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    Wally, I went with Smith and Wesson, got myself a Body Guard polymer framed revolver, with integral CTs on it. Of course, I ditched the munchkin grips and put some decent Hogues on it, made for that revolver, gives more grip length, and reduces the twisting recoil with +P loads. Snake, I’m curmudgeonly enough now, to want to scrag, most people I meet whose innate stupidity makes them scraggable. However, it is presently illegal in all 50 states to scrag for sheer stupidity alone. So, I choose to not entangle myself in the vagaries of criminal jurisprudence at this point in my life. (But, you can appreciate, I certainly thought a great deal about scragging when situations called for it)
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    First, having a GHB, is something all of our adult children have, and their spouses have as well. Those go “with” on all vehicle trips. Ours have felon repellent and felon redundancy capabilities just in case as well. (You figure it out for yourself) Water and shelter are the most critical items to have the ability to deploy as needed, even if, it’s only for shade, or to help keep the rain and snow off of you, your vehicle etc. Im a big believer in razor sharp folding knives and other cutting/chopping hand tools, that can also be “dual purposed”, if/when things “get close...”. As for assisting the genetically stupid, defined by me as being too selfish to think “they” might need some self sufficiency, I’m not inclined to offer any assistance. The innocents and older folks, will always be welcomed into our fold. The others are whiney sniveling drones, that are of no earthly use.
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    A BOB (bug out bag) or GHB (get home bag) is a cornerstone of preparedness, because when an emergency occurs there is little warning. I am not or claim to be a medically trained person doctor or Indian chief, I advise a first aid to a EMT level group of classes and to inform yourself online, remembering your legally responsible in some cases and should send a cold chill only a doctor or Nurse practitioner (specific) can give/ administer/ / prescribe medications EMERGENCY means a world of incalculable extremes that even the best equipped fire and emergency agencies must use other means to extract a injured person, remember that. Recent mudslides,earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or how about an accident on the road ? in an instant your a on scene first responder or need to sustain life of your own family members even yourself until a emergency response can be on site. The misnomer that the world is going to end is not just a recent event, BUT the world for some ends everyday and sometimes because they or a on site responder did not have the basic first aid knowledge or first aid kit enhanced with some very basic cheap items. Water is number 1, A stainless steel bottle/s of at least one quart, remembering never give water to unconscious or injured just dampen lips pat face it they are hot. an easy way to cool is to take towel wet and whip in a swinging motion in the air will cool a great deal. Stem bleeding #2 Stem is not stop and sometimes all you can do is slow it to a trickle, never remove a dressing add over retain pressure with a wide strap like a luggage strap with a cinch for smaller areas gauze, athletic tape and box of kotex a few Ace bandages in addition to a basic first aid kit and a Swiss army knife not a Chinese knockoff because this last a lifetime Warmth or shade of a blanket is 3 always have a real blanket like a fleece throw and a couple of space / emergency blankets remember not to move a person although they may look fine internal or unseen injuries may cripple or kill in dire emergencies / fire etc. you may have no choice splinting / immobilizing Paint stir sticks are about as cheap and easy to carry and use as anything I could imagine other than simple newspaper or magazine.try not to move the injured limb, splint or secure to the body in place, 550 paracord is useful as well. Other purposes of our "bag" is also personal comfort and that includes food drink to suit the climate you can buy MRE heaters you can also have cold packs that when the pouch within the bag is broken it turns almost to ice key areas to cool someone from a raging fever or heatstroke is to lower the bodies temp as fast as you can placing a cold pack under the armpits neck at the carotid area and even the crotch. wetting the body with alcohol is quick but water and fanning is good in summer shade is needed o keep from reheating. Weather appropriate clothing in winter your swimming trunks ain't going to make it. a full Tyvek suit from Homedepot is cheap wind and waterproof tiny when folded and disposable get it in a larger size to cover all of you with your winter clothing consider snow shoes or ice cleats/ crampons as falling or slipping is going to wear you out time and distance has killed more people from not being able to get to safety. snow chains ? if you need them only once they are well worth it. If you live where there are mountains hills and gullies a rope like Kernmantle 9MM or 10MM climbing rope 3 or 4 "real" weight bearing caribiners look for used on EBAY as this is pricey new and you may never need it but it makes a good tow rope in fact a few tow straps connected with Caribiners could work. even if you can't another person on site might be able to use the equipment and if that is all we can do is be to help we have done more than 10 people goggling although calling 911 is the very first thing to do. My BOB or GHB may have other items specific to my experience needs or training / knowledge as should yours not all of this need to be expensive, rummage through garage sales thrift and resale shops a back pack and all the items won't cost that much. THE END OF THE WORLD, Ask anyone that has survived any catastrophic weather or natural disaster event fire or bridge collapse ? bridge failures 2000 to present Bridges connect water isolated or impassable areas to livable drivable land imagine a winter like this and or a heatwave and your stuck in traffic for a plain accident I have been for many hours do you have enough fuel to run your precious AC or heat do you have a gas can so if there is a station you can go get some ? do you have cash in case the ATM's don't work ? do you have spare key hidden in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle in a crisis as can happen when your preoccupied ? only stupid people think they will never die or get injured or sick of for that matter get in a jam. People with their feet on the ground and w/ common sense choose to mitigate and be prepared mentally and with the basic items. Why a BOB or GHB because it is being physically responsible for yourself family and unfortunate souls in mortal danger who may be too stupid to have thought for anyone else including themselves
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    I am pro abortion ----

    Democrats, your in luck if your kid has a disability is ugly or looks like your Ex you ca abort them after birth or try it before you buy it ! Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D.) commented Wednesday about a controversial 40-week abortion bill and in so doing said the law allows an abortion to take place after the infant's birth. I'm all for euthanasia, democrats first, so if there are any side effects you can tell us republicans so we ca improve it---for you
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    I am pro abortion ----

    I am all for abortion up to --no limits no matter what age on the right we call it capitol punishment or self defense. It is impossible for me to contemplate the termination of an innocent person born or unborn but the democrats defend people like Cathy Griffin, Madonna and all the other "beautiful people that want to harm our president and anyone on the right that works for the administration and they really hate republicans or independents that voted for President Trump. I find it an oxymoron that demoncrats crave the blood of the innocent but fight like a wildcat to protect evil vile criminal behavior, Democrats are calling for the killing of the high school kids wearing MAGA hats an elected president and all those that support free speech, protecting the lives of the innocent / unborn ? they give excuses not to execute condemned murderers that have killed children and unarmed women ? and all the while say that it is they that protect the rights of women ? If your white you don't have the right to live or have an opposing view unless your a transgender or a SJW or one of the individuals that identify as GLBTQ or 62 different genders . If your an American that wants to protect your family from drugs rape or murder by criminals or even asking that aliens be vetted before they can be allowed in our country your a xenophobe a racist or a brutal selfish one of the basket of deplorables. The left is full of unintelligible or defendable ideals on the one hand kill unborn up to the head crowning but let the children of color that commit horrible crimes against humanity that if you were a soldier committed they would ask that you be imprisoned for life or executed. Democrats scream that opioids are killing people but do not vote for a wall to keep the gangs and drugs our? they proclaim that they are the protectors of womanhood and yet when women like Kathryn Steinle, 32 and thousands of others that have been kidnapped, murdered or sexually assaulted but that's fine as long as no one calls for a wall it's OK to be a democrat and serve in government and be a girlfriend / wife beater make lude comments against staffers or grope them male or female, is it not still an assault if a man gropes a man if it is an unwanted advance or because it is a man there is no grounds for sexual impropriety against them ? Democrats love all the illegal alien babies give them free healthcare food stamps help pay for neonatal care for pregnant illegals help with housing and utilities but for An American mother they want you to murder your baby ? If your a democrat you need to think about the possibility that the people that your electing are insane. that your unable to see the contradictory nature of the left and democrats. consider that if your white they want you dead because of your "white privilege" they want to give your job to a person of color abort your children or marry into a family of color and accept only the narrative they project vote for only those issues they promote. the left hates their own if they have independent thoughts vote republican or call out a democrat for breaking rules or improper sexual behavior, that is a cardinal sin if your a democrat. Alexandria Ocassio Ortez comes from a well to do family had all the options of education and after she got her share want to shut the door behind her, How and why do you ask I come to that conclusion, because if you tax the rich who is going to fund those left wing colleges build a new wing on hospitals invest in medical advancements if they are taxed at 70 yo 90% ??? and if she cuts their throat does she really think that they will donate to her campaigns ? Free doesn't mean anything, if your a moron a free college education will only last a semester and your going to be out on your azz, a free apartment after you fail to clean it or destroy it or turn it in to a crash pad and party room you will get kicked out. Should the government give you food stamps and you barter them for alcohol or drugs when your caught they cut you off, Once the bank runs dry you'll get NOTHING. In Las Vegas they round up homeless people to keep them off the streets so as not to scare off the tourists. In many counties the democrats that ran the counties into the ground and cannot afford to pay promised retirement to city workers are going broke and the retirees find themselves having to go back to work. There is no nice way to put it you have voted in a slick used car salesman that promises anything you ask for but once you have a mechanical problem you find the contract is not worth the paper it's written on, and you end up with a vehicle that does not run on blocks because the neighborhood dope heads steal everything off it, you still owe the payments and have to take a bus to work and every day the vehicle gets older more stuff gets stolen off it you get a ticket for having an abandon vehicle it gets towed and taken for lot fees. If they gave you a free vehicle could you be responsible and take care of it ? hell no it takes a good portion of pay to keep insurance maintain it keep it full of gas register it every year and be a responsible driver, we see that children and young people are not responsible and if you kill someone driving your azz is grass and the same system that said you deserve everything free will put you in prison ! The cheese in the trap is free for the rat the bait in the cage is free trying to get away with it is when you find out too late and get your neck snapped or caught and taken away or shot in the head. Free stuff never gets respect people find they want newer bigger better free stuff and more and more free stuff. I ran night clubs the people that worked were basically pimps or whores both the men and the women sometimes I had to pick them up because of failures of their personal responsibility to keep or maintain a vehicle, their partner took the car or sold it for dope or some other reason and while in their place that they did not own they would have tables cluttered with cologne or perfume new expensive clothes but if they had kids no beds for them they slept on the floor or on a futon or couch and it went from that to squalor or a complete dump stinking dishes piled up in the sink garbage overflowing onto the floors empty liquor bottles all over, dirty clothes piled in every corner the floor never saw a vacuum cleaner or a mop. How many times would I have to bail them out of a jam like I was their parent and how many times did I have to fire them for being drunk or high at work or catch them in the bathrooms shooting up or giving sex for money --- did I say these bars were not upper crust establishments ? they weren't.. Having been around the world it's all the same the lowest 20% commit all the crime are drunks alcoholics fight argue abuse each other pimp or whore around and or kill each other as you climb the social ladder less violent but just as much criminality but a differing sort white collar crimes perversion and drugs or alcohol problems. The common denominator no moral values or self control BUT, I have seen when they accept God for real change real lasting change sobriety responsibility less strife fewer problems and they finally open their eyes and are mortified as to what they have allowed in their lives and the things they have done and fight to change their circumstances problem many come to that realization too late dying of disease or murdered and worse in some incident no fault of their own a life wasted never having experienced the life God wanted for them. If you do not follow a God that requires responsibility sobriety and rules he sit down to protect you from turning yourself into a failure, your loosing ground every day until the sands of time run out for you IMHO. If you ask if I was perfect, the answer is no, but by the grace of God I figured it out before the end of all people that do not turn from their horrible ways, institutionalization insanity or death. I ask you to turn away now from voting agreeing with or molding your life to a system a way of life that will fail you because it requires no responsibility or morality of yourself it says do as you will until they have no more need of you, then the ignore you or cast you out --- where are these loving democrats when you in jail prison or the insane asylum I have never seen ONE visit a halfway house except to open it when did they visit a prison when in hells name did they go to a insane asylum to see the conditions or a old folks home ??? they cry and wring their hadds and have harsh words on camera but do nothing but demand money for new programs that fail to work and require more funding and more oversight that are blind -- use your reason before it's too late.
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    i take the stairs anymore cause you never know....
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    When feelings dictate morality

    When feelings dictate morality or, when you become your own god. 56:09 There is no good without God, without rules there is no reason to claim victory much less play the game, or hand out trophies.
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    OMG Scabies !!! Since Oct. 1, 2018, the Border Patrol has “seen an increase in the numbers of apprehended individuals requiring medical assistance.” A total of 2,224 migrants, primarily from Guatemala and Honduras, have been hospitalized due to health issues that could not be treated on site in the last month alone AT THE PRICES MY PHYSICIAN CHARGES PER PATIENT WE COULD BUILD THAT WALL. Scabies is an infestation of the skin by microscopic mites that lay eggs, prompting an acne-like rash and severe itching. It is contagious if a person with scabies makes prolonged skin contact with another person.
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    VANCOUVER, Wash. — The number of confirmed measles cases near Portland grew to 31 on Friday — an outbreak boosted by lower-than-normal vaccination rates--OH NO it can't be the sick illegals so it must be your white privilege+ sense that vaccinations are making your children sick because there have been an odd concoction of chemicals found in them that don't need to be there! all of this is a synopsis from a page you can read for yourselves if you dare, here is the link vaccines are toxic just a few Aluminum this has beeen linked to Alzheimer's Antibiotics, Egg Protein, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) all of these lined to anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction. Formaldehyde neglects to mention formaldehyde in vaccines. This is the "dirty little secret" of government and the vaccine industry. Thimerosal A methyl mercury compound that causes severe, permanent nervous system damage. Mercury is highly toxic to the brain. harms a fetus Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers and include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity toxicological profiles between ethylmercury and methylmercury raise the possibility that neurotoxicity may also occur at low doses of thimerosal." here are no existing guidelines for safe exposure to ethylmercury, the metabolite of thimerosal." the FDA studies thimerosal and somehow found it to be perfectly safe. It also states that vaccine manufactures are "working" to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but in reality it's still being manufactured right into the vaccines. All they have to do is visit this CDC vaccine additives web page, which openly admits to these chemicals being used in vaccines right now. It's not a conspiracy theory, it turns out. It's the status quo of modern-day vaccine manufacturing! And just in case the CDC removes that page, here's a screen shot, taken October 22, 2012, showing exactly what was on the CDC vaccine additives page: National Toxicology Programs admits in it's documents Vaccinations "...may produce small but measurable increases in blood levels of mercury." are there such things are clean vaccines? I challenge you to try to find one. They simply don't exist for the population at large. Nearly all vaccines for the masses are deliberately formulated with neurotoxic chemicals that have absolutely nothing to do with the science of vaccinations, but everything to do with autism, Alzheimer's disease, early-onset dementia, immune suppression, and the mass dumbing down of brain function. I recall that gas companies said the were helping to clean the fuel by removing lead LMAO lead was never there it was an additive they put in to lubricate and they convinced the public so well that they charged more for a gallon and got away with it because people are STUPID. A warning there is some foul langue but nothing 99.9% have not heard before.this was on the site above I figured why breakup the set....... 3:13
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    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A man among a group of migrants detained in a desolate part of New Mexico near the border with Mexico has been diagnosed as infected with flesh-eating bacteria, the U.S. Border Patrol said Friday. A state of emergency was declared on Friday in the western US state of Washington following a measles outbreak that has affected more than two dozen people, the majority of them children. The outbreak began near Portland, Oregon, at the start of the year and quickly spread to nearby Clark County and King County, both in Washington. Health officials have warned that people infected with the disease had visited schools, churches, a dentist's office, a Costco store, an Ikea store and the Portland airport. The majority of those infected are children, many of whom have not been immunized against the disease, officials said. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced the formation of a task force to investigate a new mysterious illness afflicting primarily children. Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is a polio-like illness believed to be caused by a virus. But in contrast to polio, which has been mostly eradicated, except in a few pockets around the globe, AFM is on the rise. A task force with a few scientists and many more non-scientists, skilled at media and public relations, will eventually announce their findings, scrubbed of anything politically incorrect or offensive to any of the many victim groups in America. But it's worth looking at who's bringing this disease in, because it coincides with recent vast waves of illegal immigration. AFM begins as a flu-like illness progressing to difficulty swallowing, slurred speech, and sudden limb weakness. Most children improve although many are left with residual arm and leg weakness, much like polio. It’s believed to be caused by a virus, specifically Enterococcus D68. AFM incidence seems to spike every other year. In 2018, 38 cases so far. In 2017, 33 cases, but in 2016, 149 cases. In 2015, 22 cases, and 120 cases in 2014. Much of the U.S media is uninterested in AFM. DHS officials revealed their concern over the number of migrants showing up at the border with serious illnesses. A DHS official told reporters that “literally dozens” of sick migrants are being shipped to U.S. hospitals each day and that there are a growing number of children in border patrol custody showing illness.
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    UPDATE Since the start of the epidemic, the total number of cases is 715, including 666 confirmed and 49 probable. In all, there have been 443 deaths" in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, the ministry said.
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    Well I dunno I don't think even the Twilight zone could have predicted this, born female identifies as a Transgender Man but Identifies as a Dog ? Let me see. so trans-men are better than women at being a woman ? Even more confusing Below is an example of the confusion of gender identification and learning them all UNHOLY CRAP ! If you think you understood all that then here is a curve ball
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    Go to college get a degree it will prepare you, NOT ! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6625447/Survivor-Muslim-groomer-raped-daily-flying-Pakistan-promises-lavish-life.html Lara Hall, 30, Ms Hall, having completed a law degree at the University of Notre Dame and working in a prestigious position became the victim of a predatory online groomer who raped her repeatedly over several months and kept her locked up in squalor. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for her ? or what just like numerous people that have refuted current wisdom OR prefer to deny facts have gone to the middle east and have been raped murdered or rather slaughtered thinking their aura of peace, respect for others and tranquility protects them LMAO. And worse the frothing liberal throng of Islam supporters reject the constant flood of these reports of rape gangs in Europe no go zones that now have an app that maps places to avoid in Paris. I think that liberalism is a mental disorder, a virulent strain of "Mundus Dysphoria" or dread hatred or dislike of the world and will lie steal kill and allow murder to change it to their warped design, problem is none of these within the group of leftists agree on anything. mundus vult decipi, or he world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived Ascribed to Roman satirist Petronius a courtier of Nero -- Nero the one that fiddled while Rome burned now that is enlightening or ironic as the wisdom of today parallels Nero's insanity IMO. Nothing prepares you for anything except personal experience and that does not have the same imprint on individuals I know a woman that wanted a natural child birth went to Lamas classes read all the "right" books, an hour in she was screaming for an epidural. there is nothing to prepare a person pain for the death of a loved one especially a child. Thinking you can is imagination even experience is no absolute you can experience horror and near death a hundred times with no obvious effect and one more shell shock, PTSD or insanity will overtake your mind, a person cannot abide in the land of the living trapped in the shadow of death, there are no safe spaces the world is not what you make of it, graveyards are the proof no matter how long you have it's never enough in some cases too damn long. you eat all the right food, have all the preventives watch your weight, don't smoke, wear a condom and your still going to die, it is my opinion it is more important where will call your home eternal IMHO.
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    Transgender axe attacker split man's face This is IMHO part of the problem, when misunderstandings from social media or internet encounters because one or the other is not honest about their gender or intensions up front, this led to the person attacked rejecting the attackers advances or interest. We all have the right to reject or terminate a date for any reason, it's called personal preference IMHO. IMHO we should all take a person holding an axe seriously notwithstanding gender race creed color height width or planet of origin. This is also a good lesson on threat proximity the ability of a person to react to a threat and if they had a means to defend themselves, be able to deploy it in time. the second attack on an innocent bystander show that people need to have situational awareness al all times, walking with your head stuck in a mobile phone is dangerous to your health. Video of Transgender axe attacker split man's face in HALF in rampage after bad Tinder date in the first video the second is court decision on the attack.
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    Venezuela is imploding

    Venezuela is imploding, today on Fox News, Bill Richardson democrat was cordial to the idea that Trump had recognized Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela to apply pressure on now president Maduro. Ex- Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson stated Trump needed to be cautious and not use oil sanctions as that would make the price of oil rise He and Fox news talking heads agreed that Maduro needed to call for elections and abide by them was a path for him to exit power with a modicum of respect and have a peaceful transition of power --LMAO did anyone not see that our own elections although supposedly fair and had a peaceful transition, since we and our President have not had a moments peace, our 4th estate (the press) ---(The Fourth Estate, mostly referred to as ‘the press’, is the guardian of veritas and has a special obligation as such. The 4th wheel of our beautiful vehicle we call America is broken it has become a megaphone of the extreme left and deep state, trying to unseat a legally elected president, this is treason, there is no mincing of words here the constant barrage of untruths has eroded the important sense of respect for our nations leader and that translates into an undermining of trust or faith in our leader to make deals and honor our treaties and agreements, (that was the intension of the press all along) That would be called collusion and a plot, that is dangerous very dangerous and they all know it and that in my opinion is treasonous. All this below is opinion from all the disinformation out there who could know if anything is true or not all we can have is an opinion. Roger Stone today was arrested and his passport taken his travel restricted seems more like a tactic to punish and silence political enemies and friends of President Trump this is more akin to tactics of soviet Russia IMHO. I thought we had the right to have a personal and public right to address our opinions and redress grievances in the public square and in today's parlance includes social media and the internet. It was obvious that paid assets were present attempting to disrupt Roger Stones press appearance this morning. for a former political member of a campaign being treated like a drug kingpin handcuffed and shackled. When Donna Brazile finally admitted she shared (cheated) debate questions with Clinton campaign. Nothing about GPS Fusion, the 4th estate (the press) guffawed and horse laughed about deleted emails and destruction of computers phones an printed information and, other facts were glossed over and never exposed by the press, it is part of their job to expose these facts so we are not saddled with a shill or a criminal for a president. I am not happy with the glaring underhanded way republicans have been treated compared to democrats and the use of purgery traps to ensnare political opponents that have not been equally used against democrat supporters, has anyone heard from Huma Abedin lately, how about all those emails on her husbands computer, Anthony Wiener. Did everyone forget the use of certain agencies to attack Tea Party and its members and the individuals on the right attempting to form 501-C3's to back their candidate or opinion as it is every Americans right to do and is allowed even to communists and socialist organizations ? This is America at it worst, truth is relegated to opinion and innuendo and lowered the bar for decency honesty and reality.
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    SDI Star wars Defense initiative

    SDI Star wars Defense initiative mentioned by Trump is making Russian president Valdamir Putin absolutely insane ! it was alright for him to come out in the last few month and wave his pecker around saying we have a new Satan II Missile that no one can stop. but once Trump said we were going to weaponize space he looses his mind, why because they cannot compete with us they are having money problems. their space program has waned over the years, not that they could not restart it but, face it we have the upper hand in space operations. I don't like it because I do believe that all the rocket launches and weapons of war are the cause of our eco problems. we have seen where nuclear tech is not good either Fukashima is still pumping out death and destruction. I had the answer 40 years ago it's called geothermal and where it is easy to use we need to use it our power plants like our cars needs to be flex fuel able to use anything we can where we can control pollutants. It is possible to piggyback industries that require electrical power and heat such a foundries and mesh them with power plants keeping entities closer to the source, instead of mutilation the countryside with towers and emanations of EM pollution. another byproduct of laying power lines underground is some little protection from EMP but more so the aesthetics of an uncluttered landscape. Nuclear is not working, there is so much waste product and it ends up stored on site it is dangerous to move and wherever you move it too becomes a tomb of death for a hundred thousand years. They are just now building vaults in specific clay stratum in the earth that acts like a protective shield for generations to come. LMAO mankind has not been on the earth for 100.000 years, there is even a collective trying to work out an icon or sign that would warn even aliens that the mine is deadly. What if aliens are blind or use smell or acoustics like bats or auras everything in nature produces a sonic "note" each element has a different resonance even the stars all hum a different tune the universe is an orchestra and, only man would be so arrogant as to think vision is the only acuity to consider. The scientists and soothsayers are rattling their bones and trying to figure out a warning that will last 100,000 years and without language convey the warning that this mine contains a deadly substance. Non human entitles are not all effected by radiation. LMAO what if we in the future need this for fuel and we hid it from ourselves now but in the future we need it, and during all the elapsed time we now communicate telepathically and have forgotten all previous history because we nuked our world and had to use another ? do these people ever read ? like Isaac Asimov or Authur C. Clark. All my life people have told me to think outside the box, I always have, they on the other hand have lived in a box, a box of dirty kitty litter and need other people to come up with brilliant solutions for impossible problems they themselves created. My favorite quote from Sherlock Holmes, "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? My personal quote, "Facts, reality and truth are wasted on the Ignorant, immoral and stupid."
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    DAVOS what a crock of S___

    Notice the bottom committed to improving the world just how pray tell when 1,500 private jets fly in for one meeting not to mention all the luxury vehicles the food flown in daily the cost to set it up for months before all the security personnel and bus loads of reporters hookers and janitorial staff well lets just say that just like in the military it takes at minimum 7 persons to support one and consider how much fuel it takes to fill 1,500 jests ? empty their lavatories fill with fresh water oxygen liquor nitrogen to fill tires THIS IS A ECO DISASTER how much food is wasted these people love to have a splendid feast but do not like to be seen as pigs at the trough so much of it goes to waste.of course after the orgy it takes tons of soap and water to clean all the laundry and wash down the dishes wash rooms and hell it takes another year to get ready for the next meeting and it all starts all over again ! what it takes for one member to make the meeting 5 to 10 people could live in luxury --- have they not hear of net meeting ? many jails you don't have a judge in front of you you have it online many doctors have online consultations so whats their problem.. Besides Ocasio-Cortez says the world is going to end in 12 years due to climate change LMAO taking the torch from Al the Prophet Gore who said Miami would be underwater in 10 years that was more than ten yeas ago --what a looser and these morons or millennials gobble it up like a dog eats it own vomit if you keep predicting the same thing of course it will come true it may take a thousand years but who's counting not the Millennials, because they can't count they cant remember what was said yesterday much less a decade ago. P. T. Barnum had it right when he said, "there's a sucker born every minute" and every other minute a Republican
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    World War 3 ?

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    did you get the ruger or the cz for the trip?
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    Road Trip protection and “comfort”

    well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
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    Oh boy.....here we go.... A JCMS length rant and ramble () I am a man of belief, a man at peace with my relationship with my creator. As a child I was "officially" Southern Baptist, but attended church at a large number churches both with friends and individually looking for truth. In the end I found God where I believe he is and has always been, in the world around me. I have lived my life by my (paternal) grandfathers words " I know God and God knows me and no man has anything to say about it", like he I have very rarely seen God inside a church ( in fact I have seen the face of Satan there more) and seen him more times than I can count everywhere else. It is important as well to understand my relationship with the bible. It is the word of God passed down thru the far from perfect vessel of man, a kids story in the true scope of God's voice...like the wisest of great grandfathers speaking to a baby barely self aware. I believe it is gross vanity for Man to think that he could perceive the smallest amount of Gods wisdom. To God's scale, even to the wisest of (early) man, the Bible is " see spot run". It is for this reason I do not find it hard to reconcile the Bible and science. If you simply look at the story of creation in the Bible as such and see the "days" as simplifying of the truth it is a very closely related time line.....if you were explaining something as complex as creation to a three year old would YOU use words like billion or sub-atomic plasma? Adding to the idea that it is near impossible for a perfect being to explain anything to an infinitely simple and flawed people such as us, that the word of God has been tainted by millennia of man's touch, translated from...to..and back though every tongue of man...by hand. Then used by government after government, sect after sect, the ambitious and zealous. We are left to find the basic meaning and lessons in what we have inherited to see our own truth...perhaps this is God's plan, that we use it less as a manual and more like an outline. Now that you have some idea of where I come from, I have to say that man has balanced on the edge of God's tolerance from the start. Sodom, Gamora, Babylon, the Pharioh, Rome, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Renaissance, Inquisitions, reformation, witch hunts, Age of Enlightenment, rise of Communism, Mimes.....the list is exhaustive and is basicly the entirety of human history. Now we all see these differently in the light of our personal beliefs and sensibilities, but I will say that one thing I see is knowledge....every time man jumps forward in his knowledge he steps forward towards the edge. As mans knowledge has increased so to has the risk he puts himself in to the point where we stand now....able to actually destroy all life on the planet and even the existence of the planet itself. Free will is both the greatest gift that God has given us and the greatest curse because with it we have risen from the primal ooze and are ever ready to return ourselves to it. While change is evitable, it seems to me that while the face of the issues change at the heart it is the same story since Eve stole the apple and Caan slew Abel.
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    yea it's sad and the problem is once you make it to that level it is a struggle to maintain their status. In that they have to become more outrageous and give more of themselves sexually physically and mentally on stage and some of the fans are borderline crazy so they have to have security so more money to stay on top. They are bombarded with request of their time and physical being and personal clothing and accessories. now they have no real life of their own and become a facade of themselves disconnected from reality making decisions on their life from within a bubble of fantasy created by their handlers agents and fans. they are a commodity like cereal bought sold and hung in the widow for all to see, then there are the parasites magazines expose and event shows that need them for the ratings and sales of their venues. then talk shows radio and personal appearances. It is of no consequence that they sold out but in the last decade more and more tout that they sold their soul to Satan and young people are exploring the dark side and like children have no fear because they are ignorant of the dangers to their life and sanity and the tornado that sucks in the family friends and acquaintances. Only when the news smells a horror story of the Satanic or demonic do they report it but only as a self induced delusion and not what it really is a demonic / Satanic intrusion into our reality. Foolish people play with something they have no concept or understanding of and they can only know what comes from the demonic or Satanic entities they are in contact with and that whole existence job is to destroy humanity by deceit and manipulation. Unfortunately because we cannot see the alternate dimensions most people if they cannot see it it is imagination, failing to imagine that we cannot see poison gas or inadequate oxygen source and that it can and does kill but, in that case it is natural ??? We live in multidimensional existence refusing this as fact means your not taking advantage or all the evidence before making a decision. Too many people think that because they are successful that they are right or might makes right none of this is correct each incident is singular a fast look at Bernie Madoff and we see a man who had a long run of success and then it fell apart and since he had a history he must have thought he could recreate previous success by borrowing his clients money but never could keep his lifestyle and make money for his clients. now he is in prison for life. Satan uses every emotion and action to defeat humanity if we are not wary and continue to make mistakes and think we can cover one for another we risk falling into a trap that we are able to self right our lives. most of us refuse to see all our lives we are supported or held back by those around us either by their knowledge or ignorance arrogance or pride. once we become adults we tend to surround ourselves with like minded people if your morals or delusions are a reflection of the others in your life your opinions and actions will be guided by that so all of your answers come from a single well if that well is tainted --- like all your friends do drugs or are criminals or have flexible morals those are the basis of any guidance from them IMHO. Not al people hat follow a regimen are knowledgeable or devotees, many people take vitamins exercise and try to eat right but one in a million OR LESS are Arnold Schwarzenegger there are millions who can sing but few platinum record holders the same is true of normal people many follow Satan not knowing he is the leader -- or that he is stacking the deck in his favor. Science has PROVEN their are other dimensions and are exploring communicating with entities that they believe are there or the Acacic record or total knowledge of all the humanity before us and they also believe in extra terrestrials or aliens it is another opinion that these are demonic in nature not alien. One proof is that no one is the better for their experience with them another problem is animal mutilations WHY if the government wants to check cattle they could either buy them from the areas in question or rustle them no need to blow this into an intergalactic incident. Some of these incidents the craft just disappear mid flight some are solid and damage real items and other times move as if they are light traveling through each other or not leaving a track through clouds or water. these vehicles are seen in conjunction with other activities and events with deadly events to people and animals if this is the salvation of the human race I think we need to be skeptical reports although very hard to prove that there are 11 different races of aliens ??? so we are led to believe one or more are bad and others good ??? I have no first hand knowledge but science is willing to hold hands with anyone other than a Christian with a Biblical ideology , they really like Darwinism as all that is required is BLIND faith in a science that has real issues and the geologic record does not square with. I choose God over we are nothing and go back to nothing and we are not judged or have any responsibility in this life / dimension -- so we can do what we want and there will be no justice ? that kind of lifestyle and ideals leads to a lot of trouble IMO.
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    good lord was he on PCP?
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB-K78L8oNI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEG5diXgcGI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZWmW91XEs0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPJO_9a01ps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz1j4IHcsP4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xGCnPAxfIM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STSmFZeE50E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7gFlSGXt_k
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    I replaced the wood furniture on my AK-47 with more robust and lighter plastic furniture. My AK-47 is my go-to MBR for my bug out kit. Next step, an appropriate sling and flashlight for it.