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    May your travel be safe, & much blessings TPSnodgrass. I too like the 7.62x39 pill, & a big CZ fan indeed.
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    So, next week, we are going to see family and grandkids about 1600 miles from here. My wife has her Walther EDC, and I will have my G-26 with G19 mags and grip adapters, a .357 revolver, and a small 9 mm subcompact 9mm pistol for rest stop toilet breaks. Also, long gun will be my lever action .30-30 for critter control, be they two legged or peglegged, I’m not planning on doing any hunting at all, just like the ability to for farther with more. Ive been seriously thinking, always dangerous, that I “need” a nice bolt action 7.62x39 caliber rifle. So, I’ve looked, researched and shot a few. While I love the CZ version, I am more drawn to the Ruger American model, simply because if needed, I can use Mini-30mags in it. CZ is only a five rounder, and mags are pricey. I like the 7.62x39 round itself, and have found most loads I use to be extremely accurate in bolt actions. They also give me excellent groups out to 300 meters, which suits my road trip needs and concerns just fine. I can shoot a lot of rounds with little or no residual shoulder issues as well. Unfortunately, I’ve little faith in our politicians from any party, that they can tone down or eliminate their divisive rhetoric and intentional hate speech. I see the need to be prepared for “emergent contingencies”, while traveling. We’ve got a 90 day bucket of food, plenty of water, that goes with us, just in case. Yeah, it’s a heavy load, but, I don’t mind traveling “heavy”, because, I love my wife and kids, grandkids, and we don’t want to be anymore of a burden on them either, if I can limit or reduce needless suffering, why not? Son and daughter in law are getting very well prepared as well in most areas, and when possible, we’ve assisted with protection preps that we can use as well, when we are in residence. I Have a feeling that civil unrest ala Zimbabwe is not too far in the future for our Republic. I sincerely hope and pray not, but, we will prepare for it, and hope love for mankind will prevail in the hearts of most. Just some thoughts on this Good Friday’s Eve. May this Easter season be a blessed one for all.
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    There is an allowance for insect part hair , The document lists the allowable limits on "defects" in more than 100 foods, highlighting exactly how much rodent poop is allowed in your cocoa beans (up to 10 milligrams per pound), how many insect heads it's OK to find in the fig paste in your cookies (up to 13 in every 3.5 ounces) and how many maggots can be tunneling in your tomatoes. LMAO a reporter reports a journalist makes themselves the story. Alarmist a person that raises an alarm but is it we are living longer than any previous generations the average age before mass farming and "preservatives was 45 years old for a man not much older for women they died a lot from consumption or cancer when doctors did not know about germs and washing hands they killed off and were the carriers of that day, pharmaceuticals save lives for the most part some are purely money and greed but lets face it it is not all doom and gloom Quit listening so intently to alarmists eat more good food your going to die face it but try to live a little before you die or else it was a prison sentence not a life. IMHO
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    In my extremely subjective opinion, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is part of the Globalist-Elitist Agenda Corps. They HAVE to “redefine” the term assault weapon, in order to disarm the hapless Sheeple, whom they KNOW will fight back and resist with a ferocity that the Globalists have never enco7ntered before. We should not be dismayed, this is to be expected, we can never let our guard down for any reason, any more. Great spot!
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    well TPSnodgrass all you need now is some claymores and a thumper and your ready to roll.......
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    At indoor distances a wad holds the shot together so it can make it through 2 sheets of 1/2 inch sheet rock . everyone here knows to keep their butt down nose to the floor, all that running and screaming to and fro is good movie antics but accomplishes nothing.
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    ....mind you....after running running one of those drills (usually on a few empty two liter bottles on the ground) I usually let out a low slow oooouuuuccch....and you are for sure stunned a bit yourself.
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    ...for my home defense shotgun actually me racking is a decision to go (more)lethal. I load #8 trap, #6 trap, #4 3", 00, slug, slug, slug all thru bore choke 18" at the distances in my house the decrease penetration of the 6 and 8 shot thru walls is worth the decrease wound depth (but still full shot weight) while I get my bearings amoung the five sleeping kids and uninvited guests. I have drilled far well enough that I am very confident in my ability to cycle very quickly and accurately a whole tube in a few seconds if the need arise. I use the "one...and...two...and...three...and...four...." Cadence in my head so seven rounds in what should be 3 and 1/2 seconds but ends up being just north of 4.....by any standard a reasonable amoung of stopping power for anything from cautious theft, to angry meth head.
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    DonDon, I’ve seen a few, thankfully, only a few, miscreants, that accelerated thier FelonyFactor15 fleeing speed, when a racking shotgun was “presented”, during different felony traffic stops. In spite of the helos overhead, numerous uniformed armed officers and deputies on scene, decided that flight, was THE preferred response. This was incredibly frustrating to all assembled, because it meant, that a.) the rookies got to engage in the foot pursuits, and b.) we were going to have even more paperwork to do, once the fleeing lads were captured, cuffed and stuffed. So, no, do not be misled by the screenwriters musings on screen, that humans actually respect the sound of a pump action shotgun. The thug demographic can tell from their street experience, who is willing to pull that trigger and who is not. It’s part of their Criminal Curriculum in Corrections Class rooms. So, never even bluff, you might get that shotgun inserted into a place you want like and it will hurt even worse coming out. And no, I’ve not had that experience either. (Fortunately) Standard 2 3/4 inch 00buck Shot shells have 9 .32 caliber pellets! Which do not spread much farther than a 1/4 inch every 20 yards, IF, you are lucky. Making multiple holes in the soft tissue causes body hydraulic fluid loss, which causes incapacitation, sometimes, immediately. Most of the time, not. Slugs do cause instant incapacitation in humans in every instance I’ve seen them employed both from law enforcement side of the House, and responding to crime scenes. I load both buck and slugs in my shotguns, alternating, for effectiveness. (If needed) Better to be safe, than sorry.
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    So, we went out to the Midwest to see the son and his family. Trip out was uneventful, trip back was “interesting”.Hurricane Force north winds, driving snow and ice, and several idiots with vehicle keys that had no business operating any motor vehicle. Gangs of fun! No, seriously, it was the pits. Learned a lot, about our winter driving preps that we put into the vehicle for “just in case”scenarios like the trip coming home. No, we didn’t get stuck, or have to be rescued, we were merely inconvenienced as opposed to caught with our knickers down and twisted in knots. So, we are fanatical about never getting below half a tank, and that saved our bacon. We managed to get one of the last hotel rooms, in a nice small town, in a decent hotel, because we gassed up, upon arrival in town, before we did anything. We learned I-70 was closed and would remain so for about two nights. Well, in the a.m., it was opened for a very short window, and while others were in line at the gas (petrol for the Canuck) station, we and five FedEx tractor-trailer rigs hit the road. About 90minutes later, we were back down to 60mph sustained winds, with gusts going higher, and the folks behind us, got stuck for another night. Of course, we had plenty of TP, wet wipes, bags, water and food just in case, SUVs come in handy for hauling. If we had to be out in that crap we would have perished. Glad it wasn’t a century or longer ago! So, while visiting with the family, we went out to dinner in the adjacent large metro area they live close to. I of course was legally carrying concealed, as was my bride, as we were leaving dinner, a few BLM knuckle-Haids, were trying to intimidate folks as a prelude to their strong arm robbery main goals. One of them, looked at me and said, accusing me of Oedipal relations with my mother, “why don’ you give me yer money?” My reply was 8ndeed polite. “Because, I don’t have to give you anything at all.” I calmly replied. His response was “interesting”, “ I’m goin’ to f*** you up!” My response was still polite, “No, you aren’t, and we’ve got nothing worth you and your associates dying for.” I looked him 8n the eye, and was prepared to draw and shoot him, until one of his associates said, “Dude! He be strapped. He be lookin’ to shoot a brutha! “ After be8ng called a few more invectives, which were neither original nor hurtful, nor threatening, (my wife WAS laughing), they jogged off. Made me realize that my Glock 26 NEEDS a BUG buddy in my off side pocket, so I can still be “old man”polite and have my hand wrapped around a nice J frame equivalent. It dawned on me, that as I am getting older, still early 60’s and not feeling “old”, some jackass might think I’m an easy target. I would like to be grey man, and still be ready to go all Ninja-Pops on some Richard-head if needed. So, I’m now shopping for a new “friend” in earnest. I never “thought” I could be construed as an easy mark, even now. Huh! Learned something. Oh, I did have my hickory cane with me, so, that item might have chummed him in, since he wasn’t an obvious intellectual standout. That was unintentional on my part.(really) Have to have better wits about me from now on.
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    Thanks Wally! I should have added, that no matter how hard I try,I continue being a poop magnet in life. Im going to get myself, some nice T shirts that read, “ Go ahead! poke the bear!” Or, “Of course, I’m an (insert favorite expletive here), I’ve been married longer than 40 years, my wife already let’s me know that!” I do think she would beat me severely were I to wear one of those!
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    Finally got a Glock 19 Canadian edition/ Canadian version today. Only 3,000 guns were made for the Canadian market & from what I was told they were all sold out. The original Glock 19’s are prohibitive in Canada, to the civilian market. Do to the fact the barrel is too short for it to be legal in Canada. Yes BS Canadian by-laws indeed. So Glock USA introduced a Canadian edition Glock 19, which is 106 mm in barrel length & not 102 mm which is the standard barrel length for G19’s . Will know if it’s a keeper in the next few weeks or sold off to somebody else. Me thinking these will be a collectors item, if only 3,000 units were made for the Canadian market, I could be wrong though. Oh it does have a Canadian Maple Leaf ingraved on the right side of the slide to make it a Canadian model, & the added 4 mm of barrel length to make it Canadian legal by 1 mm. Any firearm that is 105 mm or less in barrel length is considered prohibited, in Canada. Yes a head scratcher indeed.
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    A dusting of snow in my area today ? April,6th, 2018 ..... Spring is on hold, Old man winter is not done yet.....
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    a dollar today is worth 2 cents compared to a 1960 dollar so you've increased over the Obama dollar but your more valuable as a participant here
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    meriam-webster dictionary is now including semi-autos as assault weapons offcially
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    i try to eat healthy as possible but i do love snack food...
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    As to the Christian, "fear not for the Lord is with you" for all those Godless, grab your ankles. I recall Matthew 10:28 King James Version (KJV) 28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Psalm 91:4-6 King James Version (KJV) 4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Satan and his followers human demonic seen and unseen operate by and with fear, if your not willing to die for what you believe then your very well suited to be a slave eunuch or a sex industry worker , think not read the history of the Nazi`s all you ugly fat forkers will be processes into jerky snacks that is part of history. and the present. Less authoritative nonetheless William Shakespeare, “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once"
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    this actually started by Woodrow Wilson got traction in the FDR years and we have been running on war script greenbacks ever since but it is so deep and wide it will never be dismantled and those few wealthy people have legions of willing followers that do the bidding of those that rule. I have posted the leaders that have murdered million of their own for far less than this when the BOYS took control of all the water where were the riots ? yea I know and have seen it coming for decades and most will accept it with open arms,
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    Anything can be an assault weapon. LMAO. Hammer, screwdriver,wrench,pen,pencil,brick,car,baseball bat etc etc. My hands & feet can be a assault weapon if used to harm or kill a person. Its intent in how it’s used to assault a person or persons. Hey theirs verbal assault as well. = bad language . Are your feelings hurt? Where does it end. LOL. In today’s world common sense, is not common anymore! My 2 penny’s for all it’s worth.
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    well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
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    racking is stupid, the damn thing ought to have a shell in it to begin with. bit of background on shotshell loads read the box low recoil and reduced loadings are not for defense 9 pellets is minimal and as TPSnodgrass and DonDon have mentioned nothing is impossible people are resilient and dope makes them almost superhuman. I do not like ammo that has been loaded down to the lowest ability shooter a good load is high 1100 FPS it gets ridiculous after 1400 FPS you get nothing for nothing if it has power it kicks there are some remedies like a dead mule recoil reducer mercury reduction tubes or weight the stock with loose lead shot a good recoil pad like a Kickeze (sorbothane foam) some shotguns have options of a different barrel with options like interchangeable chokes and barrel lengths all of these help in pattern control and recoil I do not like a pistol grip on a shotgun but thats me. reloaders need to check out a Pagoda load if you want the shot to hang in there. One of the secrets is not to slit the shot cup or slit it very little, people that bad mouth the Pagoda load are ignorant to its simplicity. A shotgun is not a magic wand it must be patterned to understand it's ability and like all weapons the ammo is a key component in accuracy and every shotgun has it's own personality. the same ammo in 10 different shotguns will soot differently in most all of them. A department or an individual ordering ammo for all or because of cost is a bean counter and does not understand ballistics of a shotgun. You can get away with rifles and pistols as they can be sighted in with adjustable sights or sight adjustments. basically a shotgun is a critter of it's own it can fire more types of projectiles including chemicals and destructive elements some shoot flat other have a rainbow trajectory , experience is the only teacher my advice is to stick with a known slug, shot or a third that you have knowledge in a specific shotgun. Low or high brass is no indicator of power ZERO ZILCH NADA except maybe by companies that use that as some kind of indicator but then there is a scale withing there loadings. for low recoil to kills on both ends. It costs more for high brass hulls although they are no longer brass but coated steel, for the most part. best to take butcher paper and fire at 15 yard intervals with different brands of buck, slugs or shot you intend to use. the saying buckshot rises is somewhat true but not absolute. choke well there is another variable tighter choke tighter pattern up and to a point and distance and gun. there is a difference as to pellet hardness hard shot or superbuck deforms less so it patterns tighter than soft lead as soft lead deforms and less round more deflection. Again patterning is the only true test, this is also where people need to decide where they want their optimum patterns distance. if your a hunter that is different than a person who's only interest is defense. Ammunition is somewhat like fishing lures design and advertisements are to catch the buyer real world testing in your shotgun is the only valid test some slugs shoot like a rifle others may not hit paper at long distances and generally speaking 100 yards is about the farthest for most mortals. Shot depending on density of the shot, size and muzzle velocity play a big part of distance, bird shot looses velocity quick I would never use birdshot for defense minimum to my mind is BB and #4 I like lead shot #1 works as well close in and as a hunting load but regardless your shotgun must be patterned. Just because it looks like it will fly means crap or that it is exotic some designs are better most that shoot good are those that have a plastic tail this acts like a windsock self righting the slug so it does not yaw or roll / tumble but again they must be tested. I had a friend that knew more about shotguns and shotgun loading that anyone alive but you can get most all that information and a long list of ammo from ballistic products. One to look for is Winchester Super X 12ga. #1 buck 16 pellet 2 3/4 I won't go into it but I only buy 2 3/4 shells.
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    ....as I said...anyone still moving probably has bad intentions. I have fortunately never had an opportunity to have someone run, but it is my experience that a racking shotgun causes everyone in ear shot to stop and pay attention. Never dealing with it in a "pressure" situation of course, and as a non-LEO them running would be in theory my preferred action for them over actually having to center mass them, if them running isn't an option they will not have time to think on the sound of the slide as a split second after that action goes to battery I will be slapping the trigger. Obviously one would never count on someone doing the intelligent or sane thing in a life or death situation.
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    Unfortunately truth is of no use to hose that choose to be ignorant or those that think freedom means there is nothing out of bounds. the bottom line is this si about morality and nothing so infuriates the left as morals the left makes up half the voting pool and probably the country. it is alright to abort 500,000 babies but not ok for a child to go to school and shoot other children am I the only one that sees some hypocrisy in that. it is bad to shoot a police officer and we need to pass a law to execute those that kill police ? so the rest of us are second class citizens ? I though we already had laws against t murder and capitol punishment but the lawyers have gutted justice so now we need a federal law to protect police. Sorry the police have abuse authority so many times the chiefs and politicians in order to protect the city from law suits or bad press have lied so why would we make them above the law they too are suppose to submit to ? I have no problem with executing a cop killer but we don't need a law to make it so. I also want the azz that murdered a child or a convenience store worker to get their last rights all the time every time instead of no child left behind my motto is no murderer left alive the imprisonment of a person responsible for the death of another should be uncommon not the norm IMHO.
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    In my area where I live, the local news paper put almost a full page ad this past Thursday, stating that the local police will be using drones in the air, survaliance is my thoughts, eavesdropping & whatever one could possibly think of. Big brother spying watching & listening to your every move.. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone. ive posted this video about 2 Christmas ago, I’d take a ride in one of these, drones, joy ride.
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