell phones, and what I drink only affects my family. Each family is free to do as they choose with their time, money, and child-raising. Sadly, vaccinating is the ONLY decision which can potentially affect another parent's child. Several weeks ago, a local family here, exposed my infant to pertussis. Every member of their family got the disease. Their young daughter had to go to the ER twice! My daughter is not fully vaccinated yet. The disease itself isn't terribly serious, but the coughing displayed from it is what ends up killing people...it tires them out and they die from not getting enough oxygen. Thankfully, my little girl never got it, but we had her doctor on alert. Their decision to not vaccinate, had potential and harmful ramifications for my child. I no longer spend time with them - also due to the fact that the mother told me I don't trust God enough if I vaccinate my kids (total side issue, but worth noting because there is a lot of uninformed self-righteousness associated with the anti-vaxer crowd). Lastly, like I said in my previous post, if the grid goes down. Good-bye medical technology. Hello diseases. It is medical technology keeping these diseases at bay. I see vaccines as a part of EASY prepping. CAVEAT: IMHO, vaccines can be broken into 2 categories: 1. Lifestyle diseases. 2. Out-in-public diseases. IF a person chooses not to get vaccinated for #1, that's fine with me...Hep B...HPV. The types that you get from needles and sexual activity. Like, why does a baby need a Hep B shot?? Is my 6-month-old gonna shoot up behind a dumpster? For #2 "out-in-public" that's the Pertussis, measles, polio, etc., the ones you can contract from walking around just breathing at the mall or on a plane. Don't skip those!
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    We are currently researching which wind generator we will be putting on our property to augment or recharge the solar panel batteries. We will not and have not applied for the federal tax credits/state credits, because we want to be as "grey" as possible for the time being. We have a shed guy coming on Friday that builds stellar sheds(have seen his work personally) at a fraction of the kit costs, and he's local. Want one shed for tool/equipment storage and another as backup sleeping accommodations emergency shelter when things get dicey later on. Still working on the new basement plans and trying to work around the city planning permit process, it will be a basement addition, as opposed to a whole new one....we shall see.
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    We're meeting May 1st with a solar company for a site assessment, and free quote. Based on the current research I have done, the cost of a solar panel today is around $3 per watt, and the extra cost of installation brings costs up to $5- $6 per watt. There is a federal tax credit of 30% for solar (and wind) systems set-up by Dec. 31, 2019. After this time, the credit decreases to 26% and is further reduced every year thereafter. If you don't use the full tax credit amount in that tax year, then it can be rolled into the next year. Also, each state has its own credits or benefits. For example, where I live, there is no sales tax on any materials purchased related to alternative energy. Another cost thing to consider is whether or not your property is feeding energy back into the grid. If so, the power company has to pay you for your energy you generate. The down side to this, is if they don't need your power, they don't buy it from you and no extra money comes your way. At this time, they aren't storing it! Dumb...but that's another issue. So that could be an income stream once your solar (or wind) system is paid off. Based on my calculations...IF we ran every single thing in our home including the AC... on an off-grid system, we'd be looking at a $30k up-front cost for labor and materials (if we paid someone to do it for us). However, based on the tax credits, and reduced electrical bills...we would make that back in 9ish years. This would be everything though, I realize in a SHTF situation, we'd want power for the septic, well, fridge, stove, and maybe a few lights. We have a generator. The house has LP. But all that runs out eventually. Solar and wind are forever. Also, I would only do this if it were our "forever home." We plan on being here until we die and the hubby is turning 40 this summer. I am younger than him. So, if we are here for decades, then spending that much seems feasible, especially since it goes way further and is more helpful to the home and family's well-being than a kitchen or bath remodel. I don't actually see the cost of solar as a burden...the costs have come way down in the past decade. In fact, for me, I think the biggest burden would be the up-keep of the system and the longevity of the system and its panels and batteries (run $350-$650 each depending on size). They will need replacing - these store generated energy for use during night or cloudy days. As for the panels: "Most solar panels used in home solar arrays come with a warranty for some 25 or 30 years, which means that the solar panels are guaranteed for decades, unlike many of the other goods we buy. And again unlike many other consumer goods, they don’t ‘give up the ghost’ at the end of their warranty period and need to be replaced, but continue to still produce clean electricity, although at a slightly less efficiency each year. In fact, some decidedly old-school solar cells have been producing electricity daily for about 40 years or so, and are expected to continue to power homes and businesses for decades more. According to a study undertaken by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) a few years ago, which looked at the ‘photovoltaic degradation’ rates of some 2000 solar installations, the average solar panel loses about half of a percentage point (0.5%) of efficiency per year, which means that a panel at the end of its 25-year warranty period should still be operating at about 88% of its original capacity. However, not every panel will see degradation rates as high as 0.5%, as shown by this 30+ year old solar panel, which outperforms its original specs, even after decades in the sun." There is a learning curve with that. Not impossible, but just something ELSE to know. Another option we're considering is wind since we have a lot of it rolling over the fields. The drawback there is the maintenance of something 80+ feet in the air...however, it may be less expensive to install than solar. A hybrid system is another option. Solar is becoming more and more common. Our local hospital has a solar garden nearby. Churches and schools are using it. As this occurs, costs are decreasing. The question becomes...how long does one wait...because how long do we have? Of all I found, I thought this site was the best and most comprehensive for info gathering. It even has free energy calculators. It's a wholesale site, so yes, they are into sales, but for the research phase, it is very helpful. https://www.wholesalesolar.com/
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    My biggest take away here are the two VERY different acceptable levels for the chemical residuals in foods of the U.S. versus Europe. It's a huge variation! Being members of Costco, so much of what they stock is organic anyways...even snack foods. But our biggest issue would be the cereal - Cheerios and Life, for example.
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    Snake, You like ol' Elmer, eh? Well, I grew up reading him as well, and so when I found out that his firearms estate was being auctioned off at Julia Auctions in Fairfield, ME, I made the two and a half hour trek north to check it out. It was the most unreal experience of my life as a fellow who appreciates artistry in firearms and history - some of the most influential guns in the world were there along with other really neat ephemera. Including....well, here's just a picture of me holding Elmer Kieth's beloved "The Last Word - Old No. 5" revolver. The epitome of "gun porn". Thought you guys might like that.
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    All English translations of the Bible leave us wanting. English cannot accurately or adequately capture the poetic nuances of the Hebrew and Greek languages (context will be accurate as will intended meaning, but we lose a lot of the finer idiomatic flourishes or cadences). And those languages use differing sentence structure too, which makes it harder. Also, for example, the Gospels about Jesus' life are taken from Aramaic eye-witness accounts and then put into Greek and now, put into English. So, English has to do its best, but all fail in some regard and some are certainly better than others in human terms. I don't know if we can claim any translation is "Inspired" other than the originals written by the initial authors. I do think re-writers over time, have been inspired by God to put the Scriptures into that locale's and time's common tongue, which is how we have a lot of the translations we do today. But the text itself was only "Inspired" once as it was initially penned in ancient times. I think the best choice for any reader is one that is pre-1985 and "speaks" to his or her the best in terms of understanding. I leave the rest up to the Holy Spirit in the individuals' heart. And, I recommend a copy of Strong's translation. Every Greek and Hebrew word is identified and given its most accurate meaning in English. I find this website helpful too in terms of people who have researched the most accurate English translations in line with the original Hebrew/Greek: https://www.jerusalemperspective.com/3902/
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    I agree. Life will have to be without electricity - we rely on it too heavily, but oh how awesome it is.
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    Got 2 pieces of Lexan 12x24x1/2 inch for free today.
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    First and foremost this is a list of things to find at garage sales on sale or impulse buy items that you may need down the road This is not food but many items we may need and when we do we need plenty a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 Epsom Salt this is a fertilizer as well as a good soaking bath for the body also laxative insecticides liquid sevin great thing is that you can use it on garden plants even after fruitation and wash it off before eating. a bottle a season if your frugal and your garden is lets say 400 square foot baking soda I have seen 13 pound bags at bulk stores quick lime a little dusted in your outhouse keeps it less stinky Salt pure you can buy water treatment salt in 40 to 50 pound bags a couple ought to do as meat takes a lot of salt to cure roll of barbed wire it has 1320 foot on a roll sounds like a lot but keeps things out of gardens homes etc if you do it right and wire staples. fencing pliers and learn how to build a corner post tighten string wire and T posts I buy these from scrap people yard sales etc. Box of nails 50 pounds 16 D and or 30 D galvanized galvanized last a long time screws will be of little use without power tools and a REAL hammer like a framing hammer. learn how to make a fruit of veggie into a battery as well. Black mild steel wire / bailing wire 1/8th inch aircraft cable same as on your garage doors and learn how to make a loop or how to plait together. barrels BLUE 30 to 60 gallon no electricity NO WATER one 55 gallon barrel per person and animal using emergency rations this will last for drinking alone less than 2 months if you have a garden better pray for rain. Natural hardwood charcoal a 55 gallon drum is good great for making water filtration starting fires 5 gallons of kerosene and lanterns we may not have batteries and or electricity. tape measures rulers calipers even a tailors tape ( I got one in a roll of medical tape) Chain falls and or a block & tackle with rope I use Kernmantle or braided climbing rope as it does not turn and twist under load you can find it as well as caribiners at REI or sometimes a tree cutter quits after they get long in the tooth. copper sulfate and or 5 gallon bucket of roofing tar wood posts rot if not treated and the lumber yard may be closed mixed with kerosene its that Greek fire that sticks to everything Gimlets an or a brace & bits without these its a pain it the azz to drill a hole. a large container of both gun bore cleaner and weapons oil NOT WD-40 if your a prepper and do not have some way to defend or secure your stuff then a pair of soft gloves for holding your ankles and a case of tampons instead your going to need them. post hole digger and or auger shovels are nifty but fence poles fall over if dug to large auger can be used to drill a shallow well if you have steel extensions. limb loppers garden shears manual hedge clippers hoe set of wood and steel chisels hole punches draw knife farm jack bumper jack these are DANGEROUS but they are able to lift higher than a screw or hydraulic jack but you need these as well. Iron rake not a steel fan rake pointed shovel and a square point shovel depends where you live but I have both a pick and a grubbing hoe 4 pound sledge hammer 2 pound shop hammer vice NO NOT that kind one to hold items with anvil Gloves it is not a stretch that you need a dozen pair of cotton black dot and a dozen leather gloves real work you use these up they can be darned or mended. grass seed weed killer the good stuff be careful as this sh*t will kill a steel post make sure the wind is not blowing and spot spray or edge carefully You can use diesel and salt but not withing 3 to 6 foot of berry vines as far as trees a good general rule is the roots go out as far as the limbs top wire heavy fence wire this is for a cloths line may as well have 2 T pipes of good pipe and cement them in family of 4 needs 25 foot between and 3 lines if we have monetary problems skimping on using the dryer will lower your electric bill and if no electricity gonna need it anyway and a hundred clothes pins. Whirligigs these are spinners turned bu the wind they scare pests by movement and vibration cheap and effective. Animal traps, flat spring, coil spring, live traps large and small, rat traps mice traps if your all warm and fuzzy about critters your going to die slowly BY STARVATION. Screen wire not plastic screens on your windows and doors. old timey scrub board for washing clothes 5 gallons of soap I like 2X dawn but clothes soap is low suds so have 5 gallons of it unless you rinse your clothes well you'll have rashes galore. Thread and buttons needles and thimbles pins needle threader as no matter how good your eyes are now even a blid person can thread a needle with one. Hand spray bottles a drum of old cotton sheets from tying up plants to bandages (use white)and making clothes this is the cheapest material you can buy in place of cheese cloth I have used it to strain oil berries and water. White mesh fabric I use this to cover the seed heads on plants to capture the seeds Steel binder clips all sizes a million uses. oil based paint rust and insects is your enemy paint works and many places sales sell it add a bit of gas or kerosene and loosens it up even if it is old pull off the skim / dried paint off the top. brushes natural and plastic nail to scrub and shop brushes and dust pans steel not plastic knee and elbow pads face shield reading glasses safety glasses filter masks (remember the dust bowl ) allergies and bad stuff in the air. hand tools wrenches etc... a couple of rear axles and you have a dutch windmill just because there is no power does not mean we cannot use or re-purpose mechanical items like spindles hubs and axles plastic pipe for blades your imagination is your only barrier year ago plants were driven by leather belts the whole shop was driven by a windmill or water wheel some even used animals on grist wheel. I have animals so I have a corn grinder and sheller. everything we have today is a result of cheap oil mechanical and industrial revolution and if you own a home or property your going to need all this sh*t anyway
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    i am a jack of all trades and have a few hobbies and plenty of life experience, and it means diddly when the power goes out. we as a nation are so immersed in just in time ordering all of the shelves would be bare in days. after an event you will have to lay low or get sniped, as opportunists looters, refugees and criminals like in Venezuela rolling blackouts if there is power. People need to watch Honduras Venezuela Chile Bolivia Peru radiation is up in Europe France had 3 explosions at nuke plants we are mushrooms kept in the dark and fed sh*t Fukashima all it needs is another 6.0+ quake the rods touch and it is or will make a worse disaster than ever seen in history our west coast could become unlivable ! There is so much going on in real time no one can keep track there has been no time EVER in history where so much natural or man made disasters and wars all at once except WWII and at that time more than half the world barley had technology or manufacturing there are still places where natives come out of the jungle in a thong and never seen lived in a town or a city STILL. The shear ignorance of Americans with all their technology information at their finger tips and dumb as hell amazes me REALLY I could watch a person pull a tribe of monkeys out of their azz each with an umbrella doing a high wire act and not be as surprised, my head almost explodes at how awkward and illiterate stupid and mentally lazy cannot free associate or fathom abstract ideas like we have a 2 party system and each wins and looses and we go on, not this crazy train of bring down the system mayhem and riot and none of them have a clue what would happen if they got what they want and do not even know what they want except free sh*t there are at least a half dozen places where a earthquake would render a huge swath of land unlivable it is just a matter of time when an Island or Islands will sink and all on them will be fish food. what we are watching now is NOTHING it is coming unraveled almost every nation is at odds with its neighbor over immigration monetary manipulation resources like oil coal food pharmaceuticals. People that have yet to commit to a prep life style are going to suffer, people do not seem to get it that in Venezuela there are people that are still rich eat shop and have guards but those are the top 3% everyone else is on starvation rations at best some people are starving to death sexual predation murder and corruption is in their face people are bussed to stores because they are down with the government in power all the other people stand in line a half a day for a half a single walmart size sack of food. Once the countries that can afford food start to buy on the open market all the countries that do not have a valuable currency will be starved out ! it is already happening I may be one of the few that see the slide as food gets more expensive people will eat less expensive food and I have seen stores that have half width shelving more and more just in time replenishment no warehousing of stock ! what you see it whats there for a whole area of town and in some places there are few competitors more and more people buy online so some items will NOT be stocked as why stock an item that has a low turn over ? like essential oils differing over the counter medications ? As each generation gets older many items are no longer stocked as they were like hog head cheese powdered milk or powdered eggs in order to get long term food you go to sports / camping stores any hardware store will be closed in a dire event hospitals may be filled to capacity and medications on shelves will be gone this happened this last year to a minor degree from a flu outbreak and it was not real bad serious all the local hospitals were full and beds were in the halls waiting rooms were full but they were still able to just get by Whatever straw that will break our back is here we just have yet to see it stick it's head up but by then it will be too late if you ain't got it your doing without maybe for over a year as Venezuela and it is getting much worse there. If we do not have a wall and south America goes batsh*t look out IMHO.
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    ...often though we see these odds differently on a personal level...two of the three friends of my dad that I was named after were killed by seat belts....two of my children are autistic and up on the vaccinations (it's the law in that you can NOT sent them to school without them)....assaults are up because of the growing number of things that constitute assault, from mis-speaking gender, to things that would never be reported 50 yrs ago like punching a guy for calling your wife a vulgar name, or a third grader getting in a fight on the playground. Yes math plays a HUGE part in all of this...hell there is a "science" of it ( actuaries....auto correct likes it but it doesn't look right....) used by insurance companies, city planners and the like, both for our good and to further agendas not in our best interests....both with real data and "cooked books". The only truths we can see or believe are the ones that we can reconcile with our own experiences, like the goverment doesn't have the right to force a medical procedure on us or our children nor do they have to right to decide my safety or risky behaviors.....something is poisoning our kids (body and mind) autism is growing exponentially, you can't send a PB&J in a kids lunch....can't say that the shots are to blame...can't say their not....but for sure vaccination has gone WAY beyond the classic killers and into big Phama profits sometime ago
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    Yep. Still do and will continue to vaccinate. Nothing is perfect. People can be killed by seat belt wearing too (it's rare) but there's a risk of it. So how come mostly everyone still buckles up despite the risk? Also I liken all this to violence. everybody says the murder rate in the US is down. But the number they ought to review is the asssult rate, which has sky-rocketed. With modern, amazing medical advances most murders, aren't. Victims don't die! Therefore it's all assault. People aren't dying from these common, nearly eradicated diseases anymore due to the modern medical skills and materials used to prevent death! Bye bye grid. Bye bye modern medicine. Hello diseases. It is all a matter of math. No emotions, like fear. The vast majority of vaccinated keep the diseases at bay. As that mass decreases the number of these illnesses will increase. Again all math. We have a fluid and global world. Husband can be in six states and two nations in a matter of two days. Sorry. Not vaccinating is plain illogical.
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    ..I will add a good solid two wheeled cart. Makes MANY things easier from hauling water to mucking stalls (some of that soap between these jobs would be a good idea) when you don't have/can't afford to use gas for the truck....if you see an old tool and you don't have one you might want to it...and another like it.
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    well when I was younger ........... LOL I did forget you will need a few sling blades swing blades or yoyo's to cut your grass depends on where your from as to the name BUT cutting grass is only the half next you need to allow it to dry so you need to watch the weather then collect it and store it in a dry covered place this is how hay was collected back in the day before bailers and roll hay equipment and it takes a lot of physical strength to bail and stack as well as haul and dried hay is a crop and today hay costs 5 to 10 dollars a bail it depends on quality and type. this is one of the reasons why I raise chickens and rabbits a balance of resources and my ability to store and area for grass for feed large animals are great but it takes a specific amount of grass rain and area per animal and usually those numbers are minimum so double that so when drought and other trouble comes you have a natural reserve. In a world with no power or limited or expensive power and no access to cheap fertilizer from oil and gas it will not be easy and your water will not be easy to come by a hand pump puts out 8 to 16 ounces a stroke the water level drops as to drought and others use from the same aquifer rivers and lakes have dried up in days or a few years. shade is a resource people fail to consider animals need to get out of the sun it reduces their water need and any animals need medication such as wormer fly spray gentian violet or otherwise called purple medicine mineral oil and flea and tick dips and soaps. it is also good to keep all your NON DETERGENT or plain old used motor oil we used it for years to treat mange on dogs, sulfur is also a good animal medication animals need salt blocks and molasses etc it would not hurt to keep a season of whatever you need and rotate JITIM or just in time inventory management is a fools paradise any number of issues can leave shelves empty and take many months if not years to rebuild the inventory ask anyone looking for 22 Long rifle shells. Depression era survivors who turned into hoarders had a real reason or internal fear as there was NOTHING that did not have a value BUMS used old news paper inside their clothes to keep from freezing to death old homes do not have insulation some used to plaster in news paper to keep the wind from whistling between the boards and many roofs were tin and you could see through holes in the tin only the ones that leaked were tarred. I recall an old home you could see through the floor boards and old log homes had to be rechinked on a as need basis. one last thought is Kerosene and coal oil are 2 very different things that can both be used for fuel look it up and make good use of the information.
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    Hi. I have info to share on our solar visit on the 3rd, but not enough time to type it out right now. So...it's coming! Overall, I find certain aspects of the solar industry woefully inadequate and I'm shocked we aren't more advanced on some aspects of solar technology. more to come...
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    Thank you and wally for your support and likes as others even if they disagreed at least they read my opinion, and that means at some later date hopefully they will remember some of the facts I laid out. I post for posterity I really do not see in this time and place any change of mindset but I think someone needs to post the truth (maybe as I see it ) but I could be convinced if there were real evidence to the contrary and so far there is not. I follow the money as it is generally the devils tool to manipulate fools. It is not that winning is not important but I would like our leaders to pick a fight where it is a win win like a tiny nuke on Pyongyang North Korea while Kim and all his azz suckers are in session and goose stepping all over the place lay down a line of cluster bombs across the mine field that is the border and sit and wait if they get stupid go in if not leave it alone nation building winning hearts and minds exportation of democracy has yet to yeild fruit well to be fair we have only tried it for 60 years maybe it will take more time ? NOT LMAO I think we need a new policy like slash & burn --- just a thought.
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    I've dug into this a bit more... People considering wind power should check into the 3rd party ratings produced by the Small Wind Certification Council. Unfortunately, numerous residential users who have installed wind turbines (from a variety of makers) in recent years are generating far less power than the manufacturers and installers claimed they would. The problem is not generally with the mechanicals themselves (rotor, etc.), but rather improper site placement, improper height, and also not doing an accurate wind study to ensure the site can generate the power needed/desired. I would check up your state's solar and/or wind studies to learn more about what type of site you're in and I would look up something called: flagging. Since our meeting with the solar power guy is tomorrow, I wanted to educate myself on some terms and learned more about batteries used in PV systems. I found this helpful article: https://www.homepower.com/articles/solar-electricity/equipment-products/lithium-ion-batteries-grid-systems
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    There are small wind generators for sail boats make about 400 watts sounds small but you do not have to go 80 foot and you can daisy chain them into a charge controller it one bites it you not out a bank roll only 3 or 4 hundred. large wind generators also can be noisy as to the blade whip not the unit itself I would ask to see / hear whatever you decide on before you buy. they can be like a weather vane on buildings they kick out when the wind is too high so it will not fly apart. In fact I would scatter the systems to a barn with a couple batteries out building with the same your home one on each end etc that way you have numerous back ups. each building is an island so no one part can take down the whole. Trojan are the 6 volt batteries many use they are 6 volt so 2 to get 12 volt but mucho amp hours. because you have so many acres you probably need a tractor and a generator stub is a cheap add on and most have a 10 KW rating. so you would have 3 ways solar wind and a diesel tractor w/ gernerator stub
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    Your food is killing you and your pets it's legal and OK a government agency allowed it ? can anyone imagine a chemical weapon being used and no one knew ? we just bombed Syria for this and it is going on here and the MSM is not doing the story justice in fact how many of you know about this ? many of these are foods we tell children are good for them HOLT CRAP RAT MAN Many is not the word try most all commercially sold American based foods because they use American grain ,MOST BABY FOOD CONTAINS THIS TOXIC STUFF CANCER IT'S NOT JUST FOR BABIES AND BREAKFAST ANYMORE NOEL no it is not a Christmas saying this is a real Chemical "PASS" from the EPA NOEL, or "no observed adverse effect level
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    MommyLiberty carts are cool for any purpose especially getting through the airport with all my luggage back in the day.
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    I love your explanation of golf. It's like playing solitaire, but outside with a skinny stick and shorts. IMHO the best part of golf is driving the cart.
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    We have a friend in the Midwest who has his turbine on a pole that can be raised and lowered. I should email him...
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    If we did this, we would pay cash. The only debt we have is our mortgage - yes, to a bank, (no car or student loans, or CC debts), which is around 63% loan to value (LTV), and gets significant principle payments as well as extra payments every year in the routine payment schedule. It's a 30-year term, at a very low rate, but will be paid off well before that. IF it got tight, there are family resources available and we could pay off the bank and simply do a private loan with the people lending to us (both my and my husband's parents). Worst case...we'd drain some of the retirement funds and take all the penalties. As you pointed out, there are certainly numerous options. I guess the goal in the near-term would be to use the solar and benefit from the reduced costs in monthly bills, which run an annual average of $150 per month. Since we plan to be here indefinitely, after the system was paid for, then (and now) we can benefit from the solar power for SHTF. From my understanding, the battery bank is stored indoors out of the elements and it's the array (or panels) which are exposed. If we are in SHTF and a huge storm comes by and rips our roof off, then yes, the panels would go too - but we'd have far greater issues with no roof over our heads - anything is possible, but we are not in tornado alley. We are on a windy site, and last summer had a massive storm system come in with 70 mph sustained winds. Roof was fine. The prevailing winds here come from N or NW, and the panels would be on the south side of the roof, which the upper peak of the roof giving protection. We also do not have any large trees near the home that would damage the roof/panels.
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    The real problem is constant and long term ingestion and this has been going on 35 years, one reason why I and many others grow our own (organic) gardens. The food chain is also involved many ranchers and farmers use "glyphos+++" to treat sendero's or otherwise known as a drive width area along the fence line, cattle do not respect "lines" and eat as they please ingesting it. wild animals ingest it it runs off in the ditches and birds and frogs etc a large portion of the food chain live eat drink and fornicate in these ditches. One part per million is considered minimal and our agency does not test for it why ? they were going to because of public outcry and backed off. In one of the above videos it gave a list of it in meat ranged from low 20 PPM ( parts per million to almost a hundred PPM SO this is like DDT it was banned because it was harbored by the animals in their gut and caused problems with eggshell thickness in many bird species one was the bald eagle so it was BANNED I guess people are not that important. One of my main issues is "they" ways say they are concerned with the children they do not give a hang about children anyone that watched the General Westley Clark interview on the gulf war and recent concerns about team 6 and what some members stated before they went to their death and a hundred other orchestrated events and programs where thousands of Americans have died BUG ME. There are a few professions that I would avoid as a young person like virology Special forces, close contact or work in politics or campaigns. certain specialties in chemistry as these people are dropping dead like flies against all actuary statistics by hundreds not just a little ! and by violence and suicide accidents far far above national averages. Why does a ice cram and peanut butter company et shut down ? when the numbers of illness is low compared to cigarettes faulty vehicles but when this subject is broached you hear crickets / a pin drop we are now aware that for years trolls have been attacking or making comedy and calling out those that post on certain subjects as conspiracy theorists or tin foil hat wearing nuts. Equality it does not exist or ever has it is an illusion perpetrated by those in power my other concern is monopolies and antitrust where other nations and business conceal their interests and companies in a cloud of corporate paperwork appearing to be something their not in league with each other to cover their azz in many nations you cannot ask or get information and the U.S. has political hacks that are implementing law to prevent asking requesting or suing making it a crime to do so. If we are not all concerned about this we will all be excluded from knowledge of or information to what is killing us. It is strange that corporations are forced to hold money for asbestos and other travesties against American workers that they knew were deadly and dangerous to the families why is there a blanket of silence on this ? as it concerns 300 million people.
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    Correct. I think the best decision on where to locate is based on available water supply. Without it, no matter where you are - you're stuck up. I also don't think riding 50 miles is feasible. Why not just invest in rural land and set-up there now, building a home and a life and doing all the prepping from that point? Maybe storing some secret caches away from the home in case of a BO. But, if you live rural to begin with (thankfully, like we do now), the likelihood of needing to BO decreases a lot, which means we can focus our attention on the physical surroundings nearby...learning the land, etc..
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    Over time the Home Depot "discount" was first for veterans then only service connected now it is by item next it will only be Tuesday and a full moon. a recent wast of time and an hour of shopping and numerous items AND NOT ONE HAD A DISCOUNT i GOT STUFF FROM TOOLS PAINT HARDWARE WALL COVERINGS ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING THE ONLY AREA i DID NOT GET SOMETHING FROM WAS LAWN & GARDEN. I WAS GOING TO BUT TIME WAS SHORT. All I can say is whatever cost to return the items back to their shelves out paced any "DISCOUNT" on the products had I purchased them. One other thought why does the V.A. in Houston have a Starbucks coffee shop ? as I recall they are not much for the military nor veterans and I may be mistaken but didn't Starbucks Want to Give 10,000 Refugees a Job Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. | DON"T VETERANS NEED WORK ? I cannot tell yet what Trump is doing will help the V.A. system or not I did notice that now you either can take the V.A. benefits or Social security but not both well neither alone is going to make you much above the poverty line and besides it ain't like you can save on that chump change so it would be spent in the community but big brother does not mind paying a Syrian refugee double what a nomal social security recipient get nor does it bother them to pay illegal aliens who never dropped a dime in the system for all their chillen" give them health care food stamps with cash option as well as all other benefits like help with rent and utilities they even get trans lators and help filling out forms. yea there is a us versus them mentality and it breeds distrust of our government it's agencies and hard feelings BUT our leaders vote themselves a raise and have a separate expense account they do not let us know about as well as travel and lodging on top and it always bothers me that they go in without a pot to piss in and come out well heeled landed gentry and they never let you forget their title senator or congressman mayor dog catcher so and so even though they are not NOW ! They have plenty of cash for handing out to all them 3rd world countries giving away the panama canal the Internet you know SH*T WE PAYED FOR.
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    Canada is having the same BS , not just America. Veterens in Canada are treated like 3 class citizens, while the Liberal government rolls out the red carpet for Muslim refugees. This is happening world wide, so it seems.
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    So go where everyone else is going ? I thrive in inhospitable places and it keeps the vacationers OUT. Without refrigeration the swamp is the perfect place for tons of food on the hoof both salt and fresh water fish fowl and beaucoup mammals. above the tree line there are fewer food critters or so large as you would have to process and make lots of smoke to keep it Eskimos exist in cold Indians lived in the desert it was not because they were stupid but chose a life of isolation /ism to defend their families and bloodline from other groups and tribes either by a wall of snow high ground or inhospitable climate. Your ONE size fits all has never worked the world is a HUGE PLACE not the place you envision as utopia. One rifle fits all or one caliber fits all and 50 miles in a day UPHILL OR DOWNHILL what age group what about people with disabilities or children pregnant women what about animals to start a homestead like chickens goats rabbits wild rabbits do not do well in captivity ! planting beds for nomadic people plant now eat later ? Weather has not been our friend Colorado and other states have had massive wildfires try to escape with all your gear in a freak storm flood hail drought people mastered their region in order to survive. moving injects different conditions more wind rain more or less water from one side of any mountain range to the other can be a world of difference. at altitude freak storms can drop the temps to life threatening levels and without antibiotics a simple cold / chill can turn into pneumonia. mountain regions day temps are in the 60's 70's at night can be below freezing. mountains generally mens large carnivores and less resources than a SWAMP. where your surrounded by water in the mountains water may or may not be easy to find so foreknowledge would be helpful. Making general statements without informing readers of the negatives is irresponsible. rearing animals carpentry gardening reloading welding mastering firearms hunting tracking are SKILLS that cannot be taught in days or weeks. and are the only hope for a future.and future generations IMHO.
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    Origins of the Islamic / Muslim religion this is a video that tells the story of the start of Islam and ought to piss off just about everyone but hey someone had to do it Origins of the Islamic / Muslim religion If you trust others to interpret your religion, take your spirit for granted and allow others to lead you down the primrose path expect to get lied to manipulated and loose your eternal soul remember lazy is not a quality God admires nor cowardice. There is only ONE scripture that sums it all up, Romans 10:9that does not mean that ignorance of the 31,103 others because Satan knows the bible he has used people to misinform misquote and twist meaning and alter or change words even remove verses it is up to each person to read examine and make up their own mind I choose the King James version and also have an NIV bible or non inspired version, it is not that it is bad but many verses do not strike the ear with rememberance as the King James version but it make the Bible more relative to American English. Romans 10:9 King James That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 NIV If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Here is the one judgment you should avoid IMHO Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
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    This is where I stick my head in the sand. At some point, those like us who know it's bad and getting worse have to just stop reading it all. Because aside from prep and the knowledge everything we see and can access is all a side-show, what more can we do about this sort of evil? Pray. And pray! But, beyond that I have to say "no" to watching and reading it all. I am still alive now, and I know the world is doomed - the end is coming like a freight train. But, there is no enjoyment in looking at just how dark the darkness is. In my little corner of earth, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, and I want to think on that for as long as I can. The darkness is encroaching. Many cannot even see it and others are totally oblivious and disinterested - the people of Noah's time. I am not that sort of person. I see the times and my spirit feels the "seasons." Reading all this and watching the videos is like knowing you're gonna die by firing squad and asking what color the shooters' coats will be. Why bother? Whatever is coming really stinks. I detest that sick-feeling I get when reading this or watching the YouTubes. Maybe I am just a happily "complacent" prepper. Ha! Not asking you Snake, although please answer if you want, just more like a rhetorical question. And a philosophical rant...
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    First No one is able to prevent hacking or viruses consider your computer a bank vault and people want in as long as nothing is there to prevent it or your not secure in use or management you can be taken... that said here are a few ways to protect yourself. Any important files you place on your computer you need to have a CDor DVD backup / direct copy of these files as a burned closed CD or DVD cannot be corrupted by a virus this does not work on flash drives or external hard drives as if they are connected or connected after you have been compromised that data too is compromised (not always but a good bet) If you use the same files or pics optical drives are your best bet as the only information that is altered is transient and that is all information on a hard drive unless it is locked and that may not be enough. Even if you have encrypted that information it is not encrypted again by some viruses or trashed altogether. I just took a peek at some of the information and found it less that worthwhile Microshaft stated that the patch for the eternalblue and other exploits (ways to overcome your system) had been put out 2 months ago we all know that Microshaft has had some patches and updates that have crashed and ruined data as well as other companies trying to keep up with Microshaft ever dancing chicken on a hot plate either trying to crush their competitors so they can pick up the pieces for cheap or to remain relevant but make no mistake none of the software giants want you to be secure or not need to update their products else they go out of business !!! there is the rub not to mention many SELL their code so others may use it to build their code to complement or use their software and actually that gives the code to hackers who look for flaws to exploit. One sure way is to not have a hard drive operating system at all if you share pictures and data do it off a CD\DVD if you want to save or browse the web have a drive as a swapfile only one you can wipe and don't care about you can use a flash drive to save store temporary information and once it is permanent burn it in addition to your other stuff and keep the older as a backup. Look for one of the many "LIVE" Linux distributions LIVE means it runs off your CD\DVD drive it does not place anything on your hard drive unless you allow it. running Linux allows you some defense although you should always have Clamtk and the GUI or graphic user interface to be able to watch what it is doing. Each version of Linux has different basic drivers for network printers scanners sound and video so you have to download a few basic ones to see which one will boot your computer with all of it's hardware so you do not have to figure it out and there are many howto's on the net. within reach I have 5 computers none are leading edge most I have been given or I have built from parts only 2 are connected to the net one is not for email or certain downloads just browsing most all have VPN or virtual private networking you need to or can read more on that. Security such as VPN slows down a connection but that in itself is not a deterrent to self defense on the world wide web (WWW) Most viri are to attack Windows as it is the most universal operating system or (OS) out there. Can Linux do all windows can do well mostly it does not easily allow playing of online games it does have some "ways" that are not linear some version cannot see certain drive partitions like native NTSF windows many can and do allow you to see and use your pics music and movies but it is not easy to know how to find after using windows file system once you have the basics down it is fairly forthright. is it easy yes and no it truly depends on the persons way of thinking but it is free you can donate to those you like and use and I do and would if I were a user download the .ISO tell your burning software to burn and image or .ISO and your off to exciting new world of computing well let just say it's different and should windows crap out all you have to do is boot to this on your CD\DVD drive and you should be off and running some come plain and allow you to add programs and games as you like many come with a version of office but you need to save as a DOC or a DOCX extension instead of the native .ODT or office document text (I think) so when windows office sees it it does not sh*t a brick and make all kinds of excuses why it cannot open the file. Windows is proprietary and demands loyalty it will not allow other programs or Operating systems to use it.s extensions which like your last name references your family and whom to contact and understands "IT" many are open and allow others to use their extensions like JPG, GIF or MP3 or MP4 etc. If you bother and find a version that works all your hardware then once you get slammed by a virus you have a way to get on the net find a way to stop or reverse the virus and get back online if not there are powerful tool on Linux to try to save your files or format our drive as some do not allow any access from windows or a partitions like NTSF all I can say is windows like 2 partitions one for backup and one for windows. many virus also alter the backup and original files of windows so just telling your computer to go back is not a cure for some of these pests either. I was looking and found a new version of Linux and downloaded it while banging out this topic and as I am typing it is burning to a DVD for many new and old versions here is a link to Linux distributions for most any chip type / system Linux most versions
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    Financially, anything taking longer than 3-4 years to recoup is considered a poor investment due to the time value of money. Now, going solar may not be a totally financial reason for some folks, so maybe 9 years to recoup is no bother. Husband has written it off. I'm a bit more open to the Sonny Boy inverter idea as a portion of an overall energy plan in SHTF namely for a quiet option and for the well pump in particular.
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    Hard copy back up. Old school paper style for anything truly important.
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    funny {not haha funny} but Australians did not allow their children by half of the previous year to take vaccinations and autism was down by 50% +- also one study claimed there were traces of mercury in a certain one -- i read a lot but this info came from an Australian testing facility. here is some crazy sh*t about vaccines and population control crazy town holy sh*t ratman they are planing to kill the children !
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    My emergency medical kit is a MTM survivor dry box more information and web site here Survivor Dry box internal dimensions are app 5 X 8.5 and a embedded compass this is adequate for what I deem my med kit here is a list. Stainless steel perch hooks unwaxed dental floss waterproof matches in water tight container spool of tuffline 150 yards 5 different dental pics double ended surgical probes 2 2 hemostats 6 inch tweezers nasal ear pliers (opens ear and nose wider) surgical scissors Trauma shears large (clip a penny in half type) Swiss Army classic knife phlebotomist tourniquet medium size nail clippers 4 inch X 1 inch vial of Q-tips needles salt packets and extra Swiss Army tweezers matchbook sewing kit Carmex lip etc. balm oral pain reliever baby aspirin 2 mini bic lighters 1- 2 inch serrated mini knife 6 -4X4 Gauze sponges 12- large bandaids 12- alcohol prep pads Antibiotic ointment sinus tabs immodium sinus inhaler or vics inhaler contac cold & flu Tylenol travel size 1 roll paper tape 1 roll athletic tape 2 dollars in quarters 20 dollars in ones. snake bite kit mostly for the scalpel as these suction types are not considered useful any longer but can be used for other purposes. OK now that I got it all out and replaced anything that needed to be it was a Chinese puzzle trying to get it all back in but as anyone that has spent a considerable amount of time out it shrinks by usage this is one kit in other pouches I also have some duplication as I have a few BIC lighters and a few plastic waterproof match containers with other OTC medications vitamins etc. Long term treks without vitamins minerals like Epsom salt will draw you down or knowing where to find it, that is why our predecessors life span was less than 50 years as well as no antibiotics or sulfa drugs and still many are allergic to sulfa / sulfur. most mediactions will last a lot longer than the expiration date and much if kept in a cool dark place will last a longer time.but you have to have some counting on it being on the shelf when you need it is absurd to insane. numerous times I have seen flu and cold items gone as a wave of illness hits and it is only uncomfortable not life threatening. Trying to use kitchen utensils in an emergency is not going to work you have not enough hands.
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    It amazes me that the left think that they are immune from being targeted as infidels raped murdered or their children harmed or molested so all these apologists for the mooslims and those that want to block Trumps ban on unvetted or travelers from many nations where there are no records from home births and corruption is so rampant that anyone can buy a passport under any name or a group with deep government ties can produce passports at will for trained agents, this is vile for any American to allow themselves to be used as a conduit to obstruct rule of law and NON citizens do not have rights especially if they are not here legally or yet to travel to our soil.
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    Not THAT KIND of vice? You are just no fun, man. No fun.
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    well youtube is being a jerk and taking advertising away from channels that are NOT family friendly by their measure like wranglerstar, hickok45 nutnfancy and any that might be firearm friendly, christian friendly etc...etc..so most of our channels are going to be closed down...
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    You say tomata I say tomato or really what difference between the Sunni Shiite Baha'is the 2 that blow themselves up on a regular basis are of course the ones we think are our allies and they are NOT they are both opportunists that you have to pay for every thing they do for you on their behalf period. The Ideology religion and texts there is no salvation love or empathy if your born poor so be it if you die so what it is fate it is convert or die. in so called moderate countries you paid a sin tax if you were any other religion and you were barley tolerated but since all the unpleasantnesses other religions are murdered like dogs burned alive beheaded drowned and all while they are ALIVE ! in the BOOK there are 100 + references to killing nonbelievers and there is no mention that they have to be honest or fair in dealing with NON believers PERIOD ! and the seldom spoken of Wahhabism because it's the wealthy leaders corner and the country they control is where the Nine one one guys came from Today an ex-general stated that Trump was Right going and bombing a couple weeks ago and stated we need to back our allies ALLIES you mean the puppet leaders we installed that threw us out of Afghanistan and Iraq ? or was he speaking about some other nations like any of the STAN's half whom were very fickle on what they would allow us to do or not then there is Pakistan a nuclear power that is bipolar in it's nature if not for the military the radicals would have nuked each other and India then India would retaliate and there goes the mideast into a Bar-B-Q and none of that we can control, Pakistan's military leader Pervez Musharraf arrested this month is not a good sign in fact very very bad IF and that is worrisome his former colleges allowed that there may be a internal rift between radicals and moderates the winner is a nuclear power and now that places India and Israel in the cross hairs !!! Russia tried to take over before and got their azz whooped it was their Vietnam and got their azz handed to them by a bunch of goat herders with barley a elementary school education. Never mind Russia wanted the opium and Heroin trade that is the sum total of Pakistan's exports and once we got in the opioid problem here increased by a factor of 5 tines !!! If anyone thinks that winning is so great look at how much it has cost to hold south Korea we spent billions in a cold war with Russia to hang on to Europe after WWII I wish Trump would stop listening to those meat heads and realize it is good money after bad we have no friends in the middle east except Israel and they allow other religions to exist and even thrive there, but no Islamic country allows other religions or even of another sect without a lot of problems and we need to just stay out ! I want to ask just what is the worst that could happen if we allowed Israel to take back the land they took in 1967 as none of the groups have held their end of any peace negotiations have lied and murdered broken treaties and Lebanon was the Paris of the middle east and now it is a destroyed DUMP because they allowed the Palestinians IN there are no Palestinians they are Arabs who left their perspective countries because they were considered scum by their own. and now are sprouting groups like Hamas the PLO ISIS ISSL MOOSLIM brotherhood blah blah blah same tune different words today they are your friend tomorrow they shoot you in the back. Want proof l you have to do is watch Europe rapes riots bombings knife attacks truck attacks child molestations threats on police Sharia law imposed in segments of people in certain areas and the countries do not do a thing while their citizens are tormented into selling out their homes and businesses by daily threats. only the multinationals have lost anything there if you and yours wants to die for oil corporations and profits for the military industrial complex cheap importation of opium carry on because that is what has happened and will happen until we tell our leaders leave it alone and let Russia get it stuck in their azz again because if we go back we have to feed and clothe and arm them AGAIN train them and they know our tactics and turn on US AGAIN --- they are killing each other off just fine without us they do not need our help and anything you give them they will just use it to kill someone or live longer to kill more and that is not an opinion it is obvious to anyone but a moron.
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    Grey = good. Our state is very liberal and into green energy so it wouldn't draw too much attention our way regarding tax credits as it's kinda becoming common around our area for residences to have solar. It's great for us though bc the back of the house where panels would go isn't viewable from the road and no one is behind us beyond the creek (all fields and woodland)...private. Being gravel and not a widely-traveled road we're on helps too. Are you doing a tiny home sort of concept?
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    Everyone is all wrapped up in foods...the vibes our phones send out do long-term damage too. Ever noticed that clear film that covers the inside of your windshield of the car? That's residue from the plastics in the car. Do you know what carpeting gives off? And, you know how they say not to sleep with a clock or your phone by your head or body? Well, the wiring in our walls, even when nothing is turned on, emits electro-magnetic radiation. The wall outlets. Even the walls. That's not even including the microwave. I know this because I read about it, but also bought a device to measure it (nerd) and did so. Long-term troubles, come from all directions, not just food. Basically, the only remedy is to go back pre-electricity and live in wooden homes eliminating all plastics from our use. Oh, and BPA-free. Great. Just be aware that other "replacement" plastics still have their own issues. I kinda get annoyed by all the hypo crazy people re: food and even vaccines. But, then fail to realize the inherent risks of just living in modern America.
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    you have done your homework batteries inside are not a good idea it need to be in a separate building I would go as far as to have a reinforced all that faces your home anyone that has witnessed a battery storage go up you want some separation and a blast wall to help direct problems away from your home. It is not the problem if your system has some damage as technology will help shunt the voltage lightening is not predictable and has the destructive power to jump equipment . Batteries are expensive it is best to use 6 volt golf cart batteries as they have a very deep charge / amp hours and have a long life over their counterparts using distilled water to keep dissolved minerals out / from of the cells shortens the battery life the charge controller keeps the water from being over charged / boiling out the water make sure the inverter can carry the load your planning on. The reason I explained a iesel generator is heat or air conditioning it takes so much amperage the system and battery bank would be way more expensive as far as generators look up a equipment auctions and look for a light plant / pull behind light bar generator like you see on highway work sites. as it is portable most at auction have mangled light bars who cares what you check is the motor and power generation with a meter / tester. any meters wiring if the light bar works all the better. Ask the difference between running or if the system can run dryer air stove oven conditioner/s or amperage of heaters and for how long / hours per day IE capacity of the total system to operate heavy appliances remembering that sunlight is not a controllable phenomenon here we had a week of overcast and drizzling rain.also winter hours of sun are reduced. If your place is large enough to need a tractor you need one in the high 30's to 40+ horse power to run a generator stubb on it and most are very fuel efficient many hours on a few gallons of diesel and diesel is more stable for long term storage over gas with good stabilizer.
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    Funny as hell I just saw a commercial on THIS chemical under it's corporate name they are now looking for people effected LMAO thats most everyone that has eaten "FOOD" but they are speaking as if only the people applying it are effected or the wife that cleans the clothes or that the clothes mixed in get are now 'contaminated" company is ultra powerful it has sued farmers and ranchers that have spoken out or that use their own heirloom seed they have the money and lawyers and have ruined / broke them Africa HELL AFRICA refuses to allow this company to sell GMO seeds from them or even give them out as for some time they have been trying to penetrate the African market and corrupt officials to make laws forcing people to use their GMO stuff and they are smart enough to reject it GMO hybrid plant seed does not reproduce like heirloom seeds they produce a single crop and the seed is mostly worthless and is fed to cattle / all animals in their feed so down the food chain it comes pregnant women eat it their fetus gets it and so on and so on Even Europe rejects GMO seed our children are all on the global warming and save the planet rain and have not a clue what is really at stake and whom they should be picketing boycotting and protesting instead of protesting the man who could be a champion if he were to understand what people are wanting it is mind numbing how stupid people are or should I use the word ignorant as it does not matter calling one or the other elicits the same reaction VENOM and instead of turning rage against the actor they attack the messenger. with Trump in office we have a way to crush 35 years of lies and control of companies that have used the lobbyists like former senators congressmen military brass etc to sell US the lies they want us to hear. An example a powerful man under Bus Jr when he lost position from his father went and sold artificial sweeter as "SAFE" and it was not and all test said so but because there was a paycheck HE did everything in his power and I am just as sure things he would rather we not know and I think he was 2 or 3rd in line from Bush Jr and he knew what he had done between the time he worked for his father and JR brought him on !!! We are being led by the nose lied to bought and sold like animals on the hoof kept ignorant and then sold a bill of goods repackaged lies. Friends are loosing half their retirement and their spouse after they die are being cut by half again they want to cut social security and refuse one or the other to Veterans as to disability from the V,A, or Social security they screwed up medical insurance and now they had 8 years and Ryan screwed that up ! your all being played as fools I will give you a quote and in place of the political name use either retirement, medical insurance V.A. benefits or social security When the Nazi's came for the communists, I remained silent. I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn't a Jew. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out. "THEY" are doing it again divide and conquer, separate subjugate , corrupt the education system, change the narrative to any other social issue no matter how vague or infinitesimal the group may be, harp on the issue use the MSM to pound it into the minds and souls make it a emotional crime not to act ! all the while they are passing laws and colluding to shear you and your children like sheep IMHO Trump was the wild card and they were not ready we all have this opportunity to warn ask and expect him to help all of us from the swamp creatures that act like our friends and neighbors and sell us out fist time they get a chance.
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    We have had wicked winds and storms as well sorry for your loss thats a lot of effort and people that do not garden do not realize a seed gives back a hundred to one 50 to one and 20 to one plant and any time lost for plant die off shortens the grow season and crop. The drums are working out I have a 5 gallon bucket of soap from the leavings in the barrels so far and I place them fill with a half cup of bleach seal and use them as a base for shelves with plywood keep a couple in each coupe / pen so if water goes off or gets short I have a source there going to build a few siphon pumps just need some PVC, marbles, fittings and "O" rings
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    Oh no my 6th grade teacher WAS right math IS important to surviving! Obliviously no one will be ale to to live a "modern" lifestyle post power grid but I think putting a few solar panels away in a big tin box would not be the worst of ideas. But like so many great ideas that I would love to do this one will have to wait just to f'n broke