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    Hi, not new but have been away for years. I have a new life now, and am looking at prepping now for my new lifestyle. This time around, i will be joined by Mrs. Brick and the Brick Family Animals. Glad to be here again!
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    I would even wager a guess while they may lose some nutritional value past expiration, they are likely safe to eat past that date and would give some calories to stave off hunger, though they make lack in terms of power packed vitamins and minerals.
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    I would like to add to my post the following comment, While I have been the lead investigator on more than a few well known politically sensitive cases, none were as big and as catastrophic as the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Group Cluster. personally, I am strongly of the opinion, given the strange behavior of security officer Campos, taking a powder from his Union’s office last night, set of televised interviews, that Campos is also criminally involved in this matter, some how. I have long held suspicions about how he “happened”to be on the 32d floor when the shooting started, and managed a m8nor leg wound. There are NO “coincidences”in life. They are scientifically implausible explanations, when arm-chair experts speculate, like I’m doing now. Yeah, I do think he’s involved in this up to his eyeballs, which would explain Mandalay Bay’s coming out with a totally different timeline... they (MB) are also pretty sure their employee is/was involved or at least co-opted by Paddock. This would put them squarely in the personal injury cross-hairs of Plaintiffs Counsel, and billions in losses.
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    Having been the lead investigator in a few “politically delicate”; investigations, in my past LE career, I can personally attest to the goat-rope every one of them was internally. I’ve found that since people are human, sometimes, they do make mistakes. However, the absolute cluster the revised timeline has been, seems to me, to indicate a “controlled narrative” going on behind the scenes, more along the lines of a CYA, than anything else. Yes, Vegas casinos do have surveillance in every single hallway that are superb. Those are for defense fr9m spurious litigation suits, more than anything else, so, the property can prove they were NOT liable more than anything else. I’m just speculating, that the timeline differences between the hotel’s account of their corporate behavior “a legal defense terminology”, and the actual response time from the LVMPD’s PR perspective to indeed be “different”. I will also wager a house payment, that, there was a total cluster in response management oversight, tha5 contributed greatly to the , let’s call it “confusion”, about when uniformed LVMPD officers arrived on scene, and confr9nted the shooter. I’ve seen pers9nally situations between patrol wanting to go in and neutralize an active shooter, and the SWAT/EST people arguing about who has “command”, of the situation. I would like to believe that LVMPD did not have that k8nd of a urinating contest in the middle of this country’s worst active shooter situation, but Ill bet two house payments, that IS what happened, as well as Mandalay Bay property ownership trying to cover their assets, before “allowing” the coppers to get inside the 32nd floor hallway. Those two things alone, could have caused the 70 minute plus delay in making the entry into the shooters rooom/s. I am not at all happy, wit( the Fox News (today) reporting of the FBI “wiping”all phones and other electronic devices, left at the shooting victims scene. Such actions fuel the conspiracy theorists insatiable appetites for bovine excrement sandwiches. Yes, the Hotel and Las Vega# Metro are both covering their assets for ENTIRELY different purposes. Will we ever know what really happened in the Total Goat Rope? I highly doubt it. Was there only one shooter? Yes, I do believe that. Was he ISIS, nope. Was he a Leftist/Socialist/Marxist political leaner? I would bet three house payments he was. Is the Sheriff of Clark County a Democrat trying to minimize political fallout to the tourist industry as well as his own political future? Of course he is. Is the FBI playing square with LVMPD? Hell no, they’ve never played square with any agency they ‘ve ever been involved with, it’s their corporate culture. Apologies for the long diatribe and expressed opinion.
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    Sorry, I know because of my run on sentences punctuation in not helped by my frustration with my keyboard. I go through them regularly. I have tried all the name brands and they die just the same. One problem is I have some nerve damage in my right hand last 2 fingers a bit twitchy and my left hand is more like a club I can beat things with it and not feel it too much. that is why I figure I do not get in my "S" I don't really feel it so I am not tapping the key hard enough when I check my post I notice I have to insert them. I compensate by striking the keys hard enough to hear them so I know they should be "down" . Then are e-mails and calls and other things going on checking up etc. I have 2 computers w/ 3 monitors going when I am in, and I have projects I build / tinker with if I get a hot idea I either write it down or act on it and as of now I am filling Christmas presents to friends and sadly that list is getting shorter every year. During my computer time cut paste & print to keep up my notebook some of which I post portions here, therefore my mind gets distracted and once I start typing punctuation is an obstruction to my thought processes
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    I got a little good news yesterday. Our 5 year long nightmare with the irs is over. They audited us for 2010&2011. They said we owed $16000. After all these years an independent arbitrator found they owed us $277. Yippee. I know I know ....that means they only had to pay $59 per year to torcher us , make us miss sleep and stress us endlessly....but we didn't cave to the f+@#ers.
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    i've heard of people saying the 22 is not worth anything but i disagree a well placed shot can do much damage. i've heard of people getting booted from forums for defending the 22...
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    Snake, I believe that the absolute APATHY, of the electorate is the single biggest reason why we have out of control thugs and law enforcement. I spent 27 years in law enforcement, and saw a steady devolution , if yountill, from being a "WE, work for the public,...", to an US vs. them culture. I am far too personally familiar with the officer who tried to arrest the nurse situation, and the disgusting hospital police and security officers stood and did nothing to come to her aid. ,fortunately,her attorney is going to make sure the nurse in question get a very large check from the hospital and from the city in that case. while the SCOTUS has ruled decades ago, that law enforcement cannot be held liable for your losses, severe trauma injuries and/or death at the hands of predators, I believe that we, the taxpayers need to hold our employees accountable for their actions, and they ARE OUR EMPLOYEES. Their sole revenue source is a confiscatory based revenue generation from our property and sales taxes in all fifty states, so, we do pay them, however, indirectly. So, it is our responsibility and moral agency, to speak out when we see the bad and inefficient, as well as speak out to recognize and visible support the good. Blaming it on our frustration to drain the swamp we ourselves allowed to fester and petrify is ridiculous. We the people, created that damn swamp, by allowing ourselves to "trust" thenpoliticians. HUGE mistake on our part, the world's oldest professionals are far more trustworthy in my experience. (No actual professional contact other than having to arrest a few). The political elite as they call themselves are a societal cancer and nothing else. That cancer has almost destroyed this Republic. Im not going to see it die from that kind of rot from within, if I can do anything at all about it, no matter how small or insignificant my elected cancers think I am. I am not going easy...screw 'em!
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    I am a bit troubled by the "law" as all the actors involved seem to try confuse the issue between a law abiding citizen and a CREEP THUG or CRIMINAL in fact they have the ability to make everyone a criminal people have been arrested for having their medication on them without the bottle and a hundred other things I just watched a youtube video where a policeman asked / demanded for a blood sample where he had no right and the hospital policy also did not allow for the nurse to gather a sample and he arrested her all the while other officers just watched as well as hospital police and anyone witnessing would know he was out of line yet no one tried to stop him another time a state patrol stopped a man speeding and held him as his wife died.......... and a hundred other misguided incidents one that especially that I recall was the killing of a man & wife because of a mistake in the address on a warrant man tried to stop what he thought was a break in and he was shot because he had a gun that excuse could not be used for the naked shot dead wife though. Problem is because the entity that oversees the police backs them because of lawsuits not always because they are right and many times they are and get stuck because of political pressure social justice warriors and loons. If the only people that have a right to defend themselves are CHL holders the criminals are laughing their azzes off because that is a fraction of the considerable population and that does not include aliens or people that have recently moves from another state or travelers makes the criminal just look for easier victims or profile them for every distinct crime that is made difficult they shift gears and look for alternative crimes that pay with less exposure to lethal force like kidnapping blackmail extortion prostitution child pornography and other tactics that I will not get into but believe me when I say that the police are the largest impediment to stopping crime and most seem to resent 'amateurs" as they see it and even when the victim is in the right try their best to implicate them as well the D.A.'s political leanings also play into this if they are progressives / left leaning politically you can bet they will press every charge they can come up with that is why people need to have to buy concealed carry insurance in my state you can get it if you have a CHL or not -- think about that .is it better to be carried by 6 or tried by 12 with a good lawyer at your elbow. I do not like to lump all officers in the same bunch BUT when your not sure who can you trust ? and anything you say can be used against you regardless if your right or wrong and you still needed to defend yourself in some cases if you step off your property your liable if you chase even if to recover stolen property or if you or your family was injured or dead from the encounter consider that now make it a public space or you have to go pick your child from school go into a bank hospital or federal building ???????? your rights are sh*t the constitution is wall paper and you just lost all your rights forever ! this is why the criminal is not a vanishing breed because all the powers that be either cannot tell the difference are apathetic or do not want crime to decline or are part of it.
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    Very interesting post, Snake. For a few years as well as many months, I have been "feeling" prompted to ensure that my spiritual salvation as well as our temporal salvation were in "balance" with each other. I have been having interesting dreams in regards to both balance parts, that are meaningful to me and me alone. I have begun looking at one "seeing" things from a different "perspective", still the same cynical pessimistic me, but with a different perspective is all I can describe it as. I do believe we are being sent messages individually as well as for all of us, that the "time is a LOT closer than WE think it is". I have never believed in what most people call or refer to, as "coincidence". That simply does not fit into the order of the universe and the created Earth as we know it. I do believe that for every Disciple of Christ, we have disciples of doom (Satan), that are just as active or evangelical in thier prosyleting as Christians are to be in theirs. Evil does e it's, and a refusal to acknowledge or believe that it exists, perpetuates those evangelical missives from, "the other side". That side, is one I choose to be as far estranged from as I can physically be, because it is not correct for me, as a personal belief, for my family, and those loved ones I call my family. Things are changing rapidly.
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    Around 15 years ago I started my journey as a prepper. In addition to a reasonable supply of food stuffs and an unreasonable supply of ammo I wanted to add skills to compliment my new way of life. One of the first skills I chose to work on was identifing wild plants as food and medicine. When I first started I knew maybe 10 plants which is above average...but all true Texas country boys have chewed a stem of sour dock (sheep's soral) at one time or another. Now 15 years in I am able to identify 120+ by name and usage. It has even begin to rub of on my wife and son. ( the boy is well ahead of where I was at 13 ) The hardest part of learning all these plants was finding a book or web site that had good reliable pictures and descriptions of each plant. Most books are nearly useless....half the web sites are just plane wrong. Since I already have done the leg work to find the best places to study plants I thought share them with you. By far the sharpest "plant guy" I have ever known is Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen. He has a book out that is far and away the best wild edible book I have ever used. "Idiots guide to foraging" is 10 out of 10 stars imho. You can find it for about $15 at the other best place....his web site "Foraging Texas" . I know it says Texas but most of the plants talked about are found thru out the south...and a large portion are nation wide. If you ever have the chance to take Dr Vorderbruggen's wild edibles hike\class I highly recommend it as well.....yeah I'm a fan.
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    I bet your right. Our plan is to send them off to college with our boy when he goes. Just add hot water...plus his s'mother will sleep better if she knows he is fed. We will re buy at that point.
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    There is a lot to be said for big ole dumb dogs. We keep an English mastiff on our property...curantly on number 4. We have had one for the last 20 years...in that time only one phyco tried to open the gate without permission. Thor our 150 lb mastiff took the guys entire hand in his mouth and firmly let the jack ass know he wouldn't be getting it back til I said so. This guy was WAY off his meds...babbling crazy stuff and being all round skitzo....but even he stopped dead in his tracks at that point...which gave me time to arm up and run him off. Nothing beats a if dog to keep ALL kids of predators at bay....they work for rude little shitz too.
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    When purchasing ANYTHING, from an online ad, especially anything local, make sure you know as much about the seller, and the product you can before you lay down your hard earned cash. First, copy the street address of the seller, once you get there. (Verify it’s a legit address) go to the local gendarmerie (cop station), and do a records check on the address. You will pay a small fee in most locales, but, you can find out (all public record) , how many times the cops have responded to that address, and in most cases, have dealt with the seller. Second have a bill of sale, with the driver’s license of the seller and the buyer written down on the contract. You physically handle the license to ensure it is real. Write down the license number, (all licenses have them as do all Identification cards). Make sure the photos match, and make sure the addresses match as well. If not, ASK why? It’s not beingg rude, is being shrewd! You can also run in most states, the convictions of any person online, for another small fee, or even arrests, and you should. If someone has a history of burglaries, I would assume the items being sold are stolen, but that’s just my past career kicking in. Also, run the VIN of the vehicle p, (Vehicle Identification Number) from the registration, to ch3ck and make sure its not a “salvage title like a flooded pickup from Hurricane Harvey infamy. Again, another small fee to prevent be8ng ripped off, seems worth it to me. You are adults, but, you can do th3se simple steps to prevent h3artache later.
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    I recently bought 10 5 gallon buckets of freeze dried meals and 20 #10 cans of various kinds at an estate sale. They were produced in 2012 and had been kept in a 72 degree environment. I figure I've got 10 more years before they spoil. The 2012 end of days stuff has been turning up a bit lately.....I see those $20 Wind up flashlights at every yard sale for $1....I bet I've got 20 so for. Lol
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    the anti-lemon law should cover you for 3 years after your purchase just make sure you get as much information as possible on the seller so you can go back to him if there is a problem.
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    your right ...NO not buy a vehicle, but custom seats if you find a truck but the seats or configuration need to be tweaked. I have bought trailer hitch bumpers side mirrors headache racks etc. from Craigs list.
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    believe it or not go with a 6 cylinder more torque fuel injection, power steering and AC. Know that you can alter seats and find them on Craig list. Depending on the weather and road conditions if 4 wheel drive is a necessity or prized option and unless you drive a lot in traffic with it, go with a manual transmission. all you have to do is ask how much to work on a automatic transmission and how much easier it is to change a clutch pressure plate & throwout bearing. I am not sure of what year model but as early a model for simplicity as you feel comfortable with and in very good condition. Since your considering paying cash remember cash is king and although many are touting the economy, there are a lot of people needing cash. Take time don't rush until you find what you want have it checked for signs of any accidents and history.
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    I've started housing a pellet gun (one of the 1200 ft per second type) on any thing smaller than a coon...but I'm not sure I'd be scared to use it on coyote. It came with 2 barrels and shoots 22 cal pellets at 900 fps...those will punch threw 26 gauge steel. Believe it or not its accurate to 40 yards. I don't think our new pup would like getting any lead thrown his way either. He's only 6 months old English mastiff. Our last mastiff got so old he wasn't enjoying life ...so I put him down. He hated riding in the truck so I saved him that indignity....I really hate having to do that.
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    Sound like solid choices to me...but I'm not a stat guy ...I just look thru it and if I hit what I'm looking at I like it. Lol I have a Simmons that is dead on...for me at least...so I love that $89 turd. Its on one of the other 10.-22s
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    I'm a Nikon guy...or at least was. I haven't Bought a scope in quite a while. I like the Leopold as well I have a stainless over synthetic Ruger 10-22 out fitted with a Leopold 3x9.....but on all our dear rifles its Nikon.
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    The 223 gets a bad wrap from piss poor shooters...if you hit him clean he's dead.
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    Wally...Ill chime in on that one. My most used rifle is a Remington 700 adl chambered in 270. Snake....I also fill my butt stock with goodies. Thought I was the only one. Lol I just moved my stand yesterday. Its an 18 ft ladder stand and a pain to move...but I found a nice scrape with 3 rubs close by. I setup 45 yards from crossing trails. Trail cams at the feeder 100 yards away across the creek shows 5 shootable bucks and 2 must kill spikes....its going to be a good year!
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    I'm not big on conspiracy theories ....but this Vegas thing is way to weird. I call horse Shit.
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    I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. Type away! I'm sorry if I offended you. It is good you keep a journal/notebook.
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    My parents got audited awhile back. Same thing as you. Dad keeps meticulous records and proved 'em wrong.
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    No worries, Snake. I enjoy your posts (but sometimes the lack of punctuation is tough for me to follow your thoughts). That's just a friendly nudge. BTW. I tell my husband the guys here are my "internet dads," the trusted group of unknown men who think and give good advice on a miriade of topics. Ha! I enjoy it here. But I do wish more people posted like years ago!
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    I feel strongly that the proc3s on Ammunition, in particular, 357 Magnum, are due to the vagaries of caliber popularity and little else. I well remember when.40S&W first came out, prices were less than .38/.357 ammo to stimulate sales of the caliber Kool-aid b8g time. Except that as I recall their original issue load was a screamingly hot 135grain JHP out of their steel framed S&W 4006 pistols. Later, when a group of disaffected female CHP cadets filed litigation protesting that loading the CHP went to a milder .40 load, still very hot, but had a milder recoil impulse. About half of the female cadets in that class refused to join the lawsuit. The CHP learned its lesson after the tragic Newhall Shooting and got very serious about winning gun fights. Most shootings now involving the CHP officers on duty (as well as off duty)seem to result in fatalities for the suspects. At the time, the majority of law enforcement officers in California carried a .357 revolver, or a 1911in .45 ACP or .38 Super. The latter being very popular in more rural and mountain counties. While I have fired several .40caliber pistols, I was never issued, nor have I carried or owned one for my use. In my local area, the .40caliber is still extremely popular for civilians and coppers alike., so, the prices on .38/.357 are way out of line 8n my book. Thank goodness I “roll my own” (reload for you Millenials) due to a huge supply of brass and components I still have. I have faith in the local self-styled Ninja-mall-Tacticool-Commandos, That right before Christmas, here locally, the local website for selling firearms, will be well stocked with people dumping their .40calibers for the less expensive 9mm.
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    go out beyond your fence and use a post hole diggers and make a grid of pot holes and then scatter a pile of Broken bricks and round rocks (ankle breakers) throw your empties over and hope they smash on impact ------ or motion sensors linked to a siren pointed out and cameras to document and turn over to law enforcement after the second time it is a felony trespass here or if they do damage or refuse to leave after being informed to do so. consider crimping the loops of barbed wire inside your fence thus inside your fence / property one person on the other side with hog rings and hog ring plier and as you raise it to the top edge they crimp it keeps them from leg / body roll over it can still be done with a blanket so in the days of WROL you can do the first paragraph on both sides along with blocks of wood with wire nails at all angles I also love 45degree angle cut differing lengths of rebar you know punji sticks clap traps with a solar charger for cattle. trees with treble hooks on the tips of limbs I have a few more favorites but they are not people friendly.
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    KJV Mathew 24:11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. iniquity (ĭ-nĭkˈwĭ-tē) Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness. A grossly immoral act; a sin. I Woke up only to find that as every day where the love of mankind has grown cold, it is not that many times in history man has chose to destroy others my problem is that people never seem to learn that love is far superior to hate. I council people on addictions life and life style problems, People want to live like hell and not pay the devil his due. First let me say I am not and never have been perfect and I ask all that read this to remember, But for the grace of God go I. People have a stupid Idea that it can never happen to them problem is what have they done to prevent and strengthen themselves against the snares of the devil ? Make no mistake in each person there is satan's or a demonic voice tickling their ear looking for that crack to enter in. The disease of violence hate murder and selfishness is in us all the kindling of mistreatment old psychological wounds exist in everyone, mankind rejects God at his own destruction. Not long ago I was counseling a person who had a terrible breakup they had been deceived lied to and taken for everything it was raw recent and their emotions were raging all the while drinking a beer telling me their sad story of woe ---- consider that your life is sh*t and your drinking ? really for EVER it is known that drunkenness is the basis for the most horrific events in history greed lust and hate love the fuel alcohol. Hate is it's own fuel once you set your mind to hate for what ever reason you will die physically or mentally. The news talking heads are already saying, "how can we stop mass violence !" NO ONE CAN there are hundreds of ways for people to kill many without the use of firearms or common means we have recently seen. the problem is not weapons but the mind, Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. People run to their own center to find answers I noticed God was never mentioned the return to common sense and instead of a bar nude dance club or gambling joint on every corner Internet gambling, pornography on tap 24 / 7 and Bible verses torn from our capitols stripped from our schools never taught to our children, so just what do you expect ? When was the last time you heard a church bell ? this morning one of the quotes was basically, " how do we show that we will not be scared and come together to show no one can stop us !!! well if no one can stop you then no one can stop violent people like in Chicago ? you cannot legislate morality, this is as true now as ever. Bend over Here it comes again (BOHICA) a new wildfire against firearms magazines more background checks the first sound bite on the news was " I bet he got those weapons illegally" I have a bet I know I can win, that person was in complete breakdown some event had pushed him over the edge far be it for us to blame the people who drove him there with some portion of blame --- we do it in other cases look at social media where people have bullied others to suicide or the attempt there of-- you do not hear about attempts. Society want answers and they are already evident how many of you cannot recall a recent event where you have been disrespected unheard misinterpreted or insulted ? and we wonder why on top of all that some personal tragedy breakup death in his sphere of people did not send him over the brink ! I will recall an event from my own life where when my father died I walked into the emergency room he was laid out in arms hanging off the table sheet strewn over half his body my mother and brother (younger) by 11 years outside I could hear them crying heart wrenching sobs I had just entered was blank stunned as it was not expected --- and a nurse came in and said, " you got to get him out of here, you need to contact the mortuary he can't stay here" like he was some imposition a problem trash that needed to be removed. It is too bad we cannot see and hear ourselves at our worst I have had numerous events as that in my life by the grace of God I have not acted out for the most part or at least had some restraint because people in pain want to make others to feel their pain and suffering some people just want to hate and kill just because they were born they are not rich beautiful or socially positioned and those that are are called snobs who have the money power and ways to make people that catch their attention miserable, and it only take a little power to give them the big head. The TV news is still manned by idiots and fools in the last few years we have seen hundreds of terror events and mass shootings and when they did not have guns they used butcher knives vehicles sabotage I remember the Tylenol murders how about the professor that sent powder by mail ? just what do these pundits consider will solve this more control more invasive technology more scanners X-ray machines police pat downs stop and frisk YEA LIKE THAT WON'T SEND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS INTO A FRENZY ! what they do not realize is we are becoming a police state and that will cause more anger retaliation and more distrust and hatred of the policing agencies we are living in the book 1984 I think maybe end times ? I want everyone to consider what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan first we called them enemy then friend then we kicked down their doors and confiscated any and all weapons and left them defenseless and wondered why they hate us ? will not cooperate with us then when they rallied against us we arrested and beat them and when they decided to attack us and kill us we killed them --- we exported democracy and freedom ? when every day we loose it here and soon we will see the same actions against we the people more restrictions more regulations more cameras and they did nothing to stop this person but cameras are our bestest friends your TV listens to you your phone calls texts and social media are hacked scanned and spied on what next a exploding suppository up your azz so when you piss off the powers that be or become too expensive they push a button or send a drone to take you out ? We will never learn Kings puppet rulers and despots like Pol Pot leader of Cambodia who in 4 years murdered 1.2 million of his own people, I am sure he thought he was doing the right thing history is filled with people that thought they were doing the right thing first they tell you "we" need to take control then "we" need to imprison those that oppress you then "they" become paranoid and take all the guns from all those that are not in the :party: and even limit those people then anyone that opposes them is a radical and imprisoned for speaking out then it devolves into mas murder of millions IT IS THE SAME STORY OVER AND OVER. we are on that path in a free society with no morals people will latch onto anything to feel safe today a Israeli commentator stated you need to do as we do ??? really like that is working every day there is a terror event in Israel for differing reasons but he needs to get a grip on reality that all the police or military is react unless we all give up our right to self defense and turn it over tho the Government and we all know how well they organize and effectively operate --- I am all for police to be armed 24 / 7 they are here in Texas I also think that the military all branches should be armed 24 / 7 with the explicit understanding that if you misuse that weapon all punishment up to and including death is on your head I think this should apply to all Americans Many foreign powers have decide it was not a good idea to invade America because of What Yamamoto said, "there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass' . We are being invaded from the south and many are ex military or experienced freedom fighters dope dealers with notches on their gun grips or worse -- yes worse serial killers rapists / child molesters murderers running from the law or in fear of their crimes becoming known / paranoia getting the better of them and looking for new hunting grounds and what better place than a country that does not require I.D. and operates a catch and release system and even has sanctuaries for them ! We / America has aborted 500 million babies that is why we want / need cheap labor and people to pay taxes as they do buy vehicles and goods services but they take it back in buckets by social services welfare hospitalization incarceration and the direct causation of death among our working class and key owners operators and CEO's police and women who have children that are left orphans the damage is deep wide and continuous you cannot overcome sin with more sin it only begets more problems and costs more and more sin will NEVER balance out it always takes more that what it offers all the states that legalized marijuana will eventually see that the taxes coming in will not exceed that of what goes out for social services required to sustain a large group of mental Pigmy's and all the while more and more people are no longer working or have to work at lower paying jobs because of competing illegal immigrants and even the legal ones take a tool on pay.and that too becomes a pressure on society there is not just one thing that made this person loose it put a nut in a vice and keep cranking eventually it will break and America is so complicated and frustrating that we fail to see the correlation between stress and social pressure politics and gender religion, drugs and alcohol and humanism is tearing us apart and when we can find no worthwhile diversions or distractions exclude God all we have is violence retaliations and revenge if we are not willing to see our part and blame everyone else..... Well that is all I have -- well not really as you can see this is a stew that has been sitting awhile it is rotting and bubbling splattering all over the place I recall one mass shooting event where the shooter did not kill a easy victim it was attributed to the fact they used to say hello and ask how they were and apparently seemed to be sincere because they did not kill them... maybe that is the answer consideration and concern for your fellow human being respecting their rights not imposing yours on them - I council by Biblical principles if a person does not like that I tell them we can all do like the Eskimos get a blanket we all hold it and toss you in th air fluff you up and make you the center of attention but, eventually we will get tired and you will hit the ground like a bag of crap or you can count on Jesus who never tires never fails he meets your needs not your greed you have to subject your thoughts and deeds to his will and not your own you cannot lean on drugs alcohol or self pity and you must do the next right thing no matter how you feel inside and last but never least, you know do unto others ? In the last days before any human decides to act out like this I always wonder if some pure kind intervention by a caring soul has prevented more madness than a thousand events such as this I am pretty sure it has.
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    If these reports are factual, then the families of these unionist thugs can starve, as long as their family members are behaving so selfishly.
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    I would not be surprised nor shocked to see that this shooter, was mentally ill, had severe gambling debts, and/or was indeed seething with political anger at conservatives. Remember the shooter who tried to assassinate all the Republican congressional reps and staffers? He was a hardcore Socialist farther left than Bernie Sanders. I would not be surprised to hear that this murderer was another scumbag like him. His father, being a diagnosed psychopath and a violent serial bank robber, I’m sure that Apple didn’t fall from that tree.
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    Our 9wn mortality and bias seems to demand from us, that we “understand”, the 3vil actions of another human being. Many years ago, as a law enforcement officer, I was present at an interview of an infamous violent predator. When asked “why”he did what he did to a specific victim, his answer, not surprisingly was, “...because I felt like it you (expletive deleted)!” Wasnt shocked nor surprised, he was just plain evil. People embrace specific ideologies, both political and faux-religious to fill the void internally, especially, Ive found in my experience with them, (completely n9n-scientific and subjective),when they have lost their own internal moral compass. The most frightening ones, I’ve found, are those seemingly normal people, we call politicians. The majority of whom, would pimp out their own children at a sex offenders convention, IF, the6 could get their political endorsement and votes. OK, probably not that extreme of an example, but, pretty close. We need to be of strong enough moral and spiritual courage to attack and defeat such evil, when we encounter it, (and all of us will unfortunately) and not be afraid to get bruised even bloodied in that fight. These kinds of events are with us, until He decides to return to Earth. We shouldn’t be so shocked that we cannot act for the good of mankind when called upon. I was greatly heartened to see the hours long lines of normal people, givingblood, for their fellow mankind. That is what separates us from the EU subjects. We actually do whatever we can do, regardless, 8nstead of wringing hands.
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    Well I was dead wrong as it appears the shooter fired from a hotel room many floors up so there would be no way a pistol could have saved the day BUT if there were other actors in the crowd it would have helped in that scenario. I am impressed with the quick action of Las Vegas swat & police considering that they had to get informed as to where the shooting was coming from and decipher from the tremendous volume of calls as to what was the real place to take action. As usual our first responders are first class God bless them. I think we have come to a time where public venues will have to be overseen by police snipers and plain clothes people in the crowd. a positive idea came from Fox news metal detectors in certain hotels. check luggage before sending up luggage apparently this man had over the period of 4 days secreted up all his .equipment. All I can find the police are doing a fantastic job sifting to find the why most of the other information they have found out generally but the why is still not obvious and what made him decide to go out this way. He had a lot of money why waste it harming people thousands of ways to help children is first that comes to mind like the make a wish foundation support children's hospitals hell anything except killing to my mind it is the most vile especially a person that acts out in a civilian setting as cowardice as you can get killing unarmed civilians without warning pure stone creepy vile and gutless IMHO. It does make me wonder how a person comes to a place where they are so Godless hopeless and hateful that they lash out at total strangers to have success as he did and must have had some respect of his peers he had enough money to live well the more I look at it the more fantastic it seems is this an MK ULTRA false flag or some contrived incident it is so bizarre it almost falls under some conspiracy theory but I digress I am sure that there will be enough of those to go around soon enough and so many that even if there was some proof it would be washed away by all the stories ... let us hope the police can find a written manifesto to explain this madness.
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    I am sickened by this act of pure evil. I do know that evil does in fact exist. We must be prepared t9 confront all evil, wherever, and whenever we see it. We have the sheer power of “numbers”,in this battle between good and evil. We will win. These types of actions, by evil people, and from people who have embraced evil, regardless of thier rationalization, excuse or justification used by evil people, are not going away. We must have the moral and spiritual courage to directly confront evil and those who are disciples of it, wherever we live or go.
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    That is the reality of Forums I have visited I do not see why they bother to post as it is a parroted continuation of all the previous posts so there are no balance or alternative opinions, like one member that only touted the M4 above ANY other weapon up and to where you were not suppose to have even a pistol or shotgun. I posted long time back where a 10/22 rifle a pistol like a S&W 22A and a derringer in 22 LR and 1K rounds your still lighter than a deer rifle with 300 rounds. My only reasoning is purely weight and the ability to consistently hit 16 X 24 inch targets out to 200 yards Although it is not legal at present to hunt deer with a 22LR and that is reasonable and responsible IMHO. Personal testing hunting and experience made me decide on CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity copper plated round nose. Copper plated has no wax lube so it is much cleaner it is powerful enough to operate all semiauto pistols and rifles but not so powerful as to be excessive in small pistols like the Beretta 21 and less expensive pistols parts break if you ump a lot of really powerful ammo in them. I also demand consistency as it is directly conducive to accuracy and round nose feeds in every pistil or rifle I ever had where as hollow points I have had issues in some weapons . As far as failure to fire or feed I can say less than 10 in decades of using CCI in any configuration / style. It is only a personal opinion that common barrel twists can easily stabilize and accurately place a 40 grain HV bullet on target the higher velocity lighter / shorter bullets are more erratic in flight / less stable over a distance and as the velocity decreases the ability for the hollow point to expand fails, at any distance 0 to 700 yards the 40 grain penetrates 9 to 13 inches quite impressive and falls within many ballisticians and experienced warriors like General Hatcher, "Wild" bill Donovan, Sykes & Fairbairn of the OSS opinions on depth of wound to be lethal or incapacitating. Trajectory if sighted at 75 yards 40 grain gilded / copper plated lead round nose HV at 1235 ft/sec 25 Yards 50 yards 75 yards 100 yards 0.7 1.3 0.0 -3.3
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    When one is out with friends, well versed in firearms, and the subject of the "puny, ineffective" .22LR caliber comes up, ask them, who is willing to get shot with one? You will have no volunteers whatsoever. The older I get, the more I've come to realize how important it really is, to have and excellent supply of quality .22LR ammo on hand, and if you are like me, also have a good supply of .22WMR as well.(.22 magnum) I was thinking a few nights ago, about "what if" scenarios. Ok so we have 7 grandkids, what if, our family was under seize, or attack from a band of bi-ped predators? If all but the youngest two members of our family had a 10/22 for example, and only the 10 round rotary magazines, we could immediately bring to bear, an instant fusilade of 140 aimed shots at the felons. Would you want to the and dance through those rain drops? Now, multiply that times our standard 25 round magazine loads. Not trying to re-hash the idiotic "McNamara Doctrine" of the ZViet Nam Era, where number of rounds expended equals numbers of dead VC lunacy. One can see that judivious use of the .22LR caliber, is a no-brainer for those who choose to be prepared a bit better. Snake is spot on in my book.
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    A few days ago, two brand new (and totally misguided) teens decided to "celebrate" their common birthday, by committing an armed robbery, with one of their fifteen year old male hangers-on. Of course, all three were caught and all three were armed, the lone female with a fixed blade long knife, the two males with loaded handguns. While it can be argued that these three mental midgets were victims of "bad parenting", I happen to know the female suspect's parents. She is a plain and smile little thug, because she WANTS to be. Unfortunately, the two birthday celebrants, the oldest male and only female, were in fact, celebrating their chronological arrival at adulthood, the ripe old age of eighteen! Neither MENSA candidate thought of what their real consequences would actually be, until the big bad enforcers of the law showed up and found all three in their hiding place, not far from the scene of the crime. My wife made an interesting observation, she said that she would hazard a guess that all three of these mopes were avid "gamers", and therefore devoid of any reality based thought processes, because they live and operate in their fantasy role playing world, instead of real life. I think she's onto something there, which is why we both carry all the time, to protect ourselves from violent non-functioning-non-frontal-lobe-developed young teens, who in my past professional experience are FAR more likely to act out violently towards their victims than adult suspects are. Yeah, this new "breed" of thugs tear, does scare me a great deal, I've seen what they actually do to people for kicks. Just a sidebar to Irma's rampage, I hope that Bi*** dies quickly and spares so many potentiLly afflicted folks.
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    While my far-better half is an intelligent, strong, motivated and formidable woman, she has the curses of being too trusting and late to defense. At a recent outing, my old boxing skills became needed, and while she supported my violence, she was in shock during the event. She also shies away from firearms and is too trusting of our neighborhood jogging trail at night. What can i do to help her become more proactive, and more mindful of danger, without making her dismiss my advancements as paranoid? Thank you all for your guidance!
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    You and me both. I was born in boxelder Texas...24 people strong...and have never lived in any other state. I'm not taking common sense and family values to their state...so they can keep their liberal transgender values to their f#$×ing selves.
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    God no..best 22lr for 3x the money. I've got 3....and if I find one to cheap ill have 4.
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    except for morels i leave mushrooms alone....
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    that is just sad shows just how far respect for other people effort and property has gone but there again look at all the silliness going on it has finally boiled over in Vegas and the alt left is agging it on in fact even stated that they were probably Trump supporters and deserved it this is coming from move stars and pop culture icons how morally bankrupt and demonic can a human be the Las Vegas shooting was the most disgusting display of cowardice IMO. there are more than a few groups attempting to start a civil war and numerous TV Internet and radio host have proved it they want to disarm America and cede our power to the UN who cannot manage their own countries promote socialism Marxism and communism splitting up even the left into splinter groups fighting each other like Bernie supporters and Hillery groupies. I thought is was funny as hell when Nancy Pelosi was heckled and attacked at a presser she looked like a bug eyed goldfish she can dish it but can;t handle it.
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    When I was busy drinking partying and all the other fun things I was oblivious and too busy with my life to see or find evidence of the Bible. Once I did I was faced with what of the differing religions were in accordance with scripture and found all of them have flaws many are minor some are blasphemous as per the scriptures not by my judgment. In order to know you have to challenge any teaching group church by the king James version because newer translations have allowed a lot of invalid alterations --here is an example there are references to UNICORNS people that disbelieve quickly point and use it as proof that the Bible is full of fairy tails once you understand that this is a Rhinoceros not a fluffy horsey with a rainbow surrounding it's azz fluttering like a butterfly it takes on a new meaning. and the Biblical events show me this is not a nice horsey but a beast with a bad temper and capable of total destruction UNICORN (ONE HORN) there are 2 species that have one horn I think 3 that have two horns one behind the other. the areas of the Bible reached from India Asia minor the Middle east and surrounding areas here is a good read about unicorns as per Biblical passages Unicorns in the Bible. People naturally try to equate or derive an answer from what they know and their relationship to time space and life, this s where we all can be deceived or tripped up we all relate height as to our own distance as to our ability to reach a point in the 1800's a million miles was unattainable today or since 1977 when we launched Voyager it now is moving at 38,200 mph and 9.5 BILLION miles away. as we progress and we are not yet at an end I think mankind is perfectly capable of exceeding that even to a point of firing today and catching up to Voyager and past it like it was standing still but at what cost to his soul ? ambition and knowledge require that you focus and we have all driven and at times we are so focused on what where we are going we do not see what is about to broadside us or totally surprised by a blowout that sends us into a uncontrolled spin or wreck. I look at geniuses like a person who does not know how to ice skate and once they leave the rail they know what they want to do and seen it done but can't quite do it. once they have a bit of experience that is when things get dicey then when they are all full of themselves and come back to the staging area the transition is awkward and they fall on the platform but it is thrilling to be "OUT THERE" ahead of the pact blazing trails with adulation of your peers problem is it is never enough and becomes what have you done lately ? or a one hit wonder or worse a has been the more problem you solve the more questions you get it will never have a solution once they Iron out string or loop theories are positive of Higgs Bosun / Higgs founded this theory 50 years ago and they are still trying to prove it out and probably will. Considering that 50 years ago computers were in their birth stage Higgs was a real genius slide rule madman and mental hulk today we have all the computers and as with SETI can link millions of them together and have a super computer crunching all the numbers so todays geniuses are a shadow of Einstein and Higgs and other great minds of yesterday. Why did I diverge, because if you know all there is in this point and time what do you really know ? If you are so busy with sex drugs & rock N roll or science and technology and forget to nurture your spirit and soul where will you spend eternity ? for 50 years people could not prove or see the Higgs particle now they think they can but the most important particle they ignore because they are too focused on problem and not the real solution of life and that is the inner person if that part is in sync with God everything around us is a paradise no crime lechery muted pain and suffering peace war would be forgotten the need for weapons and wasting all our money on defense instead of using it to make our lives better Satan he is the KING of diversion mindless endless games pornography major league sports sports are for fun back in the day during the season they were paid and played off season they got a job today we place these people on a pedestal and when they fall off we attack them like a pack of wolves more so if they are Christian we rank Rome as the worst in debauchery slavery torture and abuse and what do we do well anything and everything except killing them but that will come IMHO.
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    Strange the 2nd Amendment doesn't say anything about a "permit" must have been an oversight or a typo ?
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    I have been using Hoppe's Oil, and CLP (Break free) needle nose applicators for years now with great success. I used a grease on my fist pistol rails a few decades ago, can't remember which brand, worst mistake I made back then. Snakes which BRAND of lithium grease do you use n your pistols? Thanks my friend.