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    Yesterday I managed to get about 500 retaining wall stones for free through a Letgo classified ad. It was hard work getting them to my back yard & taken a physical toll on me. On the plus side of things, I’ve saved thousands of dollars not having to buy them. Blessings indeed & greatfull of the outcome provided.
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    Wanted carpenters helper, must live in the Toronto GTA area Canada. Must be able to use power tools, mitre saws, saws-all, nail gun, etc. You will be required to have a carpenters apron/tool belt with framing hammer,hard hat, safety glasses & safety shoes/boots. Able to lift 50 lbs if need be. Able to read blue prints would be a bonus, but not required. Pay to be discussed on your experience & abilities. PM me if you have the willingness & the drive to work. You will be required to have a vehicle to show up at the job site at 8 am. Slackers need not apply.
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    I love apricots! ....and especially from the tree where I can let them ripen to perfection before picking, really gotta get on the planting of a few trees around here. My youngest three have spent the last three weeks at my mothers in Kentucky and I went down to get them this weekend. My mother took me aside and showed me the " preparedness package" she bought from Patriot....I was not impressed, for someone without skills it is a good one shot buy but at $5000 it was not a good deal given her skill set. She was taken in by the solar and faraday cage largely and it does have a lot of food. Now many would be glad that their family members are doing something like this to understand my issue you need to understand just how capable she and her new husband ( I was well into my 30s when they actually married so step father is something I don't use) are. My mother was raised on a farm where they were largely self sufficient large garden, chickens, sheep, hogs, cattle...barter/ neighborly sharing and has taken herself small game and deer many times and while I was growing up we raised a HUGE garden, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, cattle, rabbits. Her husband is an Army brat who was ....well.... a hippy and lived off grid entirely or largely for a good part of his life in many parts of the country and is an experienced Hunter and gardener as well as a very good cook both in taste and maximizing food. They currently have a few dozen laying hens (she sells eggs) several goats and a nice raised bed garden that they eat and can from annually, they have a good seed bank ( some heirloom from Patriot as well as hybrid from the usual suspects) and a number of berries and edibles on their 200+ acres a half a mile from a very large lake (I love to catch persimmons ready when we go there for thanksgiving, last year I SO many!). They have a nice root cellar/storm shelter that she just had dug a few years ago that they keep well stocked already. They are already as prepared as anyone I know so this seems to me to be surprising that she felt the need to add a years worth of dehydrated food.
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    I’ve looked at a used ZERO MX model at a motorcycle repair shop, that the owner purchased new in 2010, he’s willing to let it go for around $2500 Canadian. I have it on hold for me, until the end of the month. He says that it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge from almost empty to full charge. I did ride it , it’s not as fast as the newer 2018 models. This used one will hit 55mph / 85kph ,still quite fast for a electric dirt bike. I’ve poped wheelies with it, the torque is there if needed. It was a fun ride even though it’s used. The only maintenance is oiling the chain & sprockets & your good to go.
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    Went to a liquidation store today, purchased a few bath towels & cotton T shirts. Bath towels normal retail $23 each, got them for $4 each. T shirts retail $15 each, got them for 4 T shirts for $10 There we’re deals on dog food for $7 for a 50 lb bag. Didn’t get any,my dogs pantry has enough food for the next 2 Plus years. It was a howling deal non the less.
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    Nope, no issues here. I think there are security updates that should happen on this forum, I'll check it out.
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    That’s a thought, my son who’s studying to be a welder-inspector plans on making a EMP cage for the bike in a couple of weeks. I had way to much fun riding the Zero today & my son really wants it, just might give it to him as a present. And would get a 2018 Zero FX or DS model, but the practical side of things, I can’t see my self spending $16,000-$20,000 Canadian funds. One could have a lot of ammo, stored food etc,etc for that kind of coin. I could get a few acres of land in northern Ontario with that kind of money. Decisions decisions, one needs to be wise with their money & not spend it foolishly.
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    Today I extended my outside garden 7 ft X 30 ft = 210 sq ft. Removed all the grass & weeds and tilled the soil. A good days work of 9 hours. Will transplant some of my tomatoes this weekend in the new garden area.
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    Better than sitting around doing nothing. Every dollar counts into your preps & your a head of the snowflake masses, which do nothing but whine & expect things to be given to them for free.
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    yeah its been quiet around here...nothing real to report other than i am still prepping 20$ at a time....
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    So yesterday a gunman shoots up a bunch of random people in Greek-town in Toronto Canada. Im sure the media, Liberals & snowflakes will be up in arms, with their opinions that we should be banning all firearms again. My opinion in this matter is that it was a terrorisum attack on the Greek Orthodox Christians & it was a radical Islamic terrorist pecker head that did this. Faisal Hussain the gunman killed 2 people & injured 13 others with gun shots. Not to long ago a restaurant in Mississauga was attacked by 2 assaliant, that bombed the place. They are yet to be caught. The restraunt called Bombay restraunt is mainly a Hindu faith. Hindus & Muslim have been at it for many decades killing one another. My view of things is that the world is no longer safe as it once was. Is this the new norm, I’m thinking heck yea. IMHO !
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    Be aware of your surroundings folks, it’s part of your everyday survival. Ive come to a point that I’ll likely ware a body video camera on me daily. This way my side of the story is recorded, if anything happens.
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    Yesterday I made my own cardboard-tinfoil solar oven & tested it out by baking a cherry cake in it, had a lot Cherry’s this year from my trees. While this was only a test in my part, it did bake after 7 hours. It was great in the middle of summer, trying this way of baking for the first time. Going to try other things like eggs & bacon, buns, loaf of bread to see how long it takes to cook- bake. With out testing these ideas, one wouldn’t know if it’s possible or not.
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    Yes, even the one that your talking about , would run in a post EMP, but I’m wondering how fast could a mini bike actually go?? I’d say 30 MPH at best. Then the Zombie/Snowflake masses one must avoid, & out run. I’d would want something to go a little faster with the noise output from a mini bike. If it’s noisy I’d want something fast, to me anything doing slower than 50 mph would not cut it. My own personal logic, but then I’m just a dummy, what do I know about EMP’s , haven’t experienced one yet in my life . All I know is that it’s going to be a game changer for the masses when it does happen. And I want the cards stacked in my favour, that’s why I prep. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have faith, hope & guidance from my GOD. The GOD of Moses. Amen!
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    Just to be sure we are talking about the same "mini bike" These are NOT very capable compared to an actual motocross or enduro...just so extremely simple that for post EMP you are likely to get somewhere...eventually, or at better than walking.
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    Mini bikes are great on gasoline consumption, my view of them is that they lack the height clearance if one is heading into the woods, if their is a path / trail then your fine, not so easy to move around if one is heading into virgin bush forest areas. One of the areas I enjoy heading into Canada is Crown Land, where I’ll see at most is about 1/2 a dozen folks in there, & that’s on a gravel road at best. Most people don’t dare going deep into uncharted areas of Crown Land, that’s where I like going to explore the wilds of the land. No humans to deal with , just me & Mother Nature. From my evaluation of things , a dirt bike / dual sport / enduro motorcycle would be best suited to the terrain. Oh ATV’s will not cut it, deep in the heart of Crown Land / The Queens Land . In my guesstimation, less than 1 % of the Canadian population actually know where Crown Land is. Their are no-posted signs stating that your in Crown Land & I like it that way.
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    The simplest answer is an old mini bike, one with a magneto fired brigs and Stratton engine....but these are actually harder to find and more costly than one would think for as many of them were around when I was a kid, but any magneto fired bike would be a good start as they are as simple of an electric system as there is and the components are very durable.
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    Yeah I'll looked at them a few times. They don't say the battery capacity , but it plugs into a standard outlet(110vac 15 amp (Max)) and charges "overnight" ....so 8hrs(?) and that would include a full discharged battery...right? Then a few solar panels and invertor dedicated to charging it and you would have a 100km plus every few days. Yeah in a hard grid down a really must have.....