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    I would even wager a guess while they may lose some nutritional value past expiration, they are likely safe to eat past that date and would give some calories to stave off hunger, though they make lack in terms of power packed vitamins and minerals.
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    Went to a gun show today & managed to get a few excellent deals. Got 1 lb of universal & 1 lb of Nunber 9 powder for $25 total. Average price for powder is $40-45 per pound plus taxes in my area. Got Allen vanes for arrows 5 pkgs for $5 Each pkg contains 12 vanes. Got a NcStar mini 14 side scope mount new for $5 Got 2 Lee lube sizing kits new 308 & 311 for $20 each. Retail average $45 plus taxes. It was a great day at the show, with bargains. Blessings indeed.
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    I have watched most if not all his videos and I've never heard the sound of his voice, after some of the others out there this alone is priceless...
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    For me personally, I do believe in God’s Divine Plan of Happiness, for us, all of us, (even Hillary if she chooses), to gain our mortal bodies, and one day, return to His presence. However, just as we as allegedly practicing Christians, should, BY EXAMPLE, (note:this includes all who profess to be Judeo-Christian, including politicians, intellectuals, etc.) be kind to each other. This does not mean I am going to turn my behind into a local thug’s bicycle rack, turning the other cheek, means forgiveness. However, with that forgiveness, justice must still be meted out . If you are a thug, and abusing any innocent or vulnerable person, in my presence, expect your mortality on this world to be immediately hastened. Turning whomever into non-consensual victims, is NOT “tolerance, equality, or love”. While I do try to practice what I preach, it is difficult. The difference, is, I do keep on trying to do good to my fellow beings. Just as we shouldn’t censor ideas, or thoughts that are in disagreement with ours, don’t demand that I “look the other way”, just because in some thug’s culture, or religious ideology, he can abuse, rape, sodomize or murder to his hearts content. In this Republic’s culture and religious ideology, that kind of “behavior”, rightly is prohibited by both God and mankind. Don’t like it? Then practice Sharia Law, or your political selfishness someplace else. I refuse to submit to your expectation of “tolerance and/or re-education.”
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    Fish do pee in water, as do I every single time I’m in the ocean or any body of fresh water....including swimming pools. So do all of you, ya just don’t have the testicular fortitude to admit it!!!
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    I'm new to keeping bees...we just got our hive in September. We bought 2 at that time but one was infected with wax moth larva so we returned it. Other than that they have been very little problem and a lot of fun to learn about. I will say they are not cheap. We got a good deal on the hive its self but after buying all the gear to go with it we spent around $500. Now that we have all the gear and can split our hive the cost is me t to nothing...and with local honey costing $9 a pint we should have paid for its self by next year. I had use of a backhoe today so I prepped a new area for our garden. First I sprinkled our 2nd year compost pile over the area (50ft ×50ft). Then I covered that with 4 inches of sand I had stock piled. Lastly I saturated the hole area in 300 gallons of rabbit "poo tea" from our rabbit pellet catchment system. For the next few months ill dump 20 or 30 wheelbarrow full of rabbit pellets on top of that and till it in. With that area our garden has grown to nearly 1/4 acre...not bad for having to haul in every bit of quality dirt ..our natural soil is terrible.
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    Haven't been online much, but I've been busy cranking out ammo - almost all my 9mm cases are loaded, and I got a great deal on a bunch of Xtreme Bullets plated 200-grn SWC .45 ACP bullets, so I'm doing some load developement to see what my Sig P220s like. .222 and .223 is next... Found a ton of still-in-the-package pink R19 insulation at the dump (!) so I've been insulating crawl spaces and other less well insulated areas in my 100-year-old house. WAAAAY too much fun. Oh yeah, deer season is on! Trying to plug bambi so I can try out my dehydrator and canner that I got over the summer...
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    Today was raking and burning leaves cleaning the garden beds for winter garden and general yard cleanup. Yesterday I pulled 60 bullets from unknown origin ammo looked good so I will reload them with a known powder and charge I know is safe. one day I intend to tackle my desk well I have 2 both get a bit cluttered but that is for a rainy day.
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    well another 300 shells trimmed chamfered mil crimp removed polished 200 tomorrow toss them in and take the others out of the tumbler, so I can star priming. I wanted to try a Lee perfect powder measure and a friend sent me one, so now I can try this out. I have the auto disk from Lee but it does not dispense large volumes unless you stack the disks and sometimes you have to double so I will relegate this to powder through the expander die for pistol only. I also have a Ideal model 55 but it does cut extruded powder grains so I want to try the The perfect powder measure I can clamp to my table and be able to move it to wherever it is comfortable. I also love the fact that a twist of the hopper shuts off the powder and you can remove it. I may make a step for y digital scale one I got from Ballistic products fits in a pocket and works like a champ for much less than other powder scales I think it cost about 30 bucks.
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    I recently bought 10 5 gallon buckets of freeze dried meals and 20 #10 cans of various kinds at an estate sale. They were produced in 2012 and had been kept in a 72 degree environment. I figure I've got 10 more years before they spoil. The 2012 end of days stuff has been turning up a bit lately.....I see those $20 Wind up flashlights at every yard sale for $1....I bet I've got 20 so for. Lol
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    Rolled 250rds of 357 magnum last night. It was the last of the 158 grain projectiles I had on hand.
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    TPSnodgrass good take on "freedom" as per American values and reason IMO.
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    You stand corrected Snake. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. A video footage is worth 1,000,000 words
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    Hello! If extreme wilderness survival skills are your thing than this is a guy to watch some videos from, his environment is tropical/sub tropical somewhere I'm not sure but many of the skills are universal. enjoy and look though our older posts, there are many things to find. One thing that you will find for sure looking through them is that there is as they say " a million ways to skin a cat" ....that everyone has their ways and while they might not be the ones that you are looking for...one of the most important survival skills is adaptability, if you can't do it your way you had best have another way or you are in big trouble. interested to ask ya. You say that you love to go out and craft in the woods? Do you use the things you craft on a long term basis? ...and I have to ask, as it is a pretty time consuming skill to master and even for ones who master it, a very time consuming skill to practice, have you ever speared and landed a fish with a split log fishing spear?
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    i don't know why Gods plan has to include a fall away from christianity but it sure is in full swing ain't it? i don't like it one bit...
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    These items are very basic medicinal comfort health wellness and too numerous benefits to mention. Look up all the uses of each of these and you will see why. 1 baking soda (think pounds they sell a 13 pound bag a few is not to many) 2 salt (100 pounds is a good start) 3 Hydrogen peroxide 3% (A case or 2 of quarts keep in the dark) 4 vinegar white and cider (5 gallons is not too much) 5 borax ( 40 mule team ) 1 box ought to last a very long time. 6 Vicks Vaporub (a few large 6 ounce jars) 7 Vaseline large jar 8 Vodka depends but if your not a drinker at minimum a gallon 9 triple antibiotic ointment half dozen tubes 10 Sulfur powdered there are others but their use is not so straight foward.
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    Snake, my answers to your questions. Wakazashi = short sword. Have 2 buddies that have a business that retrofit Humvees for the United States Military is all I’m going to say, no more. I get cutoffs pieces of AR 500 & AR650 for FREE! They are left over scrap. The swords I’ve made are about 3 times heavier than your average Wakazashi sword. The one’s I’ve made are used for personal training. Think how much faster one can be with a regular Wakazashi without the extra weight, when the time comes slashing etc in a real fight. I’ve chopped/split fire wood like an axe with the ones I’ve made. Try that with a regular Wakazashi, won’t cut it, from my tests. Can mine be used for battle, yes with training & the added weight, no problem. The biggest issue is that the ones I’ve made, tends to attract surface rust quite easy. They need to be oiled more than usual. I like the ones I’ve made, they can be used as a wood chopper & as a fighting tool. Can mine defeat Kevlar body armour? Heck Ya. Been tested many times. Tested as a pry bar as well, works like a champ. I’ve made many AR500 knives as well, a few I’ve given to certain buddies as gifts. Look up ( HardOx & ArmOx ).
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    having been a diver I think I can say that I have never raised the water level more than an infinitesimal amount but it was either rum or tequila / mescal flavored and I am sure the fish appreciated a stiff one .
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    This video footage is well worth the time spent, watching right to the end. Acknowledge your Lord thy GOD, for he shall direct thy path. Their is Reality, what is your Reality? Then theirs real TRUTH , which no one wants to hear or see.
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    I'm not on too much these days as my work and family commitments have been high lately, but glad to see you back!
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    I would give up a testicle, just to have a bee hive in my dwelling, no joke. Don’t plan on having any more kids. You are blessed, to have bees in your area. From memories as of this past summer, I’ve seen maybe 5 or 6 bees in my garden all summer long. Not good at all. With no bees, mankind is royally screwed, when it comes to food production. Oh my garden sucked big time this year & so was the weather in my area. If I had to rely on my garden this year, I’d be dead within 2 days no kidding.
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    Awesome day today. We started it by butchering the deer we killed Monday morning (8 point..3 days in the cooler). As soon as we had the buck cut to steaks and the rest ground for burger we cracked open the bee hive. We removed the top box of 3 boxes for the winter...leaving the bottom 2 for the bees. I had only added the box about a month ago but we still harvested 8 pounds (5+ pints) of really clear fine honey. Since we were on a roll we headed to the garden and pull the beets...we canned them as pickled beets using the wife's grannies recipe. All in all a great day. One to be thankful for.
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    Sorry Snake, I hate drinking most soda pop, needs to be caffeine free. Gives me a headache for hours. Even the smell of Coffee/Expresso etc, gives me a headache. When ever I smell freshly brewed coffee, I do a 180 degree turn the other way & im gone. You won’t see me hanging around. Good old H2O / Water, thank you very much! Or squeezed orange juice.
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    I’ve looked at some mid to late 1960’s 2 stroke bikes , they’re kick start only. Finding parts to service them is the issue.
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    I’m no AI Snake, LOL. Just a member in this forum from Ontario, Canada next door. Oh I can relate to most members here, than people out on the streets. The world is becoming a Snowflake community right in front of our eyes. The dumb down, dumb ass community abound!
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    Reloading is not hard , it just takes attention to detail and being focused, all the data and information is easily found there are 2 manuals I suggest everyone has on hand first the Lee modern reloading manual 2nd is the Lyman reloading manual and try to find them used on ebay or even used book dealers older ones for older powders newer ones for the latest powders in production Lee precision has the best priced and innovative equipment IMHO. straight wall pistol like 9mm 40s&w 38spl 357 44 spl or mag 45 acp 45 long colt etc etc are very easy and require little to reaload in fact Lee make the Lee loader kit all fits in a small box all you need is a mallet and a caliper and your ready for powder bullets and primers. it is slow but you can load a box or 2 an hour and they even have rifle kits but these only neck size so I would not use this for sem-iauto bottle neck RIFLE calibers IMO. This kit cost about 40 bucks ONE CAUTION you cannot de-prime a LIVE primer some people do this on cases primed by someone else and or of unknown age or manufacturer or type magnum or standard. If your planning to reload over pistol and 223 size cases consider a RCBS rockchucker press as the larger diameter and length case requires more force and a larger heavier press just makes it much easier IMO. Dies come in all variations I stick with a FL or full length die set because in simi-auto rifles and pistols each case may have different changes when fired so taking them back to factory specs is the one way you can insure all your ammo will fit fire / chamber fully. I love Lee's Factory Crimp Die/s you will not get the full capabilities of your load unless the tension on the bullet is uniform / consistent it is an extra step but well worth it and easy as pie. I like to prime my cases on a single stage press using the up stroke using a Lee ram prime and use a primer flipper tray because I never know if I have to do or go I want to be able to stop throw a towel over my set up and com back in a few minutes or a day I can cover my primer flipper and be on my way. This is also the safest way IF and I mean If it does pop it will be loud and into the air no injury of you use safety glasses as you should. every reloader need s balance beam scale to measure / double check your powder weight people that have more bullets sometimes they get mixed up or you may buy from a sale and need to check the weights A dial caliper I have a plastic one from RCBS and have tested it and in 30 years it has not changed. Reloading requires knowing 100ths of an inch like .308 bullet diameter and overall length of the finished cartridge bullet tip to base BEFORE YOU CRIMP IT. A dial caliper is zeroed by cleaning the contact surfaces and closing if the dial does not read zero you turn the dial to "0" and your ready to measure I only do this check or procedure when I pick it up and if it does not read zero closed. Personally I load 10 of a new recipe and test fire two 5 shot groups if it works great if it is mediocre or poor accuracy I pull the bullets and reload them with a different powder or charge weight.there are a couple of ways to pull a bullet one is a collet puller but they can leave a mark on the bullet another way is a kinetic puller looks like a hollow hammer ```hold the extractor I put some cotton balls inside so when the bullet releases it has a soft landing on the nose and does not deform the bullet if it has an exposed lead tip. some tips are military brass is thicker so has less internal space so the powder / starting charge need to be less than max charge and since you should not load a max charge to start unless you have tested it and testing means your primer is not flattened or powder residue around it, if it does then the base may be compromised and the brass can flow into the extractor cut and it does not take much for powder to react differently too much or a very short charge of certain powders can raise pressure fast so stick with reloading data and bullet depth advised in your manuals trying to magnumize your 32 short break top revolver is stupid, need more power get another gun that has the design to handle the power you want or need. If you want to cast bullets Lee has the least and best molds the tumble lube (Alox) design molds are fantastic it also has the best lube size kit design and the cheapest by far @ about 25 bucks but you do need a single stage press to use it. I also like their liquid Alox bullet lube. Survival reloading or "THE LOAD" by C. E. Harris explains how to make 100 yard rifle shells using cast bullets and SPECIFIC pistol powder loads not all pistol powder is right some is too hot. of between 10 and up grains of powder Mr. Harris also had a article on making shot shells and blanks for pistols some years back a article about the cat sneeze or Arcane loading of proper buck shot diameter in shells that are all most silent for taking small game and pests the Finnish people under the Nazi's used this to hunt some just used a single buck shot and the primer shell no powder in a rifle case I include this information as Survival reloading measures and general interest but without downloading or cutting and pasting the original information and printing it out your not going to have the information if you need it and there are tidbits of info that you really need to know to do this reloading well. Some of the rifles used were older military and the buck shot had to be he correct size or paper patched to fit snug in the case / barrel so it turns your military rifle into a super pellet rifle. Other information is out there from making a wax bullet with only a primer for revolvers and even some buckshot single to multiple pellet rounds and bird or close range snake shot. A requirement is to have a buckshot or heavy bullet mold to cast with that fit your rifle bore properly some have paper wrapped / patched different smaller bullets to fit the bore of a larger caliber within a close range of diameter. This information transcends common firearms and modern powders I will not edify further there is plenty of information on black powder and unconventional arms to hunt and defend if your unable to retain your property and want more than a sling shot to hunt with. some people thing that because we live in modern times we have no need of antiquated information but even a doctor has to know how to wrap a wound with gauze and that use of wrapping a wound with material has been around for thousands of years . mankind has moved forward and back many times and may so again even if only because law or society defines weapons illegal.
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    Someone a few years ago while discussing current events and terrorism in a group asked " where's Superman when you need him?" I butted in to answer " ....looking for a phone booth...." it took them a few minutes to figure it out...
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    A Love Story I will seek and find you. I shall take you to bed, and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, signed: The Flu Now, stop thinking about sex, and go get your flu shot! Maybe not!
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    TP searching, finding, sending, retrieving, archiving are not functions of AI. Using a voice recognition "personal assistant" to do them is...when you type in "phone" and it starts to give you suggestions that change as you continue to type, that is AI (and these are increasingly user specific). The issue is when the AI in the personal assistant with an open mic catches "keywords" like gun, Christ, flat tax,freedom...then gets good enough to do "key phrases" like " I don't care if they pass that law I'm not turning in my gun, they don't even know about the S&W..." then archives them under your personal record that while not " ...containing individual personal info ..." On your identity has all the info stored in pieces unconnected so as to not be an actual "identity" but a few keystrokes from it. When you are being Phished, Catfished, targeted, or engaged by these (and you are....those clumsy emails and ads) they can argue that it is an attempt to better serve you as a consumer. The real issue is the use of the data and info gleaned, gathered, or stolen by these AI programs and those who have it.... The FBI has already attempted to subpoena audio from open mics on Google products, now I know as a LEO you can see the advantage of access to these to stop criminals, rescue stolen children, catch drug dealers and rapists....but as the saying goes "we can't throw out the baby with the bath water" or "start down that slippery slope" and if we " wait to burn that bridge when we get to it" we will be on the wrong side with no way back...and " up {#^+ creek without a paddle"....
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    I well remember the quizzical looks from younger police officers, in several classes I was teaching. I spoke of having a “knife fight in a phone booth”, and got crickets and thousand yard stares. Then I found (after lunch), online photos of phone booths with sliding doors, and also had to explain the term, “dropping the dime”, to them. AI can be a wonderful thing, IF, used correctly. Alas, it will not ever be used for good. The good old days, just got a lot more distant.....
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    sounds all good I love insulating, so much so I had to stop doing it. Back in the day first we would "suit up" complete coverage use a T shirt as a head cover and goggles long sleeve shirt and long pants and gloves. After we would flush our skin arms face and head with cold water with a sprayer another way to remove is panty hose lightly wiped in one direction or a lint roller the fun stuff is rock wool people really need to have a mask as well. but next to winning a butt load of money insulating a home saves tons of money over the time lived in. Glad your doing your part to maintain safe deer population levels --- keeps them off the streets, hitch hiking !
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    When I was running a 1911 in IDPA, I ran Wilson Combat parts almost exclusively, save the King's Match Trigger. It's been a while, but I think I used a 16# (?) round recoil spring on a standard-length guide rod with a handload of 4.6 grains of Bullseye under a H&G 68 200 grain LSWC. Ragged one-hole groups at 15 yards. It was impossible to miss with that gun. Hm....I kinda want to dig it out of the safe now...Oh, wait! Here's a Sig P220. Never mind.
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    Though I like the Lee factory crimp dies, everything else by Lee (save their bullet moulds) that I've tried, I've thrown in the big box of forgotten reloading gear. Their powder measures especially suck. I can see the merit of having the Loader dies (and the knowledge how to use them!) with the little yellow scoop and all to reload for a certain caliber - but let's face it: the only reason I would have one of those is to reload ammo on the run - but if I'm on the run, I'm not carrying around heavy projectiles, gunpowder, and easily-compromised primers with me. I keep all that shit at my reloading station. Aaaaaaaaand if I have a reloading station, I'm not gonna use a damn Lee Loader setup. I'm going all out. I'm 100% BIG GREEN - RCBS, baby! Their customer service is unparalleled (though Dillon is also excellent). The Rock Chucker press, their powder measures, and their balance scales are all awesome and will last forever if maintained. I use a smaller RCBS Partner single-stage press to to 99% of my single-stage loading - and that includes one-at-a-time priming the way Snake mentions in the OP. I do have a Forster Co-Axial - a super high end single stage press, but I just like the RCBS setup better - it's what I've always known and it works well for what I need. I also run a Dillon Square Deal B - actually two of them - one on 9mm, one in .45 ACP. I had issues with the primer feed mechanisms, so now I use the Dillon to deprime and size the cases, then prime by hand (I like that method better anyway - 100% of the primers go in the correct orientation), then use the Dillon to dump powder, seat, and crimp. It's still very fast - I can bang out 2-300 9mms an hour if I have cases primed ahead of time. So, anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd rather not invest money in stuff like the Lee Loader die/scoop sets to load on the run - I'd much rather buy the good stuff, have it set up, spend the time cranking out ammo and storing it, then carrying loaded ammo with me instead of the Lee Loader.
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    A little advice when setting up your decapping and sizing die for bottle neck rifle cartridges it is important that you put the ram all the way up screw in the die till it touches lower the ram and turn down the die one quarter turn more this will allow the brass to be fully sized or else they may not fit as the shoulder of the case may not be moved back enough and we are talking a couple sheets of 10# paper stock or about 0.004 thousands of an inch. this is also why I advise a L. E. Wilson case gauge as it shows you both rim and case mouth in one tool just having the right length is not enough the shoulder has to be at the correct angle and the base flat and within 0.005 thousands and that is built into the gauge neck length of 0.010 thousands so your neck does not intrude into the rifling NOW let me say that no 2 rifle chambers are the same and many you will never get to the rifling as the "throat" is too long some old rifles are supposedly shot out and that is kinda a misnomer although some of the rifling forward of the chamber is rough or gone what is left may impart plenty of accuracy. I have seen revolvers with bulged barrels from firing another bullet into a stuck bullet that shot straight as a string and muzzles that looked like hammer sh*t still shot like a champ there are many points / areas on a weapon that can make it inaccurate sometimes it is not just one. A 1911 style it can be a combination of link and barrel bushing people have blamed a shot out barrel when part of it was the pistol was not maintained / lubed properly or was poorly smithed by the previous owner. Belted magnums like 7 mag etc head space off the belt and shoulder unlike rimless that use the shoulder and base, you find military brass fired from a auto weapon can have issues with the rim being pulled as well as the shoulder pushed out your die will handle most of that there are some that may need to be discarded, brass is recyclable so save it and take it in when you get a coffee can full. Fluted chambers make for a very reliable weapon but the case / shell is junked you do not get something for nothing. in a straight wall case like 45-70 38 special etc there are many you want to check that the case will set in the chamber / cylinder as the bulge at the base my not have been sized and your shells will have to be forced / pushed in if your die is not set right. the rim is where your head space comes from. straight wall cases last much longer than bottle necked ones reloading wise that is. Lee sells a bulge buster die for straight wall semiauto cases like 45acp 40s&w 9mm 38super etc these cases head space on the mouth or the case. they are not actually straight but close enough for the topic here stated Most of this information can be found on the Interweb, isn't life grand back when I had to find a guru and we did not have cell phones so I had to wait until they were home so it took a while to get the knowledge we have at our finger tips today. I also love the rubber tires better yet steel belted radials those wood wagon wheels sucked
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    I find it incredulous, that none of the so-called experts in “the media” have a clue about evil doers and why they engage in these heinous acts. The deceased shooter was an ardent and militant atheist, and wanted to murder all of his ex wife’s family members. The shooter was shot once in the left thigh and the left side of his chest through a gap in his body armor by the one armed “good guy”, who was barefoot and willing to engage the shooter to stop the murder of his neighbors. The driver of the pickup, willingly chased the armed suspect with the good guy, and the forced the suspect to crash. If the shooter hadn’t shot himself, the coroner said that the thoracic shot was causing the suspect to bleed out anyway, and he would have died from that wound and possibly his left leg wound. So, both the suspect and the good guy were using AR-15 rifles on that fateful Sunday, one to prevent further bloodshed and the other, to continue his murderous ant-religion hatred. Of course this was a hate crime, of course the Federal reporting system failed, and of course the shooter typically took the cowards way out. Yet somehow, an inanimate object is fully responsible for this heinous act. Using that same “logic”, we just of course, ban all motor vehicles because of the drunken drivers whose ehicles cause more than 30,000 deaths annually in our country, plus the more than 50,000 gore IOU’s injuries. Somehow, the hypocrisy of their flawed “logic”escapes these nitwits, who so willingly, demand our Constitutional Rights be stripped from us, in the name of “security”. Adolf Hitler demanded and got the same thing, and look how well that turned out for mankind.
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    I thought I should mention head space and case length and that there is a tool called an L. E. Wilson cartridge case gauge it is machined to measure head space and overall length here is a link to the instructions. case gage from L.E. Wilson Another tool is a bullet puller I like the Forrester standard because you control how tight and I can feel it better than others I have tried each caliber requires a collet and this works better if you have crimped the case mouth than a kinetic or hammer type, I would have both IMO. Dial caliper mechanical not battery operated Kinetic bullet puller there are other makes this is just a picture for reference One last thought are dies Rifle dies are generally steel and need to have the case lubed or else they case will get stuck and too much lube you get case dents and I like to clean my dies out after loading by disassembly and using starting fluid dry wipe and store until the next time. There are carbide bottle neck rifle dies but I am not experienced with them, There are dies coated with exotic metals but they still need lube I would not buy steel pistol dies as carbide is priced competitively and you do not need to lube, I like to make sure my cases are polished / clean as dirt will scratch the cases and over time can scratch the carbide insert that takes a lot but it can happen in time. If you do not have the basic tools should a time come when there is some restriction or trouble getting components if you don't have it your snake bit, I know it can be expensive but if that is a problem you can start with your main pistol caliber and then get your main caliber rifle survival reloading would be rifle using cast bullets at lower velocities using the information above in a medium bore caliber 30 cal and up.in a bolt rifle you could use a set of Lee Loader dies these only neck size a rifle case but if you use it for only a single rifle the cases will not need to be full length sized but if you had 2 lets say Moison Nagant rifles you would need to keep the brass separate as each can have a different enough head space one may not chamber the others cases. I don't know everything about reloading but I have dabbled in most and there are always people that will know more and are able to afford some of the best and more accurate equipment but for the average shooter if you make it using some of the tools listed you can make ammo that can make groups as good as 99% of the shooters are able of doing with a rifle or pistol that is capable IMHO
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    Spent the whole day casting 12 guage 7/8 ounce Lee slugs. Now I have plenty of slugs ready for reloading. These should last me a few years.
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    We have been stockpiling several of these items for barter use as well. I think things like the triple antibiotic ointment will be invaluable in the near future.
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    Today I was late but I did plant my potatoes about 10 and for those that are not knowledgeable about potatoes keep them in a dark place until they sprout from the eyes one tater will sprout 3 + eyes cut the tater so a good chunk is with the sprouted eye and plant about 3 inches deep. they can be grown in a LARGE cardboard box 50 pound feed sacks a stack of LARGE tractor tires in piles of loosen dirt etc you know when they are TATERS when the plant on top dies then dig them up if you like "new potatoes you can dig lightly around and pull them up in a month or so. next I added in lima beans to fill in where the ones I planted a couple weeks ago did not grow probably due to old seed I keep all my seed in a container in the refrigerator or freezer. transplanted some of my yellow squash last week and they are doing well. Today I planted some yard long green beans. I plant for a couple of reasons to have fresh and what is most expensive or unobtainable locally mostly I like Heirloom varieties a few are hybrid but they were bred for disease resistance not resistance to chemicals look up GMO seeds of destruction video on youtube for more information. I raise my own garlic and multiplying onions and most always cayenne peppers I may do some Jalapeños this year as I like Armadillo eggs this is a recipe take a cut chicken breast about 4 to 6 pieces can be had from one breast take a lice of jalapeño slice up to a half deseeded remove stem & cap and wrap t with the chicken then wrap all that with a slice of bacon pin with a toothpick and bake grill or slow cook in a cast iron pan until chicken is well done. some people put inside the jalapeño cream cheese or some other cheese and I have marinaded my chicken in cheap Italian dressing I like to make mine like poppers bite size they go well with avocado or ranch dressing even bar-b-q sauce make plenty s they go fast my spread is spanish rice pinto beans and armadillo eggs with a banana pudding fruit cobbler w/ ice cram or flan as a desert. The okra is doing well and I have 2 more spots to fill and contemplating what but I think it will be mustard greens and kale might split one and do some collards. Horse radish is invasive LOL had it in a couple of tractor tires stacked and it grew through plastic sign board and sprouted on the side I pulled that one up and planted it near the ones in the tire and it is growing and the area I pulled has another sprout I love horse radish with ham I mix it fresh grated with mayonnaise to taste and white pepper lemon juice a tad and smear it on liberally ! the other root plant I raise is a 15 gallon bucket of ginger I love the scent of crushed ginger leaves I will split it this year into 30 gallon pots and can't wait till I can make fresh ginger ale. grape along the fence are sprouting leaves blackberry plants are looking good lots of buds on the branches and I pray my figs do better last year was a dud berries did not do well or grapes about half of the previous years output. Lemon bushes are kicking lots of blooms so by September November ought to have a couple dozen. I need to replace the key lime that died I think I will get a few. Here is my real issue I have a couple of pomegranate trees both are 6 to 7 foot tall and a nd this year will be 3 years so by my reckoning they should leap this year I am just wondering when I will get my first fruit ? I have given up on peaches as the squirrels raid them before they ripen little b@stards but unless something drastic happens I will have plenty of tree rat meat as I need it. the ground litter of my yard is mostly acorn hulls and pine straw blown in from across the street with oak leaves. I also raise Agave because it is one wicked plant spines are like a syringe needle and aloe vera 2 types one smooth the other variegated spines on it edge aloe can be drunk used as a poultice or dabbed on a rash or burn or sunburn very soothing. It is a very passive garden it takes little time as it is raised bed or large pots easy to take a chair and do a few a week weeding and checking for invading insects mold or any other manifestation trying to kill my garden off. my recipe for buckets is drill holes 1/4 to 3/8 inch in the bottom about a dozen or more and put a few bricks then 4 to 6 inches of plain dirt then I fill to half rabbit crap then fill with planters soil and a tad rabbit droppings. my cages are made from 2X4 inch fence or 4x4 concrete wire 3 to 5 foot I buy scrap or damaged rolls from where ever I can find it. and my insecticide of choice is Sevin dust or liquid I dust or spray fresh unplanted ground to rid existing insects after a few days I plant I try not to use insecticide unless I see a insidious invasion plants can be eaten to nothing even if treated as poison takes time and as the bugs are feasting others come and dine and before the poison kills them they have killed the plant and it takes a season to get one crop so what you loose is crop and some regions you only have one season and the question is do you have more seed for next year or can you last until next year and some years are a bust in the best of times 2 things you need is 24D and Sevin dust and or liquid neem oil if you have trees that can be invaded by web worms or fungus etc. I also like a balance fertilizer a hand full around in a 3 foot circle ear grape vine or tree is a kick start do it again in a month or so. these items will be in short or NO supply in a bad time I also keep plenty of kale collard mustard beets etc for the greens and taters most people do not recognize them as food and that is a benefit to a stealth garden and you can make plots on your route or secondary location. this may be the novel I never intended to write but there it is.
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    I don't either wally, but I can understand and respect those who chose not to follow the Christian faith because a religion that is not of free will is worthless whether your in it or on the outside. Anyone should be able to quit move to a new church etc. as they please. If your not their for God He already knows that your fooling no one but yourself. Christianity should attract people unfortunately I get judgmental everyone no matter if they are a Christian or not crosses that bridge. Ther is a difference between judgment by virtue if it is obvious that molesting a child is wrong then convicting a person who does is not being judgmental, your upholding law and order. If we do not uphold law and order then if your child is raped or yourself you have no protection through the law. Bibically we are allowed to make laws have police and courts, but when we refute Biblical rules of behavior we cast the burden onto ourselves our children and our families are open to the crimes or distortion of justice we allow IMHO. Yesterday was a sad sad day Kate Stienly was denied justice by a jury in San Francisco the least should have been involuntary homicide. I watched Jeanean Pirro and she basically stated that other states should send their illegal alien criminals from their prisons to California as why should they pay for criminals to fill prisons in their state. Now there is a guy that want to legalize magic mushrooms in California WTFudge and he really can't see the problem a child or wife is walking or playing and encounters a person hallucinating and may have other mental issues like Jared Loughner who shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords or simple as driving a vehicle going to a store or running away from a hallucination now you have endangered hundreds of lives for the want of a individual to avoid reality. As far as I am concerned if your sick you can take or have anything you want as long as your under supervision as your not a threat to anyone other than your overseer who must naturally accept the responsibility of their life and their ward. I am all for freedom as long as your not under the influence driving or handling firearms or power tools, in public and on your own property or space. Psilocybe mushrooms are not new or original or moldy rye bread but I ask everyone to remember that NOTHING has zero effect some day science will find it has a negative effect like some people that smoke weed for decades some find it turns on them and instead of being laid back and calm they become violent and unreasonable and or paranoid. You get nothing for nothing there is a price and you cannot avoid it and like a wreck it is just how bad it harms you as to how you will feel about it is you survive. People that have no obvious mental disorders have been institutionalized for a mental break and never came out of it percentages are low for that but still it happens if thats you in the corner of the rubber room with a load of crap in your pants drooling on yourself, how proud your parents must be ? There are also no victim less crimes or injuries you do to yourself someone has to suffer your family or the rest of us have the financial burden of higher taxes to keep you in a safe place or prison where all the nice people will use you as a sex toy, if your aware in or out of your mind does not really matter to them. All I can say is I want a registry if your for certain actions like legalizing of all drugs or sanctuary cities then I wnat your name on a contract that exempts you from taking legal action if one of these peripherally causes you or your family death injury or maiming loss of job or any other disaster that "WILL" befall you. In other words I don't wanna hear you bit@hing and moaning crying about poor pitiful you ! or asking for disability food stamps health care or anything else you have placed yourself above common sense, rules or God you have cut the tether than binds you to a full life and happiness respect of your peers and most of all place yourself on the roulette wheel of life without a AAA, airbag or seat belt like all the people that choose not to wear a motorcycle helmet I have no problem but when your insurance runs out we pull the plug you made your choice now die with it. Whereas you try wear a helmet and are not careless we should do all reasonable to keep you alive you did your part we do our in both cases IMHO.
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    Thanks for writing P210SIG, here is what I find online about one of them. Power source: 6 volt 14 amp hour lead-acid gel cell battery Suitable for: Deer, horses, cattle, pigs, and dogs Range: Up to 25 miles Power range listed by Parmak: 0.75-1.8 joules Peak open circuit voltage: 11.5 kilovolts Peak voltage with a 500 ohm load: 2.6 kilovolts They are both 6V chargers, so I was thinking about hooking them up in series to produce a 12V charging system. This should recharge my 12V batteries?
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    Finished my second armour steel AR500 wakazashi in the late hours last night. It was hard work, but well worth the time spent. As the saying goes 2 is 1 & 1 is none!
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    Borax is a good item I saw a utube video where mix one cup hydrogen peroxide with two cups water. Add 3 tbsp. of borax, and let dissolve. Used to rid people and animals of mange or scabies basically soak into skin or fur allow to air dry and keep applying until all signs are gone. as well I saw where coconut oil a cup and tea tree oil about a teaspoon will also work as these are all caused by parasites and either chemically or with oil choking them out. I like this over using a pyrethrin that is a "possible" neurotoxin and the creme is hard to get to the skin on some dogs as they have an undercoat or double coat. Here is a shortcut to 15 uses for Borax 15 uses for Borax 20 uses food grade diatomaceous earth 21 uses for Epsom salt boric acid uses trisodium phosphate Trisodium phosphate cleaner flux and much more PDF Borax, trisodium phosphate, boric acid, diatomaceous-earth and Epsom salt are staple for so many reasons look them up and you will be amazed at just how impossible it is to live without them.
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    I’ve been double plugging my ears for the past 8 or so years now. My right ear is hard of hearing these days. Shooting magnum rifle cartridges are a hoot to shoot, but over the years have cost me some hearing lost, which is a down side of things.
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    I can remember phone booths and dropping a dime, rotary dial phones and real operators who actually connected your call and person to person long distance. I can also remember when prefixes came in before we had numbers like Lincoln 5-5555 exchanges. I am starting to feel like I need a shot of geritol LMAO
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    Drew_Forge good to see you back in the fray. You have enough that most of this is for other readers on this post Hey I have some RCBS and in the day I had a box of extra parts like pins and rods the one thing I did like was I could use an expander to make custom brass off a common case and as well size down the neck only issue is I had to use a reamer to make the proper I.D. (inside diameter) and sometimes outside reaming and trimming but considering having the parent case and the proper equipment you could make most all of the calibers you need. Here is an article on Parent cases and their kin Cartridge parent cases Here is Chuck Hawks main page a lot of great information and articles. Chuck Hawks main page learning how to anneal brass is part of custom and survival case and cartridge making and it is not difficult. the way I have done (because I do not need to do many at a time) so for many years is to have a glass casserole dish because they have a flat bottom and with the proper height can hold enough water to quench the cases. Water is used as a heat sink to prevent the 2/3rds under water not to be annealed reason so the pressure will not low through the case and the exposed 1/3rd to take and hold eat and once tipped into the water becomes dead soft and can then be worked / sized to what you choose. Remember that cases cannot be altered by extremes but in steps some times the brass needs to be annealed again if there is too much work hardening or steps and there can be loss as I have crunched cases necks split but that does not mean they are junk as there can be calibers that could still be made if they are cut down. some of the parent cases I have messed with are 45LC 30-30 30-06 and 300WM or 7mag. One winter I made .410 brass cases from 303 Brit 2 1/2 inch cases and 9.3X74R makes 3 inch cases once formed these cases can last many many loadings more than I will ever fire in 410 shotgun. and these use large rifle primers and can be loaded by hand. RCBS Rock Chucker is the best single stage press at it's price point that can size p to 50BMG IMHO. There are only a couple die companies who's price longevity and just to keep it simple are RCBS and LEE I have some RCBS dies and all the parts for making custom brass I need and it never hurts to have a stock of decapping pins, not because they are bad but some much crap can find its way into a brass case like gravel polishing media and sand most times will hardly cause them to bend and that can be remedied by a brass hammer but I know if you only have the one that bugger will break just to spite you. I use the Lee plastic dippers for a start point and top off with a powder trickler for small batches. found ball powders that give good accuracy so when I do more loading I use a volumetric powder measure and check every 10 or so and since I do not load a bullet in it should there be a problem I just would need to dump 10 cases at most and recharge them. Pistol powder I try to use a powder that is double charged will overflow the case or full enough to see I have not made those mistakes in many many years but only because I am over cautious most accidents the person is not hurt but his weapon is but I sure do not want to be that one in a million and that is where concentration attention to detail and double checking pay off and that is before you load the first cartridge. Research your caliber consider the powder choice for future use on other calibers I do not like too many powders as once you research them you find they are next of kin in burn rate why duplicate.
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    its a bit scary if AI's take over the web....
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    So we have a shituation it appears that bowe bergdahl is now due back pay for the almost 5 years he spent in custody of our friends the Afghani's Taliban Today on Fox News Retired USN SEAL Chief Petty Officer James Hatch who was wounded and his dog Remco killed, Six other military service people were killed in the time they were looking for bergdahl I can remember when if you lost our rifle or other gear assigned to you you could be fined for the cost --- I sure would not have wanted to be accused of loosing a toilet seat or a hammer Bergdahl was reduced from a sergent to a private amd 1K a month for 10 months and let us not forget that we traded 5 Gitmo mid to high level detainees in 2014 their names Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa, Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Nori, Abdul Haq Wasiq and Mohammad Nabi Omari. and all the time and effort and money at minimum 19 intense days of searching it is interesting to note that Khairkhwa was was from the same tribe as Afghan president Karzai and once governor of Herat province and Opium warlord from 1999 to 2001. Fasl was wanted for war crimes for the mass murder of thousands of Shiites I think he should get a medal from us as none of them are our dear friends over in the sand. Wasiq was intelligence service in the taliban his cousin was the head guy. I am so "over" this type of justice it seems as if the worst gets the best deals what about the soldiers shot in Fort Hood it was called work place violence how about the Americans murdered by illegal aliens it is so common it is like a cliché. Commercials tell you there are sick hungry and people needing medial care in South America and Africa Hell we need it here our elderly are living on scraps in many cases actually damaged or near out of date food donated before it cannot be written off go to Appalachia to many reservations and any over the track areas of your own cities those are children too, our children everything seems backward or upside down or just an outright slap in the face an overt insult as if they are saying there is nothing you can do about it eat shite and die that is "deplorable" and I hope someone hands that general his walking papers for letting such a travesty of justice and insult to our military members happen IMHO.